The Ghosts and Demons Of Bobby Mackey’s


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it says danger I wouldn't go in holy turn the light off oh my god this week on busty dance-off weeks for Bobby Mackey's music world which is seemingly a normal Kentucky bar but many believe it's actually a portal to Hell as many of you know or as many of you who watch this show know I hate demons and I will only do one per season so this is my sacrifice for this season and I didn't know that was your rule it's my one rule no thanks for breaking it I would have killed them to make this any closer to the city does it have to be on the side of a weird creepy road we'd all like to live in the big fancy city you know what I meant and the worst part is I don't even have my holy water I went to eight churches today to try and get some holy water and I could not get one bit of holy water so now I'm going into a demon hole with no holy water [Music] with Bobby Mackey's the most haunted nightclub in America they're certainly not hiding from it anymore Lisa signs a nice fun font it's like cheers with demons I open the door for you you walk in first how about that we do this every time and you throw it down like it's a challenge but okay Oh freak oh that's Pleasant got a girls night out no not that bad warning to our patrons this establishment is reported to be haunted management is not responsible it cannot be held liable for any actions of any ghosts / spirits on these premises obviously enough weird stuff has happened here to necessitate a sign like that you're not a little alarmed look at all these cool little newspaper clippings too well we're in spooky huh let's just sit down and then not tell you the history of this place okay aside from housing as opposed portal to Hell Bobby Mackey's also has plenty of rich history that lends itself to spiritual hauntings I was locking up after a tour which happened to be pretty quiet that whole evening and just all of a sudden I started hearing what sounded like all of the windows and doors were just shaking violently and you could actually feel them you know shaking through you know the walls the floors were shaking it was it was pretty creepy and so I just stuck my head out the door and you know no one was there originally Bobby Mackey's music world was believed to be built as a slaughterhouse and meatpacking plant in the 1850s the building would go through many incarnations including a hotel in the 1920s a country club in the 1930s and a club and Casino called the Latin Quarter throughout the 1930s in the 1950s the club was actually run by a Cleveland gang syndicate and was reportedly heavily involved in the mob it's unclear how many undocumented deaths and crimes may have occurred during these mob times the room that is now the men's bathroom used to be an office in the casino that may have had darker implications this used to be an office back then apparently there was a trapdoor in here that leads directly to the portal to Hell downstairs yikes and they would drop bodies down that nowadays they drop something else in here there's only deuces there is also a safe room they used to house the casino money all right so right now we're gonna go into what the what my eyes must be paying tricks me I see you're not gonna believe me if I tell you so why even tell you but pretty much I thought I saw something passed by the you're sure wasn't just maybe was there maybe was the light moving [Music] right now we are in the safe room from back in the old casino mafia days mob guys thought you were tough guys thought you were big tough guys with your guns and you're threatening and your person why don't you come in here and give us the business huh I want you to punch me in the face and he smacked me around a little are you a wussy all right we're gonna be quiet for one minute you have one minute right ready and now you scared the out of me oh my god I just go balla I just like I just got startled by a disco ball the casino was closed in 1961 by local sheriff's cracking down on organized crime now that we've established the general history let's go over some of the history and legend that haunts Bobby Mackey's reportedly in the 1940s a pregnant woman named Johanna killed herself after her lover was murdered Johanna may have been the daughter of one of the gangster casino owners and reportedly was also a dancer at the club formerly housed in Bobby Mackey's the story goes that her father had her lover said to be named Robert Randall killed eerily Bobby which is the first name of the bars current owner is actually a nickname Bobby Mackey's full name is Robert Randall Mackey leading some to believe that Joanna thinks Bobby Mackey is her former lover Robert Randall she knows he's dead though it's a ghost she doesn't even know she's dead well the ghost looks at him and doesn't realize it's a different person maybe they can't they don't see things that way maybe they just like hear the name Robert ring like I don't know how it works okay you think he's like dude he's a theory you think he's like taking his license out before and the ghost was looking at it but his thumb was covering his last name and she was like Robert maybe I imagine most people walk in here and say yeah so why is she confusing him with I don't know why don't you ask her she doesn't seem like a very intelligent ghost Depot except to insult the ghost of the place where at after her lover Robert was reportedly killed by her father it said that Johanna poisoned and killed her father before poisoning herself in one of the dressing rooms at Bobby Mackey's so the roses are for her the roses aren't meant for Joanna I'm guessing for people who come in here investigate alright I'm gonna sit down Joanna are you here what about the demons Jesus Christ are they here Ron's not scared of you either nope nope nope that's not true whoa you keep tricking me in the talking to them you dickhead it's worth mentioning that I could find no record of this specific Johanna though there is apparently a death certificate of a woman named Joanna who died in Bobby Mackey's due to poisoning another interesting area in the bar is the former kitchen where Bobby Mackey's first caretaker Carl Lawson had an exorcism performed on him what's so funny about the kitchen yeah I find that a strange place to get exercises was it like an emergency like a house call emergency to come down here quick he was eating a bagel in the kitchen yeah and he just fell down I don't know what's happening no it didn't happen that way I don't know why they did it their loss and claims that he became demonically possessed during his stay at Bobby Mackey's as caretaker Carl Lawson actually lived in the apartment located above the bar where he reportedly had experiences with many entities right now we're looking for the entrance to Carl's apartment there's stairs and lead up to where he used to live up there and one might think that's where he got possessed holy oof tight squeeze Jesus Christ man oh boy little freaked out very poor cable management boy and the sign of France says go away haha Carl a bit of a bit of a curmudgeon Oh [Music] gross Jesus Christ hey I don't like the way this room is because it's just awful looking I hate the way it's only I feeling like pretty much everywhere we go it's old and gross it certainly looks like a room where you would lose your mind I'll give him that what the what you come over here and you open this what it says danger do not enter keep out well why would we go in there because well me naturally you got it know if it says danger oh what that door just moved why was it pinning the door shut I don't know it says danger I wouldn't go in there the ghost hole well they got Peter Frampton tapes in here and Springsteen oh oh now you go in let's examine one last bit of dark history on January 31st 1895 20 year-old pearl Bryan was brutally murdered by her boyfriend Scott Jackson and his friend Alonzo walling pearl had been five months pregnant at the time of her death Jackson and walling were both dental students at the time and legend has it that they felt their medical knowledge was sufficient enough to perform an abortion if that was the case then obviously things went horribly wrong and they eventually decapitated pearl in an attempt to conceal the body's identity what what were they trying to do you know how do you go that wrong no one's like fooling around with the tools down by like the the pelvic area and it like slips oh oh yeah chopped your head off that's not how it works I accidentally lopped it a little too much off the top on this one say I'm gonna be a little leery next time I go into the dentist and they put me under my dad's a dentist what yeah you ever cut anybody's head off not that I know of I mean I could I'm 99.9% sure he's never cut anyone's head off and his time as a dentist that's concerning that there's that bad margin of error that implies that maybe he may have before he was a dentist I don't know about that are you everything I've only known him as a dentist we are eating dinner with him and he just kind of stares at the wall for a second and you wonder like there's like a slight glint to the knife yeah and then like is he thinking about that time he accidentally cut someone's head off though some believe this wasn't an accident and Jackson and walling intended to murder pearl the entire time either way Jackson and walling were hung from the same scaffold at the same time claiming innocence until the end despite the piles of evidence against them legend says that Alonzo walling threatened that he would come back and haunt the area after he died some believe he may have kept his word that's the weirdest thing to do before you died just be like I'm gonna haunt you it means nothing to you at the time but if it gets you know other people all like crazy then why not yeah I'm gonna make creeks that specific you didn't do specific now no you gotta be to get more just then every time they hear a creak they'll think that's Shane uh sure kill them anytime you get uneasy that's me horrific Lee the head of pearl was never found and the two never revealed where they put it legend has it that they threw the head down the well in Bobby Mackey's basement me oh no no that's Carl's old workroom look at the holes there's bullet holes in this door huh whoa that's the real deal baby but a history of death and violence isn't the only thing that brings this basement to life around the 1890s the building that will become Bobby Mackey's closed its doors as a slaughterhouse after it closed it's been said that Bobby Mackey's and the basement in particular became a site where a cultist performed rituals and when combined with the dark mob history there's no telling what dark entities could reside in the basement in fact located in the basement there's even a cage that functioned as a makeshift prison during bhaag times so we've got the spooky Jesus Christ it's buki jail cell here or you're gonna make me sit in the shitty chair put the light right there we'll start with it on and see if it turns off now what yeah yeah now what Ryan shut up Shane daemon turn it on if you're planning to do us harm tonight the only happens right away when there's something actually doing something to it turn it on if you want to hurt us God why do you keep asking your crushes that was wrong with you what a die that's just a coincidence the reason why Shane thinks the flashlight is BS is because a mag light when turned to the point between on and off will actually flicker on and off at random due to the heating and cooling of the reflector inside this is scientifically true however the light can also turn on and off due to the slightest physical touch perhaps like the touch of a spirit and that's where it gets paranormal for me when the light turns on and off consistently on command over a period of time like in the Sally house and maybe like we're seeing in the portal to Hell turn it off if you think you're if you want to follow Ryan Bergara home why would you ask it that he lives in Los Angeles even if this is no why would you even take the chance you're gonna have a hard time getting on the plane demons I'm not turn the light off oh my god demons you cowards can we check out some other rooms here the center of this dark energy is undoubtedly located in the well room a room occultists used a discard remains of the small animal sacrifice during the occult ceremonies some believe that Scott Jackson the murderer of pearl Brian was a member of this occult and that he tossed pearls dismembered head down the well in the basement at Bobby Mackey's as part of a satanic ritual many people believe this well is a portal to Hell a portal that opened the door for the other unnamed demonic entities that roam the basement in Bobby Mackey's there's accounts of growls dizziness and physical assault all right so this is a inside this door is the well room that's the portal to Hell in there so we're gonna do two minutes each alone in there uh-huh I want to be able to be pulled out as soon as something happens I'm just going to tie this around me they used to do this in the Old Testament we tie this around my waist and you're gonna hold the other end and if I knock on this or if I can't breathe because something just choking me in there by pulling this rope you pull me the out of there okay christ oh please [Music] please I'm not gonna talk to anything in here I don't want to do anything oh my god we got some rope Ryan you okay in there I'm come on I'm just walking around okay right would you be quiet I'm gonna be quiet now we got two minutes to me I thought we already did the two minutes no I'm saying we just finished I'm good can I come out or good you can come out was it scary yeah scary okay I feel safe went into the demon hole all right hey they're demons it's me yo boy I'm standing near your hole and it's very dark and frankly I don't believe in you so I feel like I'm writing a letter to Santa Claus right now but my friend Ryan does believe in you so maybe you are real he's a I would say logical person but smart I guess I'll be quiet now and if you want to pick me up or scratch me or slam me into the ceiling that would be the best opportunity for that understand I do have a rope here so you know all right maintaining silence now do try to kill me [Music] you trying to with me here yeah no demons in there this place is cleared alright it's been fun Bobby Mackey let's get the out of here all right we did it we good by demon good by demon I'm now acknowledging you because I'm leaving this is the only time lion has courage this is the only time I feel confident when I'm walking out the door so goodbye forever you'll never see this mug again happiest that you ever are yeah because all the joy comes back in my body many investigators have ended their nights early due to not being able to handle the forces that reside in the basement nobody can say for sure if Bobby Mackey's is haunted but just going off the countless accounts of paranormal and even dangerous activity it's not a stretch to say that there may be something supernatural at Bobby Mackey's but whether or not Bobby Mackey's is definitively haunted will remain unsolved the first time that light turned on I was a little pretty I was pretty scared maybe there was something in there I just wanted to get out so I'm happy we're done you escaped the clutches of yet another demon by the way you or a psycho pack for saying the things you were saying to it in there demons aren't real so that's why I tend to be so flipped with them or one of them is gonna follow me home the only way to really provoke them is to provoke them you don't need to provide a home address all I said was Los Angeles you know how many people live in Los Angeles TVs never gonna find it there's only one where I'm vergara in Los Angeles you know that true yes it's true there's only two in the world Oh have you met the other one he's in the Philippines you gotta kill him [Music]