The Graceful Brute しとやかな獣 1962 Yuzo Kawashima ENGSub

A Daiei Production THE GRACEFUL BRUTE Original script by Kaneto Shindo Cinematography by Nobuo Munekawa Sound by Kenichi Sakai Lighting by Yukio Itoh Art Direction by Atsuhi Shibata Music by Sei Ikeno Film Editing by Tatsuji Nakashizu Assistant Director: Noriaki Yuasa Starring Ayako Wakao Eiji Funakoshi Yuko Hamada Hideo Takamitsu Manamitsu Kawabata Yunosuke Ito Hisano Yamaoka Kyu Sazanka Shoichi Ozawa Miyako Chocho Directed by Yuzo Kawashima We'd better put away the TV. Yes, of course. I'll put a cloth over the stereo. I have to cover the things on the shelves too. Only juice to drink. Yes, I know. We'd better have a worse tablecloth. - You think so? - If there's a vinyl one, use it. - Maybe this ashtray is too refined. - The aluminium one in the toilet will do. That should do it. We'd better move the painting into the bedroom. He'll be here any moment. Yes, he said 3:00. You'd better get changed. Isn't this OK? Minoru's old one would be better. You'll look suitably impoverished. And you're OK like that? No, I'll get changed. It's almost 3:10 already. He'll be here. Today is so damn humid. The shoulder covering makes you look poorer. I look so bad it's almost beautiful. You must put up with it! Welcome. Thank you so much for coming. Why? Isn't there an elevator? I'm sorry. The ten-storey apartments in the next block have an elevator, but this one has cheap rent. Please come in. Thank you. Welcome to our humble home. It's hot. It's horrible when it's still so hot in October. But please sit down. The humidity is very uncomfortable, isn't it? I would like Mrs. Maeda to be here too. I'd like to ask you both something. What's up with your son Minoru? He left here in the morning, didn't he come to work? Apparently he's not shown up at work for 4 days. You know about it don't you! Certainly not. He's not mentioned a thing to us. That's terrible. I wonder what's going on. Police! Police! What's this about the police? This is the jazz singer Paburisuta Pinosaku. Yes, your name is well known. I've heard you are doing very well in those theatres in Akasaka. You're very popular. I've only just returned from Hollywood. We've been able to get Presley to come to Japan. Well, that will be a real sensation for the entertainment world. When I arrived in Hollywood Mr. Pinosaku came to meet me. Minoru has spent the 100,000 yen we had collected to pay for his TV appearance. Our Minoru would never do something like that. That's not all. He's spent nearly a million yen! This was discovered in my absence and the office is in uproar. It's unheard of! Miss Mitani, give me the papers. There are almost 60 artists I manage at the Highlight Pro Agency. Look at this. He's been using money from almost all of them! 200,000 from Miss Yamada the chanson girl, 150,000 from Cotton Candy. And 170,00 from Mr. Pinosaku here. In total nearly a million yen! That we didn't notice it is bad of course but this level of embezzlement is staggering. Minoru would never do this. 170,000! 170,000! You must return it. Isn't there some kind of mistake? A "mistake"? This sort of thing is no "mistake"! Did Minoru tell you this himself? Minoru collected the money and provided receipts. It's not in the system so he's definitely embezzled it. It never reached our accountant, Miss Mitani here. When Minoru comes back I will ask him if there's any truth in this. You live under the same roof, you know his lifestyle. Have you noticed anything different? His monthly stipulation is 12,000, with everything else it comes to around 30,000. It's not easy to buy new clothes with that. Didn't you notice? Minoru is wearing new shoes and he has a car. Even though it's second hand, that's luxury! Apparently he bought a new Polaroid camera. Didn't you notice? He drinks. He gambles. You noticed nothing? Please, don't treat him as if he's a criminal. You're utterly blind! He wouldn't do that kind of thing, he's not like that. His sister Tomoko bought clothes for him. So she did it, did she? Tomoko, eh? She's the girlfriend of Mr. Yoshizawa the novelist, isn't she? She's Shuntaro Yoshizawa's mistress. I employed Minoru on Mr. Yoshizawa's recommendation. I will involve Mr. Yoshizawa in order to sort this out. We're very obliged to him, we wouldn't want that. Will you take responsibility for this then? You must take responsibility for this. We have no means. You see the way we live in this apartment. My money, my wife is waiting at home. 170,000 yen! 170,000! Sorry. Where is the bathroom, please? Please let me check first. Please. You said he's called Mr. Pinosaku. His Japanese is very good. Is he from Puerto Rico or Cuba? No, he's Japanese. Mr. President. Minoru is not the kind of boy to do anything bad. Minoru has not shown up to face investigation for 4 days. This backs up the facts. He won't be able worm his way out of this! It's obvious that the parents must take the responsibility for this. Of course, if Minoru has done this then I am indeed responsible as his parent. But my business failed and I was unable to continue it. As you can see I live very simply in retirement. I was decommissioned from the navy after the war as a lieutenant. I started a lumber company with colleagues but I didn't secure investments and was unused to the business. I tried camera manufacturing and importing wine but all as an amateur, and unsuccessfully. And as a result we have nothing but our suffering, and live in these reduced circumstances. I tried everything and worked day and night for my wife's sake and the sake of my children. When the children were ill I even considered turning to crime. Enough! Come on Katori, let's go. They're clearly in league with each other. We'll have to involve the police or nothing will get sorted out. Dear, they're saying he's delinquent. Look. He's embezzled a million yen. We cannot just ignore this! I don't have difficulty finding such an amount. Presley and his band cost that in a single day. A million dollars. That's 360,000 yen a day! In order to get Presley's visas I need permission from the bank, the finance ministry and foreign ministry. And at such an important juncture to have the company's trust in question is bad. I have the connections but even I have to get the right paperwork! Yes, of course you're right. If Minoru has indeed done this dreadful thing you must do as you want. When he comes back I will get his account. Tell him to come to the office tomorrow. I'll drag him there even if I have to put a chain around his neck. Make sure you're there too. Of course. I am going to put my trust in Japan's police. I hate it when that happens. Make some coffee. Hot coffee? Yes, a strong one. Hoping everything goes well. They're really angry you know. There was a women member of staff with them, wasn't there? Yes, she's very pretty. She's the finance and accounts person. She didn't say a word though. Judging by appearances she's a well brought up young lady. Your judgment is completely gone! She's a widow with a 5 year old kid. She seems very nice. She looked at me and smiled a few times. That singer Pinosaku was with him too. I can't bear his singing. He shows off and sings like a gorilla with mumps. Pinosaku, you asshole! They said you embezzled a million yen. OK, I'm thirsty. I'd like a beer. There's some in the fridge. How's the fridge working? This new model is definitely better. It makes hardly any noise. The bearings in the motor have been improved. It works well and it looks great too. It's so hot. What's happened to the air conditioner? We put it away. You only put in 500,000! What did you do with the rest? It wasn't a million. You won't get away with it if it's a ridiculously large amount. It'll be fine. He just bundles a load of dodgy amateurs together. And sells them as a package to TV or to dance in clubs. He threatened to go to the police. He'd never do that. His tax dodging would be exposed. You've never know. He was really angry. In any case I will deal with it. Are you sure you can handle it? It was your scam in any case. This is no time for recriminations. I still need another 100,000 though. Again? Dad lost at the races. You're hopeless with money. You need to stay quietly at home. I'm not a bird. I can't stand this tiny cage day after day. If you drink coffee like that you'll end up needing another stomach operation. Don't you worry. You mock me now. I'll pick myself up. I'll show you! I can see it coming. I certainly hope so. I had to quit university to earn you know. - Where's the TV? - Don't worry. It's here. They said they were coming about you so we hid the luxuries! You're getting better at this! Nice preparation! There they go again. They're practicing to drop another atomic bomb! Are they allowed to fly like that over urban space? It's that damn ANPO treaty for you. I wonder how high they're flying. Minoru, lend me 10,000. I want to go to the airbase. You've just had a bonus, haven't you? We put it all in the fixed-term saving account. You get me to steal money from work and then you save it? It sounds bad when you put that like that. Who told you to steal it? You just turn a blind eye! It sounds bad when you put that like that. Who told you to steal it? Stop it. Listening to you two arguing is really unpleasant. I don't have any money. You've got some woman somewhere. Make that 2 or 3. Mr. Katori said you should come to the office tomorrow. I'm not going. You can go. You're an idiot. After you've done the deed you need to put some more work in. A good finish is the key point! You embezzle a million and act as if it's nothing. You bring in 12,000 a month. So around a hundred times your salary. That's seven years or so worth. Even if you worked hard all your life you'd never have such a sum. It's serious money. You need to make sure you finish the job properly. Rather than run around avoiding them you should go in and play dumb. I fiddled it but I'm supposed to get you to sort it out? No way! It's Tomoko! I borrowed money from Mr. Yoshizawa again. Did he say anything? Sit down first. I was so embarrassed. I wanted to crawl into a trap... Not a trap! A hole. You mean "crawl into a hole." Why don't you then? Crawl into whatever you like. Stop it! Let's have some melon. Mr. Yoshizawa's a lovely man. He's lent me another 400,000. He's not going to do that without a fight. I've left him and moved out of the flat. You mean he's kicked you out? What happened? Yoshizawa's had enough of this whole family. He says enough is enough. He's such a tightwad. His novels are third rate too. The money I borrowed and your relationship with him are not connected. So he actually said to you "get out"? Come on sis, there's no reason to come back home unless he told you to get out. Yoshizawa's so nice he can't bring himself to the decision. You may only be a mistress but you still can't be treated like this. When I met him to agree on our arrangements he said he would take responsibility for your future. He intended to. It was your fault. How do you figure that? What changed the way he feels is you, dad. I intend to return what I borrowed from him. I signed the guarantees. Have you ever given back money you borrowed? Your father will soon be successful and all the money will be returned. It would be more likely for a mermaid to swim across the Pacific! In any case this is your home. That's exactly what you planned, isn't it? Shut up. I'm so ashamed. I can't go back to where I used to work. You can hang around at home for a bit. I'll soon find you another good opening as a mistress. I'm not a prostitute! There's plenty of different bars you can work at. They'll all know about me and rumours spread. Don't worry. He wants to look good and act the celebrity. He won't do anything to hurt you, it would reflect badly on him. That's the price of celebrity! You're quite smart, mum. It's the way people with money always act. And celebrities too. I don't want to split up with him. You'll have to some time because you're just the mistress. No matter how well it goes it's always a temporary thing being a mistress. You have to go with the ebb and flow of the times. You can't stay forever. You'll have to get married sometime. Now that I've done this I can't get married. You're still young. You don't know about women's luck. Yoshizawa said to me that you're just a pimp, selling your own daughter. Whatever he wants to call it, people have to make a living. Don't get so upset sis, that's the way this family is. You shouldn't have started working in a bar. You're pretty enough to be an actress. And when he realised, it got him thinking... Thinking of getting you a patron and making some money. When there's sex people get very generous. They'll commit fraud just to get some ass. They go to bars in search of sex, not booze. That's why they buy the expensive booze. You should go back there. You've got sponsors! That's no way to talk to your sister. What are you talking about, it's the truth. Calm down. I really don't like it when you argue. It would have been better if I'd died when I had my stomach operation. There you go again. You're a bit effeminate for a former naval officer. I wish you had died instead of teaching me to be like this. You're an idiot. If you'd died what would have become of us? We wouldn't have this life we have now. We eat well and live comfortably, don't we? Do you want to go back to the way we used to live? Living on gruel in that shack? No way. I never want that life. That's no way for people to live. A dog or even a cat lives better than that. We could never live like that again. The poverty. The poverty sank into our bones. The poverty. It soiled us right to the core of our bodies. Nobody should have to live like that. Mum, I'm hungry. You don't like rice, do you? I'd like something light. There's some good shinshuu soba. If you eat too much it swells your stomach and you get cancer! Rice is bad. It sits heavily. The Japanese diet needs improvement. Mr. Yoshizawa says that too. If you eat rice your stools are bigger, and it's bad for your piles. It's so hot. There's no breeze at all. It's so hot! Why isn't there an elevator? There are 5 floors. Mr. Yoshizawa, welcome. Dear, Mr. Yoshizawa's here. Lovely to see you. Do come in. It's very messy but please come in. Please, please. Sit down. Just give me a moment. I'm sorry it's such a mess. If you just wait a moment I'll... I hear your magazine serial has been published as a novel. I read it and I think it's even better in this new format. Come through, come through. I'm so sorry, my debt is now almost 800,000. It's actually over 10 million. All of your books have been very good and very successful. Tomoko is so lucky to have someone like you. I'm sorry we ask so much of you. We're so grateful for your generosity. I'm not great at making coffee but I hope this is OK. I never drink coffee. Bring something cold. If you drink too much coffee it wrecks your stomach. Would you like a bath? Dear, can you check the hot water? Excuse me. It's not warm enough. That's quite cold - we'll warm it up. Is Tomoko here? Has something happened? No, it's fine. Actually, there's something I wanted to discuss... You're sure she's not here? She's not here. You like this brand, don't you? With ice and water? Actually, I have decided to split with Tomoko. This is a surprise! Has she done something wrong? No, she's really sweet and she tries hard to please me. It's good, if surprising, that she's not pregnant. I'm fairly sure she'll not cause you any bother in that way. Here you are. It's about Minoru. Oh, has he done something? He went and collected a fee from my publisher. He took my business card and my seal and told them he was acting as my representative. He took 200,000 yen! This is terrible. But he's not that kind of boy. Surely there's some mistake. There's no mistake, and what's more. He took the youngsters from the firm out drinking on my tab! Look, look at this. He took pictures with the girls! He's been drinking in Ginza on my credit! I cannot put up with this sort of thing. Absolutely! This is beyond a joke. I was going to report it to the police but I would look like a fool. So I've controlled my temper. We're terribly sorry. Minoru! What have you done? You have brought shame on me. Apologise to Mr. Yoshizawa! You and your family are well outside my understanding. You were asking for money as soon as Tomoko and I started our relationship. The total I've loaned you is 1.1 million. You're just shaking me down for money. And this flat. I got it for Tomoko. You lot somehow got in and occupied it. And I've had to rent another for Tomoko and I. It's all a misunderstanding. We're always prepared to go out tactfully when you visit her, aren't we, Yoshino? Naturally, yes. You can only push this ridiculous explanation so far! I'm very fond of Tomoko but if this goes on I have to end our relationship. I've heard he's been fiddling money at Highlight Productions. Forgive me, but... I think you're all in on this together, the whole family! That's the only explanation. Good afternoon, Mr. Yoshizawa. What's so funny? I'd like a fee for my role in your book. What the hell are you talking about? You mustn't be rude to Mr. Yoshizawa. Indeed, how dare you speak to him that way. I dragged a girl into the car in broad daylight. I ripped her clothes off and ran her over with the car afterwards. That's what it says in the book. That's not you! It's a novel. It's fiction. You can't deny it. Everything else is about me. Father a navy commander, older sister working in a bar. The son left university part way through his course, it absolutely is me! A few drinks in a few bars is cheap at the price. How much did you sell the book for? Published in a special edition in a major newspaper. You did pretty damn well. Are you trying to blackmail me? You shouldn't say such things. I wouldn't blackmail you or anything of that sort, I respect you too much. I'm just concerned to be portrayed as such a weirdo. - Minoru! - Mr. Yoshizawa please ignore him. You're an incorrigible delinquent. Mr. Yoshizawa, let me tell you something... You might be quite pleased with yourself having made my sister your mistress. She's not just presented you with her body, she's also been stripped naked by your pen. "Stroking" ... "licking" ... "groaning". You casually write stuff that makes us blush. You like to be seen as a dramatist of modern social mores but your work is just porn. It's showing my sister naked to people all over Japan. Apparently she loves you and doesn't mind, but I do. I'm embarrassed to go and see my friends. You've still got some of my business cards. Return them to me now. I haven't got any. I forbid you to ever use my name. I've used it at all the places I can so I won't do any more. If you do anything at all I will go to the police. Yes, please do that. Yes, and we will punish him too. I'm so sorry. Tell Tomoko to come home. I will. The bath is ready. What happened to my painting? It's a Renoir. I've kept it very carefully. You remember I was telling you, I had a colleague in the navy called Nagata. I remembered he loved Renoir and I called him. He said he'd buy it if it was under 15 million. I was about to ask you. I don't really want to get rid of it. Selling it will help you with your debts, I suppose. Thank you. Take care. Bye. Do you really think the picture is worth anything like that? What are you spending the money on, eh? I have business social expenses! You've secreted away quite a lot of money I don't know about, haven't you? What's wrong with that? I give you plenty. Whose money is it that pays for this place and your lifestyle? You pinched Mr. Yoshizawa's manuscript fee didn't you? Don't worry. Mr. Yoshizawa still loves you plenty. He'll not leave you, sis! I'm going home! You'd be best to stay here 2 or 3 days and then go home. That will make him want to see you all the more. I agree. That would be the most effective way to do it. The soba is ready. That looks good. There's a lot of nutrition in soba noodles. They have some protein and they're good for high blood pressure. Tomoko, what kind of food do you make for Yoshizawa? I don't make anything for him. There are restaurants close by. That's a lot less hassle and rather civilised. In other words you live on takeaway. Yoshizawa must really like the sex you two have. You shouldn't speak of such things so openly. - It's a bit salty. - No it isn't, is it papa? What a great sunset. - Are you going out for a walk? - Just around the block. See you in minute then. Oh, it's you is it? Come in. Let's go for a walk around the block. There's nobody home so come in. Oh, is everyone out? Dad's gone for a walk and I'm going shopping in town. They've just left. You've changed the furniture layout and so on, I see. It's a little ruse of my parents'. Do you want a whiskey? I'd rather have a cola. Whiskey and cola is really nice. Pinosaku came along with the idiot. He said he was going to hit you as soon as he saw you. If he had I'd have made it cost him plenty. There's nobody here. I came to discuss something with you. What? Give me a kiss. I don't want to have anything to do with you. I see. Why? And if I refuse? I'd didn't want to have to ask you that we break up. But that was what you agreed from the start. I forgot. That's not like you. Why are you so upset? You're the one that's upset. You bitch! Have you forgotten how head over heels for you I was? How we'd lie tangled in bed all day and not bother eating, have you forgotten that? It's not that I dislike you and yes, I'll be lonely. But if we don't break up now things will only get worse and it will end up in ruins. You're younger than me, you can find another woman easily. It's a difficult time for me, my son's starting school soon. Don't forget how much I have pinched for you. 3 million yen! Thank you so much for everything, I'm most grateful. You've built your hotel. So now you've no need for me any more? It's not that at all. I'll be running the hotel as a business on my own. That sort of business is all popularity and fashion. I have to be squeaky clean. Then let's get married. I can't do that. You've just completely used me, haven't you? Your hotel has been built with the money that I stole. Yes, but I gave myself to you in exchange, didn't I? You can say that straight faced? You really are something else. When my husband died and I was forced adrift... I thought for the very first time about the meaning of life. And you learned the meaning of life then, did you? I learned nothing. But I decided when I joined this company and everyone was nice to me. I would use my femininity and "weakness" to be my strength as much as I could. I had a kid, so I couldn't have a good marriage and had no means of getting money. And I decided not to get married at all. But for my son's sake as well as my own I had to think of a way to live. Making a good living is important. And that's why you led me on and used me? There's no point apologising for it at this stage, is there? And anyway... I was completely faithful to you while we we were together. I loved you with my body and with all my heart. If I hadn't loved you, it would just have been providing a service. You have to understand. I'm trying so hard to control my feelings. It will be hard in the short term, but we have to sort matters out. Your embezzlement puts me under the spotlight. I have to act decisively. I'm quitting the job. It's going to be very hard work to make sure I can hang on to what I have. Mr. Katori and the others are not going to just sit on their hands. The police will be called in. That is not going to happen. I have prevented that particular danger. Yes, you were the company bookkeeper. It's fine for you but not so easy for me. I put my resignation letter on Mr. Katori's desk before I came here. I then came straight here. I have to conclusively resolve this relationship. Otherwise I can't do all the... I get it. Otherwise I can't do all the... I wasn't your only guy, was I? You say some horrible things. I hate this. I'm not going to let you get away with it. Being tricked by a woman will make me a laughing stock. You won't be laughing when I go to the police. We're over and and done with. It's finished. We can't rewrite history. I'll make you give me back the money I've given you. It's already been spent on the building. Tiles and fittings and so on. I've got some rights to those tiles and fittings. There's no proof. I'll swear it. There's no proof. Unproven assertions are just thin air. They'll hold no weight. You're a real crook. That's what Katori said about you! I have to get the hotel in business quickly. A clean and tidy entrance hall. A cleanly scrubbed young girl at the cash reception. I have to live in my own home. Takao will go to school. I'll see him off to school every morning. I'll have to clean the kitchen thoroughly. I'll sleep deeply and without dreams. On snowy mornings... I'll have to test the snow with a stick to find if the road is really where I think. No disputes with anyone any more. A quiet and peaceful life. Excuse me. Miss Mitani! So I was right! What the hell is this? I resign as of today. I'm going home. Don't run off. This is someone else's house. If you have something to say let's talk outside. I'll leave. You can have the place and talk at your leisure. There's something that all three of us need to talk about. Even if it's a talk for all three of us let's go outside. It's someone else's house. Let them come. I don't care if they hear. Unfortunately they're all out. It looks as if your meeting and planning is over. We meet every day. She does the books and I collect the money. That's a winning combination. You presumably held meetings in bed too. That's a funny thing to say. What are you talking about? Ah, I get it. You slept with her. Get off me! When's the hotel opening party? The day after tomorrow. Please come. Do you remember what you wore the first day you came to work? What are you talking about? Have you forgotten how you rolled your eyes? How pitifully you begged me. Yes, you were very kind. Thank you. And this is how you repay me? Think back, how can you fiddle even a penny of the company's money? I have not fiddled so much as a penny. But I have "fulfilled some of your requests", shall we say. What have I... I know all about it. What have I... You shut up. Let's hear it all! Let's stop this. We mustn't defame his character. You whore. How many times? Shut up. You're the company's president and you, with the accountant! You act so cool then you turn on me, why? Suddenly quitting like this! What did you do and what's going on? I needed money and I've worked hard and done stuff to get it. You can check the books any time you like. The figures add up and I have not touched any of the company's money. You've covered your ass well, I'm sure. You did everything so cleverly, didn't you? Mr. Katori, you ordered me to take 400,000 to the accountant. In order to get him to cover things up. There is proof of this. Of course I have no idea what kind of cover up was done. All I had to do was deliver the money to the accountant. Did you actually deliver it? Yes, I did. The proof is that all went so well. You took the money! Well perhaps in the end it did get to me. But I gave it to him and then he gave it to me! So you screwed him too? I offered something in fair exchange. But that has no connection with my duties to the company. So that's the kind of woman you are! That's what she is. Miss Mitani, you cannot betray me like this. I am tendering my resignation from Highlight Pro. I am no longer one of your employees. I would like you not to speak about me in that way. Yukie! I'm doing everything for you that I possibly can. You don't need any clandestine relationships with other men. I want money. I'll manage to do something for you. I love you. I just want to be the only man you ask! You have to be clear about what can and what cannot be forgiven. Even if you see other men please keep going out with me. You mustn't think you can keep exploiting woman's weakness. I don't mind if you understand what I really feel. I love you, Yukie. You, get out! If you will excuse me... Wait! If you will excuse me... There's a 1.7 million hole in the accounts and you just hand in your resignation and leave it that way? There will be a tax authority inspection over the Presley affair too. It's utterly impossible. I have told you again and again. I have made no mistake in keeping the accounts. If I have done anything wrong in that regard tell me and I will come in any time you like. I have no intention of running away or hiding. I run a legitimate hotel. Yes, it's nothing to do with you, you've swindled nothing directly. You'll not get way with this. I want you in the office tomorrow. I can't stay either. You little crook, you're getting big ideas. I can take this to court if I want to. You cheated me good too! Let's stop insulting each other. Since we're breaking up let's take away a positive last impression. No, let's get it all out and said! OK then. Goodbye. You're pretty good! I can't go out and I can't get the place neat and tidy again either, can I? I'm home. Welcome back. I saw Katori coming to the apartment so I kept clear in the café by the station. The grilled chicken there is not as good as it was. You should have heard it, dad! It was a like a radio drama. The woman who does the accounts was here too, yes? She's quite a piece of work, that one. She looks so sweet and harmless. But she'll not come to heel for you any more, Minoru! Too true! She gave me a fright. She's scary. I wish I had been here. Minoru gave all the money to her, you know! The account woman, eh? She's used the money to open a Ryokan inn. A Ryokan? A joint business venture? With that filthy whore? No way! You've got the wrong end of the stick, dad. She came to break up with Minoru. She's squeezed everything she can out of him so he's now chucked. She's a devil! So everything you didn't bring home to us you spent on her, is that right? Mr. Katori seems to have suffered quite a major loss. She seems to have been sleeping with Katori too! Minoru's furious with jealousy. Shut up! She seems to have had a relationship with the accountant too! Katori gave her bundles of money to take to him. And she seduced him and made him give the money to her! That's not just 5 or 6 million. No matter how small a hotel, it would take at least 10 million to set up. It's not just a pokey little place. It's right by Meguro station, a 2 storey building with 12 bedrooms! Wow, that's going to be pretty damn good. You're a fool Minoru. Why did you risk it? If this goes to court, be it 100 or 1,000, embezzlement is a serious criminal offence. And all the money you fiddled you spent on a stranger's hotel business? You've endangered yourself for that? Minoru's head over heels for her! As if you'd know what that was like! I can tell from the way he talks to her. What good can come of falling for an older woman like that? He asked her to marry him! I was joking. God you're such a bitch! If it was a joke I don't think you'd be so broken up about it. Minoru, all you've put into the family is 700,000. Why the hell are you giving millions to a stranger! Why didn't you help me? I'm family? I'm almost 50. If I don't get something sorted soon it'll be too late. That's right Minoru, you should have thought of your father! This may well end up with the police involved. You're pathetic, falling for such a no-good woman. She's not no-good. She damn well is! She's not no-good. Don't raise your voice to your father that way! She's not no-good! If you don't even know how many blokes she's got on the go then she's no good. You're someone's mistress, you can't talk! She was never serious about you. You were just a useful tool, aren't you humiliated? There's no point feeling bad about it now, is there? There's no need to worry about the police. She's managed it very well indeed! Even if everyone at Highlight Pro attacks her at once she can cope. If Minoru is reported to the police they'll all be involved. She's definitely got that factored into her calculations. She's really amazing! If Minoru ends up reported to the police, Mr. Yoshizawa will finally run out of patience. Don't worry! For all his talk of police and courts he'll do nothing. He's no fool. He will not cause a scandal. Minoru, are you going to just sit there sucking your thumb? I'm going to slap the bitch. We're going to get the money back. Dear? That's not such a clever idea. She's a bad one to make an enemy of. If we just leave it the firm will keep quiet and it will all blow over. I think that's for the best. I'm going home. I already told you, there's no need to hurry back. No, its better that she does go home to him. It's not like Yoshizawa and she will last much longer anyway. How about getting one last loan from him? Hmm, maybe. I can ask Tomoko to ask to borrow 300,000. I'm not going to do it. It would be a way to test his love for you. If he loves you he'll lend you the money. If his love has cooled he won't. It's an ideal test. Ask him. I'll know how he feels without testing him. If you'll know either way do it the way that gets the money! You're awful. You're always messing things up. Don't you feel sorry for me? There's no need to get emotional. These decisions need to be made with a cool head. You know he'll have other girlfriends, you're just one in between. He wouldn't write that sort of stuff unless he would lend his love some money! When his ardour cools he'll not lend you a penny. So you need to ask for as much as possible while he's hot. The most important thing is not our attitude but rather his! How about going home with a thermometer? It's fine for you to sit there, arms folded and talk like that. But put yourself in my position! Don't stop, dad. Baseball managers always sit like that in the box. Mrs. Maeda! There's a telephone call for you. Coming! I expect it will be Mr. Yoshizawa. Thank you! Sorry to trouble you. Tomoko, my old buddy Nakashizu... is starting to manufacture a new model equipment pack for the Japanese SDF. He's told me it's great chance to invest. Hmm, invest in a military equipment manufacturer. Would the Defence Agency allow him? They have to. Of the US personnel in Japan there are 60,000 in the air force, 20,000 in the navy, but only 5,000 in the army. This means the US bases here have transformed into predominantly bomber ones. In this age of missiles there is no value to them in defending Japan. Our own troops will have to defend our country. Taking on this tremendous responsibility. To defend us from the bad guys. I, Tokizo Maeda, will devote my humble life to this cause. Oh you do exaggerate! Look, it always goes wrong, so you'd better steer clear. You say nothing, while your daughter earns dirty money for you. You can let us do all the work, while you take it easy. I can't rely on the small amount you earn. In this age of free trade, you must be bold in your strategy. Attack is the best form of defence. Your dad's not going to rot in a cage. I'll show you there's some fight left in me. As I thought it was Mr. Yoshizawa. He was really worried about you. He asked if you were here and I said you were now heading home. He said he'd come and collect you, but I told him there was no need. Off you go then! I'm not asking for the money. Tomoko, think how poor we were. We can't go back to that! Yes, come on, you should help your father out. You're that pleased to be going home? Get him to screw you quickly. Screw you! Oh well then... Are you going out? Where are you going? I'm fed up with seeing your faces, it depresses me. How can you say that? It's thanks to your parents that you were born. I'm always a very dutiful son. If you've got enough money to stay out late, you might leave your dad a little to spend! Bye! Be really nice to him, OK? Minoru, you mustn't go and see her. So you were staying there when you didn't come home. I could hardly stay, she's got a kid. You are so naive a woman can deceive you as much as she likes. You shouldn't go out with dodgy people! Don't go to that bloody accountant woman, OK? Do as your father says. If you need me to, I'll go. I can deal with her. She's just a woman. It's dangerous to lose your temper. The one who shouts loses. Thank you for the warning and your concern. She's got him beat I think. He's been such a softie ever since he was a kid. That's the trouble with sex. It makes you still love those you don't like and are going to break up with. I wonder if he'll be OK. He's certainly going to her. You know what she's like, she won't let him in. If you're worrying about the company you don't need to. That accountant woman has it all figured out and Minoru is protected by her. Mr. Katori, the company president has rather exposed himself! Indeed and thank god for that! He can't very well face us on this. It looks like it will end with the firm having to take the loss and do nothing. We've done well out of it. We can't complain about just being shouted at a bit! In any case, you can't get anything without making an effort. Hello? I'm looking for the Maeda residence. Is Minoru there? No, it's the other flat! Sorry. This is a pain. Hello? Hello, do the Maedas live here? No, not here. I see. Sorry. Where on earth is it then? Hello! Anybody there? Maeda? Anyone there? Sorry to intrude! I'm Minoru's father. Oh, I see. Is Minoru here? I'm afraid he's out. Might I ask who you are? I am from the bar in Ginza. Well I don't know what this is about but Minoru has not been here for a week. We're looking for him. I see. A nice place you have here! Don't worry I'll keep my coat on. Minoru came to my place with Mr. Yoshizawa's business card. And from my point of view Mr. Yoshizawa's card was good. I could hardly refuse credit, but I kept the card. When I went to Mr. Yoshizawa with the bill he said he knew nothing about it. This is a big problem for us. I need you to pay that bill. You must have made a mistake. That's not the sort of thing my son would do. So you didn't know? Well let me tell you. All of us in the trade know him, he has a bad reputation. How dare you say that! How dare you wear shoes into the house! Compared to what your son does it's nothing. I know absolutely nothing about this. I have no idea whether he's done this and even if he were to have done it it's utterly his own responsibility. It's nothing to do with me. Don't get violent with me! Good day! Don't get violent with me! Like father like son. You're both a absolute disgrace. If that's what you think, so be it. I need some salt to purify the threshold. Mr. Yoshizawa's being all firm and decisive. Of course! Life's not that easy. But he will end up paying, won't he? Of course he will. Give me a beer. "Oh splendid moon..." Shall I put the TV on? No, please put the radio on instead. Rich Americans apparently eat by candlelight. It takes all kinds. You have a glass too. Pearls before swine! I think I understand it. Civilised folk are afraid of the light! Yes, maybe that's why they have all these lights. The walls themselves seem to be lit. With all that lighting there's no more individuality. What you say is absolutely right. For me last night was really important. It was the opening night party. He absolutely ruined it. He was drunk and crashed the party. You should have thrown him out. I did get him to leave. But he came back and I couldn't do anything. He asked why he couldn't stay and insisted he was a paying customer. He kept shouting, "I'm a paying guest, let me stay." He said we had a special relationship, then he got aggressive and kissed me. He forced me and it was so embarrassing. I lost my presence of mind. I'm so sorry. As Minoru said, it was not just the odd date. We went to a hotel together twice a week and stayed over. But that's finished and was dealt with fairly. To have him cling on to me now is unsupportable. I understand, but actually it's we who have complaints. All those millions of yen you received. If you ask me it was your charm that led to his downfall. I was stunned when I heard the amount of money. You say that but actually you got half the money! How rude! Do you have proof? I kept the books so I know what happened. Your lifestyle here. It must cost at least 60,000 a month. Minoru's salary is only 12,000. Our daughter makes a contribution too. I know all about the money Yoshizawa gives for your daughter. Forgive me but even with that you couldn't live this well. It's not your concern how we live. In any case I want no connection or contact with Minoru. Then you should talk to Minoru himself. I'm trying not to make a fuss over it. He was waving a knife at me at reception. It may end up a police matter even if I don't report it. Minoru being in trouble with the police would be "inconvenient" for you, wouldn't it? It's no problem for me. I have done nothing, legally speaking. So you are protected by the law, are you? I hate crime. You look troubled. You can't be the Madame of your inn with a face like that! You have to smile like some idiot on an advertising poster. Why are you suddenly so different? After what you said to me earlier. You say that now but you sang a different song in bed last night. What should I do then? That Katori guy is on his way over. I have nothing to do with either you or Katori. You certainly do! He'll be white as a sheet and dashing to your place. I reckon he'll have followed you here and arrive very shortly. I don't want to see him. You stay right there. This is going to get interesting! What do you mean? A senior official at the tax office has been sacked. This is making big waves! So he's done something wrong? They finally fired the bastard. Are you sure? There's no reason to make it up! It's hot news just in! You must have reported something. What sort of idiot would strangle themselves? Although the rope is tighter on your neck than mine! There's an arrest warrant out for Kamiya. Yes, I just heard it from Minoru. What kind of relationship did you have with him? I will leave that to your imagination. Did you sell him your body? Don't make me sound disreputable. I don't sell my body to anyone. Yet another of your partners crops up. He was sacked specifically over our case. The 800,000 tax he didn't collect from us! Did you definitely pay it in? Definitely. You're sure? I have the receipt in the office. She paid it but then she received it from him. That was how she did it all. I never knew how really bad you were. Am I so bad? We went to a hotel and he gave it back to me. You're unbelievable! With a senior tax official fired you'll not get away with this easily! The police will certainly get involved. I feel so sorry for him. He shouldn't have tried it on with other women. He's married. Don't talk as if it's someone else's problem. We're all involved. Mr. Kamiya, you need to take steps immediately. All the financial records will be examined. We've not cheated on the tax or anything so it will be fine. If your figures are OK it will all come to light. And you may even be able to get Presley to come. Please Yukie, come to the office with me. No way. I've handed in my resignation. Minoru, help me. Go on Minoru, help him. No, I don't want to. There's no point in my going along. I have no idea about bookkeeping. I left everything financial up to you. You've got to come with me. It's too late. The police and tax officials will be rummaging through stuff at the office. How can you say that so coldly? Come with me! I'm not cold. But there's nothing we can do except wait and see what happens. Yukie, please save me. I'm begging you. Everything I did, I did for you. What do you mean you did it for me, it was for yourself. To support your wife and children, to have affairs. To take a certain bookkeeper to a hotel from time to time. It was all for yourself, it was all for you. If a tax official has been fired there will obviously be a thorough investigation of the company. But the police will probably not get involved. If they do, it would only be because the tax official was imprisoned. That would be a real headache. But there's no need to worry about that. I don't know what holes you may have left but if they find anything your company is finished. In which case Minoru's fraud will be exposed and he'll be prosecuted. And you? What about you? I've done absolutely nothing illegal. But it is the media age and it would likely become a big story. Company President involved with bookkeeper, with our photos I expect. That would be rather inconvenient for you. It would be bad for your business, wouldn't it? Not at all. It would be free advertising. My hotel would become famous and prosper. In other words you'd sacrifice yourself for future gain. Nice strategy! But unfortunately that's not going to happen. Mr. Kamiya at the tax office won't commit suicide. I'm certain of it. So the police won't get involved and Mr. Kamiya's fall will be an end to the matter. What about me? You're a good person. So dad, it looks like I'm OK. But it's so embarrassing. I'm going home. If you will kindly excuse me. I bid you good day. She's something special! I've never met such a woman. You'd better get back to the office quickly and see what's happening. Or maybe you'd better go straight home. Make sure you get some rest. That's not right. He's the one responsible. I'd like to ask your advice about something. I'm delighted to be of service if I can. I'll pay 300,000. Exactly whose 300,000 are you offering? You keep quiet Minoru. OK. I accept. Could Minoru get involved to the tune of another 100,000? Minoru has already filched so much. If he goes in another 100 I'll pay 300. In other words the hole in the accounts is 100,000. Mr. Katori, this is disgraceful. This presupposes he has done something wrong. It's not clear yet whether our Minoru has in fact done anything wrong. I believe he is utterly innocent of the charges. Look, I'll give 400,000. Please don't treat him as if he's a criminal. Look, 400,000 for almost nothing. What do you say? So you get away with everything for 400,000? He's taken 200,000. What's the difference to him? I refuse. I cannot take such sullied money. Absolutely. We must refuse. There's a limit to how badly we can be treated, you know. Alright then. 500. This is fun. Dad, hike the price up again. You fool! Please leave. Minoru, help me. It's hardly anything to you. But I've done nothing wrong. My father is is sure of it. Of course you have, it's quite evident and will be proven. Look, we know you've got no money to repay the company so we'll have to take the loss. 500. For nothing! What do reckon, dad? Have we pushed his price high enough yet? What do you mean? Take your talk about this outside. I find this offensive. Please leave. Let's talk outside. Minoru, come with me. Indeed, we cannot soil this respectable family home further. Please. 500. I beg you. It has to be in cash. Of course. So we're agreed? Only if I get another 100,000. You little... So he's got 500,000 then. It's money he's ripped off from somewhere anyway. He's really gone for it! Of course he has. If Minoru takes the blame he can wriggle out of it with a smile on his face. What happens if the Presley deal falls through? Right. But you're taking the blame for everything, OK? But I don't like the police. They scare me. You'll be OK. When will you give me the money? I'll bring it tomorrow. This gets you out of a dangerous jam, doesn't it? You're making money out of it! I wonder! So you come in to the office as if nothing happened, right? I'll be there, bold as brass. But not until I've seen the cash. See you tomorrow. You're pretty good! An unexpected clean hit to save the game! You bastard. That was rather profitable. You were just offering aid to someone in need. He was quite desperate, wasn't he? If he were to mess it up now it would be a serious blow to him. His face was white as a sheet. When you said you were offended and asked him to leave it was magical. Notice I won't admit that you've been fiddling, no matter what! That's utterly vital. So 500 for nothing, how much do I get? We'll put it in the bank account. Yes, and just forget about it. We're getting 5% interest so that will be an extra 2,500! I want 200,000. That's a hell of a lot for pocket money - why do you need it? Oh come on, it's worth 200,000. I'm taking all the blame. Well you took the money. I took some but not much. Katori has promised not to go to the police. So things are a lot better than they were for you. You fiddle more and you're safe! How strange it feels to say that! Mum, beer! We don't have any. Beer goes like water, you need to buy more. I'll have a cola. Alright. This is Katori's shoe, he's gone with an odd pair! He really was in a state, wasn't he? Just leave it, he'll be back. OK. Minoru, about that investment in the military equipment. Do whatever you like. What do you want 200,000 for? I'm buying a yacht. You've got enough for a yacht? One day, when I've saved up a bit. If you've got that sort of money lend it to me. I'll buy you a yacht when I'm rich. Sorry, dad, you're hopeless. Relying on on those ex-military connections. Your mindset still wears that old fashioned coat. Don't speak back to me like that. Your dad's peak is still coming. When I was a company employee you couldn't get away with fiddling even 100 yen. Why was that, then? My talents were not recognised. Are you saying I don't have talent? You're still a child. The world is a strange place. You're a product of the froth after the war. People of your generation, even when they do something horrendous. The criticised always have some supporters. It's a mystery to me, but it's a global trend so it can't be helped. The post-war world is too tolerant of the young. But it doesn't forgive my generation for anything, however small. If you're careless you get ganged up on. And what about your "talent"? It's not just having talent, you have to assert your individuality. Just as the world is tolerant of you, it is harsh on us. Your father has suffered so much at the hands of the cruel world... It's not like dad has been the victim of hostility. He has just not been particularly useful. That's right. I was too good for them. And now? You can criticise your parents, but don't mock me. I respect you, father. Liar! I've learned compassion. How immensely kind of you! That bookkeeper, she's a deep one. She even enticed the tax official! There's no way that Minoru could compete. She wouldn't answer the door no matter how much the bell rang. So I knocked and shouted so the neighbours could all hear. She was so fed up with it she gave in. You'd better leave her alone. You'll end up in a right mess. He's right, you know. She was all over me when we were alone. Don't be so vulgar in front of your father. Yes? Excuse me. Welcome back. Ah, was it your shoes? I'm so sorry I didn't notice. I was just thinking of getting Minoru to deliver them. Did you buy them in Hollywood? No, they're Japanese made. Please take care. I should never have made a pass at her. That's where it went wrong. I must forget my past. Build myself a good fence. Refuse anyone entry. I didn't think she was that kind of woman. So, why can't I forget her? I won't let anyone stop me. I'll build a castle for myself. I must hurry. I must drive away these black crows around me. Excuse me, is this the Maeda residence? Yes, it is. Is Miss Yukie Mitani there by any chance? Sorry, no. I see. Who are you? Um, well. What's this about? Well, I, um... I've just been to Miss Mitani's house. I heard she might be here. Please forgive me for troubling you. You! Are you from the tax office? Yes, I am. You're that Kamiya who was fired yesterday, aren't you? I worked with her at Highlight Productions. Please, come in. He must be busy. Don't detain him. There's something I'd like to ask you. Come in. I'm sorry. I must see Miss Mitani. She'll be here any time now. Please wait. I saw her earlier and when she heard you were fired she was very worried for you. She was most visibly concerned! Really? So she was worried about me, then? I wanted to see her urgently but when I rang her work, they said she had quit. I went around straight away. You and she had a special relationship, didn't you? Didn't you? Didn't you? I know all about it. You slept with her didn't you? I, I'm on my way to the police. I've received a summons. I wanted to see Miss Mitani, but there's no time now. I'm going to the police. If you want me to give her any message? I wanted to apologise. It was my fault. I did something terrible to her. She's such a good person. Please tell her. Whatever happens, I won't do anything that gets her into trouble. I absolutely will not do that. I'll take the responsibility. Could you tell her that please? For the first time in my life I... Yes, I enjoyed myself. Tell her I said that. That's all. Thats enough. I'd best not see her. Thank you, and sorry to have troubled you. Goodbye. He was a strangely gloomy guy, wasn't he? He said he was going to the police. Of course. Damn it! She screwed him as well! You really do love her, don't you? Yes I do. I love her. I'm crazy about her. That guy doesn't bear any grudge against her. She seems to have something going for her. A half rotten fruit has a strange sweetness, that's all it is. She's not rotten. There are some women who are like that. When you're in love everything looks good. Damn it, she's a whore. What's up? Going on a trip? Tomoko, what is it? Where can I sleep? What's happened? Bring me a glass. Were you thrown out? I want something to drink. What about the money? Did you manage to borrow it? Before asking I was kicked out. You're not some stray kitten to be driven out. He's had it up to "there" with the lot of us. You mean had it up to here. Whatever! He's not keeping his word then. Yesterday, he wanted you to come back to him so much. I asked him, like you told me to. "Can you lend me 300,000?" And then he suddenly changed. When did you ask him? Just a while ago. While we were having breakfast. That was a bad move. Bed is the only place to ask that. It's fine you live at home for a bit. Dad will soon find you another good "opportunity". It was destined to end. But it's such a pity. Yes, it would have been nice if it could have gone on a bit longer. No, it's better like this. We'll all be able to live together for a while. It's been quite a while since we ate together as a family. We'll be able to enjoy dinner times. It's actually quite a good outcome when you think about it. I felt so miserable as left with my suitcase in hand. Well of course you would, wouldn't you? There's nothing pathetic about it. You tried your best. What did he say as you left? He didn't even look at me. He just smoked his cigarette. Preferring 300,000 to you. I'm nothing much. 300,000 is better. The passion suddenly evaporated. It's a matter of self-esteem. When I mentioned the money he stopped eating breakfast. If he can't get his food down his throat when money's at stake he'll never be much of a writer. He asked me to pay the rent on my way out of the building. How mean of him. He smokes his cigarettes right down to the last bit. That gives a lot of nicotine. But he still drove me back. Mr. Yoshizawa did? In which case, there's still a bit of life in the romance. His car's still down below. How lovely to see you. It seems Tomoko asked you for something ridiculous. We're so sorry. Please come in. Quick, get him a wet towel. Tomoko, get the whiskey he likes. And get the blue cheese from the fridge. There, there under the cabbage. Get a moist towel. There you go. I'm taking this picture back. Mr. Yoshizawa! We almost managed it. I should have disposed of the Renoir quickly though. It was a fake apparently. Eh? We should have got Mrs. Miguma to take a look at it. It's not worth the paint on the canvas. Really? Minoru, let's dance. It'll make us sweat. I remember we've got some caviar left. I don't have crackers though. Okay. I don't have crackers though. Here you are. There's a cheap villa, very convenient, in Fujimi. Oh, that looks nice. Shall we have a relaxing holiday there? It will be lovely up in Fujimi in Autumn. Yes, I'd love to breathe some of that clear mountain air. Tokyo's no good. In the big city there's always something to trouble us. Fujimi must be what, 2,000 meters? More like 2,500, I think. Let's take Minoru and Tomoko, and go there. If we live where the air is good, I'll get lots of good ideas. Bad air is poison to the body. Has something happened? They seem to be coming this way. THE END