The Greedy Dog Aesops Fables PINKFONG Story Time for Children


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ha the greedy dog one day while a hungry dog was walking along the street he came across a huge piece of meat ruff what Wow what's this this is the largest piece of meat I've ever seen the hungry dog quickly bit down on the meat and thought yep YUM Oh mine I'm going to enjoy this all by myself Oh a little later the dog came across the bridge over a stream and he started to cross it but to his surprise a dog in this envelope was looking at him with an even bigger piece of meat in his mouth oh hey that dog has some meat too and his is bigger than mine I'm going to take it from him Hey the greedy dog started barking at the dog in the stream give me that when the dog opened his mouth to bark he dropped his meat into the water hmm Oh No my meat sell what have I done that's when the greedy dog realized that the dog in the stream was his own reflection oh my neat there was a crow that really hated his black feathers ah why why me why are all my feathers