The Hardest Asian Food Would You Rather




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- One, two three, - We love Asian food! (laughing) - We're playing would you rather with Asian food. It's gonna be really hard because I like all of it. - Tasty, tasty. Would you rather have Thai tea or Vietnamese coffee? - This is too hard already. Thai tea. Vietnamese iced coffee is very good also, but I would pick Thai tea. - I would probably pick Vietnamese coffee just because I really love coffee. My teeth are so sensitive. Sometimes the Thai tea hurts my teeth. - Because it's cold? - Yeah. - But so is Vietnamese iced coffee. So is any iced beverage. - Oh, it's iced coffee. (laughing) Oh, well then, I guess, honestly, just the hot version of either of these. Yeah. - Jennifer. Would you rather eat Thai fried rice or Kimchi fried rice? - Probably Kimchi fried rice, if only because the punch of Kimchi. Yeah, I love the punch. - I don't love the punch. I would go Thai with the lime and the cilantro and the herbs. - Would you rather eat Pho or Ramen? - Ramen. - I'd rather eat Pho. - What, really? - I don't wanna talk about this on camera. - Oh no! I mean, I love both. - Yeah, I like one of them. - You don't like Ramen? Have you kept this a secret in our relationship? - I don't want people to know. - For this reason? - I don't dislike Ramen. I just generally, when it comes to like noodle dishes I prefer Udon and then - I do like Udon. Would you rather Indian curry or Japanese curry? - I feel like Indian curry can be like a little bit lighter. - And there's a lot of variety in Indian curry. - There might be variety in Japanese curry, but I am really only familiar with the comfort food version. You know, that's like what I ate growing up. So, if I am sober, Indian curry and if I'm drunk then Japanese curry. - That's good. - Yeah. - I'm never drunk. So, I'm always Indian curry. - Niki, would you rather have Pad Thai or Chow Mein? - Chow Mein. - Okay. (laughing) - I'm Chinese! There's nothing better than like going to my parent's house where my grandma lives and being like, "Grandma, can you make me noodles?" and most of the time she will fry up some Chow Mein. I do love Pad Thai. It's more tangy because of the lime and the spices and the Chow Mein is just I feel it. - I really like both. I feel like I had Chow Mein last night and now I really want Pad Thai. So, Pad Thai. - Would you rather Bibimbap or Biryani? - Oh. I would rather have Biryani. - I'd pick Bibimbap. - I feel like there's usually like some crispiness to the meat going on there and I just really love crispy meat. Bibimbap is also really good. - I like Bibimbap a lot. - I like everything you've said to me. - I know. Me too. Also, the rice is crispy in Bibimbap and you like dig it up from the bottom cause the stone bowl is hot and everything's hot and it stays hot and you mix it all and it's really good. The egg. Love a egg. - Would you rather have mango sticky rice or Halo-Halo? - Mango sticky rice. The rice is warm. The mango is refreshing. You mix it together. It's amazing. Halo-Halo is good. I think I also just didn't eat that much of it growing up. - I prefer Halo-Halo. I just like the texture a little bit better. I just like, it kinda reminds me of like a whisper of ice cream. - I thought you don't like cold things cause of your teeth. - I mean, I just don't like my teeth. - Okay. - Well, this game was revealing in that it revealed that Asian cultures have some really delicious food, which we already knew. - It's like asking me which child is my favorite. I love all of my children. I don't have children, but the argument stands. - Yeah. And of my children, I love Ramen the most. - Jen, it's fine if you don't like Ramen. - I love it so. - I stand by what I said earlier. I think Asian people have really done it the best. - Yeah. - That's just what I think. (groovy music)