The Harrowing Hunt For Bigfoot


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what is that I'm gonna go on record this is a bad idea I may need to go to hospital now we're heading into the belly of the beast so right now we're driving up to Willow Creek California I think the capital of the world you're gonna catch ourselves a Squatch wait till you see where we're staying so this is Willow Creek they put capital of the world it's a beautiful town and this is where we're staying what do you think cuz it's a joke this is the one chance we get to stay at someplace nice and we'll agree with sleep in haunted places and dirty old hospitals we can't stay one place nice once but how often you get to say you were a part of history which is what we're about to be we're about to etch ourselves in the stone a Bigfoot lore he's good at yourself sir what it was supposed to be fun this week on BuzzFeed install we seek out the ever elusive Bigfoot and tomorrow morning search for him ourselves we've got our ridiculous Bigfoot beards ready to go we've got a lot to cover so let's get into it and let's uh well mean you toxin foot I'm excited this is the may be the only time I believe in the thing that you're talking about really big foods you know meat and bone I'm not the biggest believer in Bigfoot why would you be it's it's plausible and grounded in reality so it's a lot more plausible than all your spooky little specters well those have evidence though I'm sure they do let's talk with the first accounts of big strong hairy people date from at least the 15th century in Cocozza a mountain region between Asia and Europe different cultures have different versions or perhaps relatives of this creature in the Himalayas it's the Yeti in Australia it's the Yowie in Indonesia it's the EBU gogo and for America primarily the Pacific Northwest it's Bigfoot or Sasquatch in fact Bigfoot sightings have been reported in almost every US state this corroborates the belief that there is more than one Bigfoot then it's not a singular creature but a species I don't think foots walking around Illinois who are these people in Wisconsin saying yeah there's a Bigfoot there there may very well be a hot dog vendor in Chicago who is Bigfoot excuse me yeah you heard me do you imagine Bigfoot as someone who walks around in disguises well some people believe that he's just like this supernatural being or he or she or whatever it may be and it just wanted them as all OFS dumb it's not supernatural it's natural like sting it's like sting stings us hello it stings not supernatural though if if you stab sting with a knife sting will bleed you're probably right the hunt for Bigfoot became a global phenomenon and inadvertently turned Willow Creek into arguably the number one destination for squatchers a Bigfoot in worldwide there's places like Bigfoot books the Bigfoot Steakhouse murals and even a Bigfoot burger how often do people actually put down a Bigfoot burger by themselves imagine it's nap time after wine nuts it's nap time for me so you got to 1/3 patties and on top of that when you get done with the burger after we put all the veggies and everything on it weighs about a pound and a half we'll try our best oh I'm not gonna try my best I'm gonna finish that okay I mean you've said it Oh meat that burger I'm gonna stay in that haunted house all night yeah whatever this is the heaviest sandwich I've ever embraced that's the biggest pot you got it was a nibble I've done it my organs are starting to shut down I'll be dead in five minutes I've done it you see it I did it wonder if the guy will be proud of us I think I may need to go to hospital before we go any further it's worth mentioning that most primatologists do not believe the existence of a Bigfoot or Sasquatch is likely that being said let's get into the beginning of the Bigfoot phenomenon in the modern era in 1958 gerald crew discovered and casted larch footprints near his bulldozer in bluff creek dumb Nordic County the humble times wrote about the story an editor and Rubens Olli wrote the creatures name as it would be known from that moment on Bigfoot I like that he was just sort of riffing at the time and everyone just went with it well could you imagine being the guy who coined the phrase Bigfoot you're just staring at that cast and thinking hmm that's it however in 2003 the two sons of a man named ray L Wallace came forward to admit that their father had created the footprints using a pair of carved wooden feet their father Ray Wallace was reportedly a big gangster here's a quote from his son Michael quote this wasn't a well-planned plot or anything it's weird because it was just a joke then it took on such a life of its own that even now we can't stop it and cook ain't that like like a couple of funny brothers destroying their father's legacy about a handful of decades since our Father do for the world let's burn it all down they couldn't live with the guilt though with the existence of plenty of other Bigfoot evidence this does not determine what believers so this is actually the local museum in Willow Creek it's the Willow Creek China flat Museum there's a lot of interesting Bigfoot artifacts in there that I think you will find particularly interesting because you're such a big believer you see the big statue probably one of your great-grandfather's it's not day I'm not a Bigfoot that's a Elvis Maday right there I'm a human being okay first encounter our first cell I say story that I ever heard was search and rescue came down from Oregon said they were looking for a little boy that had been lost in the woods for years old didn't find him the first night but the second day they found him sitting alongside the road and when they picked him up all he could talk about was the big hairy man that had picked him up brought him down inside him done along the road what yeah and you know I don't think a little kid is going to talk about no hairy man and I mean there's thousands of encounters all these people cannot be telling a story what personal interactions have you seen a Bigfoot like have you seen tracks have you seen him himself I've not seen one and I don't want to thank you very much is that because you're scared of ah well I think you just want to believe it's out there but you don't really want to see it I would agree with that yeah I would love to see it lucky for us we're staying near six rivers forest arguably the most famous Bigfoot forest in the world why this forest is so famous I'll explain later but all you need to know is that come tomorrow morning we'll be there so maybe we may run into the infamous creature himself morning times here it's time to go catch us a foot you ready yeah a big foot this is the original area that he was noticed in before they actually started even knowing anything about a big foot you know he's real elusive I've heard a lot of local lore around here people that go logging up there and things get thrown at them they hear things a couple of people have seen them you know off in the distance and but they never quite get the footage up if you can see over there that's actually the original cage what I think is hilarious is that's not gonna hold a foot won't make you say that these things are all muscle now that could hold a foot you think so yeah I just do a little wiggle maybe Bigfoot could pick up on energy don't make Bigfoot believe in your little ghostly energies I never said Bigfoot is meat and bone Ryan I would just say he could pick up on my energy I'm a chiller pick you up all right and then it'll pick you up and crack you in two that's a guy want to share a cold one with what he'd say to me I don't think that's how Bigfoot rolls okay well should we get this going yeah as we attempt to find this legendary creature we joined the Legion of current Bigfoot hunters which range from average people to major television shows it's a practice taken very seriously in Skamania County quote the Sasquatch Yeti Bigfoot or giant hairy ape are declared to be endangered species of Skamania County and there's hereby created a Sasquatch refuge end quote I think I'm ready to get this going let's gear up actually what does that say so I don't get shot that's gonna scare it away it's not gonna scare it away it's gonna make me look more festive and I won't get shot so there's that that's an added bonus have fun getting shot I'll be run into a Squatch the Squatch is gonna see you and just bolt in the opposite direction vest I don't think that laughs will you want now but squatches actually are known to smash things over the head to kill them so you think you honestly think we're going to encounter a Squatch the Squatch is going to attack you and your life is going to be saved too because you're wearing a helmet I mean it's gonna bring a rock down I'm not gonna say that's a hundred percent or get it on film it's not gonna say thank God Brian head is helmet I think we're ready to rock and roll look like according to first-person accounts they put skin color ranges from deep black charcoal dark brown reddish brown or grey with the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet much lighter the average height is reportedly 7 foot 10 so not that much taller than you I'm well I'm 6 4 so that's significantly tall I mean even to other normal people if I see people taller than me I get concerned about them because I think they're gonna die young and the maximum weight is estimated to be over 1,000 pounds yeah that'll leave Bigfoot alone I wasn't fat shaming Bigfoot mentioning that this is a creature of enormous strength what about the little ones there's no information in the little ones oh ok they are also thought to be mostly silent though they have been credited with howls grunts screams and growls doesn't surprise me so much like an ape do you seem to know a lot about growls I've seen some episodes of television where noted survivalist speaks of an encounter with a with a foot and he hears it in the woods and it makes a howling noise that was sort of like a [Laughter] so other interesting tidbits come from the Bigfoot field researchers organization which claims Bigfoot are orderly and often stacked rocks neatly they also claim Bigfoot have legendary strength and that they quote take pleasure in using their strength check out this wood oh that's a salamander oh it's alive dude yeah does it bite it's a little it's a little set a newt or a salamander he's just hanging out his name is Cedric he struck me as a Cedric when I first saw him after we destroyed his apartment his beady little eyes I know it looks like you it does the strength of Bigfoot was on full display many years ago on the icy road an area a short drive away from where we are now when the icy road was being constructed from north of the hoop of Valley Indian Reservation crew members would arrive in the morning to find that 500 pound tires had been tossed around bulldozers were turned over and giant the footprints were all around the site yeah we tried calling it you call it here let me see that all right do it do you we'll call [Laughter] well with any constellation you look like an idiot let's go over some of the recent evidence in 2006 Jeffrey Meldrum an associate professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University published a book called Sasquatch legend meets science Meldrum is also an expert on foot morphology and the movement of monkeys apes and hominids in that book he wrote quote the evidence that exists fully justifies the investigation and the pursuit of this question end quote in the 1990s Meldrum was shown casts of Bigfoot footprints there were 14 inches long with some suggesting running motion and others actually showing skin whirls Meldrum felt the running footsteps in particular would be hard to fake quote unless you had some device some cable loaded flexible toes end quote thick it's time for a little brew break seems like a fitting spot now we're breaking out the debate this is gonna attract I told you we have a different kind of vibe that's 4 foot that's more mr. and mrs. foot cold cold one right there that's for you if you're out here I'm not gonna do a stupid mating call but I think you understand that one I'm not doing that but I think you know what this is huh locked it if one actually walked out right now this would be the greatest thing ever captured on camera if we lured out a Bigfoot with a beer here I'll tell you what I'll take my helmet off so you can see my face small foot take off helmet you crush I'm exposing my cranium to you it's very small but if you aim right could crush his tiny little head [Music] you're a coward he said that but I agree with him he meant it more though so hit him dr. wolf Henner Ferrand beck a retired zoologist who formerly worked at the oregon regional Primate Research Center believes in Bigfoot and has done analysis on over 700 footprints it's thought that Bigfoot's big toe is aligned with the other toes similar to human foot alignment he believes Bigfoot's foot is approximately fifteen point six inches long and that the creature weighs up to 2,000 pounds dr. Baron Beck even told a New York Times in 2003 quote I've gotten close enough to smell him what he's gotten close enough what do you mean he well I'll let you know in a second here but yeah it's an interesting thing to say tell me more by the way Bigfoot is believed to smell horrible with some comparing it to the odor of smegma a sebaceous secretions in the folds of the skin especially under a man's foreskin lovely you don't have to describe that well that's what he smells like if you are wondering one of the more promising developments came in the form of a carcass claimed to be a Bigfoot in 2008 two researchers from Atlanta purchased a frozen Bigfoot carcass from Georgia Bigfoot tour company owner Rick Dyer and his friend Matthew Witten but the carcass turned out to be a rubber gorilla suit how much did they pay for this there is conflicting reports online but at the very least hundreds of thousands it's not enough to be embarrassed about what the hell dismissed a table Bigfoot a little table and where he does a little light reading maybe that's where he writes on it oh Jesus Christ everything's fine oh my God look at that cave up there I know should we do this okay I'm gonna go on record this is a bad idea please don't die if we do find a bear up here we're just gonna buy oh my god dude honor I'm pretty scared I don't look at here Jesus [Music] oh gosh you so you do you call out for the well if there isn't that Squatch in here there's definitely a snake of some story that's gonna bite me on the Weiner so I think I want to get out of here there have also been attempts at DNA analysis for people retired zoologist dr. wolf Aaron back has been unable to identify Bigfoot DNA but as of 2006 they were at least 15 samples that had been unable to identify as any other animal in 2012 a veterinarian researcher claimed to have safe when Sasquatch DNA claiming that Sasquatch was descended from human females who had made it with unknown hominid males does inhaling too many in 2014 a team of researchers led by an Oxford professor of human genetics conducted genetic analysis of reported Sasquatch hair samples unfortunately the samples belong to a range of known animals such as dogs bears it's like we found you I mean I wouldn't approach it I would try and get some footage of it but what if it approached us then what do we do we die right that is what we great you know this is all jolly right now but can you imagine what this is gonna be like at night well this is are they nocturnal we'll find out there really is no Studies on whether or not Bigfoot is nocturnal or not there's not a lot of sightings of him at night but there are some but they're definitely in the minority holy is dark is out here oh I'm not catching anything on thermal there you are holy dude this is scary now we're heading into the belly of the beast me dude we're gonners if we find this guy that's not scaring you right now it is only appropriate that we saved the best piece of evidence for last and although it happened in 1967 it is my belief that this is the most convincing piece of Bigfoot evidence in existence in 1967 Roger Patterson an amateur Bigfoot hunter along with Bob Gimlin filmed a home movie in Six Rivers National Forest the forests were currently in what they captured on camera is the only footage of Bigfoot that has not been completely debunked [Music] it's enough to convince me there I mean it doesn't look like a person in a costume the way it moves it's a very old piece of footage it is a very old piece of that thing but so is die hard still good what let's see just cuz something's old doesn't mean it's bad that's a completely different train of thought what is going on here dr. Jeffrey Meldrum the expert on foot morphology and the movement of monkeys apes and hominids believes you can see Bigfoot's muscle movements in the film he believes the ankles in particular are key indicators that this is not a man in a costume Bob Gimlin regrets shooting the film believing that Patterson benefited from it more than he did in fact it actually tore their friendship apart they didn't make up until Roger Patterson was on his deathbed either way both of them believe what they saw and so do many around the world this footage will become the most famous piece of cryptozoological evidence of all time a feat that we are aspiring to right now break for don't believe in him come crush Ryan's head it's not gonna happen he's not real he's not real please God nothing nothing nothing nothing please please your Shh we have to listen to I don't think the squatches are bright in the night that's good that's good that means we live to see tomorrow I'm leaving I'm going bye bye bye bye Bigfoot the existence of Bigfoot still firmly rests in two camps believers and skeptics the mindset of skeptics could be summed up by the thoughts of University of Florida anthropologist David J degli quote even if you have a million pieces of evidence if all the evidence is inconclusive you can't count it all up to make something conclusive unquote whereas the mindset of believers is generally that it's unscientific to discount the plethora of evidence over the years there have been casts of footprints possible recorded calls unidentifiable hairs and first-person accounts but in the end until there is indisputable evidence it really comes down to what you believe in is Bigfoot real the answer will remain unsolved and I can't wait to shake this stupid thing foot beard off that's pretty good you look like a man I would never talk to it or any circumcision what are you talking about Emma Oh God you look like you know let's go find some ghosts [Music] you