The Isle Of Men The Worlds Deadliest Motorcycle Race TIME




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my name's Carla Collins I'm 28 just erase motorbikes for 11 the isle of man TT race is the oldest race in motorcycle history it is considered to be the hardest and most daring racing still allowed in 107 years of racing there have been 242 deaths four deaths occurred this year it's a street race it's totally different to anything their recent public roads on super bikes with more than 200 brake horsepower big sticky fat tires on anis is the best race on the planet and it sells a big strong place in my heart riders complete six laps throughout the race with each lap measuring 37 point five miles in length with over 300 turns competitors race at breakneck speeds averaging 130 miles per hour just know I suppose that you could say there's a little bit of fear but like that's to me I think I see that as a good thing it settles you when you're riding you know you're riding hard and there's a line so you don't cross you know and enough fear sort of controls that a little bit I mean don't get me wrong you didn't have to you know obviously with the danger side of you can be hurt and and worse us be realistic here you know it you know it's been some severe things that happen you know and sometimes there's enough to be the individuals fault you know well I yeah 2010 had a big smash they were ending on the mountain road the TT course I lost the front end at 115 plus mile an hour end up going over that you know over a hillside and cartwheel down the hill and yeah next thing I knew I was in hospital with a broken back dislocated knee and a post arm you know it's pretty horrendous book that was that and this is now you notice all it's all behind me and something I've forgotten about really and you know stuck a lot of getting back from to the honesty's and took a lot of strength physically and mentally to get through it and hopefully I'll start seeing the fruits of my labors now we'll see on the best bike in the grid I feel all right all I do I don't get carried away with predictions or any fly light or any of that nonsense is just whatever I'm feeling on the day if I feel good you know I'll push because I'm a bikes good Honda Fireblade it's a brilliant bet kit and you know I'd love to do myself and the team just display getting a good result tomorrow you know nough be know on trying as hard as I am needs no build up from me here we go the focused our senior TT the big big race of the week one minute less than 55 seconds to go as the top boys are now paddling these magnificent machines towards the start line on black crux rewrote next away number 10 10 is corner commence the Ramsey rocket is launched down toward spray hill on the Honda six laps of the legs of course 226 point three eight miles ahead and Conor Cummins is all Glen country road now so 2cm Connor slots into second place see all the BMW boys are back to greet their charge there is gonna come in slowing up Connor is in second 14 seconds down throughout a grueling race Conor Cummins is in a battle for first place against Michael Dunlop despite a neck-and-neck race Connor comes in second no one's forcing anyone to do this race at all no one's forcing me to do it I want to do it I'm a fully aware of what goes on it's down to me everyone else is the same he's not one man in that paddock he's signed up because they have to it's because they want to just simple as that now a tender day I'd only stop if I stopped enjoying it if I wasn't enjoying me racing then this place is not the place to be riding a motorbike you know all I could probably say is you know they were doing something that they loved riding a motorbike and enjoying themselves you know you know it's very easy for me to sit here and say that I won like to be in a lunge position who is grieving right now you know and but hopefully they would take some kind of comfort in the fact that they were enjoying themselves and you know doing doing something they want to do you