The Journey to Japan’s Most Remote Ramen Shop

- [Narrator] There's a ramen shop on Rishiri Island off the northern tip of Japan. To get there from Tokyo, fly two hours to Sapporo. From there, take the train to Wakkanai, the northernmost city in Japan. You then catch a ferry to Rishiri Island. Make your way to the western part of the island, and once you're there let's hope you're on time. It's only open two and a half hours a day. But the trip is worth it because the place is said to have some of the best ramen in all of Japan. When it comes to ramen in Japan, there are a few places whose names will draw people from all around the world. Ramen Miraku is one such place. And visitors come for this special charred soy ramen made with local kombu seaweed broth. - [Narrator] And this is no instant ramen. Making the dish takes hours. - [Narrator] The question, of course: Why do you think people come all this way? - [Narrator] Our turn. One charred ramen, please. (slurping) - [Narrator] Oh wow, this is good. (upbeat music)