The Key to Burning Fat

the fixer and all of the brand-new books fat burning machine Mike Berlin is here he lost nearly 70 pounds 70 pounds for years so how'd it be the poster helped you do this you know I was working for the coolest corporations like Facebook I was electing mayor's like Bloomberg here in New York I was elected senators like Senator Clinton and maybe President Clinton someday and her husband Bill Clinton and yet I couldn't solve the biggest problem that I was facing which was my own weight gain I was gaining one to two pounds every year and I couldn't stop I got to a point where the doctors were gonna put me on cholesterol medicine and I think this is too much I've got to solve it and so I did what I do as a pollster I did research genetics I spoke to doctors and I spoke to trainers I spoke to nutritionists in each of them gave me a little piece of the puzzle and I put it together and I solved it how do you get yourself into this fat-burning mode well here's what I learned there are some foods that cause your body to actually store fat and there are some foods that actually help you burn that I found out how to flip that switch so how do you flip that switch you do it through the right foods coming over mike is gonna for the first time I'm gonna have a pollster help me do a demonstration on the show I'm gonna show us how we go from being the usual fat-burning machine we're supposed to be when we're young into this fat storing machine that afflicts us as we get older so we built a little body a Michael I think about the political analogy of this I don't know how but thinking you have a stomach for it got a stomach here's a good blood stream and then there's things that happen to the food you put in your body that determine whether you're gonna flip that switch or not to become fat-burning so go ahead and take the food go ahead and put some healthy food in there put some how good food okay let's put the good food in and I have the digestive enzymes right so good food and I just have enzymes and they combine to digest your food and here's the thing if you have truly good food you will flip the switch and convert all these calories into your muscles where the sugar can be used this is the gold standard right right I mean those muscles get so darn large you don't want to do with them that's what you want unfortunately the bad foods also get into our lives and when you put bad food in there those same digestive enzymes that are trying to help you out digest that food and you slip the switch in the wrong direction and you become a fat storing mission so how do we flip that switch everybody how do we make you unstuck like Mike was able to accomplish in his own life to become a fat-burning machine you've got some tips for us yes first tip there are some fat burning foods foods that you actually want and now so these foods are actually fats oftentimes so what are the foods that you like to use this is a wonderful table these are the things I like these are actually the good fat this is where my sustainable energy comes from that's gonna get me through the day here I have my proteins which I absolutely love and what I do with the proteins is that's what really gives me the health for my muscles so every one of these foods including the leafy green vegetables and strawberries they're all part of the day off diet which is not just a coincidence it makes sense because these actually to take away the inflammation be sure you're subscribed to my channel so you don't miss anything and remember to check back often to see what's new