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previously on the last resort five couples in crisis arrived on a tropical island oh my god where they were given one month to fall in love again would love nothing more to be able to give you this ring in a month's time more than anything I want you to get your happy and your sparkle back I don't want me to be with anyone else but me tonight a special gift brings romance to the resort I'm going to get you to kiss each other passionately and the guys organized fantasy day colors never done anything that romantic before I so blown away with what you've done fast not every girl's dreams comes true you're selfish I think Joseph's done with me I always disappoint in that's how I feel I don't want to do the single it's too much this is the last resort Jodi and Stu have not had sex for more than 12 months and there is less than always left to get their spark back and rescue their marriage good morning how are you - that when a relationship intimacy for a long time it can be quite difficult and awkward to rebuild that connection are you feeling better anxiety so you never know what you're doing but we're going to hate each other by the end of the day whether we could love each other it because the subside oh no no that's it okay Stu has learned to be ambivalent and disconnected Jodi has now lost quite a lot of trusting Stu as a lover and as a husband said you have any weird dreams and last night you do that yeah yeah so some I'm drowning pretty salon is really anxious and panicked Stu and I is still in the friend zone I just get rejected I don't know why and it upsets me I don't think in his head he knows how serious it is I don't want to be in a sexless marriage knowing the challenges that the couples are facing relationship specialist sandy and Michael have brought them together for a confronting group session we have a very exciting group for today and the topic today is romance I don't know what to say romance is really important especially in a long-term relationship it's the glue that holds a couple together when times get tough we've invited a guest take today's session love and intimacy expert dr. Nikki Goldstein is here to help the couples reignite the spark in their relationship hi I thought I she's really pretty hi the boys are going to like this these couples represent the everyday person that's really struggling their relationship especially the women are crying out for more affection love and intimacy instead of thinking that romance is something that is stereotypically presented to us by society red flowers Cupid's heart think about how can I show my partner that I'm considering and thinking about them what things can I do to get that message across that is romantic and I want to ask you a question how often do you passionately kiss each other close it we don't you don't passionately coupe no I try to passionately kiss her nearly every day and it never happens oh we passionately kiss for three or four times a day fantastic now if it's good yeah must we hate each other yeah which is what offenses I wasn't surprised by the fact that many of them said they don't kiss passionately this is one of those things that seems to go out of a relationship but something that's so important so when we kiss our partner passionately release chemicals it's also a very intimate moment in a way that we can express that love and intimacy to our partner so I want to encourage you to kiss more passionately relationships and I have a exercise to help you do that so I'm going to get to pictures each other passionately when I found out I had to kiss my husband who I haven't kissed passionately in a year I was thinking I wish it was not here whole heap of people because I've wanted to do it for so long so I want you to put a score of 1 to 10 how passionate was that kiss don't show your partner and reveal it afterwards what do we do the hands well try and keep your hands above 40 you stand up okay all right let's all do it yeah hey what when in Rome are you ready on your marks get set start kissing [Music] Joanie's juice started awkwardly but then they really got involved in the exercise this was a really big moment for them now remember the aim of this is not to shame the other person it's to express how passionate we feel when we're kissing so Lucy what was your school I gave Paul a camera it's just always feels natural and passionate what I've got the 10 for the KSR for those bitterest Ally I'm supposed to be delicious I have Lucia ten I always liked kissing Lizzy so shadow can you show us in josh'll school here we go supposed to help us he's gonna kill me so five out of 1000 at least it is for improvement Josh has always been like a real kind of open mouth suck your face kisser so I've always wanted to say it true but I think maybe the five I became kind of just hinted we need to improve that department a little and Josh off school [Music] so just put that in your faces particularly in fellow the school kid yeah I have within my campaign even eye shadow and Josh is separated there's something really playful and fun with them they're very cute together and I have faith that they can work this out so Sara Hoppus your school hi guys killin a ten out of ten another chance he knows what he's doing with these Tom rings and well maybe that's the secret to passion in the bedroom - I go Sierra and eight and a half she's quite good but I think needs a little bit more time baby good away I mean power symptom-based Lisa what with your school I gave Janna five Wow through your pain buddy I feel your pain maybe we need hungry I was a little disappointed with my five I thought it deserved at least a six or seven so yeah five was at my ego a little bit why was it a five Lisa it lacks that real deep mm like we just don't get in there I like a really deep that just kind of scared it around here just I love Lisa got a seven out of ten I thought it was pretty good actually would have been a 10 out of 10 if you had a brush your teeth so Joanie what was your school I guess your chance at like the first time we've been intimate in like a year or even kissing wise though that was a bit romantic yeah even though you're all watching I gave Joe a night and spent a while so we're probably not used to kissing the kissing part was really good I know I enjoyed it and it was it's been a long time it just feels like we're getting back on track and we're going to the right-half first half of my kiss I was watching East you I was cheering for you I feel great after that she's still an amazing kiss off he always has been go to first base I guess we'll see if we get to second now remember that this was not about shaming each other and this was about highlighting the fact that we need intimacy in our relationship so whether that's kissing or whether there's something else that you can incorporate into your relationships work on that ask yourself how can I be intimate with my partner in other ways outside of the bedroom will we be having one-on-one time with you I thought you might have another give me some secret tips teach me a thing or two it's time to say goodbye to Nikki and to thank you very much nothing a little better thank you [Music] dr. nikki has given the couple's plenty to think about now the specialists want the men to put what they've learned into practice a challenge that we've come up with you guys is to create a super romantic fantasy date here's your opportunity to be creative and address what your partner would like not so much what you men would like there's the key romance is a really important part of a relationship it means I care about you I want to stop the world and say let's just us to be together best of luck thank you hopefully the guys know is well enough to organize the best date ever coming up will the fantasy date this is the first day of my life bring romance drink a lot are you locking it on Oh regret what other boyfriends bring you to it than that and on the ones that turn into exes I just wanna go home I've done is still not talking much name yeah I'd still time the group session this morning lifted Stu's spirits but it's not long before Joey notices he was brought in to himself again all just a lot of things have no photos I know but I'm trying to emotionally deal with it too I just need you to kind of by my side a little bit to get true up it cuz I I feel a little bit weird about the whole thing you know when anyone suffers a stressful life event in Stu's case a head injury it will have a massive impact on personal relationships the psychological trauma is ongoing I'm worried about his state of mind so I want some one-on-one time with him before his fancy date I'm keen to hear what's going on for you first of all it's been pretty tough yeah I get that feeling yeah it's been a whirlwind of emotions the whole time it just feels like it's got a knot in it something and I just want to sometimes I want to just throw up it feels like a lot of pressure sometimes I'll wake up feeling like I can't breathe no do you know what that is xiety it strikes me that you're under quite a lot of distress probably having gotten over the whole injury and rubbing it your head around the whole situation I don't think you have been well managed subsequent to that injury happiness doesn't just tap you on the shoulder I need to break down Stu's issues bit by bit to increase his happiness in all areas of his life happiness is not an end State happiness is a byproduct of all the things that we engage in it's our job it's our relationships it's being with the kids it's having time off having a purposeful life gives us that feeling of happiness so it can't be a goal to be happy yeah now you've got nothing else but to focus on shoot and work out what Stu needs to do and I know it can be frightening but I want you to be at least comforted that I'm aware of what's going on and we have our arms around you we're not leaving you we can deal with it's very manageable doing these counseling sessions I can see some hope and I can see myself moving forward it's not until you actually get that monkey off your back that you start to think hang in a minute this is the right way to go surefire Hajin marry me you would marry me to her oh she know I wouldn't jump no whatever it's absolute I don't think so I think so I think once you start drinking then we can get married I was planning on being drunk on our wedding day yeah boy why wouldn't you so you meant to the wrestler than the night of we'd be too drunk to UM know ever reckon Keeling's drinking is clearly his major problem I want to show him the damage is causing Sarah and get him into the right frame of mind before his fantasy David Hey yes so Sarah does his drinking make you uncomfortable absolutely okay have you told Keeneland you don't like his drinking yeah have you asked him to drink less yes have you asked him to stop drinking yes Sarah and Kelin have no ability to address any of the problems that are happening in their relationship there is so much mistrust so much sense of disappointment and so much sense of anger but nothing is getting processed so what is it about when Keeling's been drinking that's problematic for you he is more obsessed with his friends when he's been drinking because he wants those drinking buddies around and that I feel neglected all the time because I don't want to sit around and drink so he finds other people to do it with you keep trying to reconnect and connect to the love of your life mm-hmm he's special to you mm-hmm his attention really matters and yet he appears to not want much to do with you mm-hmm see you end up home alone yeah for me the big point in all of this - really lonely yeah and that makes you really sad like you're breaking her heart we have a daily basis she's home alone wondering what she's doing mm-hmm and it's really not through a lack of love for you man yeah I know that I want you to see that that's real and true yeah she loves you no doubt much yeah I see that I definitely have a lot of work to do it's a big thing to hear I say that she's lonely and truthfully kealin you are in no way a bad man but the problem is some of your behavior as you know is really really bad yeah I am NOT here to criticize you ashame you for it but I need you to know it's going to stop or this is over yeah like it's just a matter of time and at some point she's going to go as much as I love you I just can't be around this anymore yeah like I don't think she'll stop loving you she'll just stop being with to live with you I don't want to lose zero at all because she's loved my life and I couldn't picture not having her around yeah I think it is time to um maybe get my shit together and really try hard coming on the fantasy dates begin I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman it does feel like when we first got together Bart will reality get in the way start that whole bottle for Sarah and keel and I think he just doesn't think about consequences [Music] there's only three weeks left to save their relationship so it's specialist sandy and Michael have set the boys a challenge to organize fantasy dates for their partners in an attempt to bring romance back to the couple the women have told their partners in a hundred and one ways what it is that they want and need in terms of romance and we want to find out if the men have been listening promised winners no skydiving and maybe the man need to get their fantasy dates right or there'll be hell to pay you don't have a lot of trust to me do you what about you it's not me you better not drink today on my stand in the sky and throwing it it's all about you today baby promise promise the finish today was all about providing a day that she wouldn't forget how pretty about I think she needs to explore things a little bit more so I thought I'd keep it mellow but something different and definitely had no planners and drinking this is the best day of my life you haven't even experienced actually the best out of my life first time I've ever been on a proper boat in an ocean I liked it because Keylon planned something for me that got me out of my comfort zone I'll go in first and then I'll help you in thanks can you write me I was a bit scared that she was going to get scared being out in the middle of the ocean but I think she dealt with it pretty well I think she enjoyed it whoa welcome yes hello knee ankle Dave ah nice the water fish [Music] look how pretty smoking in the middle of the ocean it does feel like you know when we first look together the old spark that half blue air is starting to come back [Music] Cheers juice Cheers oh you're not allowed to transfer they reject you yeah promised Sarah that I wouldn't drink on the day I think that promise was important to me but I think it was probably more important to her enjoy that I loved it yeah I feel like this is what I've been trying to achieve just spending quality time with you man I finally have a thank you and more seriously thank you I love it it was the best day of my life definitely karen is panda we're going to blow it up that's time to light up when we do that after the date josh is taking shadow to a remote island for their fantasy date where they'll be camping overnight I chose this date to just shadows always complaining we don't spend enough time together and I thought what better way to do that then it deserted island with only the two of us and there's virtually no other distractions oh my it's just future perfect wife and the water is so clear it looks amazing so we actually spend the whole day and not it I remember of course that I know you're not much of a camper but I figured you'd be able to do this yeah while we're wandering around it's kind of hitting me that there is no toilet and there is no shower while there is no running water there's hardly any where in shade I was getting so hot I was something from really sick or a part of me was just starting to question as to whose fantasy date this actually was it's cool isn't it an age-old issue between men and women is not understanding their partners people assume that what works for them works with their partners and it's a disaster [Music] thank you that bad where is this so there is North impacting on distance Norfolk so they were saying that you want to go in three different things with me and stuff like that I hit the jackpot oh you did what other boyfriends bring you to a deserted are the ones that turn into exes I think is a word that goes into might sound something like ungrateful I am thankful I said I'm grateful I don't like living survivor style and I don't like being in the beach and you know that kind of stuff where's Josh he loves going in the beach he loves being in the water I would have liked you know some roses or something romantic maybe like something really thoughtful like that he thought that I would actually really have wanted I did all this thinking that I would really appreciate this and really love this I don't know what else you can do outside of taking someone to a deserted island that is romantic I don't know what tops that touch to another [Music] my ideal fantasy day they get dressed up it's taken away somewhere exotic maybe by playing helicopter just be pampered and sport and I'm princess Lucy five-star all the way all the way just bring a hedgehog so that you plug it in Oracle country it's been a long drive on some of Fiji's roughest roads and having spent more than two hours in the car Lucy is less than impressed we're going to get a fantasy date it's not really fantasy for me I'm sorry Don really yeah yeah - Peter - freakin Legolas if all the girls get pampered and have a really nice girl so going to develop you really Carly's not taking me seriously he's money around he's joking George a lot of your life is off this is all a big prank you really just say that at that point I didn't think this day could get any worse I start to worry anything maybe I've gone too far maybe this isn't going to work [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Lucy and calm have had a rough start to bear fantasy - I'm really nervous more generally right back here we go back here Firestar Villa yeah Karl is hoping to show Lucy that she doesn't need a luxury resort to inspire romance it was Horsham natural water it's beautiful though you're right this is what our fantasy dates all about it's just getting back to nature getting back to the bare basics and just trying to just trying to bring out that fun Lucy that I fell in love with this is your limousine Bob this is cool I oh my goodness me whoo-hoo Edwards this I hear you been yep we're balance herself Jim is what all right oh good this I their romantic this is hermit Jesus I was just tired I was cranky I wasn't having fun at all [Music] Carl likes to prank me all the time I thought it was a joke and I was still looking to see if there's anyone you know helicopter waiting or a five-star hotel around the Court of the bills nothing [Music] [Applause] [Music] when I recognize his song which was our song I was so emotional it was the most amazing thing that I've ever heard [Music] Karla's never done anything that romantic before [Music] something that I will remember forever it was a really good feeling it felt like I'd finally got it right people to succeed in styling [Music] let's go and I just make sure don't run into anything awesome maybe it will continue i want the fantasy date for Lisa to be an experience you can't get at home she's afraid of height so I wanted to challenge her in a way that was not going to be too extreme for Lisa is a perfectionist and when you're a perfectionist you actually become a low risk taker and unfortunately life is not about control life is about being flexible adapting to change and adapting to people otherwise you don't function well okay ready No three two one I'm not jumping out of it dan knows I'm not a big fan of flying I don't like that feeling of bumping around an airplane you're going to fly us today just we will okay can you promise me you ain't crash I just don't feel safe so that's not my ideal situation [Music] here is also taken uh frontally what what that's like handing my destiny over to another person so I get a bit nervous [Music] you can look inside [Music] I was scared of the plane crashing into the mountains I know it sounds silly but it is a real fear that I have the planes not going to fall out of the sky a little bit of a surge sorry and kind of in his own way just told me to get over it and that's probably when I got really really upset he'll bless his hand for the whole flight I was trying to reassure obviously I just a very good job so I was kind of stuck after that I don't know where to go I'm not I'm not trying to make you like fly there's some times I think that no matter what I do I won't be able to get it right we've been together for three and a half years and I still don't know if this men know what lights me up in my core [Music] Smits live the fantasy day wasn't feeling real fabulous thought as we came over the mountains and we feel the ocean I did calm down and I started to enjoy it and I can see why Dan planned at the way that he did so we going to land on the water yeah Wow let's move that citizen some runway lady that's cool Jonica breeze arriving at dolphin Island was just amazing the water was sparkling clear and we had this whole beach to ourselves I was really excited then nailed up the water is my happy place the state is definitely improving from here I'm sure of it Jesus is it like opening for the Eco stalls for when he arrived at our room the wind was absolutely raging like at one point I thought I was going to get blown over it was so windy and our room had no front on us just hope it doesn't blow away hopefully so we made it like at least the window blow away a need of making noise if you're lucky enough look it's not dance fault the wind as as strong as it is but I'll be honest I'm a bit cold already I don't know how I'm going to feel tonight maybe my expectations are too high [Music] I was pretty excited and I just wanted to show Joe that I do care and that I can actually do something for her and play that nice today I decided on my fantasy dates that I'd rather pamper and just make it feel relaxed because she's so on the go at home and I hope that we can get those wedding rings back on my finger and get back to work all used to be on the first met [Music] mrs. Anna and if I present that object for you he did true it's gorgeous this is the first dress that Jews ever called me he's done well he's gone and chosen and himself so that means more than anything to me at the moment thank you I don't know why I feel so nervous I've given birth to your children and yet I'm nervous eating in front of you probably because then such a long time yeah done this way sir thank you all right I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman in row can you be my Ritchie do know that I'm happy you're happy I am I'm really happy so you know I had the young counseling session with Sandy probably the most difficult thing I've ever done my life but it was such a big white lifted off my shoulders now you have a light or a spark back in you I'm really proud of you I really am because that's a massive step for you thankful appreciative [Music] a fantasy date on a deserted island was not what Sharda was expecting from Josh and she's clearly not happy about the thought of going snorkeling for the first time we're getting to what I hear it's an awkward before so I have no clue on how to make any of it work and then off you went maybe left me and I was looking for him and I couldn't say him anywhere for ages [Music] so I started crying in the water she was acting a bit like a sport brat because she didn't get what she wanted in the reaction that she had really pissed me off so I thought well yeah I'm just going to leave you the idea of us to go snorkeling was so that we could do some things together we get in the water and I'm on my own I just wanted to go home I was done already [Music] you happy man we did everything you wanna pin me yeah this is like survived assault is not even a toilet and I see a lot of basic but returning we come to a place like this and not because you're Sophie just sorry Sophie how is any of this good stuff do you want to do tours the state was supposed to bring us closer together instead it sent us further apart [Music] just over I'm just really getting over I'm sick and tired of talking I'm sick and tired of being the one who goes over and apologizes and tries to get things back on track it's a waste of time I think josh is pretty much done with me I don't think here he wants to do this anymore we set them in a challenge to organize the perfect fantasy date for their partner either this experience will highlight connection and understanding or deep differences which will require repairing after a massive argument earlier I really just feel like I need to get away get some space you have to come over to me I think this house I go him [Music] it looks like we might be here until midnight 55 think reminded [Music] I'm done arguing with you for we are doing I'm sick of it even though this might not be up my alley I still want to be here with you okay at the end of the day I don't want to lose you I love you I want to be with you [Music] okay I love you too [Music] it was a big moment probably the turning point of the whole trip I'm glad Josh and I can somewhat resolve our issues so that we can enjoy our time here the places absolute heaven it's magical Kyle has taken Lucy away from the luxury retreat to a traditional Fijian village you're going back to basics was a massive risk I think for me because I knew Lucy would warm up to us straight away but it's been perfect well I really loved Lucy seeing that kitchen has seen those hearts of seeing the ways of the traditional Fiji people still live today and I just wanted her to see that you know these people are happy the happy people they're healthy people and they've all got smiles on their faces and you don't need much in life to be happy [Music] love you mommy okay you making me feel special and you know I don't need anything else I was a whole idea of bringing it you know I just want to show you that where they need all that stuff all we need is each other Jodi and you haven't had sex in more than a year the themes look to be improving with their romantic fantasy date I can't even talk I'm so blown away with what you've done [Music] you just keep shocking me I mean just really happy because I just never thought that I would get my own stream back it's good to see you happy but really way I wanted a to do inside saving it so long [Music] here's to you for the best day ever and here's to bring him in here I feel like we're getting back on track and it feels great I've never felt like this sort of long until I'm sure you're feeling the same Stu it's starting to come around but for Jodi something may have changed romance missed you at being is what with June is all that I want but at the same time it's still really terrifying it's still really awkward when it comes to the bedroom it really scares me because you might get back on track now but I don't know if I can I don't know if I've emotionally disconnected too much [Music] and our Stan has organized a romantic sunset dinner for Lisa in an attempt to get their fantasy date back on track - how do you feel like everything's going so far with the retreat I don't think much has changed really I would agree with that I think I said previously about leopards not changing their spots and us both things still the same people when we come away from here and we have to change the way we react to each other we don't have to change who we are I always disappoint you like constantly disappointing the best how I feel the whole of today I've felt like that like what then I'll disappoint you why what point did I say is at the point of thing at what point today actually you don't have to say it though that's the thing you don't have to use those words yeah [Music] what is the point this man just doesn't believe in me he doesn't see the good in me I don't even know why we're here I don't want to do this thing off too much I don't feel like we're going to solve our problem of Han Sarah and kealan have returned from their fantasy date but it appears that the romance is short-lived graphite hey I'm good be PCB and good day killing did not drink anything at all on our fantasy date which was really nice drank that whole bottle yeah that photo plus more today Uganda oh good but right now is extremely drunk he can't Toulon first trading my right about a few more drinks than I probably shoulda had a lot of augmented I'm trapped it doesn't matter like like I'm drunk whatever but like I don't want to be drunk I'm here to fix myself I don't want to get drunk every day I want to get rid of that he was very intoxicated but I'm sorry like it's really hard like it really is and it's like for him he just can't control it I don't think I am sick of trying to rescue killin all the time and try and pick him up and put the pieces back together a bit mentally exhausting stop drinking I think he just doesn't think about consequences love you I'm sorry and I will wave if things don't change No