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these five couples are a breaking point I had a fling with one of my clients an affair we haven't had sex or intimate relations in such a long time [Music] I told him about living here and they've been given just one month to decide whether to commit to one another I'll make your life pretty easy now you don't or break up forever he kills me they're now heading to a couple's retreat in a tropical paradise given by the kids heaven it's magical to get the help they need from two of Australia's leading relationship specialist my name is sandy ray I'm a psychologist with over 30 years experience working with couples families and individuals and I'm Michael Myers go I'm a relationship coach and I'm known for bringing couples back from the brink love is the most important thing in our lives so many people get it wrong you are ruining me by working with the experts so you had an affair yeah I've never really felt guilty about it the couples who confront their issues head-on allied scheme some make it and some will fall apart we're going to marry you to somebody else so like I can't lose my wife I can't handle this but if they can commit to one another the relationship they've always longed for would be just around the corner unconditional love so right away for these five couples one thing is certain yeah we needed each other this the last resort we're going to conquer this [Music] these five couples are all in crisis they have everything to lose children home loved ones and each other they're putting their lives all they know and love on the line to head through a relationship retreat in the South Pacific in an attempt to repair the damage in just one month's time they'll make the biggest decision of their lives commit to one another or go their separate ways the retreat is the perfect place to help struggling couples rekindle their love taking them away from the drama's of everyday life really helping to focus completely on their relationships we want to give them every opportunity to find happiness again now in paradise let the games begin the couples must make their own way to do a treat well those directions so I had to use the resort because I'm kind of far away at a Paris [Music] [Applause] the ocean colors babe eh that's true question again Wow CJ white our face these are artists it's been a boy listen I've been together about 12 years married eight I've got two beautiful children together we just loved them to death that way okay first time I saw Lucy I just thought well she was beautiful I was looking for a personal trainer and one of my gyms and I knew I had to had to have her just drop that leg there so let's get 20 that's one the most romantic whole arrogance is when we drive home and he looks at me and asked me do you want to route what do you sure we separated six months ago after I had a fling with one of my clients an affair she's never forgiven never forgot she's I'm sure it brings it up whenever we have a fire something's gotta give we need to make it work or separate permanently this luxurious retreat is where the couples will spend the next three weeks trying to mend their broken relationships sweet the beach oh my god this is a little one Villa surely because I won't fool in the month ahead we're going to see some really bad behavior you cannot be on good behavior for a whole month so check out this bed awesome I get lucky these couples are in serious pain and are struggling because they don't know how to connect with their loved ones anymore if we can't relax and get along here and honestly that'd be nice higher power why we got to citizen does I requested two separate beds so that there's no temptation this is my bed this is your little bed we are separated and if Josh tried to use my bad tonight you'll see him tomorrow he'll be walking around with a limp the first time in Josh Matt doesn't look that attracted me team it was his personality he was just so down to earth is so different so me it was definitely a physical attraction 100% I felt that I was the luckiest guy in the world dad is definitely the hottest thing I've ever seen I mean energy you just sit down look at her and then yeah she's amazing what like me up in a better mood than you were yesterday when we're good we're good we're amazing when we're bad is World War II World War 3 you're ruining me right just stop don't worry about me to stop it's just the craziest turmoil and out-of-control relationship you've ever seen let's go see the duckies we've got a two-year-old daughter who is the main thing in both of our lives honey this is definitely a last attempt at getting back together in a relationship I love Josh and I think getting married is the person I kind of think of at the end of the aisle but at the same time we have quite a lot to work on and we're both willing to work on them because at the end of the day Josh and Pilar are my family don't determine it's now time for the five couples to meet one another my suspicion is that the couple's meeting for the first time are terrified ready do it they'll be comparing their problems with the others and worried that they might be judged first to arrive ELISA and Dan who both have children from previous relationships it's all very well to pretend that they're having a holiday in a really glamorous location but the reality is everyone is scared because in four weeks time their relationship could be over so how many what do you recommend how many you getting on I reckon it's just time there's got to be nice that's all a couple for sure and I like going to jump out of the bushes and surprise what about the fish restaurant when I first met Dan everything was really great he just had a lot of spirit about him and we were just laughing giggle and have a lot fun what I love most about Lisa is there's a very quirky side to her personality it's not always be had but when it's there it's it's good fun but at the same time sometimes at home it feels like I can't do anything right and getting corrected with everything I do I'm sorry if you've never been with somebody who's a little bit up and down line I am and my ex-husband used to call me high-maintenance all the time but he used to say it in such an endearing way you love me for it anyway it does wear on your wee bit to the point that you do like to my perspective I just get a bit sensitive about things and and I'm not very good at just letting stuff go and that regard but I think you are either no no no I think what I've identified recently is that were actually both very sensitive people and sometimes two very sensitive people can go off yeah what do you want sweetheart all right we have a blended family and it's not just each other that we'll be losing we'll be losing children as well and there's a lot there's a lot here to fight for oh here we go I got people hmm haha mixed to arrive our separated parents shadi and Josh so Barbie and Ken walk out hi hi how you doing we going and we look at each other and I'm Lisa Josh and then I just feel babe oh yes sorry guys I was trying really hard to look her in the eye look at Josh a lot not a bad spot night yeah I do that pretty good place to chill out for a few weeks I'm not threatened by Dan looking at other girls boobs it had annoying to me because he does it so often and goes on and on and on about it but I'm not threatened by it because I paid for pretty good ones - thank you coming up you had an affair it I've never really felt guilty about it the darkest secrets are revealed when I was pregnant I told him the baby wasn't here while I was away and later so you guys say that you haven't been intimate in a year five couples in crisis have seen it together for the first time this is where it gets even worse my ex was pregnant that's a clean I go [Music] hey guys five couples who are on the brink of breaking up are meeting for the first time Josh Mattos the third couple to arrive a husband a wife Jodi and stews yeah nice to meet you all finally seeing Jodi ensure they look relatively happy on the surface of the television that seemed to be anything too dysfunctional yeah so where are you guys from from the Gold Coast we have been together for almost 11 years now and we have two beautiful girls hi Charlie what are you doing he doesn't like dancing we were just super excited about life it couldn't have been better and then all of that changed she sustained a very serious head injury although Stu has now recovered physically it's still wounds over us we have definitely lost the spark in our marriage can you even remember when there was romance Anela not really nice I can actually I would be able to give you the three dates that we've made love since Roxie was born so in eighteen months three times three times for me and sad and I hate it because we were so happy [Music] what do you think is thought pretty good verse places I reckon in my experience there are way more sexist marriages than anybody would ever believe a sexless marriage is never accidental the first thing that I would do is figure out who's angry with her because angry people are not pointing people they all look way older than us yes trying to look like a high-school sweetheart Sarah and kealan are up next for me going to meet the other couples was definitely like okay there's no turning back now you know this is real there's real life real emotions so daunting it is a little bit lovely day in paradise Kalyn and I met in high school I knew who he was I think everyone knew who came on what so because he was just so crazy and why all them cool handsome all right can we do this more often we've been together eight years now Sarah just wants to calm down and believe that typical stay at home have kids and get married life marriage does mean a lot to me think of always look forward to I think you know every girl wants the fairytale ending I think the thing that causes the most wealth is key one's drinking he dreams of too much this is more to life than going out I wish he understood how lonely I feel a lot of the time and and I feel I'm at breaking point and I don't want to continue living like this any longer I'm cueing nice Ganesha Oh Oh Sarah and Kalyn did you said a little young awesome do you know what this is it looks good it tastes good taste is the last to join the group is married couples smoothly and calm first thing that I notice about Carl when you walked in go to be that gold chain a jolly feeling not spring we're going to find out more about that culture this is beautiful as that I'm there yeah there are worse places to go that's for sure that's true [Music] after a long day it's time for the couples to meet relationship specialist sandy and Michael the first step to repairing their relationships is for the couples to reveal the biggest issues that brought them here these couples are desperate for help and we're here to give them the help they need hi and welcome to all of you one of the reasons we set up grouped is it normalizes behavior and stops us from actually feeling alone when you realize it's not just you it's not quite a frightening it doesn't paralyze you and more often than not somebody can offer you a solution so let's get started shado and Josh were separate at the moment we have been to get off and on for 40 years I found I was pregnant a week after we separated I did some pretty nasty things to push Josh away and so within his right he didn't come back after I told him I was pregnant so I went through my pregnancy on my own which was really tough and delivered I would want on my home because of what I said when I was pregnant I told him the baby wasn't his how angry or hurt was Sharda just withhold that information from Josh you just don't do that not being there for the birth of my first child not cutting the cord not even knowing every single day if that was my sole that wasn't my child or if someone's gone and done that to me if someone could actually do that why I have never got over that yeah it just it wasn't a good time in my life Sharda and Josh are holding on to so much food and resentment what they need from this retreat is to learn how to forgive and I can teach them that I love him I still love him very much and when I think about getting married or like you know spinnerets my life when I can't imagine anyone but Josh there so that's why I'm kind of like we need to make this work because we need to do it fast we need to ask our daughter so yeah I feel sorry I need to ask Sharda why why did you feel that you had to lie to Josh about being the father because there has to be an issue there [Music] Lucianne Kyle Lucy why don't you tell me why you guys are here um well Collin I met 13 years ago we've always been passionate about each other but nothing changed for Karl when I had the children I just felt lost I just you don't feel like it was this is the life that I should be living and how did that show up in your relationship like what happened to the intimacy between the two of you sex was no priority for me at all whereas Karl yes he was always you know always wanting it but I didn't have the energy all the time or I knew I'd be up through the night with the kids he could sleep I think he felt rejected he said that many times and I just felt unsupported and lonely and yeah we drifted apart [Music] so Kyle what happened between you two probably the biggest incident was about a year ago Lucy found out that I had a bit of a fling with one of my clients said of a fling without euphemism so you had an affair yeah just take a moment how do you feel saying that I mean the fact that upset Lucy makes me upset but um I've never really felt guilty about it Carl so you had an affair it article saying that I mean the fact that the tub said Lucy makes me upset but um it sounds bad but I've never really felt guilty about it [Music] back when it happened in my head that loosen oldrover we had that sex for over six months and I didn't what if they would loose anymore I've just it was just all too hard and I think I was out looking for looking for something you know looking for a friendship or or you know looking for what I didn't have at home when Carl said that I was flawed cheating on your wife is okay because she didn't have sex with you because she was up all night with the kids that just didn't sit well with me at all [Music] what are you thinking Lucy what are you thinking right now just um so her over the years that I've just tried and tried and I've come to the point where I just you know I moved out six months ago and I just got to the point where I don't care anymore I don't care if we move on I don't care if we fall in love when I care we're not connecting with each other I'm just over I after all the years it's build-up and when I don't care that slips when it scares me there's a very high chance that I can save Lucy and Cole's marriage but the truth is Kyle is a man in denial he never felt guilty about his affair he needs to take ownership and I'm not hearing about just yet I feel for both of you and I'm really glad you here thank you yeah thank you Jodi and Sue well John I've been together for about 10 years now and we've had a great relationship for many years I sustained an injury that put me had action for a long time and I was bedridden for about a year it's kind of crippled me not only did you leave that mentally as well going on now that Stu is actually better he's not very motivated to do things I feel as though I'm always asking him to do things and he just it's that kind of waiting for me to do it whilst student was recovered physically from his injury psychologically the damage still continues as a consequence he has emotionally withdrawn from Jodi and it's only natural that she would be considering a future without him I actually feel as though if he was to meet somebody he made him the happy person he used to be that would make me happier than what I am now because I just want him to be that person a really happy person again that he used to be and I feel as though I don't make him happy and that's how much I care about him I just want him to be happy and life so if it was to be with somebody else I'd have to deal with that I would thank you thank you for going forward with Juke my plan is to first find out what's going on inside Stu's head he's not going to be able to reconnect with Jodi until he thoughts that out I can see that the love is still there so I have high hopes that we can fix this couple I think right now the biggest issue between us is killing drinking and he's never home I never felt like I come first in our relationship I always feel like I'm a second option because he's so like dedicated to his friends and like the minute they call like he's out the door you know what I mean at the plate he doesn't even think twice about leaving me home alone or and how does that make you feel it makes me feel her sad I feel bad I know that it's a problem and I wish that it wasn't like that but I'm so stuck in my ways that it's really hard to break it Sarah and killing your classic codependent couple key ones out of control and Sarah's stuck in rescue mode but this relationship to work Keeley needs to face and fix his demons and that's where I come in Lisa and Dan yeah we'd like to go through old ethics okay dan was the first person I met after my marriage ended not long after I met Dan I found out that Dan was married we remained friends for a while and we got together about ten months after we met after Dan's marriage was over I guess Dan didn't really have a break after his marriage ended so he went straight from one relationship to another and then he came into this one with me which I think he thought was going to be fun and light and easy which it was at the beginning but then it became deep and difficult and challenging I was pretty much at a stage where I'd given up on our relationship I thought it was over because I just felt like this fun quirky person that I met and that I fell in love with didn't exist anymore in my mind I'm like okay well what I do do I stay with this person who is not the person I fell in love with or do I make that decision to move on and I went back to New Zealand for about six weeks on a bit of a soul-searching mission and while I was away if you say you can only sir I'm not launching sir you can tell them again can you tell them whitening on Lisa ha ha can I talk not Dan I got it I got and no difficult but I want to hear purely from Dan okay yeah like a major decision to spotlessly sir by facebook Messenger yeah I went back to New Zealand for about six weeks on a bit of a soul-searching mission while I was away can you say UK Lisa I'm not laughing not again yeah like oh my just the decision to split up with Lisa my facebook Messenger and then I mean we talked on the phone obviously straight after that that's because I asked him to call me yeah and like I own that like hi well I don't like conflict Lisa so I hide away from it so you confronted me and I answered the easiest way that I felt like I could that's not fair to neither see we played friend Dan their dynamics really leases the boss and then not that's like that's the only way I can put it I think Lisa's definitely wears the pants in their relationship I'm a pretty forthright person no I'm kind of fat as I said well you picture nemesis to me we'll leave it for now thank you both very much I think Lisa and Dan are going to be a big challenge Lisa was very articulate very assured but on the other hand she's a very very vulnerable woman it's going to take some work to fix this thank you so much for sharing your stories smart after a group session there was one thing left to do I'm scared you have one month to decide whether or not you want to stay together and be with the person you loved or go your separate ways at the end of this time if you found love again you'll exchange these rings in a beautiful ceremony as a sign of your commitment a month is not a long time so we're giving them a symbolic reminder to help them focus on what they're trying to achieve shadow and Josh please come up rings a one solid continuous piece of metal where there is no beginning and no end they symbolize an eternal commitment to the other person I just hope that in this next month I can forgive you for what happened I can move forward and bury the past once and for all and hope we can fall in love again like we were previously and we do for the rest of my life I hope that you will learn to love me for who I am now and then I can love you again and that we can just do everything we always talk about and purchase these things before and I'm complicated I would hope Dan and I can try and resolve a lot of the unresolved things that have happened in our relationship and I would like to hope that the end result is that we would be able to commit to each other I would hope to fall in love with all of Lisa as opposed to the easy parts of their walks and all I guess and that's unconditional love that's real love so that's I guess something that I have to figure out if I can do I would love just to be happy with you and have that spark that we used to have would love nothing more to spend the rest of my life with you and to be able to give you this ring in a month's time for a while now I have not felt like you were 100% committed to me so to be able to do this with you would mean the world to me [Music] this hike over the next month you look at me like you love me again and I believe you looking best friends like we used to be I really like that my hopes and dreams over the next month is that forget about the past and move forward and we reconnect and fall in love with each other again and we're best friends and I'm your lady more than anything I want you to get your happy and your sparkle back and I really want to get our groove backing it back in the saddle the ring ceremony has enormous value we've deliberately created the pressure of a looming deadline to force the couples to make a decision one way or the other after an emotional day the couples have the chance to get to know one another in a more relaxed environment for the Oasis's and writers perspective i think curiosity will be peaking at this dinner party all our couples will be comparing notes and very intense relationships are going to be formed I notice girls kind of packing for junk boy I was like yep yeah yeah things are definitely on the menu at dinner we get on them are there four months old really Wow Wow how are you two years old okay cool so what do you call yours I don't have a name for them sorry so having angels - Tatars no I have no name I don't talk about boobs because I don't have food oh let's make a name before the four weeks is there okay yeah I didn't have a name for my boobs probably old girls cuz they are they're not new I've you know I might a real Wow hey stupid oh thanks you haven't seen him in like a year so you guys say that you haven't been intimate in a year yes this is where it gets him worst the confessions keep coming my ex was pregnant as the conversation takes an unexpected - what was so bad that you held that in for such a long period of time Lisa's exact words were if you guys can make an ALICE together then we all have hope sentimental news facing me with this so you guys say that you haven't been intimate in a year yes do you sleep in same grade again sleep in the same bed which is some do you keep sleeping ever sorry try it on I've got a much more sex drive since G I'm the one who would go it it got to a point where like I kept on trying and kept getting rejected and I just gave up trying a year without sex you've got to be joking no why I could do that so putting it out there you guys arguing and fighting as much as we are out of the Year line laughter you'll be alone in this group [Laughter] after you showing life you know as much as I kind of hate Josh most times it's good I do kind of joke about that but is there more love than hate we are yeah yeah that's the thing is we're just like two really passionate people you really love and then you really hate balance we can relate it Emily do you think if you didn't have a baby you'd be here now no she's super glue under yes that we've asked her to me it's very daunting that we might not come out of this together because that means that I mean to let her go for one night a week or you know and I kind of mentioned I cannot imagine that like you know she she's mine in my head like considering life I went to my pregnancy alone like I didn't hear from him we have nothing to do with each other and so didn't you say what was your choice yeah yeah well I made like a huge mistake of saying to him that Tyler wasn't here honestly this is just me being honest I just struggle with like like how angry or what was so bad that you held that in for such a long period of time because we had such a really bad breakup it was so kind of brutal that we never obviously resolved it and we never talked about any thinking we thought what point did you go hang on a minute I think that child might be mine when you order a teenager's to those the hard part is so I found out like a couple months after that she said it wasn't yours but the problem was is you can get intrusive DNA tests but it can potentially harmful babies so I had to wait until she was born and then sort of like five weeks later I met my daughter for the first time so was that amazing yeah better I'm better in a park because I wasn't there during the pregnancy I definitely do feel that you know I did miss out and it is a massive regret in my life and it's something that I'm just going to have to live with for the rest of my life I looked over and he was like shaking I felt sorry sorry for him I wanted to go and give you my heart go sis I felt so sorry for him the poor bastard like to not be there for the birth of your child he asked for a DNA test he asleep add an inkling that that child was his so he fought for that child good on him I definitely felt like when psy kind of judged us which is really unfair considering we're all here for different issues all right you guys yeah how did you guys meet oh it was meant to be a one-night yes it was my first night out as a single woman I was out with my girlfriends and we had a few drinks and we're dancing and Dan and his mates walked in and I was like looking at him like that I wasn't cute but there was something a bit weird though and I I started questioning him a little bit on like something I don't know something's off I said if you got a girlfriend but no I don't want to talk about it I said why don't you want to talk about it you guys I just don't want to talk about us and I okay he was very persistent anyway so yeah it was only meant to be one night about a week later he admitted to me that he was married so you two were intimate and then you just sort of continued in your marriage was not a interesting situation Lisa and Dan having an affair I suppose yes how was the way to put it hearing Li surrender and story for me that would seem like a couple who probably should have gone together you know Dan was married at the time she just wanted a one-night stand for me that sort of didn't seem like a recipe for a love story but who they are this is where it gets him worse so my ex was pregnant she was about six months pregnant yeah if I was hooking it with someone who had a wife who was pregnant that's actually no-go when you know I'm not one to judge but I was kind of yet that shocked me quite a fair bit yeah do you see that because peeps no offense to you like because he was sleeping with you whilst he was married do you see that if you get married he'll do that to you oh I don't see him cheating on me but I do fear him leaving me because when things get hard he walks away dan was married and you know you've got to respect that even though that they have problems yeah I thought I thought that was just a little bit all wrong alright guys good ask this who you guys reckon of the underdogs who do you reckons most life in a file he comes the understanding here we go we said a few guys can get through this then we already want to be ugly you're the tough couple sorry guys sorry guys we'll be honest like we said that you guys are going to think us battle ahead of you in a no and you guys the bravest wife are as well I don't like people telling me I'm going to felt something especially when it comes to my relationship with my baby daddy we have a daughter at stake I don't think everything's out on the table yet I'm pretty sure as the weeks unfold we'll probably find out more everyone I thought we would wear please we're not not alone yeah like they're all in it together Oh Chi 0 yes she is she's nice [Music] can I have really personal question and you can tell me - no no a you said you had an affair with your client yes please deal with you still doing personal training I think it's really all i doing all enough yeah I think Lucy realized back at that time the way I'm in such a tough time and it everybody she was so bad if you knew I was out searching for something excelling if we were doing the right thing and you know now relationships going well and now we were there for each other I think she knows that I wouldn't do that life is not so easy in it Rosie so do you think there's been infidelity in your relationship I don't know if I should say yeah so this'll be here for a long time I had something cut out of my lower back when I came out of the hospital I found dumpers in his face and then I found he had signed up to four different dating website so do you think there's been infidelity in your relationship one time I had something cut out of my lower back when I came out of the hospital I found dumpers in his face and then they found he had signed up to four different dating websites so has he talked to you about everything won't talk about it he'll just walk away I'm such a man thing to do isn't it how it hopefully this is good hopefully I'll draw him out of a shallow bed yeah yeah I've put up with so much shit I've put up with the lying and the I'm you know 99% sure of cheating I deserve that off than what I've settled for and I think I've set the bar really low that I've excused really appalling behavior in the past just perfect thank you the girls of the party brought up their fare there here's the sorrel here for we're all here to talk about the past and talk about our feelings and talk about our emotions and I think the more we talk about it the more we deal with them of the metal better move forward Sarah was just asking him about you know obviously with his infidelity and whatnot like how you feel now that he's still personal-training considering he was a little iron II personal train from home and she came in to your own home would she talk to me every every time she trains right are there two sides to every story apparently after after uni like he said no that's it you'll continue to come and she said why look at me like you and talk to me here came to my house and drank oh my gosh that's so hard it was really hard [Music] ah well few things are out there now that we didn't really expect to be out there uh all they ask the questions you just gave the answer the couples are back in their dealers now behind closed doors I think each of them will be questioning have they revealed too much can they trust the other people in this group and indeed am I in the right relationship she talked to me later than another well we basically just got told like the odds are against us like friends bet fast to fail yeah Lisa's exact words we're a fee you guys can make it out of this together then we all have hope that's pretty brutal like you understand these people are just strangers to us at this stage we've just come in here we don't know them and every single one of them said the same thing so they can't all be wrong shadow I know this is real I feel this I'm not shocked when people say that because I know it it's not normal how we behave and what we do I think your little blinkers or whatever you've got sitting over the top is actually finally starting to come down knowledge I think you are starting to see there's some serious problems here just to be honest for the first time in our relationship I have nothing to say I don't know how to fix this I don't know how to help us this is what we do for you I thought we were clever okay not just need to start to understand that we're not it's not known are you fake I don't want to deal with it I will be the couple here we are okay it's real now it's really real and it's just going to get more realer I do live shadow I really really truly do and I think we'll be together forever we just got a lot of shit to do is we have a lot of bad habits to unlearn and we got a lot of growing to do to me it's for the shock I didn't or misleading me with this word [Music] look at how beautiful it is very good Wow look at the bad day ah little like a honeymoon all over again can we gonna get some action on this bed absolute I'm crazy we had the most beautiful layout there was a beautiful spa bath and you know flowers and chocolates and everything but she was really tight so we just went a bit I mean of course I'm horny like it's been a year I really just want to get back in the saddle with my husband and get things happening if only I could get you to be the man that I fell in love with tonight was amazing yeah I feel like I've bonded a lot more with the other girls yes I'm but then I feel like I bloated out too much about us what did you say Anatole tell me oh no I was because I'm gonna because it's all going to come out anyway I said why tremont what do you what do you decide tell me I can't tell me what did you say I said I had surgery he did not come and you lied about what you were doing and when I got back I went through your phone I found the numbers in your phone no it didn't happen I can tell you right now I've never turned on you in my life zero I want you to believe that because that is true I've had plenty of instances where I felt like and and looked it up and stuff but it's never happened this is some that killin has a lot of struggle with is owning up to his mistakes this is definitely something that I'd like to clear up before we get on a plane and go back home [Music] the granola yeah I guess I've got a little bit emotional when they question me about [Music] I'm still hurting yeah this is hot she's very fast move on just got to try and move on from there Paul I want to I just there's nothing I can do to go back and change it you know back then we didn't have relationship no we didn't have anything [Music] we're gonna get help Saul you I love you Owen be here if I didn't [Music] this is why we're here Isis a really quick everything a feeling that we've gone through together is worth it I can see how change is committed you want everything I want why forgive me remember for - something else this is a text message i said to the girl occult and affair with affair we aim to read any thinner tomorrow Pandora's box is over reality is that I want you but since we want to die William together is getting back to what a whiteboard clear the whole time what I have here in pair of boots but there is export to her cry okay the big future I don't want you to be with anyone else be singing viewers critics are calling jaw-dropping the last resort tomorrow 7:30 on nine