The Little One The Life of St Benilde

[Music] today when usually the name video in school spring to mind but who was the man before school was named after him before he was declared a saint he was known as the patron saint on vacations born and baptized on June 14 1805 he was first named as pure human song of the REA France he is the second son of John Roman soul and and shotty young Pierre's childhood was split between helping his father and older brother in the fields and learning what his mother had to teach her children she introduced them to the Bible and its prayers and passages years pass and as all children do the Roman song kids grew up as well Pierre grew up too but not that much but this never really troubled him it was learning and studying that occupied his mind on most days he received his First Holy Communion when he was 12 strengthening the faith his mother instilled in him it was a year later when peers faith played a big role in a decision that shaped the rest of his life I was amazed to find them praying even in the noisy crowd their devotion discipline was inspiring seeing them made me want to be like them a brother Pierre soon made his decision known but this news did not sit well with his father we need you in the fields Pierre your brother and I cannot do without you but there was no talking Pierre out of it he would become a brother he asked his parents to at least let him study at a nearby Christian school in Rio they agreed at the end of his 16 month stay he proved to be an excellent student end with his teachers recommendations his parents let him pursue his chosen vocation he was 14 when he was accepted into the novitiate with his entry to the school young Pierre was given the name the kneeled now took his first step as a brother Benilde applied himself to his studies and was soon ahead of his class though he was a great student the brothers were concerned with his height but this concern did not laugh what he lacks in height he compensated by patiently helping students who struggled even as a novice he did ordinary things extraordinarily well near the time of his graduation Benilde was called home because his mother died three years earlier his two younger sisters died merely a week apart it was during this sad time at home that his father first pleaded to him your brother Annette is off fighting Marie is living in a convent and annie has her own family won't you stay in care for our land son it was not an easy decision for young Benilde but he could not be torn from his vocation on December 28th 921 Benilde received his first assignment as a Christian brother he was sent to Orie ACK and over the next twenty years he would be assigned to various schools in moola Amogh clef Rome and to teach and gain experience at each location he would handle an older batch of students he became more skilled and effective as an educator he was well loved and respected by his students and their parents the July revolution broke out when the yield was 25 years old Charles the 10th had stepped down from the throne and a new system was introduced the Lasallian brothers Institute had to surrender some of its privileges now any brother who wanted to teach had to pass an exam the kneeled pass without much difficulty and received his certificate on October 8 1831 twice during his travels he had to go home to mourn for the deaths of the rest of his siblings each time he was called home his father asked him to stay and every time his answer was the same on the third plead since the death of his mother been healed responded I prefer my vocation to that of an emperor his devotion to his calling was so strong that it could not be bent he gave us much comfort as he could before leaving but that was the last time he saw his father he was assigned as director and school principal of the brother school in beiong in September 1839 teachers and parents respected him while children adored him except for one Jean Morton his own nephew they say but Jean had run away from school one day and found his way back to the Ray it was Vanille own father who brought Jean back to be on with the intention to see his son unfortunately the kneeled had just left when they arrived brother Benilde he just left for Seoul I hear the brothers wanting to open a new school there is that so opening a new school they must think very highly of him oh yes they do even here no one is more well loved or respected than brother Benilde he told me how to read and write and for that I will always be grateful it was on the feast day of st. Michael the Archangel on September 1841 when Benilde arrived in Seoul with two brothers it was a grand celebration [Music] contrary to what was agreed upon the brothers arrived to find the school building incomplete and sadly lacking in furniture it took an additional month to get things settled when the school opened there was a large influx of students each class included boys as young as 12 some 20 and some married with families more brothers came to help handle the classes one of them became very close to burger Benilde his name was brother NAB or Victor a big man with a strength to match but he was at heart a gentle giant the description was far from a joke once as they traveled together two sheepdogs startled the Horus Benilde was riding the boar Crickley grabbed the horse and got it to settle down another time it was a bull they just came from visiting a sick man when a girl of charge at them brother in a boar Victor protected brother been healed [Music] [Applause] ass thanks for saving his life Ben yield paid for knob or and became a great source of guidance in the Boris life as a brother every day matters of the school occupied by Nields daily life he taught classes and there were times that his limit was tested he sometimes had to turn a blind eye and pray just to calm himself he was not known to ignore anyone who was willing to learn one day he was told about a deaf young man who wanted to receive his first communion Benilde immediately studied sign language soon the young man had learned all the prayers in order to qualify for the right Benilde diplomatic handling of the town's financial controversy added to his reputation as a wise administrator exceptional teacher faith filled catechist helpful supervisor strong disciplinarian and exemplary religious overall been kneeled loved and was loved for his work as a school director his efforts were not ignored the mayor himself came to award him a medal during one of his classes and proceeded to repeat the ceremony through all the classrooms the day was even announced as a holiday Benilde would say my only thought is to do my duty as best as I can and it was the same expectation he applied to the brothers under his care he was strict with them but also very concerned the best-known story was one about two brothers on their way back from taking their exams the weather had turned harsh and delayed their return they braved the storm the next day only to find it worse during this time Benilde kept vigil and lit a light to guide the brothers home when they arrived they collapsed into bean yields arms from sheer exhaustion the quality of education he offered and the example of his life inspired hundreds of young men to the priesthood and religious life it is claimed that more than 300 vocations to the brothers came out of Seoul while he was there during the school's early days brother Benilde taught and managed the school simultaneously it was health and pressure which forced him to give up doing both at the same time his Madison became more troubling as it started to cause paralysis in his left shoulder a serious attack once left him speechless and unable to rise from a bed for a year but it was in 1861 that a diagnosis of liver cancer spelled the end of his mission brother Bernie last visit to the church was with brother LC smiley on their way back Benilde said that is the last time someone will lead me to the church the next time they'll be carrying me in the holy man passed away on August 13 1862 the news of his death made many weep openly students vied for the honor of carrying his coffin and countryside were there despite the story the people were impulsive both rich and poor even the mayor was there [Music] [Music] and asked the procession progressed a crippled woman was healed when brother Binion's coffin passed by she was able to move her limbs and eventually walked with other people to the cemetery brother Benilde was buried on august 15 on the Feast of the Assumption [Music] in 1958 he was beatified by Pope Pius the 12th he was proclaimed patron saint of vocations on October 29 1967 first question brother after delassalle to be given the honour inspired by the life of st. Benilde delassalle college of st. Benilde continues its journey towards an inclusive and innovative community and just like st. Benilde each Pavilion is called to do ordinary things extraordinarily well you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you