The Long Duel 1967 Yul Brynner Trevor Howard

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] it kicks all the time it will be a boy [Music] muga pity damage of the calm scheme of f Casa telega or kuba Daphna are very laws given our cases [Music] [Applause] the child we get to me when the time comes [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what's happened [Music] where is everyone where have they gone the police came they took them to the fort as they always said they would if you went on sheep stealing look after the boy you heard what your father said [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] like a damn bazaar did they have to bring the goat's milk for the children caches I even shall I set them loose not while I'm about Jumeirah see that everybody's fed that's the bandage ah yes sir but there are no arrests um I heard it from the de mother's wife what is wrong about that Abdo I don't get on with the packing yes these wandering tribes are nothing but trouble captain sighs poaching and trespassing I hope that you'll be showing around Chan you won't fit bothered by them again III talked you out of it you know Ram Chan of course Stafford this is a mistake do you mind waiting in my office I want you to sign the official complaint or a pleasure failure you cannot bring in an entire tribe because one or two of these animals have been hunted they remind you young but this is no longer any of your business you're leaving us answer this simple hell people they're frightened absolute Rotter pack of damn gypsies in this town they were taught to behave yourself come on to get hold of you they'll be moved to a resettlement camp they won't be you're treated or punished I just restricted that is ill treatment and punishment to them hmm it's just as well you asked for a transfer young I would have requested it otherwise where is that the tribal leader what's your name his name is to stop they call it the prince by where the brought here trespassing sealing they're not thieves we hunt for food only to live on my government Proclamation your ban tis in our criminal tribe criminal my wife the women and children criminal what it means is that from now on you'll have to live under supervision you'll be given food and proper medical attention a cage instead of freedom the amount of freedom you get will depend entirely on how you behave yourselves tell that to your people he's safe so done what are we going to do [Applause] you're going to have trouble I don't think so young Hamid ah the old people women their children it's good to stay in the compound put the young men in the cells of the night yes kept aside well they'll be released as soon as they've cooled down by the way young good luck to wherever it is you're going Thanks tonight I'm not going to turn the NICUs book some of us have wives and children you yourself so Todd every man must make his choice I'll go go to Balaam boils it's women you're thinking about they're not here I know think of other more with that but what if we feel we have to take that chance I'll take it we'll come back someday and set you free you are not of our tribe I'm sorry we cannot take you with us they're simple criminals there's not our fault you're here you who have responsibilities stay here in peace not without us [Music] thank you Yakko thank you very much - bye and thank you bye transferred again yes they always sin for me when they want someone for the polo team didn't know your plate parallel strictest confidence sir a good collector but luck you ain't got it per se I hope y'all try and settle in yeah I tried here sir I don't really realize the tag of being a misfit shouldn't dream of apply it as I see it it's simply a question of incompatibility between you and superintendent Stafford it's made like that are invaluable we couldn't run India without them personally I should be sorry to see you leave we could do with your knowledge of the mountain tribes but bounces you mean yeah collector you can't civilize nomadic people all you do is make them indolent and leave them bewildered mr. young whenever well-meaning white people have tried to rehabilitate native tribes they've ended up destroying them I'm sure you were a brilliant anthropologist it seems a pity you couldn't make a living at it instead of having to become a member of the police force that says at least one thing we agree important good I'd like to act I don't like the fella not one of us here have look son Duke suck at Indian panda yes but good at his job [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you're gonna have him he's dead get back get back against the wall back [Applause] there'll be no killing no killing he says our leader general you and your group take care of the guards Babu you go to the stables Monty you cover them who is quickly and silently [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and what do we do with them tie them up so they cannot be blamed and punished [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] did you speak through the others no one will come they are afraid then I cannot take you Tara Batsuit I know you must stay with the others until the child is born that's the only way Oh No [Music] you fool Kareem [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] I wonder what that Junaid oh excuse me better get the business cut inside they're broken out when what the hell were you doing we were surprised loose I've just killed one of our men [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] tarah forgive me I want our child to be born free can you go on [Music] we must what are the ways there to go [Music] we can rest here the police will not follow us tonight at dawn they will when your man threw that knife he killed a lot of us when you had to be done did you want to rot in that place no more than I want to be buried here make them too old sir I'd buy one yes sir how can we follow a leader we'll bring this woman right then didn't follow us I'll join you in the Hills she needs help I'll find help now go [Music] I should not have come it's closed at least we'll be born free [Music] ma quickie sometime fire got the fire she need your help I can see that but my change become now where's my son he's already they were here click inside yes we'll split up and the child what's to become of the boy will you look after him for me I'm too old vada let me go with you I can ride as she talks I won't be shooting Hawks I will take him it is impossible a young woman with a child and her husband woman have you seen a band of dacoits right this way we have seen no one they escaped from Fort Dodge Ababa and killed one of my men no strangers have passed our dog there is only me and my daughter Ella boy my son my men are tired and thirsty allow us to rest and drink at your whether you would be welcome if we had water to give but the well has been dry this past year there's a river just over the hill [Music] right on they may come back they haven't gone far they just took the hill I owe you my life go before you bring them back like angry flies you know I'll take it thank you you'll be safe here I'll come back you understand I'll see that you want for nothing [Music] [Music] we'll put such a star on your line [Laughter] take your man guna Raman go you'll catch to go I tell you that's where I am they'll be no killing no looting no rape we'll have enemies enough we need the people of these villages as friends why should we listen to you because none of you know this Hills like I do you wouldn't survive a week survival is one of my ambitions I listen to what you have to say those who go with me will move on from here we'll keep moving we need more men more arms we need food we'll get these things it sounds like a reason we'll drove we'll get strong and when we're strong enough I shall free my tribe and take it back to where it belongs your tribe whole town is not a problem so that they will come when we part until then I think we need each other they think we do any man not prepare to obey let him leave us now [Music] the impatient little brother will get you again [Music] [Music] [Music] let's get him a melon an insight jamming ah double the patrols this has got to be stopped before it gets out of hand the captain say I want certain caught [Music] [Music] our first reports came from the ROM Nagar Feist but since then they've been on the move all the time I want your permission said to double the reward 500 rupees every time we've raised the reward it seems to me we've only added to a Sultan's pristine when I catch him that'll take care of his prestige all right I'll tell it to the accountant general's office good now she won't notice this purse isn't printed in every village in the province we'll get plenty of informers if the price is right [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it's not as though we were chasing one man the nine months some towns been operating with up to 50 men all over the province but sometimes less than ten miles from your own back door Stafford's done everything sir calling to the book he's very painstaking hmm try to see this thing as it looks from government house there's a lot of political unrest can't afford these local heroes particularly when they're making damn fools out of us Stafford said if you were to give him more men we could put a whole army in there the man at the top can't cope were just shadowboxing wasting time so tom knows these hills and forests like the back of his hand and what's more he has the loyalty of the villagers and we've got to play him at that game and we I don't follow you sir a special force a group trained in jungle tactics in charge of someone who knows that territory really well I want us to take the initiative MacDougall you mean an independent mobile force exactly we don't replace your man on the spot we assist him very tactful sir I'm sure superintendent Stafford will not miss the subtlety hey darlin Casey does the officer who runs this show will be given the equal rank of Superintendent and be responsible to me have you anyone in mind where were compiling a shortlist have you well yes there is a man who comes to mind he knows the region and he's about the only one who's ever really understood the hill tribes why don't you want him for reasons that need not be accounted for your excellency from the point of view of ability I am afraid he's the ideal man for the job [Applause] [Applause] all right games hey get the men on the mobile site [Applause] [Music] as soon as it's dark we'll cut the wire and take care of the guards allow people to be ready but where will we go sometime back into the hills I promise that set you free but they would hunt us are you afraid we're accustomed to this life now they make us work but we get food and have dry places to live your contend to remain in a cage never to roam again never to hunt deer in the summer patches we've learnt new ways we must go back now before we I missed they bug one watch over you I made a mistake anger on from now on your allegiance to no one but ourselves perhaps it is just as well what did you find out little town he's true we've sent a man from Lucknow to catch us his name is captain Yong good now let's give him a special reception [Music] back again straights and Qurna Yakko yeah hello yeah yeah congratulations on your promotion men arrived all right yes they're camping out in the fort I want to see Stafford a ginger but you've seen him Andrew not yet not to talk to I hope you won't resent my giving you a word of advice well I'm gonna be quite frank with you I think Stafford's have rather a raw deal I imagine that's the general feeling now don't misunderstand me the governor thinks you're the man for the job you can rely on my support but try not to make Stafford feel displaced there'll be no feud in the Gymkhana claims now I can promise you that that's not exactly the point I was trying to make analyzer I shall be in the Hills I don't expect to catch Sauternes in here arms give me arms move along arms please good yeah a curse on you move along wait what have you got in your cart let's have a look to be wiser not to look [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah I hear that skirts are going to be most indecently short fixed yeah I'm afraid I haven't much time for fashion oh there with your dress is just the thing Jane's been too busy for feminists refresh she's been up at Cambridge for the last three years taking women naina times are changing superintendent - good idea should liven things up a bit what you do out there play hockey I read biochemistry huh God what the devil I don't think you know my daughter do Jan dear this is mr. yan how do you do hello I'm taking my men tomorrow for training in the Hills but before I can just arrived from England Renault huh welcome to India thank you I'd like to know the exact dates and places where Sultana sure we were talking about it in the morning shall we let's go in to dinner general we'd go riding buddy mr. Bert I'd love to first dance after till our I won't forget and thank you all for such a lovely reception look yeah you and Stafford may not get on but there's no need to be rude to his daughter I didn't speak to her exactly I'll buy [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] get these bounce interocular sillas possible yes tonight I want all and quit put into this 1000 years laughs Ricky now yeah tell the man it'll be rougher in the jungle that's where they'd rather be site they're not just any home comforts we'll be moving out soon thank you for the tent I'm sorry we had to take some of them back but I can't very well have my own force disrupted we'll manage you realize of course but if they'd given me the extra men I asked for I could have handled this perfectly well myself you know I didn't ask for the job but they gave it you what a mess good morning mr. Yong good morning miss pepper hello darling good ride let me interrupt was anyone Killed exactly no I'm not staying just some time I Drive you home for lunch chicken I don't think I'd be able to do too much to do here take the car Shonda what are the min on this site address to you Guinea spot [Applause] captain Liang I trust it was a warm welcome I look forward to our next encounter science salsa damned impedance he has a sense of humor a very warped one my men could have been burned alive you'd better get to mr. young before he gets more humorous a Miss Bevan as you're going my way would you buy me here to tell yes thank you [Music] [Music] how long is it that you were last in this country twelve years when my mother died I went to school in England and after that Cambridge which leads us to the inevitable repast what was I doing there peering over the wall sensitive aren't you after all the slaves were freed some time ago it's your turn to be liberated you're full of surprises but I imagine the emancipation of women is still a bit of a joke here don't be misled by the Gymkhana Club that's a joke in itself [Applause] I've forgotten how fascinating India can be but these streets are not exactly made for traffic are they not exactly may I ask you a festival question why don't you and my father like each other I go dislike him father I just think he's wrong in some of his attitudes like a good many of them have been here few years they're well-intentioned they've managed to keep stability in the country so far but basically they they think the Indians are a bunch of no-good that's not a very nice thing to say my father's given most of his life to this country I'm sorry would you have preferred an evasive answer [Music] we all have our prejudices mine is this little England mentality the British idea of civilizing a country is to make everything a bad replica of sorry rose-colored front gardens and tea in half is full we don't understand their ways we simply take it to granted that they'll accept ours but it's our idea of civilization such a bad one no no it's splendid in England [Music] so your attitude is different to my father's and the others I'm afraid sure better of course that remains to be seen and no doubt it will help you to catch this song time where he's failed he just might miss Davin it's just like thanks the live treasure mr. young [Music] come on any news boo much good even the performance for us three right on the other side of the Jamuna River well if he thinks we're gonna go chasing all over the place making fools of ourselves he's mistaken did you pick up anything else only a dancing girl no recruits mr. Singh not a great stunt but the girl tells me there is to be a feast brunch and is entertaining some village friends Ram Chand the merchant hmm why can we press the world to a dancing girl Babu says we can she has eyes like mountain pools and wishes only to serve the great suit after the critical turn or bait a trap I have a score to settle with this landlord [Music] coins are copies [Applause] it is so dark reserved the dacoit came to join your feast of course why was he not invited my friend you and your men are welcome the sorceress fatality by giving up your guns how guns yes yes at once bring your guns and give them to our gentle friends do as I say hand over your back I refuse nothing to the Great's without nothing come come and sit by my side let us eat and drink do you have enough food and wine for my man lad you've plenty all you want any friend of the famous Sultan is a friend of mine continued [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] where's your master at the feast side the Simoes blast you should have stayed with your dancing girl and got the full information doesn't beautifully this is reward her and Chan gladly Sutan gladly this one is for me but you might choose among these fine girls for yourself and your men carry a fortune on your fingers they call your rings off I offend you your joke that one Babu strip this match ins will split into two groups ki and sing take off the men and cover the flag this is to repay for the day my tribe was in prison thankful I spare your life help yourselves to wine and food tell your friends they have nothing to fear from us 20 [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] let me take the girl no yes that was a well baited trap it was not trap those are horses sometime you're mad who is that tell you [Music] the traders and we're out of this I intend to find out why [Music] [Music] with you listen I didn't betray you you passed the information on to Babu yes but not to the police and how did I know any of the girls could have told young Sahib the party was no secret why should I believe you you may not believe it but I'm a panda the same as you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] strange dancing girls how could you be a bantha my father was of your tribe my mother was a dancer so you perform for anyone who pays you we do what we have to to remain free I dance but you rob and kill I've never killed you will maybe this captain Jung was so determined to catch me but they may come when I have to kill him why did you want us at the feast we all know of the legend of Sultan I was interested in the man and now that you know I know him for what he is strong brave and bad-tempered bad-tempered like a man not a legend or a God [Music] the pursuers all around us here we're together we need not speak of love as you said I'm just a dancing girl [Music] ah miss Stefan this is the last place I'd have expected to find you mr. young what are you doing making tracings it's a hobby of mine so I can study what they were writing in the days when India was a great civilization shouldn't you be chasing sometimes these tablets tell the story of the goddess parvati how she met him courted shiva over there in the snows on the top of Mount Hood a love story yes fine odd I wouldn't have expected it the Indians are romantic people the legends don't make up for poverty and disease you really care about this country don't you I'm told you an anthropologist once why did you give it up money you've only got to be very good or very rich why become a policeman India was my subject the nomadic tribes in between hunting their most illustrious member I try to keep up my studies they made all your calls mr. Young has been looking after me yeah I'm sure he has I think we ought to be getting back to ya particularly as mr. Young's death Coit is still at large we're quite safe here sometime doesn't read temples you've acquired quite an admiration for him I'm sure shall we good yeah thank you mr. young [Applause] you must go home now he's a fine boy with the span I found him wandering in the hills he claims to be looking for you sada I come from a town of namely they got his blindfold people have them they are my friends Martin a year ago you gave us money to restore this shrine in our temple yes I remember he just finished I come to ask if you will join us in our celebration a week from now that will be honored look after him give him food and treat him well to go there is dangerous too many people will know that's always hiding holes come out only to make grades if your prayers might not be a miss will guard the road to the village you take care of the prayers and I'll take care of you know if the police should come blood would be spilled on the day of worship I must go along inside now of course they have months ago the important news is from namely the shrine is reopening today with so many pilgrims you think he dare so time won't be able to resist a spear [Music] [Applause] [Music] let's get down there near to the shrine [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the most beautiful creatures you've ever seen we must find him a wife yes this daydreaming is bad for him let me go down there I'll show you Hey look [Music] captain young and then you inspector no wait let it up to vultures there will be others [Music] [Music] you're welcome here my son in the name of our people Magnus bless you [Music] binoculars [Music] shall I let them in [Music] there are some more police up there behind the wall what are we going to do side nothing I was wrong he didn't come there leaving [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I told you not to follow me here the police never came he was their captain young and his men too many for us Tom stopped he's killing you you've swept to this he had only to lift a gun and you were dead did you turn it down what any normal peace officer would have done Suton would be in jail or dead by now you know damn well what would have happened if I told opinions police to fire on their own religious leader made Sultana Mota and the British hate it in every village from here to Bombay one shot could have ended this emergency if only you'd done your duty the suits on is just a body murder don't make the mistake of dismissing him as a thug that's exactly what he is though now through it are gentlemen please I think you should take a look at this collector I mean come on now tell him when this happened today captain sup when you were prayer I was sued on no tellin we were on patrol between Dehradun and hard walk about 20 dacoits ambushed us at this time it didn't stop at robbing and making fools of us the constable here is the only survivor all 10 men in his section were killed outright I can so Gong couldn't have taken part he was at the temple but he's responsible for the actions of his band of cutthroats this was a code but in massacre of my men young and I'm back in this whether you like it or not don't you think we should stop airing our personal differences our object is to catch so Tong yes very well I'll tell you a way to bring him out into the open I believe Sultan has a name and eventual purpose all this looting and robbing that's just something he's caught up in no his real goal is to take his people back into their hills a latter-day Mose if you like a man like that sees himself as something more than a bandit yes you could be right of course the rest of the banters are in a resettlement camp in minbari if we take them I put them on a train to Delhi and spread the word he's gonna stop that train try to he's gonna fall into a trap yes yeah good work well but women and children and old people you aren't your bandit that's the bait [Music] [Applause] [Music] how is my brave warrior pining for you queen of my heart all day with Jason Todd I much rather chase you this is an important man he knows everything that happens in the Jeep wife was seen kissing the surgeon behind the club last night is very rare and ice-cold very very soft and look at my master but my master is obsessed with problems Steve trying to catch the Bandit Sultan no he is worried because Stafford Saab is going to move the hunter tribe by train to a special compound near Delhi he think this will make Sultan very angry perhaps it will and where will your captain Jung be while this is happening it pains me to say my sweetheart but we go on maneuvers down the river for five days I shall not see your lovely eyes come along [Applause] got everything you need provisions blankets yes I have anybody know that guns aboard no said it was only unpacked yesterday well done keep under cover all the way good luck [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] how people were loaded onto the train I saw them that's good and they were guarded by how many police little brother ten guards no more for the last time going around these are our people if you want to stay behind we ride with you if you're right the world will certainly get back to but I still don't see how we think up with that train we follow the river using let's be off never run south away from the railroad line if you muck this up I have no intention of mucking it up the girls are stubborn charming young where are they well you told us they would be they went by River too hard well the train is ours [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] how far we got to carry these damn boats about 400 yards then the water will be deep it up again damned uncomfortable way of catching a train you know the whole countryside works for so Sal this is the one thing he would never expect [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] cheer up [Music] [Music] hey where's this railway huh over there at the double to the railway how do the map jamming our sight [Music] [Applause] [Music] one thing I didn't tell you I'm going to try and take them alive but a bloody fool yeah send a chance in hell [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] so Todd if you attack the train some of your people will be killed we are number you surrender your arms and I'll see to it that your tribe is set free then this young attack from attack I give you my word chill god I give you my word [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] get us out of here on the whistle [Applause] [Music] [Music] what's the study helpful we've got going [Music] [Applause] [Music] it is a still aslam that's not what we're calling it a massacre I'd rather consider it a victory you will us some men but Sultan's force was almost eliminated and not forgetting the innocent who were killed you're making it very difficult for us to defend your young I've no wish to be defended but I did expect a straight fight that machine gun was bloody-minded stupidity no what's wrong with you man you whipped him if we whipped him we also brought hatred and resentment on our heads don't tell me they haven't been political repercussions I think I know your trouble young you're gonna be unpopular not with your own people for a change but with the Indians and you can't take that well I don't care if you become the most hated man in the province get back there and finish the job or is that too much for you I'll finish the job good that's all return to Nagi Babar as soon as you can yes sir I'm thinking I made a great mistake with him sir we don't know let's wait these fellows I've known a few of them T Lawrence is one of his kind we need them for times like this but by god they're hard to live with [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I heard you were back young from but now I live the season for dacoit hunting is it we'll just have to wait till the bloody rain start they could have finished them off when you night that's what riled me I'm surprised you didn't force me protecting a superior officer you don't know me very well do that's not my way at all what is your way started to lose more women and children I'm gonna catch your death coil myself or this year is out I'm gonna bring him in and by doing so expose you for what you are an Indian lover the center I'm sorry yes I did here he's probably right he's not right you've got a rotten job to do and you're trying to do with some humanity like using women and kids as decoys and not desecrating a shrine you know in an odd way you're rather like Sultan now you've gone too far thus a mixture of rebel and gentlemen I often wonder what would happen the day you two meet well I should imagine we try and kill each other Jen I'd better go in otherwise I'm liable to tell you the story of my life I'm a good listener he taught about the only one in this place you'd understand soon then when you've caught your bandit [Music] captain's on my apologies for disturbing you may I talk to you privately I wish to send a message to SOTA can you arrange this I am a dancing girl what do I know of jacquards I should like to meet him if he will name a time and place I want to talk to him but surrender so that we'll never surrender or so men say I must talk to him before he is captured and hanged I will let this be known the news may reach him tell him I will come alone and unarmed he's the man I think he is you do the same I take gifts only from those for whom my dad's sorry I wish to attend [Music] [Applause] handle will miss hard oh I think it's time you gave up that particular flower indeed sir I've just come to that conclusion myself [Music] [Music] you follow upstream for four miles until you see the Guru Rock that is the place will you wait for me here no sir I must get back if you betrayed me I would swear that I knew nothing so John doesn't fight like that why should I [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you have no followers [Music] you the police now it's a long time since we met the day your people were taken to the fort you were the leader of the peaceful tribe Lin but why we left in peace no were flung in jail was not what you call British justice it was wrong but so are you to seek freedom to fight injustice with violence and murder I know you won't believe me but murder was never my intention I do believe you but it was an impossible dream as for your tribe we both know they don't want your sort of freedom some of your best men are dead how many that I left would die for you soon you'll be quite alone not quite I have a son that's all the more reason why you should surrender it's too late to talk about now [Music] why did you want to see me I felt we could understand each other I think we do if things have been different we might even have been friends then listen to me there has to be a time to end this killing that time has come are your fingers full pardon to go free I can't promise that it's beyond my power you can't win in the end you must know that do you want your son to grow up knowing his father was hanged then what is it that you're offering me captain's say the best terms I can get a prison sentence yes but you could save your life and die a little every day in the British cell if that's your answer why did you come because I wanted to see you again a man should know his enemy or his enemy may slay him the next time I promise you I will [Music] [Music] I'm sorry one cannot be too careful at the temple of NIM Lee you could have killed me now that we're even take care my friend [Music] what you did was entirely without authority I'm sorry young I've been very patient with you and some of the government but you're out I was doing my job as I saw it well you haven't a job anymore twice now you could have killed him we can't afford your misplaced chivalry I want to take this up with the governor I've already been on the telephone it's official young you're suspended while Stafford is taking over you've been busy haven't you the old pals Act can work fast when the right moment comes I resent that very much that was a thoroughly stupid and unjust remark goodbye young perhaps when you've cooled down you may wish to apologize where's your father at the fort Freddie I've heard I'm sorry everybody's heard it was a secret meeting I wanna know how the news got out the dancing girl she confessed apparently she's been carrying messages to sort town for months father suspected Freddie I don't give a damn about the superintendent I want to see her captain Jung there is no need to sod open the doors no he wants to see the prisoner I have no authority - I'd like to see the prisoner who brought you here tell me you needn't be afraid I know nothing please tell me who did it go away please go away you've no right to come barging into my Jail bastard have you seen her no she's been tortured I'm not answerable to you young used to ball now but I caught the girl and I ordered it to be questioned if my men went too far then they'll be disciplined the proofs over there in the cell go and see her I'll make my own inquiries when I've caught Suton she's told us where he is what yes he's in the hills at the top of the corral Valley StuffIt site took Adam and he said he had no need of me well I have the police are coming up the pass sound the warning right every mentions plates then what you know what to do I am waiting for this just to give them a tease to be you guys follow the plan right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] where the devil are they [Music] [Applause] [Music] wait for my order [Music] [Music] [Applause] now let's pick them off [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] well we beat them didn't we [Music] yes you beat them so Tom he got away birdies on his own now you know [Music] you must go there hunting for you in every village in for my son [Music] search every house take him alive no [Music] Shane what are you doing here has your father come back yet not yet yes they are there until he's found him and you what are you going to do I'm not much of a policeman before they've booked me out I think I'll resign that you need Lu me can I go with you where wherever you go [Music] it wouldn't work sweet girl Jane someone's got to stay with these people and understand them otherwise everything we do here always go wrong but you've done your best Freddie way more than enough next time BAPS can't I help you be with you it won't be that kind of life Jane but if you give up everything for this in years to come up anyone care I doubt it but that's not why I want to do it [Music] goodbye Freddie god bless [Music] oh yeah you know my father wants you [Music] party captain zaharie [Music] [Music] honey [Music] this lays my friend I expected you yesterday it's no longer my job and to tell the truth I know more hearted no no keep watch over the hill [Music] why did you send him to prove I trust you above all men he's a fine boy that doesn't make it any easier I've got to take you in I'm your prisoner rather you than anyone else but do something for me [Music] if I can look after my son for me [Music] you said yourself what chance will he have with my name give him that chance [Music] you see I know my enemy I know my son would be in good hands [Music] do I ask too much [Music] No I'll take you back to an orphanage but to bring him up as your own son I give you my word [Music] super-nice this man is my friend I want you to stay with him what the police are here don't be afraid go with him quickly [Music] Oh No ma no listen to me he's safe now [Music] [Applause] [Music] when the world is ready all wars will cease peace is a thing that we wore - bye [Music] we'll be killed [Music] when the world ready is the world waiting [Music] [Laughter] [Music]