The Most Realistic Sword Fighting Game of 2020

next time anybody tries to tell you that realistic sword fighting in video games can never be fun call them out for the filthy liar they are and challenge them to a duel to the death or first blood that's that's fine it's good enough or just friendly sparring match [Music] all right so this is hellish court it's in very early access and a promising game to say the least it's inspired by vegito blade it's got the same kind of realist realism focused fighting and it's really interesting how simplistic the controls are but still complex so this is one of those games that are easy to learn hard to master so you have you just have the four buttons so the four buttons on the controllers are different cuts and then you control the character with the analog stick and in that combination this is how you create different angles so let's just start out with passive ai and then try the maneuverable and aggressive ai as well so i can i can move my character around back and forth sideways as well and they move you know pretty fluently and if i don't do anything he's going to automatically parry so he just holds a sword out in front of him if the guy changes the angle as you see he automatic i don't have to do anything he does that automatically but when i when i cut this is where i'm potentially vulnerable there's except there's a way of doing a single tempo defense where you strike at the same time as the opponent and try to strike them while defending yourself which is not the easiest of course you gotta time it well so this for example what he does right here this is a good arm snipe so ah there you got me so you can interrupt a cut with that there's also um if you if i press up and the x button this is basically a parry encounter if you look at it he raises up to guard and then he cuts around so if i wait for the guy to cut that was the wrong cut but if i if i see him cut from yeah there we go if i press it down and b he goes to the leg which is generally suicidal unless you time it well and uh you're in the correct distance like for example if i um if i parry something okay i get close come on i get close i parry something and then i cut the leg i can get away with that but if i just open with a cut to the leg is probably not a good idea because he will most likely void it like that and then he can counter and you can see the the movement is extremely realistic um there's of course always something a little janky about ragdoll physics in this game far less so than a lot of other games that i've seen that use ragdoll physics they don't just flail around limply there's there's actually muscle tension that you can tell so there's it's pretty smooth really like remarkably so also what you can do is you can um basically cut and cut the cut short haha you can stop your attack by pressing backwards so you can faint that way so come in faint boom go somewhere else he didn't have any of that he just got at the same time he's like no no you don't yep that's good come on throw it if you there we go if you attack right the moment when he blocks that's when it's faster that's where you get a quicker repo riposte than the uh than a regular cut would be more speed but you gotta be quick about it oh that was that was risky should not have gone for the leg there but uh yeah we got him as said this is one of those games that are easy to learn hard to master because you can get pretty complex with this if you really learn the the movements which i haven't yet i just you know have a basic idea of the cuts here so if you become really good at that also there's um this grappling here let me there we go yeah like like there when he tries to push the elbow so you can open them up by going in for grappling pushing them and then following up with a cut so this can either be over quickly or it can take a while the way it does here just like in real life depending on the skill level of the opponent and how much risk they take [Music] the one thing i find really awkward about this is the facial expressions like next time i went around on sparring i'm gonna strut around like yeah that's when you're that close and the opponent has just thrown a cot that you've defended then you can get away with the leg cut oh right in the middle of it so depending on where they hit you and probably with what part of the saber as well that decides whether it's going to be a fight ending injury or one that you can still continue fighting with i like that mechanic a lot oh yeah yeah i cut up that kind of rotation to the hamstring that guy is so creepy um cut to the hamstring like that it's over 100 over one thing i noticed is you can't just keep moving in because yeah because then apparently as you move in you don't parry effectively if you move back you do if you move forward apparently not so much so it's not easy to go in and if you do if the other guy is faster with grappling it's you're kind of screwed so it's not easy but uh it's just a matter of timing you just gotta figure out i mean okay that that's one way to do it but i i do want to move in for the grapple see if i can pull that off let's see so here ah he was faster again okay oh no that that's the part that has to struggle with okay i'll try again maybe the chunky guy has more luck in grappling you know you just have to bring his body weight to bear you know [Music] yeah that's the thing like if the other guy's faster it's not good so i don't seem to have much luck with grappling but i'm assuming with practice you can get pretty good at that ah there we go okay okay that's better so if he just stands there and yeah there we go there we go he just stands there and just parries then you've got something oh ow he just he's just done he just drops he doesn't even squirm anymore okay see there that's uh not quite and spamming the buttons by the way is not a good idea here because if you keep spamming then they never they never defend oh yep speaking of defense he did the quicker post right after defending and if you just keep spamming it you will never defend and then you're kind of screwed there we go okay so quickly dashing forward and doing a leg cut can be effective again just like in real life sparring definitely seen that yep there we go if you just go in just wildly flailing you gonna die so i like that and that's that's what makes this so interesting oh i mean i took one but it was it was a good trade it was not not much contact there by the way notice the ladies in the background that's gonna come in future versions so one has a long sword the other has a rapier so there's gonna be more different fighting styles and that will be very interesting right so you can you can dodge that [ __ ] too so if i see him attack from there i can sidestep and just try to evade it there yeah that's what i'm talking about oh yeah so i think very advanced players with a lot of practice could come up with some beautiful complex fights here because it's just it's deceiving to think oh what you you only have four buttons that's it that's enough because the way you combine that the way you know together with the movement makes all the difference and i mean some fighting games have just four like um king of fighters for example yeah i'm really liking this and this is just super early access and just a demo i'm pretty impressed by how smooth it already is normally when you hear early access you're like oh no it's gonna be glitchiness it's gonna be just bugs and it's gonna be janky and but no this is actually quite smooth already yes that's what oh no i was gonna say that's what i wanted but no he took one as well come on yes yes that's what i wanted so he sidesteps at the same time while while doing that cut it's not as much of a side step as this is for example but he's still he moves a little bit and now he's giving me his back that's dumb he's just standing there like ah huh what you gonna do bro you're gonna cut me in the back's just honorable oh you did it there we go perry counter is the safest way to play it you can be riskier by striking at the same time so if i wait for him there yes good but safeway is perry counter [Music] the bug-eyed dead stare they have is just hilarious that could use some improvement a little bit less uncanny valley maybe but i do like the animations the way they move is definitely realistic you know in spite of ragdoll physics which often like i mentioned often kind of weird but in this case it works there's a different attack when you dash forward and press the button so you actually have quite a large number of techniques here depending on what you do so if i if i dash forward and press the b button it's it's actually like a lunging cut to the leg and if i dash forward while pressing the the y button it's a step oh right in the face like that yep so you can do the back and forth as well just get resist the urge to spam anything because that's not gonna be good yes that was just too far i was already this close and then dashing in for the leg cut he just couldn't couldn't move backwards far enough to avoid that yep so it is probably passive maneuverable and aggressive is probably easy medium and hard at least to an extent that was not a good idea huh the thrust never actually does much damage apparently at least the way i've landed it so far that's too far but it opens them up for a follow-up so there is that and the arena is not as nice let's see this is this is really just an a completely empty environment so i guess less distracting yeah right in the face that's what you get from messing with this random drunkard he's so dangerous yeah don't underestimate the guy just because he's a drunkard doesn't mean he can't fight apparently okay that was weird that was a case of uh ragdoll physics making it a little strange but um yeah overall i really like how this works so over time as you get more characters and fighting styles this should be even more interesting because then you can combine all the different weapons right now it's just polar saber which is still interesting but i really want to see long sword and rapier as well maybe some other weapons too maybe like sword buckler that would be pretty cool because with this mechanic that can do all kinds of weapons really there you go you're just standing there taking it i don't know what his problem is that's not how you fight sir you actually gotta put some effort into it you gotta defend yourself otherwise you end up like sliced salami let's see you shake this there we go i'm not sure if they slow down a little bit from that seems like i can't get over the facial expressions anyway so that's hellish court by the way i remember richard morrison mentioning that the hellish court refers to a cut to the groin that's that's unpleasant um i haven't found any other reference to it but i'll take his word for it that's uh wow so yeah hellish court very promising highly realistic sword fighting game check it out pretty awesome thanks for watching [Music] you