The Only Man Who Was Able to Survive a Cannonball Shot

hello guys every person on the planet has a talent some people can draw other people can sing beautiful songs and others can run really quickly or a good in science or mathematics if you think that you don't have any talents don't worry because you probably just haven't discovered them yet turns out there are innumerable talents and some of them are so unusual that it's even hard to understand how people found out that they had them sit back and watch carefully because today we're going to show you people with the most unusual talents on the planet let's get it on Frank cannonball Richards if there were a prize for the strongest abdomen on the planet it would belong no doubt to this man Frank Richards aka cannonball began his very unusual climb to fame in the 20s of the last century it all started when Frank noticed that because of his strong muscles it was very easy for him to bear punches in the stomach than for other people at first he simply allowed his friends to beat him up for fun but then he decided to experiment and find out how far a human can go and specifically see the boundaries of his ability it's worth noting that this was dangerous and we strongly advise you to not try this at home gradually increasing the load Frank Richards trained himself every day until the point when he was able to endure attacks there would be traumatic for ordinary people Frank did everything he could to impress people and test his own strengths people jumped on him hit him with a sledgehammer with all their strength and he was even used for training by famous heavyweight boxer Jack Dempsey however Frank crowned his career with a special performance after which he received his original nickname cannonball the man was shot with a special spring-loaded cannon and he survived of course obviously it wasn't a real cannon it couldn't even break a concrete wall but no other person in the world could bear such a blow frank rich's became so famous all over the world that even the creators of the show The Simpsons created a similar story for Homer [Music] be king if you think that superheroes that can control insects exist only in the comic universe well you're wrong truth be told this man can't control any insects only bees but it's quite impressive this professor of the university of entomology devoted his entire life to the study of these amazing creatures with the help of science he even learned to control these insects using a secret trick he forces the beasts to fly to him from all around they cover his body creating a solid layer and forming a kind of protective suit and not a single insect stings him the man is so confident about his power that he doesn't even wear any special protective equipment but what is his secret trick then the fact is that the body of the man is covered with a pheromone used by the Queen beads are control the swarm these bees act as a single organism and for them the man is the queen bee somehow they don't see the difference it's our machi many people work all their life to achieve something amazing and guess in the Guinness Book of Records sound machi is one of these people his incredible skills with the sword allow him to cut even a bullet flying a great speed long years of training allowed Assad to develop his reflexes and now he's able to cut a tennis ball in half flying at a speed of a hundred and 61 km/h and that's not even all in 2011 is so much he became the record holder for the most sword cuts to strong Maps in three minutes with 252 cuts bear in mind that each mat has a hardness similar to that of Bones another record was set last year his sow again made some very fast sword cuts and again was successful Haji Ali unfortunately seeing this person showing his skills live is impossible because he lived at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century at that time he was a famous circus performer touring in the UK and some other countries there were a lot of different tricks in the arsenal of this actor related to the process of controlled regurgitation the scientific name of the process when a person expels from his body any swallow substances Haji Ali was able to drink water in huge quantities and then produced real fountains from his mouth [Applause] his performance included swallowing different items such as nuts and handkerchiefs he could then spit them out in the order that the audience pointed out his final trick usually performed at the end of the show gave Haji Ali two nicknames the human flamethrower and the human extinguisher it seems incredible but first he drank water then some kerosene and he could spit them out in turns at first a wooden house was set on fire with the help of kerosene and then had she extinguished the fire with the water from his own mouth again the artist could perform such amazing tricks thanks to the special structure of his body his tricks were not a scare me that anyone who had any doubts during the performance could come closer and take a good look at everything miroslaw mag Ola the Lord of gravity or a swindler a person with extraordinary abilities or an ordinary charlatan or maybe a distant relative of Magneto come on see miroslaw migaila a Polish artist is used to the fact that he's treated ambiguously people don't know what to think when he puts metal objects onto his body such as pans and they'd stick to the skin as if magnetized many experiments were made and the famoust illusionists watched his show but no one was able to determine with accuracy the exact secret of the man now known as the magnetic man the man himself claims that he noticed this unusual ability at the age of 15 he told his friends that he could control some kind of energy however these words caused only laughter there's no evidence proving that the ability of Miroslaw is just a skillfully executed trick so we boldly add into our list of people with the most amazing talents grew an ting have you ever seen people drinking water with their noses no well in that case now you will see one because the ability to empty a glass with their nose is the unusual talent of this man named drew an ting another part of his show is splashing liquid out of his eyes so that he can even extinguish the flame of a candle with water the secret of this unusual talent of course isn't simple but it is quite logical the fact is that the nasopharyngeal canal in our body is connected to the tear ducts maybe your noses that tears are always accompanied by a runny nose and so the reason for this phenomenon is precisely the relation between these channels we don't know how Ruane Singh discovered this unusual ability how even decided to start drinking with his nose but this talent in our opinion is very unusual ELISA here we have an amazing girl whose unusual talent shook the Internet back in 2012 back then there was a video of ELISA easily uttering backwards any words that others said to her no seriously any word that you can think of even the most difficult she can say backwards in a matter of seconds they want to see if you can say supercalifragilistic expialidocious sooo acharya bits tickets or elegant breakfast what is difficult for ordinary people elissa can do with ease it's interesting that the girl never trained specially it really is her unique innate talent she says that when someone utters a word she just sees it in her head backwards and then reads it as if it were written Alisa has her own channel on which she records the surprised faces of people she even was invited to the famous American show Jimmy Kimmel Live okay here we go give her a word contractor Camero Wolf Mountain right Oklahoma I want to hold your hand I want to hold your hand the Today Show Khimki Roncalli you have a party you need a man who can entertain everyone well if you live in India in the city of Merida but you are very lucky because you can invite this man to your party capable of blowing up absolutely any balloon with his ears yeah you heard us right this is the unusual talent of this man moreover the fact that Kem Quran can blow air through his ears was discovered by accident one evening he was sitting with his children playing with them an inflating balloons in the common way that is for this mouth then his wife suddenly asked him as a joke if he could inflate a balloon at his ear the man didn't even think he simply tried and he actually worked today with the help of this trick he entertains the audience he pinches his nose shuts his mouth inserts a pen with both ends open in his ear and voila the blown starts to grow Stig Severinsen the man we're gonna show you is certainly very talented but he wouldn't be able to achieve world fame if he weren't a hard-working and selfless man this is Stig Severinsen a man who holds the world record for holding his no man in the world can hold this breath for as long as stick in 2012 he was able to stay underwater for 22 minutes although he had inhaled pure oxygen the fact is that when we normally inhale air it's approximately 78% carbon dioxide and nitrogen to stay underwater for so long Stig had to get rid of them and saturated lungs with pure oxygen the man broke the record staying underwater for 20 minutes in 10 seconds but then he waited for another minute to just test himself the record holder admits that the secret is to learn to abstract from pain and discomfort of course he does experience them while he doesn't breathe for long but he knows how to stop paying attention to them Raj Mohan a year the last man we're gonna show you today conducts fantastic and very dangerous experiments on his body for an ordinary person they can end up with trauma but Raj Mohan ne'er has a talent and he's not afraid of electric current an electric charge that would be fatal for a normal person is like a tickle for this man he calmly holds bare wires past his current through his body and remains not only alive but also healthy in 2014 Raj was tested and scientists found that he's capable of withstanding a current ten times exceeding a threshold which is normally deadly for a normal person [Music] [Music] hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more here subscribe now you won't regret it [Music]