The Origami Didnt Go as Planned


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what was that what was that was that you did you squeak dude it sounded like a little bird today we're doing the origami challenge [Music] mike has a list of 10 different things that i prepared i prepared a list he's like 10 different things that mike is going to read off to us you should see mike behind the camera he's like what i do make sure you guys stay to the end because the loser has to spin the wheel of misfortune what foods are indigenous to guatemala though for real though fruit fruits no pride dude you know what i know what born and raised in the usa yeah okay i know what's what's indigenous to germany what sausage someone's gonna make us make some stuff out of paper and then we're gonna be judged by mike on who makes the best uh little thing of whatever he says dog dog wait do we have time all right three minutes three minutes all right ready three two one dog go go what can i tear it dude you're copying me you're making paper airplanes am i allowed to tear it no no origami no tear hey yeah there's a leg there's oh dude i'm gonna roll with this dog this dog is gonna be bouncing with joy this is hard dude what that you look stuff up dude wearing it look at that look at them honest that's what you got look at that does that look like anything how do they do that i think i need to restart here yeah restart on that one oh restart oh yeah i totally linked this up ahead of time okay this is good maybe we shouldn't do it animals next time but they're like all animals you might need to adjust that i'm just a snake dude that's just like a crinkled snake okay it's a dog you've seen those dogs that have no front legs dude feel sorry for it yeah i want to see these okay brian show yours first here's mine as you can see four legs and the head's right here those look like triangle legs see look at that it has four legs and a head why is his butt up in the air it's it's ready to attack it's like yeah mine is actually a neck and a head that's not actually a negative actually figuratively this is the neck in your mind here are the legs see one leg two leg three leg four leg and then the neck and the head it looks like a duck huh yeah well wait i'm not done that scared him this is mine he's actually standing on his legs what does he eat there's two legs that's four legs dude hey don't touch my daughter it'll bite you i'm gonna i'll i'll take that this is just crumpled mike what plane okay is this paper plane or regular plane so it has to look like a plane no whatever plane you want he's the judge you gotta appease to his i made those no ripping right no ripping i want to rip three minutes i don't know how you won that dog it looked nothing like a dog he didn't win a dog to a dog your mom's the closest thing to a dog [ __ ] i can't believe he did that dude i'm finding it increasingly difficult to be unbiased that's what i'm saying bro i'm going with the military style plane oh dude this is awesome to try to pump up your design this is awesome what the heck is that dude you can't crumble they're not allowed to crumble origami is folding paper here is the wings what i was like no it's not here is the rear wings what are those called fins i don't know here is the front of the plane see look it's shame shame it's shameful it is shameful it's true it's shame this brings me shame here's the front then the wings start because the wings never start but wait run wings where are the pilots pilot's right here see this is his little cockpit here we have a military-grade plane oh that was there's the cockpit right there right enough space for the pilot wait sit in here's the fins whatever they're called right to control yaw so when it goes into hyper speed the wings fold in allowing it to go faster these two things these two things have to be going straight you can know throw them and see how they go okay ready brian no people know mine went further because they're way back it didn't crash the most finesse i give it to brian yeah boom i give it to brian too you know i just battle over my paper why can't we tear it i know nobody's ever accused me of having finesse dude i have no idea what i'm doing i'm still i still just have a blank sheet of paper oh yeah shh don't look don't cheat don't look dude no crumbling nobody said that that's not origami time's up what are you guys doing all right here's mine it's got a barrel it's the sight right there holding that's rolling there's my barrel there's my sight right there there's a handle mine's a solid okay fine okay fine you don't want it roll look at mine okay that looks like a gun all right mike they don't want it rolled i flattened it up mine's a sawed-off shotgun dude j-fred has the best shape yeah no it's not folded you [ __ ] do stop wielding that weapon around you're gonna kill someone are you serious mike that's right baby that's so it's one to one okay so we're like okay i can build you an ark with yeah oh you want me to do it so i'll crumple it check this out look how much better it looks now that i just crumpled it that's called wine glass we can use multiple pieces of paper right yes crumpling is allowed so bitter i'm bitter dude yeah dude what the heck ooh i like that calm down mike what the heck it's not a wine glass though wine mike yeah that's all i ever hear from you wine wine seconds left oh i'm done time no no no time joey no it was so beautiful make it stand matt that's not part of the rule i'm making up a new rule the new rule is floating's allowed you have one hand on there you can have one hand one hand's allowed one hand is allowed i like that rule no he's the cutie jay no no i made a new rule you could go after the title no one would be cute he called it you can't undo hey no no no mike it was gonna be so good vegas style right here that's not really that style dude that's a giant if anything that wrote that is more reminiscent to a champagne glass and what yours looks like the candle man from nothing's like fat tuesday glass that's exactly why i liked it i have to go with the wine glass yes this that's a wine what that's not a wine glass bro you look at that such it's a one you are biased you know what okay you guys well played good job one player yeah but the hidden feature that i was that i didn't want to show you just say it was it's detachable and you got even more wine or something what kind of low-class wine glass are you making dude dang it it was so good and it was folding up to look like no no stop it it was folding up to look like that dude and it was gonna hold but it didn't it sucks dude timer three minutes a human yes yeah do you know three two one go these ideas okay two okay guess what's new oh i'm going without the judge stumbling is a technique of folding no it's not it's just a lot of folds in one condensed area if crumpling is allowed ripping okay ripping you guys rip all you want the judge is not judging you with rips where's the tapes done can i just take a real quick nap while you guys are taking forever to make some crap that's exactly what i'm making zero in on it what am i right what looks like a corn husk doll my guy's sad now because of all the rejects that they made look how sad he is okay done what is this stop don't worry about it it's his tail it's his tail okay it's his tail he's warm with the tail it's his tailbone we are all born say that five times fast we are all born with tailbone hey dude i know you're the only folded one but they might win oh he's he's depressed now everybody else has rips in there no he's the only one that has rips no he ripped his tooth yeah he did i saw him yeah he ripped his nose yeah truthful dude it was so good now it's ripped whoops you can't kill him oh did you rip yeah dude no he just yeah right there in the arms yeah proof verifiable yo i like to use the best yeah yes it is who gets the point you do yes he's got a pink it doesn't even look like a man that's anatomically correct we have a blunder he got me in the eye we have a slight blunder we're all tied matt is two actually you're losing oh matt you missed two brian is two and you're one one more but i should get a point for this physical pain two minutes this is going to make the best cube of your life best cube okay only two minutes probably can you take two minutes no you cannot three two one go best challenge ever oh i got it i got it no you don't i got it at ross it's supposed to be squares on all sides not rectangles crap that's not working i see mathias he's just give up 45 seconds this isn't a house of cards dang it this is bad why dude i folded up a bunch of pieces of paper all right with ice wings joey spin the wheels spill spill on the wheel what do you think about that my initial plan just failed that's why i was screwed is it going oh chubby bunny outro okay chubby bunny don't choke oh guys make sure you click this video right here because we specifically picked that for you also make sure you subscribe right there and also check out our 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