The Phantom of the Opera 1990 Charles Dance Part 12 HQ

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm sorry that's just how it is apparently you've done a wonderful job just to give him the news mr. Acharya what's happened I've just been dismissed mr. um I'm supposed to see a mr. Gerard Carriere I believe it's the manager here the counter Sean you sent me he said mr. Acharya could arrange for me to have singing lessons wish Acharya has just been dismissed where did he find her Monsieur the counts new girl yeah we are curious where did the counter shun you find him um at a country fair he's branching out I think he was on his way to his chateau and thought you had nice legs no he heard me singing a folk song oh and thought you had nice boys yes and asked if you'd like lessons are all of you his friends [Music] was that the first time you met the count no I mean yes yes it was the first time what are you waiting for madam madam one of the statement said I shouldn't go down there you're listening to a stay at hand maybe you don't want to work for me anymore at all I do so you want an inventory of what of everything you can find down there all costumes all sets I want to know exactly what it is we are inheriting maybe the new manager will help you but I can't promise you anything [Music] [Music] that's him can you give Victor the truth is my friends it was time for me to leave I'd been around far too long old Paris by now must know that the the Opera is under new management and of course that means a new Managing Director and I would like to present him to you now Monsieur Allah unity and and his charming and talented wife Carlotta [Applause] did you this is a moment we will never forget [Music] [Music] what is going on explain it to my office you mean a mile of course who is Joseph Buquet my wife's a costume man she sent him to see what's a down below we may have found something he wasn't looking for Joseph Buquet brokered the rules [Music] what rules well you see there's ghosts in this Opera House and he has certain rules which must be obeyed do so and everything is fine clearly your Joseph Buquet did not know the rules but all you need to know is don't go down below if this is a joke it isn't funny I assure you it is not a joke the ghost has been here as long as I have he moves everywhere he moves through doors it moves through walls sometimes he can be frightening but we obeyed his rules and all went well rumor has it he lives far below the Opera House on the edge' Lagoon during the days of the Paris Commune they were torture chambers down there that's his territory that's his domain that's where he lives and anyone who goes down there does not return he calls himself the Phantom of the Opera career I don't believe a word of this it's a trick designed by you to get back at me and my wife for having you fired I don't believe in ghosts what is going on [Music] is he dead answer my question Eric yes yes he's dead [Music] they were warned a man went where he shouldn't I had no choice yes you did you could have let him go and he's gone right back up and they'd be down after me in a second he found out where I lived he may have seen my face why did you let him go down there I didn't know he was going down but it's your job to know I have no job I've been replaced replaced that's why all this happened I only learned about it today what a day of surprises this is turning out to be what am I going to do I don't know this man who's replacing you does he believe in ghosts I don't think so well we have to make him believe that may not be so easy but if we can't they will all be down after me just as I feared maybe not for all they don't know that Joseph Buquet is dead well they'll certainly know that he's but I think I can take care of that how you just leave that to me Lawrence all changed now hasn't it one of the best I only have a few more years written you must have known that Eric I had rather hoped that you might be able to choose your successor so I die my god place really is haunted what is that well without looking I would say with confidence it must be Carlotta who the NuStar she can't sing well obviously she doesn't know that well someone should tell her she's married to the new manager good god this means she's probably gonna sing all the time what kind of horror are you leaving me in Eric what are we gonna do about all of this I know what to do about it I'll kill them both oh come on now I'm teasing probably the only one I need to kill is her Eric what has happened to your sense of humor my humor all right I'm sorry I'm just not used to killing people just throw me off a bit I suppose ship in choosing the Opera season two I understand she plans to run everything well that settles it I'm coming with you I can't can I sometimes I forget that I'm fit for nowhere but these gloomy vaults bereaved of light my blackness itself for I am blackness itself anti-wear are my golden tennis where are my lamb is rejoicing even these girls singing lessons she was sent by succumb to shaking and who is the calm to shiny one of our biggest patrons ah lessons this Madame Carlota yes ah darling my daughter would like singing lessons what can we do nothing you think this girl can sing look at how she stands look at what she's wearing where did you grow up on a farm sort of Madame the world of opera has nothing to do with farm life why are you asking me this because she has a patent who is powerful uh-huh there's only one way to learn to say observe singers my dear I'm going to do you a favour I'm going to let you work for me in the costume department she had just replaced rosette because my costume and uh brick has quit quit doesn't like the working conditions can you believe it after all I've done for that good jury this is what I say Thank You Monsieur it's nothing where are you staying um no place I have no money I'm not supposed to do this you must tell anyone you can't stay here till you can afford something else with that night don't wander around the up your house it's for for your own protection this place is huge I've got that last good night good night just pick yourself at home [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] there you go have a nice day thank you man she has money spread me some London all along good morning John Claude [Music] [Music] what should I do sometimes they leave their costumes here sometimes over there their name is sewn in the back you pick up the costumes carefully and put them in this cart masters are like people more than careful [Music] darling tell me the truth how do I look you'll look like spring no better you'll look like a young spring like a spring that is not yet even spring explain that is about to become spring that is winter spring definitely spring you wouldn't lie to me would you would it's a rehearsing who knows Faust the story I'm an ugly old man who sells his soul to the devil my why do you think for the love of a woman hello Pierre who is this little one [Music] no no no this is poison not soup you're drinking it because you want to kill yourself not to enjoy a meal that's because you despair not happy the kid from lalalala from where lalalala I think he wants my sister's entry ok for [Music] marvelous [Music] Tuvia - you're crazy nice visual Burmese at Aggies Lippi okatee Napoli Mucha poo disc a sale planner rishi Methuselah pool [Music] [Music] Russia Margaery woman fast desires hmm I thought that was coladas wrong yeah Carlotta doesn't think she needs rehearse goodnight [Music] [Music] goodnight [Music] please don't be afraid I'm a friend as well as an admirer no please I would appreciate it greatly if you were to stay exactly where you are Mademoiselle last night I heard you singing I know you you you thought you were alone but you are not you have the most astonishing voice it is like an angel exquisite in tone and shape in fact in almost every single detail accept but forgive me it is obviously untrained now without training your voice beautiful lower it is will never attain the heights for which I know it is destined now if you will allow me I can help you I am a musician of sorts no please there is a condition and this condition is inviolable I have never taken on any students for until last night I never wanted to and if others should hear that I am giving lessons while they will want them to therefore I must insist that if you allow me to be your guide and I sincerely hope that you will I must insist that I remain anonymous which is why I'm wearing this mask please there's no need for an answer now I will find you goodnight [Music] listen to this one just arrived Norma is a fine opera and I approve of its selection what I do not approve of is your wife being in it does not approve of my Carlotta being in it this is a Paris debut the most important moment of a career and the Phantom of the Opera does not approve it sumino from a ghost since when do ghosts right this has been going on for months in such demands listen to this one I expect box 5 reserved from my personal use at every performance signed the Phantom of the Opera I was told the previous manager always gave him box 5 Oh inspector LeDoux is getting no preferential treatment from me not in my Opera House to be so happy about she's been here over a month and all she does is hum she's getting better at it too I can't stand her dear have you heard from the cow [Laughter] the ceiling I found a nice family you can stay with not far from here it would cost you anything thank you John I'm very happy where I am I'm not supposed to let people stay here John closed letter please as a kindness to me [Music] more flowers from Monsieur Madame please wait a minute what is it number five can't open it I said open it I am in charge here not a ghost Madame Monsieur [Music] [Music] excuse me this box is mine [Music] I would appreciate it if you left he's my weight Highway [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh shit ha ha ha ha the kites are seeing the hit hard his potency are your pungent [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] we have found Madame's wig maker I want him killed and fed to the vermin that were in that wig it was not his fault [Laughter] someone locked him in the prop room where is inspector Lee do chá go in fine can't say I didn't warn you who is that who do you think assuming a both leave the ceiling or our deal will be over forgive me if I don't stay to chat but I have other matters to attend to [Music] what's that [Music] perfect maestro you ready for the next lesson yes did you see what happened to Carlota no what hon debut as a disaster oh that's bad you heard him yes through the walls and he said I am The Phantom no no not so many but you you're upset and I don't blame you these are not good reviews however let me say as someone who doesn't know that much about opera I never knew it could be so funny bad I'll tell you the Phantom is behind all of this and it is because he wants the drivers mad [Music] [Music] not comfortable the upper register yet would you you'll be you're doing so well you already have a final voice than most of that company that's not possible no but it is and very soon sooner than I ever thought you'll be singing not just up here but on the stage as well that's like a dream except that it's real sometimes dreams can be real the gods smiled when they imagined you Christine daaé you are music itself I wish my father were alive cause he a musician hmm great one I love surprise a violinist you would play and I would sing he took me I want you I was just a child it was his dream that I would sing here one day he's watched over you I'd like to think so I have no doubt of it do you know that can't deshaun you why'd you ask he was the one who told me to come here he heard me singing at a country fair he's not worthy of you why please my cause he comes to the Opera for the wrong reasons he comes for the beautiful faces rather than the beauty of music I'm sorry I hurt you that's something I would never wanted to if this creature does exist supposedly he lives way down here on the lowest level they say there was a sort of lagoon part of a river system that froze underneath all of Paris all this is his domain and anyone who ventures down does not return or so people say so what's he doing up here he comes up because he loves everyone what's it look like frankly I've never met anyone who's actually seen him but the rumor is he wears a mask and if you are unlucky enough to see his face you die oh I want him caught [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] sold out just just that bad would use me nothing [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we know help us down and coming my darling [Music] no Joseph hook jobs but look [Music] I'm afraid you were seeing phantoms of another sort who the Phantom he wants to run this place well I will not resign what are you going to do about it do I'll tell you what you are going to do you are going to get some of your best men and you're going down after this creature Optimus you in my humble opinion I have friends in high places little if you understand my meaning have I done something wrong my voice does not please you please me ever since I was a child your what I've been hearing in my dreams I can't teach you anymore I mean you're ready ready for what taught dishin for the company oh well they're not holding auditions anymore you're not gonna audition me usual way Madame Carlotto they much too jealous of your voice no don't worry I know what I'm doing just be patient nice tower there's one thing that you've not told me where do you live when you sing I live in the heavens and when you do not down below how will I ever repay you for this [Music] for jean-claude Oh miss you're cold we weren't expecting you for weeks I know I was away on business and I saw that my homey business was to come back now Jean Claude please say yes was there a young girl here named Christine this is our model it's possible she's in love in love how can I be in love I hardly know that girl but that's how it happens really we were a fault you were immune so did I don't let her get around oh I wouldn't dream of it my reputation would be ruined I understand so where is she she's inside all the while I was away I kept wondering what if she doesn't believe me maybe she won't even come to the Opera House is she in the course yet his cars I sent her here so she could have singing lessons she has the most astounding voice shed input is a costume department costume department the cheek area was fired there is a new manager now he's not the same here anymore well is she all right why wouldn't she be something's wrong nothing nothing's wrong [Music] Christine it is you I swear I I did not intend for you to be doing this sorry Monsieur I'm honored just being here you should be having singing lessons that's what I promised you you have a wonderful voice I know about these things I I come to the upper all the time better than that because I am so happy to be back with all of you I'm going to throw a party tonight for the entire company will you come with me as my special guest the bistro is what we've been waiting for everybody sings at the Bistro that's the tradition that's why the company loves going there and you will sing too and they will all hear there'll be no way that la Carlotta can say no [Music] [Music] I've never seen him like this seem so distracted you have nothing to be concerned about I have faith I promise you you're gonna be fine li Gerard my dear friend this girl whose voice you want me to hear who is she come have a drink with me thank you for remembering remembering you job please you didn't deserve what happened frankly I don't think so really but what is the matter I should've retired years but tell me tell me about this girl that you appear to be so so interested in she has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard like all the women you said to me for lessons no this one is different to the difference give me I'm hurrying as fast as I can don't worry I've never seen such perfection [Music] [Music] good evening madam I just saw the figures Faust is sold out what we decided to announce of Faust with me I believe we managed that's why it sold out I said I would not sing again and I meant it not Faust not anything not until this mask fiend is killed Dahlia he has done nothing bad to you in well over a month because I sang in a well of a month yes and our business shows it our audience is a waiting for you I'll say they're waiting no it's not like that hell huh the term Adam came opera was getting very dull here in Paris and away it was too serious exactly you'll have shown Paris that opera doesn't have to be that way the damn Carlotta I have a favor to ask of you [Applause] this young girl is what my niece anyway somehow foolishly I have promised her singing lessons what can I do well you could give them to her who better let me add if you would I'd be willing to cover the company's operating deficits for let's say the next three years well I'd be overjoyed to give her listeners I'm so relieved when can I meet her well I was hoping tonight she promised me she'd come but she's extremely [Music] [Music] this is Christine Christine it was just arrived I know I just said that give her singing lessons [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] you see [Applause] [Music] she has a sweet little boys bit thin why don't you join her oh no no fair what please give us that - gum [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] boo-boo Wilson [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] is she singer that girl doesn't need singing lessons I'm going to sign her up Holly for the chorus thing was shuttle for a business did I tell you she was wonderful wonderful doesn't begin to describe the beauty of that voice I am a Sherrod Carriere former manager are the Opera House of course and I must tell you Mademoiselle not only is your voices station but it reminded me of someone I was privileged to know years ago a great singer Bella door I don't suppose you've ever heard well no matter go and enjoy your success [Music] yeah not now later I want to talk to you please you saw someone outside now what are you there you must have been mistaken [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Wester Steve Christine yes Christine was your mother parrot parrot do you like your job yes very much then I suggest to tell me where our room is otherwise good bye she's the Beckett Wow when she guns like let me know I'll be upstairs in our suite [Music] will you please stop pacing not till I find out where she learned to sing like that she has natural talent talent like that is not natural someone has been teaching her what no one can sing Bel Canto without lessons God doesn't allow it why do I keep thinking I've met you before and I thought at the instant I saw you singing at that village fair I even thought I recognized your voice am I dreaming no more than I don't remember the little girl in the kitchen [Music] Christine yes oh my god [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I've heard it every night since I was a child I've missed you Christine [Music] believe what time is it I'll Philippe I've gotta go please nein wait wait please Philippe [Applause] why are we coming here because it's where I have to go is it someone else it's not what you think maestro maestro [Music] my straw [Music] please forgive me please come - Amy I'm a damn him they'll be frightened I simply had to see you were so fantastic tonight thank you so fantastic that I couldn't sleep I could only think about you so this is where you've been living yes it's just um temporary oh dear there's something I can quite understand yes how you learn to sing so well because technique like yours simply does not come on its own so who has been teaching you I can't say can say I gave my word to whom your teacher I see your teacher said don't tell Kurt Loder who I am he said not to tell anyone do you think I am anyone please madam so this is how you repay my generosity letting you say these magnificent courses against all regulations rent-free all right the last thing I would want to do is to impair and grateful I would hope but you must swear never to tell another soul you have my word the truth is I don't know what his name is maestro never told me it well what does he look like not sure not sure I've never seen his face yeah I'm afraid I don't understand he wears a mask I know the teacher is my strong excuse me I know it's a late but I have a very exciting plan for you don't tell my wife you've given her buckwheat and fast yes he said you wouldn't sing it well for you to give it to her she's a very good singer it'll be good for business she's my costume girl exactly can you imagine the publicity will get that's exactly what I'm thinking of please though darling I have another reason for doing this so ask no more he wants you to what sing Marguerite in Faust when did he ask you that well at the Bistro after I had finished singing oh it was such a triumph I wanted to come back and tell you right away but Colada well she insisted that I go off with her to celebrate and well that's why I was out so late well that's certainly wonderful news we have a lot of work ahead of us I'm sorry and I do just now assured toilet he came and told me us last night I wasn't with Carlotta after the bistro I was with the count I shouldn't have lied I'm not sure why I did I suppose it was because I thought you'd be upset and I didn't want to hurt you because none of this would have ever happened without you [Music] Bonjour Monsieur hey sir inspector yes Philippe is this really happening of course it is I always told you you're wonderful [Music] we then just wanted to wish you well thank you can't believe this is all really happening oh it is very much you really have been so generous nonsense Oh prize my life and you mighty have the greatest voice I've ever heard what is that oh just a little something made of herbs most opera singers use this before going on help steady those nerves let me be nervous - you know how you do tonight effects my reputation as well as yours I'm sorry I didn't mean to worry you you're going to do just blended Lane I'm so nervous for you without this I don't think I'd even be able to talk do you think I could have some why are you nervous yes very much well then it would probably do you good [Music] Lacerta can totalities up here sometimes he hides behind the curtain patients [Music] [Music] [Music] me too [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] I knew you shouldn't have higher than [Music] [Applause] [Music] and having no experience [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] get that coming down [Music] [Applause] [Music] you