The Pilgrims Story Time with Mr Beat

how do you fare my name is mr. beat throughout history people have traveled far away from their homes to escape persecution and oppression here's the story of one such group of people known as the pilgrims once upon a time 102 people on a merchant ship called The Mayflower sailed out across the Atlantic Ocean leaving Plymouth in southwestern England on September 16 1620 the ship included 35 members of a Puritan group known as the English separatist church these Puritans were trying to find a place where they could peacefully practice their radical religion which was not accepted in their old home of England on board was William Bradford a leader of these Puritans who would later write about this trip so that we would know about it today the ship experienced smooth sailing at first but when they were more than halfway across the ocean they ran into a huge storm with really strong winds one passenger John Allen was carried off the ship by water but fortunately caught a rope trailing the ship in the water and was able to pull himself back onboard the storm also caused one of the main themes to crack on the ship but they were able to repair it and after the storm kept on sailing west while on board a group of 41 men signed what would later be known as the Mayflower Compact which became the first governing document of the new colony they would create along the way two people died one crew member and one passenger but one baby was born named Oceanus Hopkins because of the rough seas and storms the Mayflower ended up much further north than the pilgrims had originally planned finally land was spotted on November 21st 66 days after they left England the Mayflower landed on the shores of modern-day Cape Cod they called it Plymouth Harbor about a month later they found an area on the mainland suitable for settlement and called it new since that's what John Smith called the area when him after the few years prior the Town of Plymouth still exists today the area used to be the home of Native Americans or Indians who all died from a smallpox epidemic brought from European traders and explorers during the next few months the settlers lived mostly on the Mayflower still and took a small boat back and forth from the shore to build new flemeth the pilgrims have been misfortune of landing at the beginning of winter during that horrible first winter more than half of the English settlers didn't make it they died from the coal diseases like scurvy and starvation in March 1621 the pilgrims made their first formal contact with the Indians who were very friendly the Indians near the Plymouth Colony were all members of different tribes of the Wampanoag people who had been there for around 10,000 years before Europeans arrived the Wampanoag Chief Massasoit along with a pod tucks a tribe member known as Squanto were a little uneasy about the pilgrims after all Massasoit had seen members of his own tribe killed by previous English sailors and Squanto was actually kidnapped by John Smith's men a few years prior but managed to escape to England Squanto later returned to his native land to find out that most of his tribe had died of the same smallpox epidemic I mentioned before you know the one that wiped out the area the pilgrims are now living in however Massasoit and Squanto decided to make peace with the pilgrims after exchanging gifts Massasoit and John Carver Plymouth's first governor established a formal treaty of peace promising to never harm each other and to be friends in April 1621 the Mayflower returned to England and now the pilgrims officially were on their own it would be a rough first year shortly after the Mayflower left Carver died and the popular William Bradford was elected unanimously to take over he would serve as Plymouth's governor off and on for the next thirty years though Bradford was a strong leader the pilgrims still struggled to survive fortunately for them Squanto stuck around to help them quite a bit Squanto taught the pilgrims how to survive in New England teaching them how to use dead fish to fertilize the soil and grow corn he also taught them where to fish and the best places to hunt beaver not only that because he learned some English after spending time in England a few years prior he could communicate with them better than other Indians and often worked as a translator he literally saved their lives you might say Squanto was one of the most important figures in American history anyway by the fall of 1621 under the leadership of Bradford and with the help of the Indians the pilgrims were successful growing food in early October they celebrated a plentiful harvest with the great English tradition of the harvest festival they celebrated for days with lots of food and lots of partying after Chief Massasoit and some of his men went to see what was going on the pilgrims invited them to the party so Massasoit ate and about 90 others of the Wampanoag people got together for a big feast now considered the basis for the Thanksgiving holiday about a month after this feast another ship arrived with 37 new settlers from that point on Plymouth Colony grew and grew the pilgrims inspired more and more English colonists to brave the long trip and harsh conditions to have more freedoms in the so-called new world with more English settlers however came more conflicts with Indians which we will look at in a future video the impact of the pilgrims on the legacy of what would later become the United States is huge it's estimated that 12 percent of Americans today are direct descendants of the passengers of the Mayflower the end you