The Power Of Black Panther

I woke up today just like a hive man looks like Kenta is coming on got my beads you just feel just like it when tricity it's like Black Panther we are here to talk about Black Panther and the kingdom of Wakanda and how incredible this moment is Black Panther right it's just a superhero movie no no it's so much more than that there's a different kind of excitement you can feel something is happening for the culture so some friends of mine invited me to go to an advanced screening with the African artist Association and watch this movie with a bunch of proud African people and to just really see like what does this movie actually mean for us for our culture for our people moving forward and to get to really tap into it on a more personal level on a deeper level of what that means for being black in America and for us celebrating our culture especially this time during Black History Month this feels like a moment it doesn't feel like there's something in the air there's something spiritual that's happening you're like it's just a movie man like calm down I don't get it like don't get too high if it's just a movie but then it's like it's a movie it's generated so much interest so much excitement so much momentum it's like we feel something special here to me representation matters Black Panther I see myself the only time I've ever been able to see myself in films it's either genocide movie Oh slavery movie but now I can see myself as a queen people are so excited for it never seen planning the outfits for the premium they call their designer friend hey can you make me a dress for Black Panther it's almost like we're part of the movie it's not a red carpet full as we're fans going to watch a movie about the same time it's actually a part of it we're gonna show up you know royalty kings and queens for you it was different because you're in the mood I am honestly everyone in Hollywood knew that this movie was happening we were all like rooting for it every single one of my friends my peers were like yo we gotta get Panther mayor how do we get in Black Panther actors were like calling production like I'm willing to work on this thing for free just hi I don't know hey I just want to be a part of it being on the sad it was just incredible you were in the presence of people who knew that there was something really tremendous happening to just see Ryan Coogler like in control of this huge production the best technology the best actors I mean it's really marrying black culture African culture being a first generation Ghanaian American you always kind of questioned your place am i American and my African you know with trying to identify as African American it's about a dialogue between Africans and African Americans it's a really important you know conversations have and it's a really important idea to explore it's a dream that we're having for ourselves that isn't being instigated by it you see people from the Caribbean you see people from the UK used to do from East Africa from West Africa from America and it's bringing together this unifying of all these different types of black what it does is it heals us minority culture is a hungry yeah they're just hungry and in the time has come where the hunger will see greatness that has not been presented at all what do you think that's gonna do for these next generations of kids to get to see this like what kind of impact do you think it can have I know how powerful imagery is I know how powerful movies are and especially when you're a kid to be able to see people that look like you dark-skinned on screen as superheroes they're smart they're elegant and they're still paying respect to the tradition and the value culture like for me it's like the youth you can see that and dream about what's possible in Africa Curtis and I are here outside in front of Grauman's on Hollywood Boulevard this energy is incredible to see Black Panthers with the African Artists Association here we go we can't wait to see this was that amazing or what gods did you feel my heart I not call the Green Onyx it was so emotional like they went in on the whole like separation between Africa it is by far one of the most powerful just I can't even put it in words to see African black I'm still the bird of like the connection of tears of the emotion [Music] to get it yeah I get it I'm like literally go like dead ass like emotional right now yeah it's gorgeous yeah [Music] you