The Prince and the Pauper Book Summary Mark Twain

the prints in the popper the prince in the popper is a novel by American author Mark Twain plot Tom Canty youngest son of a poor family living in offal Court located in London has always aspired to a better life encouraged by the local priest who has taught him to read and write loitering around the palace gates one day he meets Edward Tudor the Prince of Wales coming to close in his intense excitement tom is nearly caught and beaten by the Royal Guards however Edward stops them and invites Tom into his palace chamber there the two boys get to know one another fascinated by each other's life and their uncanny resemblance to each other in learning they were even born on the same day they decide to switch places temporarily the Prince hides an item which the reader later learns is the Great Seal of England then goes outside however dressed as Tom he is not recognized by the guards who drive him from the palace he eventually finds his way through the streets to the candy home there he is subjected to the brutality of Tom's alcoholic and abusive father from whom he manages to escape and meets one miles Hendon a soldier and noblemen returning from war although miles does not believe Edwards claims to royalty he humors him and becomes his protector meanwhile news reaches them that King Henry eight has died an Edward is now the king Tom dressed as Edward tries to cope with court customs and manners his fellow Nobles and palace staff think the prince has an illness which has caused memory loss and fear he will go mad they repeatedly ask him about the missing Great Seal of England but he knows nothing about it however when tom is asked to sit in on judgments his common-sense observations reassure them his mind is sound as Edward experiences the brutal life of a London popper firsthand he becomes aware of the stark class inequality in England in particular he sees the harsh punitive nature of the English judicial system where people are burned at the stake pilloried and flogged he realizes that the accused are convicted on flimsy evidence and branded or hanged for petty offenses and vows to reign with mercy when he regains his rightful place when Edward declares to a gang of thieves that he is the king and will put an end to unjust laws they assume he is insane and hold a mock coronation after a series of adventures including a stint in prison Edward interrupts the coronation as Tom is about to be crowned as king the nobles are shocked at their resemblance and refused to believe that Edward is the rightful king wearing Tom's clothes until he produces the Great Seal of England that he had before leaving the palace Edward and Tom switched back to their original places and Edward is crowned King Edward the 6th of England Myles is rewarded with the rank of Earl and the family right to sit in the presence of the king in gratitude for supporting the new Kings claim to the throne Edward names Tom the Kings Ward a privileged position he holds for the rest of his life the ending explains that though Edward died at the age of 15 he reigned mercifully due to his experiences while Tom lived to be a very old man