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You may have seen cotton candy dissolving in water before, maybe from us on our channel before, and maybe from a video of a raccoon, who was handed as a treat. But today, we want to find out just how much cotton candy you can dissolve into water. [Music] Guys, cotton candy. Cotton candy is great. Some place is called candy floss, >> Fairy floss. >> or fairy floss. Few names. Lots of different things to call it. But you know it, you love it. It's super fine thin strands of sugar in a big old puffy ball, and it's delicious. We should make some. We should make a lot. We should make so much. Before we get to making our giant batches of cotton candy, which is coming in this full-size industrial cotton candy machine, we do have a few other things we want to learn and try. Here's the basic idea. We are going to explore the hows and whys of cotton candy, starting with how it was originally made, scaling it up to an industrial-sized machine, and then seeing just how much we could dissolve into water. Now, the first machine was made by a dentist, I believe? But some people think it actually dated back all the way to Italy in the 15th century. So we're going to start with some of those original styles, and scale it up from there. 1 cup of sugar. 1 tablespoon of water, and that's it. Those are the ingredients for super basic candy floss. Now, we're just going to stir the sugar in the hot water until it all dissolves. So we've let our sugar caramelized on the stove, and now you can see that we're getting these really nice strings, and this is what we want. So what we're going to be doing is wait until it cools just a little bit, and then we're going to be taking our forks, dragging them back and forth over the top of our pot, and it's actually going to help us make some candy floss. But make sure if you're doing this with somebody else, that they're not standing in the way. You don't want to get hit with this. Burnt sugar. I have a scar on my arm from doing a video with burnt sugar. If you remember the candy Iron Man helmet, I dripped some Sugar on my arm while I was doing that. Got a little scar right there from it. [Music] Like Spider-Man, but sugar Spider-Man. We have a lot. This is actually really cool. Look at this. Okay, so we're not, like it was saying we're not the best. You can see that we've got these little drips everywhere, but it's actually really pretty. So then, you can like, if you wanted to put this on a top of something, you can like wind it into a nest, and that's just a really pretty, like decoration. So original candy floss. We got the OG candy. I don't even know if you can call this cotton candy. Candy floss kind of works because it's thin strings, but it's not as fine as you get with an industrial machine. And so, it's more like-- It actually looks a lot like fiberglass. I'm kind of having a hard time like mentally getting through putting it in my mouth, >> but it's delicious. >> Floss works. [Music] That was really good. Taste like sugar, and then the little drips that we have that probably shouldn't be in there are just like little crunchy bits. Homemade version with a fork, and professional version with the big fancy machine. So you can see this has a lot finer strings. In fact, you can't even really see individual strands. Because they're so fine, it really has turned into a cotton like consistency. This is very very thin, but compared to the stuff that comes out of the machine, it's not the same. Oh, no. This stuff in the pot is caramelizing and crystallizing already, and I put a blob of it my mouth, and now my teeth are stuck together? And they're going to be like that forever. I did this to myself. Yeah. We've moved outside, and there's a very good reason for that. You can probably see... Well, maybe you can see, as it's starting to heat up already, it starts throwing little wisps of sugar. It makes a huge mess. That doesn't stop. Okay, new plan. It's not going to be how much cotton candy we can dissolve in water. It's going to be how much Nate can dissolve in his stomach. [Music] No! Our tower's coming along beautifully, but unfortunately, we just had a little bit more wind picking up, and it just got gusted, and its... It collapsed a little bit. What from here to here. Very unfortunate. But we do still have a giant mound of cotton candy. [Music] Now, we're going to time-lapse us eating all this cotton candy. No, we're not. Not gonna happen. That's too much. I'll die. [Music] So let's start grabbing pieces that are approximately the same size. I started with two piles. >> So I'm just going to-- >> I was gonna do the same. Do you think we can fit one of these whole piles in one cup of water? I'm just gonna stick a pile in it, and see if we can go from there. These two, I broke, these were just individual pieces I broke in half. This is gonna be fine. This is, this is fine. Oh, this is my new favorite game. [Music] Doesn't seem to be slowing down once you hit-- No. Okay, that was exactly that much. So let's start breaking up some more. So, let's take this piece, and keep this one, and dissolve that one. Keep that one, dissolve that one. Is it slowing down at all? Maybe a little. Kind of starting to get off the sides a little bit. [Music] This has been like, what? 30 cotton candy. It's hard to tell. Yeah, this is a lot of sugar. We can tell you that much. Oh, yeah, there it is. This is what's happening now. So while it is still melting the cotton candy, it's not really dissolving into the water anymore. So I'd say we probably hit our limit, and possibly even gone past it. All of that is in this. This much cotton candy. In fact, this has, as we've been like tearing it apart, >> and-- >> It's been compressing. Yeah, when you grab a piece, and you squeeze it to tear it apart, and you really squish part of it, and so you end up with slightly more condensed cotton candy. So more than this much cotton candy has fit into this single cup of water. This is for science. [Music] Oh. I actually think it smells more like cooking sugar, like when we were making the other kind of, like the caramel on the stove? I think it smells kind of like that. It does. It almost taste... Definitely not as runny as water. Look at that. It looks more like oil. It tastes a little burnt as a warning. I don't know why. We didn't burn our cotton candy, so that's a little confusing. That was like a taste. Yeah. Now, do you understand what I went through? It's much thicker than I thought it was going to be while drinking it. That much sugar, that's perfectly compressed. Uncompressed as you would find it, you know pouring out of a bag, normal white sugar. That's about how much we're looking at right there. Maybe even a little bit more, and this is actually about how much sugar goes into a two-liter bottle of soda. You ever finish off a two-liter bottle of soda, that's what you're drinking. Let's melt a little bit more of it. There's another thing I want to try. I want to see what it looks like to melt it over steam. [Music] As you can see, a cone of cotton candy would not survive long over a steaming pot. [Music] Next test, fire. We're going to see what happens. We know we can melt sugar, sugar will melt. It'll caramelize, it will burn. But we haven't tried it on cotton candy. [Music] This is awesome. It's like tunneled through it. [Music] It's almost like a lime Jolly Rancher now. That's so good. [Music] All right. I think it's competition time. What's the rules? Throw the most cotton candy into the fish tank. Go. All right. That's too easy. We need to play horse. [Music] No. Come on, me. There. No. I'm just gonna-- Oh. Oh, denied. Blocked. Yes. [Music] >> That's gross. >> That's really cool though. I can't-- Let's take like yeah big old blobs at once. Well. 1, 2, 3. [Music] Oh, no, that's so cool. The quickest way to get rid of cotton candy. [Music] I literally can't fill it fast enough to get it all. It's gone. And it's gone. Holy cow. That was like... This was a pile, the volume of an adult person. Two adult people when we began. When we began, it was more than two adult people. Yeah, it was higher than we were sitting down. Guys, that's not all, we've always got more for you to see. That box up at the top, it's going to take you to our last video. You should go watch that. The other box is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next. 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