The REAL Reason Nia Jax Is Wrestling Men

[Applause] hello there everybody what Culture wrestling's Adam clear here yes I know I look really smart we're going out later I mentioned it in another video anyway we are really really really in tune honest with you guys as fans and we listen to what you're saying and coming out with the Royal Rumble everybody seemed to have the same question I mean we did as well and that question was what the was going on with that nya Jax thing now rewind a bit to a few days before the rumble and the word those reports of a big surprise in the offing for the show the kind of monumental historic pay-per-view moment that only comes around every once in a while and it wasn't getting spoiled so myself and pretty much every other wrestling correspondent out there reported it in good faith and got not ashamed to admit this a little bit carried away with it was the John Cena absence gonna prove to be a bit of a swerve nope was Shawn Michaels gonna return to right the wrongs of crown jewel nope was Batista gonna emerge and set up some big WrestleMania feud nope was the rock gonna come back for some reason nope was it going to be Roman reigns can you imagine if it had been Roman reigns no no it wasn't wasn't any of that was it in the end the biggest shock of the entire night was that r-truth entered at the number 30 spot as we expected but then he was blindsided by nya jocks who threw him into the thing beat the snot out of him took his spot in the match and became only the fourth ever woman to enter a Royal Rumble she I mean you remember she threw out Mustafa rally and then then the kicker a bit didn't they and then they RKO'd her and then they they got rid of her that was weird just want to say actually first and foremost congratulations Tenaya Jack's for that not only she'd be fourth woman to ever enter the men's Royal Rumble she becomes the first person in history to enter both the men's and the women's Royal Rumble on the same night no matter what you think of it no matter what happens after this she goes down in history for doing that now all that to one side the actual moment itself was a bit well this was our reaction now we weren't alone in those reactions pretty much the entire internet felt the exact same thing at the time because this was highly highly unusual you ought to go back to like 2006 in WWE for the last time a man purposefully attacked a woman and that was edge at one-night stands against against miss macgillicuddy wasn't it and I'll just I'll leave it at that now of course as you remember now I was promptly eliminated by all of the lads and we all just saw sat there just sort of scratching our heads a bit going did that that really happened did we just did we actually we actually see that that was the first slice of genuine into gender wrestling in WWE for a very long time and thus that must mean something right right and yes actually it does it does mean something WWE are currently testing the waters for bringing in genuine even-handed inter-gender wrestling not like the kind you get in the mix match Challenger you got a target and out you can't really hit each other and all we ever get the occasional spot of the woman deafening them an actual inter-gender wrestling where they wrestle each other evenly now and this may be purely coincidental but on the morning of the Royal Rumble Triple H fielded a number of questions at a firm access event one such question was asking whether or not WWE would indeed look to do this kind of thing in the future now Triple H was understandably coy he kind of glossed over a bit he referenced his own agenda match at WrestleMania how that was supposed to be separate probs he got filled in by Ronnie but then and this definitely isn't a coincidence he asked the question back to his questioner man and said who would you like to see me face nya Jax that's not coincidence is it that is planting a seed and lo and behold right on time notable wrestling journalists and official big fan of my baking yep Dave Meltzer said that WWE are definitely testing the waters for this and they see nya as the ideal candidate because and these are his words not mine if you're gonna do it you do it with a really big woman one bigger than most of the guys now assuming that big Banta dave is on the money with this one and as much as we loathe to admit it he using is when it comes to in-house company policy this means that WWE are about to fundamentally alter their business model or else they're gonna risk alienating and annoying most of their advertisers and partners like tv-pg does not allow projected violence against women by a man that is a massive massive no-no and Mattel who supply most of their toys have already said they want zero part of that in the future now admittedly this could have all just been a coincidence they might have been punishment Brooking nya for her perceived transgressions backstage with you here reporters she's not overly popular with the writing staff but 24 hours later goes and does it again doesn't she she cuts Dean Ambrose off in the middle of his promo and then when there's a bit of chewing and throwing she attacks him from behind sort of and even more sort of throws him out of the ring that was well that was weird now at this point I'm just gonna quickly stop here because every time I've ever broached the concept of in the gender wrestling in other videos your boyfriend and all of his mates have piled into the comments and got really really angry about the idea that a wrestling company might want to present men and women as equals because they're not we're not equals physically it's PC nonsense Wow our and just to that I'll just quickly say this right the thing you have to keep in mind at all times right is that wrestling isn't real they just did finn bálor vs brock lesnar were the entire premise of the match was oh my god how will finn bálor overcome the daunting physical difference between himself and his opponent and that was really good that's a good way you can do matches so if you can watch that and find it believable then ember moon versus Baron Corbin shouldn't upset you plus you also tend to find the people to get really gotten to you over in the gender wrestling don't actually attend many indie shows because they did they would no it's actually quite common in other promotions and it's usually not always but usually pretty good I could name you three or four matches off the top of my head in defying that have been men versus women and have been class but that's the thing isn't it that's an independent wrestling show not a TV PG sports entertainment product and if I'm totally honest whispering I don't actually think in agenda Wrestling would be really all that good on WWE's programming out the minute network specials yes absolutely do a tournament of it iMHO Facebook stuff the mix match stuff yes I think it works there but on tell you when they've got so many shareholders and people that keep happy I just alright I'll just say it I don't trust them to do it well because knowing WWE any attempts to present both genders diverse as equal we'll only end up getting booked in a way that makes one look considerably better than the other like war and SmackDown and meant to be on an even footing and look what they did at Survivor Series plus I mean like actually think about this why would WWE take their biggest most important most popular division that is full of their most / most talented stars and has all of the best stories and then end up polluting it with a load of guys like the women already have the man what are they need the men for but yes anyway bottom line here the reason Naya Jack is going around attacking loads of men is because WWE want to bring back into gender wrestling in all of its glory so we'll see how that goes won't we anyway let us know what you make of all this by leaving a comment below of course affect yet so like share and subscribe in the meantime though thank you very much 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