The REAL Reason The Revival Are WWE RAW Tag Champions

[Applause] hello there everybody what Culture wrestling's Adam clear he is so good to see you and yeah the revival run the tag team titles that's that's weird fans of a should say certain vintage may have heard the famous refrain from the classic Simpsons episode Homer at the bat when - Wilder pinch argh able to claim the raw Tag Team Championships on Monday Night Raw now for the slim few of you who don't mainline 30-year old memes on Twitter all day like we do here at what culture basically the episode mr. burns gets in a load of like really famous baseball players whom he likes to take the place of the actual baseball players from the power plant and through a combination of dumb luck and loads of really weird stuff happening to the actual baseball players they end up winning it home it takes the ball on the head and it's it's good you remember the episode it was Deena mr. burns done it's a power plant Ed's run it etc etc and the joke was that the marled bus had had absent zilch to do with the success whatsoever it was just that all the big stars he liked had banded themselves off over the course of the episode so we had to take a punt on those he actively despised sound familiar you see the thing about the Simpsons right is that at its creative peak it was a beloved comedy that played with cynicism for the good of the narrative and to give us a happy ending but these days WWE is an accidental comedy the forcibly inserts cynicism at the expense of the narrative and very rarely gives us happy endings usually anyway thankfully though Vince McMahon actually seems to know this these days and even positioning himself as the Avon selling da on this week's episode of Roth flogging Charlotte Flair to us all as the WrestleMania main event while the fan base got really really angry see this Charlotte Becky Rhonda thing is that long last a storyline that feeds into the perceived wisdom about vince mcmahon himself it has taken them years and years to be able to weave these facts about him into a believable fiction and there was something so serendipitous about it all happening on the same night as two internet favorites when a belt that's been rendered meaningless over the last 12 months real-life vince mcmahon the wrestling Booker was helicoptering in this my first pair of hands he has to save a division all while Vince McMahon the character was hijacking the woman's one it is I mean it's cute symmetry when you look at it but it was hard to watch either segment on Raw last night and not have a lot of disdain for both just gonna put all your minds at ease here for a second Becky Lynch will definitely find a way back into that WrestleMania 35 main event you have my cast-iron guarantee on that one not even WWE adapt enough to look past the momentum of the man going into the grandest stage of them all like I'll even put it in business terms for you the PR alone from having a sitting on the sofa on Good Morning America that morning with her ear a defining t-shirt and her newly won Championship is you can't buy that that is worth its weight in gold now by comparison the revivals tag-team victory last night couldn't possibly be less profound than that if it tried to be but it's not about what it means the morning after WrestleMania it's about what it means right now today this week Cody Rhodes and the young bucks haven't directly asked fans to speculate about the potential wrestler trades we could be getting in the near future they haven't asked us to do that but they are benefitting nonetheless from the fact that it is a talking point telephone telegram tell a wrestler was the old saying for how quickly gossip used to spread in the locker rooms but thanks in no small part to half of them literally telling Meltzer they want to leave we get to speculate about everybody from rusev to Randy Orton dropping in on all elite come may I know what you're thinking aww haven't even done a show yet there's no reason WWE should be overly worried about them yet if indeed they ever should be at all but nonetheless they are playing things very cautiously with that company in mind if you don't believe us they signed Jeff Jarrett and the hurricane over Royal Rumble weekend as producers now yes they are both very talented and benefit the company on their own merits but that was as much about them signing them as it was stopping alw from doing the exact same thing it's it's an arms race basically the most recent episode of being the elite featured mjf it featured Billy Gunn and it featured Kenny Omega and what you've got there is a brilliant up-and-coming wrestler a fantastic backstage producer and one of if not the best wrestlers on the entire planets now double or nothing will sell out much in the same way as all ended but all elite and now trying to make sure they have a full house in the crowd as well as a full house backstage and thus your new WWE Monday Night Raw Tag Team Champions suddenly became in very very high demand Scott Dawson and dash Wilders main roster debut is definitely something that is worth going back to watch on the network if you find yourself with 10 spare minutes it is episode of Raw 1 2 4 5 on the 3rd of April 2017 I think all of that correct it's opened by Roman reigns saying literally just 5 words it is headlined by Finn Balor giving us another Vols dorm but the highlight of it all is their debut entering to an absolutely monster pop which is admittedly probably from the same crowd who sat in the same building 48 hours earlier and watched them depart as NXT icons they answer the new days open challenge kick over that ice cream truck in a now legendary moment and that them they absolutely Muller all three members of the new day legitimately injuring Kofi Kingston in the process and their message from start to finish is playtime's over so er the revival get buff out of our way now one sense as it probably wasn't Vince McMahon in Corey graves you're telling him to say yes yes a thousand times yes when they made their debut but it didn't matter because the crowd were literally sat there going here to their themes unit all the the moments and that song where you go yeah you remember it it was so brilliant for once an NXT call it was actually going to live up to all of the height for once there was gonna be nothing but bad booking could do in the face of great wrestling for once and act wasn't gonna be more over on being the elite than they literally were on WWE's own main roster we thought didn't we what we actually got was fucked the revival Vince McMahon famously doesn't even watch half of his own product and in mind what the young books are up to over on that youtubes but had he heard that catchphrase for the other best tag team in the world he likely would have taken it as a direct instruction as it was no fate managed to take the piss out of them long before he could with - breaking his jaw 11 days into their debut and Daulton rupturing by Seth when they got back together in July they weren't fighting fit properly on the main roster until December of that year and there was no Christmas miracle they were only really committed wins over Heath Slater and RINO they got buried the long and hard and deep in that absolutely horrendous angle on Raw 25 dear God I thought I'd never have to talk about that again and after that they were just confined to the pre-show you yeah same old Vince 2018 was then a year of virtual stasis I guess you'd say for the pair they had a really bad program with the B team and then God give him lucha house-party match after lucha house party match after lucha house party match and then something just somebody just snapped with the pair they were given one lucha house party match too far and I was reported by frightful and later picked up by the Wrestling Observer literally still in their wrestling gear on the January 14th episode of Raw they asked for their release like compare that to when the Wyatt family thought they'd hit rock bottom that was at least at the hands of the rock on WrestleMania what was this by comparison but then something of a minor miracle because in their robust refusal to take any more of Vince's he he relented which feels really really weird to say the two have been on a winning streak on Raw ever since and as we all know that literally all it takes to get to the top of the tag division thus this week they finally defeated the makeshift geodon good of Bobby Roode and Chad gable to a pop not heard since they made their initial debut that night in Orlando now in this stage it's still unclear whether or not Vince relented to their demands because a he really really cares about them and wants to keep them on the show B he really really doesn't care about the tag team titles or see Dawson finally shaved those damn sideburns but Tim that's a call back to the start the Simpson's bit the the real reason for all this which I get yes is the title of the video is a mixture of all of the above it's a combination of everything I've just been saying I don't get me wrong font is he booking a W is something that's currently only taking place in the minds of the fans rather than the people running the company but it's nice to see that what they've done so far has led to actual tangible change in WWE let make no mistake them the revival would not currently be tag-team champions I mean it must be that right because it's either that or Vince McMahon is so unbothered by the threat of competition he's just decided to start respecting some of his independent contractors out of the goodness of his heart but I mean why try and get into the psyche of Vince McMahon I mean can you even imagine what's in that head Trish Stratus nothing but a pair of marigolds giving Steph a bath in milk but yes there you go that is the real reason why the revival are your new WWE Raw Monday night tag team brilliant champions it's great isn't it it's actually nice like we can pick it apart for ages but they're a really really good tag team so maybe we'll get some really really good tag team matches maybe anyway let us know what you made of it all in the comments below of course I'm good to like share and subscribe in the meantime though thank you very much for watching everybody I have a theory I'll see you soon