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[Applause] the men and women behind these soon-to-be launched all elite wrestling theoretically know their audience really really well hello comments-section they know that a sizable enough portion of wrestling fans have been willing and waiting to be poached by a single wrestling organization capable of combining the multiple niche wrestling in dress they were massed outside of WWE they know that few are better at building anticipation for a wrestling product and wrestling audiences themselves they know that Cody Rhodes winning NWA's version of a World title was a major reason behind all in putting 10,000 Chicago and butts in seats and they know how to do this same again I'm Adam will Warren from what culture and this is the real reason Goldust was released by WWE in 2018 all ins angles were predominantly furnished by kenny omega and the young boxers being the elite travelog turned banter our on the strength of this and their hard earned reputations for in-ring Bangerz the group stirred something within the industry at large so much so WWE's talent themselves took notice a wrestling world with a deep affection for the late Dusty Rhodes gushed with pride over his youngest son's transcendence display in around and on the night of all in three-star Cody had knocked out a six star experience for fans and wrestlers alike with the historic show not least in his own encounter the success of that total stormer was perhaps the biggest shock of the night well either that or the penis Truitt's this wasn't a story of two charlatans selling bollocks to the last Marx willing to spend money this was the case of two workers working and wonderfully it worked but what's all this got to do with a man who for decades told us not to forget his name and why now at such a crucial time for pro wrestling has a bona fide legend behind a bizarre aesthetic been allowed to remind us but first let's talk about Triple H for a change the prodigal son in law has as usual been a figure of tremendous intrigue over the last few weeks as a long WrestleMania weekend brought out the good the bad and the ugly of the game Friday's NXT show was possibly the best takeover in that franchise as rich history whereas a flagging WrestleMania crowd really could've done without 25 minutes of Triple H versus Batista but tragically that was to be expected what came as more of a shot was his repeated insistence on digging out all elite wrestling during a broadly enjoyable d-generation X Hall of Fame induction speech with war guns and silly glasses hmm no since Vince McMahon casted Hogan and savage as octogenarians in 96 as a WWE higher up taken such a low road in talking about the opposition ingest or otherwise depending on your take the executive vice president of talent live events and creative first mocked the aw top line for giving themselves long titles then he railed on the crowd for anning Marty's girls whoop-whoop to his to sweet chance and Billy Gunnar took a couple of digs just for having the gall to work there and so that the King of Kings could call Cody and Coe pissants the game was gotten too it was delicious ask him and it's likely he'd deny having any interest in what any of his former colleagues were up to but his Envy stuck out more than his nose and it's probably why he played it so cool when a prominent former opponent requested his release to join them of all the stars to slap atop an AW logo ahead of huge transfer news Goldberg to seem the most obvious in hindsight before even considering the obvious family ties the bizarre one had been winding down for years in WWE to presumably move into a role that made better use of his mind than his body dustin runnels wasn't the first tas for his release but he was probably the first to make his intentions crystal clear a recent rest The Observer note on the deal suggested that Vince McMahon was keen on keeping Goldust around before Triple H back on his bullshit it's convinced good that he wasn't worth fighting for all fighting over Dustin's challenge to Cody dropped on April 20th following the conclusion of a 90-day non-compete clause triggered by a quiet January WWE release if Triple H is controlling this narrative it's likely that he'd spin it as a magnanimous gesture to allow brothers to reunite but and as of recording the Warriors are about to get their third main roster moniker in as many weeks what if Vince McMahon's instincts were sharper here what doesn't feel nice saying that Ronald is a great get for all the wrestling regardless of how close he and Cody can come to topping me spectacular old-school all-in classic when they go to war in Las Vegas a shrewd wrestling mind fused by experience and genetics he is sure to slide into an Asian role no matter how long he runs the ropes for aew and all elite wrestling know that because they really know their audience the real reason WWE release Goldust is because they no longer have a bloody clue what's going on with this Goldust exit reflects the first point in 20 years that WWE have elected to be reactive rather than proactive when it comes to another wrestling organization aw didn't fire the first shot by signing Goldust they simply handed over the gun for WWE to shoot themselves in the foot look WWE store is revolving for the first time in years wrestlers and writers have come and gone an alarming rate in 2019 with Vince McMahon even acknowledging talent absences as for the reason why q1 earnings dropped five million dollars compared to this time last year Saudi Arabia money and massive television rights more than prop up McMahon's piles of cash but sagging television ratings live gates and merchandise figures suggest that a current disconnect with a portion of the fan base can't afford to cut much deeper dustin runnels isn't scott Hall and Kevin Nash in 1996 but talent trades like that aren't Needle movers in 2019 anyway philosophically all elite wrestling are attempting to go brand new as a way of attracting the old guard and philosophically Vince McMahon hasn't ever considered other companies part of his competition and yet he went to war with his own son-in-law to keep a fifty-year-old on the books despite describing 10 years younger Hogan and savage as ancient had that sink in trouble age meanwhile he gets hot at the Hall of Fame I was trying to play it cool in the boardroom look regardless they remain at the very top of the industry it's just that they have no concrete clue how to service the fans waiting below this just got interesting and they have it that is the real reason WWE released coldest but what do you think let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and don't forget to like share and subscribe and check out our wrestling podcast by searching for what culture s thing on either iTunes or Spotify thanks for watching I've been Adam from what culture I'll see you soon hello what culture my name is Simon Mannering today I have an announcement so big so huge it's gonna shatter the very foundations of your life to the point you may need to phone up a friend and say I don't even know who I am anymore I have just heard the news have you heard the news they'll probably say no I haven't heard the news but you're already on the phone to them you've already connected with them so I would appreciate it if you can either tell them the news or send them to this video Thanks so what is the news well it's nice and simple I've heard you out there I've seen you've been commenting I've read your tweet and I can now officially let you know that you do enjoy raw ups and downs if you do enjoy Smackdown ups and downs then now you'll be able to set your watches to them you'll be able to make notes in your calendars because we're gonna have an official time for when they're gonna go live I know massive so ups and downs for Raw will go live at 2:00 p.m. GMT that's bridge time every Tuesday and they will go live at 2:00 p.m. GMT every Wednesday Chris Magnus you don't have to be aimlessly turn around anymore going what do I do I want to know what going up and what got down what's that Ryan's little what AJ Styles is up to now you know 2:00 p.m. GMT Tuesday 2:00 p.m. GMT Wednesday's ups and downs coming at ya in the face I realize what I just said retract that keep moving on and I hope to see you there soon and I hope that we build an audience so big if I ever wanted a March an army anywhere in the world I could and we'd call it the ups and downs army because I haven't come up with a bad name so yes just to reiterate more ups and downs 2:00 p.m. GMT Tuesday Smackdown ups and downs 2:00 p.m. GMT Wednesday I cannot wait to bring this brand new era in and unlike other brand-new eras I've already let you know exactly what you can expect to see come on 2019 Kenny Omega don't know where he's going but you do know you can always rely on ups and downs [Music] [Music]