The Science Behind the Perfect Brownie Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

[Music] hey everybody Thomas Joseph here now everybody loves brownies but everybody also has a preference when it comes to brownies whether they like them fudgy like this version here or cakey like this one here so let me show you how to do that there are five basic ingredients in a brownie batter chocolate butter flour sugar and eggs but if you play with the ratio you're gonna end up with a different outcome so a fudgy brownie or a cakey brownie the ingredients that will change the overall texture are fats so that is the chocolate and the butter and also the flour ratio so in a fudgy brownie you're going to have more chocolate and more butter than a cakey brownie and you're going to have less flour than you would in a cakey brownie and if you like cakey brownies you're gonna need a little bit of baking powder for that as well so I personally like a fudgy brownie so I'm gonna start with that today into a bowl set over some simmering water I have 6 ounces of bittersweet chocolate you're making your cakey brownie that would be 4 ounces of chocolate so a little less and I'm going to add a stick of unsalted butter right into the bowl now if you were doing your cakey brownie you would only use a half a stick of butter here so this is gonna melt together until it's nicely combined and then we're gonna add the rest of the ingredients so our chocolate and butter mixture is melted and combined I'm going to remove it from the heat and you want to make sure that you wipe off any condensation that collects on the bottom of the bowl you don't want to incorporate that into your chocolate because it will make your chocolate C's and to this I'm going to add the sugar if you wanted a chewy brownie a lot of people like chewy brownies you can add brown sugar but today I'm adding granulated sugar and this is one and a half cups and this is one of the core ingredients that does not change so I'm just going to gently stream this in while I'm whisking so that it melts into the hot chocolate and butter mixture it helps to cool the chocolate mixture down a little but before we add the eggs this is another ingredient that's going to stay the same whether you're making a fudgy or a cakey brownie so we drop your eggs into the chocolate one egg at a time make sure it's nicely combined before you add the next this is one of my favorite brownie recipes not only because I like fudgy brownies but also because you make this in One Bowl and that's it you don't need a stand mixer for this recipe it's really easy and light on the mess so there's the third egg so now for extra chocolate flavor a quarter of a cup of unsweetened cocoa powder and Dutch process cocoa powder is really great here because it gives you that wonderful chocolatey flavor in a really dark dark color natural cocoa powders give you more of a red chocolatey color in your brownie so a little bit of salt here to bring out the flavor and now I'm gonna switch to a rubber scraper here and I'm going to fold in the last ingredient and that is the flour so for a fudgy brownie I'm using less flour so that's 1/2 a cup plus 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour but if you wanted cakey brownies you would use almost three times as much flour so that's one and a half cups of flour so gently fold this in make sure that you scrape down the sides here because you want to make sure that you don't have any flour pockets or streaking in your batter and this now would be the point where you can add in mixin so if you want walnuts if you want pecans if you wanted some chocolate chunks you can add that at this point as well but I'm just gonna do straight-up brownies today I have an 8 by 8 inch square cake pan here and I've done my little trick which I love is lining with parchment buttering in between so that the parchment six-two itself and this makes it easy to pop the brownie right out of the pan so make sure your oven is preheated to 350 degrees and for the fudgy brownie that I'm making today it takes about 35 to 40 minutes but if you were making the cakey version it only takes about 30 minutes so set your timer our brownies are baked make sure that you cool them before cutting them and now that you should be able to lift in one piece and now for cutting a little bit of hot water make sure you wipe off the hot water and this brownie recipe gets cut into nine squares and just wipe your knife off in between cuts I like to use a very thin blade a carving knife would be really great and this crackly surface it's all dependent on how much you beat the batter after you add the eggs because you're creating some volume and that volume translate into the baked good with this paper II top so there you have it fudgy brownies or cakey brownies kitchen conundrum solved enjoy [Music] you [Music]