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[Music] [Music] all right Hey who's gonna affect this Billups hard as hell we don't drum a good friend shot of dead I don't know what and bird in this spot by Koli Bullard his good friend in April that you call E - eh - eh what's the math you know there's a back view mixed race rate what so who could I be what that's right it's me I will set up in the mine two days OOP you're crazy what I shout anything on two legs moving will accept you if I note it was you I sure wouldn't mind just tell me what you're telling me you should have been here will it I think I want thinking everyone's dead me next I pull up deeper sicker Santoli mmm now become calm and tell me in a way I can understand where it's going well like I said after you was gone me and corn decided to run in the Winslow well the pleasure corn says can I go he says no someone's got to watch over stores and things so you stay Koli well then they go off not coming back till next morning early I get weak by them pounding in like hell-bent then I hear them talking mad and arguing so as I conclude they're drunk I mean to go back to sleep when your brother coin Harrison Sian grabs up his role Matt as I ever seen I said what are you doing coin shut up he says I am taking your horse he tears back out sure enough I see him go under my shortie and dig out fast and there stands Leland spitting in the dust disgusted I come coin roll off that away Leland he wrote a man and a little person down on the streets of Winslow maybe it was a child leaving says but did he kill him I asked he's not for sure but he ain't waiting to find out and now he's running oh I hate I hear it I says and I crawls back in his sleep assuming Leland done the same damn if I don't get wake again Leland's voice I hear and I don't know who's thinking it's your brother I open up the flap and look out a Leland drinking coffee I can't see nothing else so I ask who you're talking to Leland he looks like he's making the answer her to take him off the coffee you and just like that his face all spitters out spilling in his coffee and all over his self when none of his space left on with it I reckon someone come to settle with corn and I kind of what happened in Winslow and got Leland instead figuring out next I jump back inside scared white give me the whips and jingles so bad why can't you catch for myself is that the whole way of it calling I believe my mind's all unsatisfied with it I don't know something like if Leland had been involved with the event as well he wrote off to when he liked the way you told me coin done renovating a little person dinner my soul even said maybe it was a child it's just sitting there didn't kill that away I doesn't understand never know it's a terrible thing mm-hm give me over you guys cool what you want is for I might be doing English so just to give it to me no I might be just an evening - I don't know all these happenings I hate to tell you all why look like yarn but I've been trailed most the way here but I don't know who where's your gun gonna use your own gun well it plainly ain't there I wouldn't be asking you now what I not sure no now in trouble on the way I'm tired goalie and I can't give me no sleep thought you'd give it to me what about me sorry you'll be depending on me whereas it wouldn't worked out till then wrong here I sit just keep an ear Coley sure then with the gun can sleep though I ain't been popping nightstand so they can't tell it to it from a twig shoot I'm just tired you ever bid will it hey will I'm depending on you okay I'm so hungry I could charm on wrong I wouldn't shut their will it's right where he was at right like you're sitting drinking coffee ballsss tell them stores in ten Culley [Music] maybe maybe could have been your imagination Oh Willie you think do like I say shoot bunch of ugly work I'll tell you just a one hand that one more thingy to my liking [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] something's coming hey number will at Halloween used to sing that song remember all boys sick upon economy [Applause] [Music] yes sir hey you crazy you crazy don't stare that get all the money what's coming golly will it cover yourself Hank I don't can remember how my Bellamy to spit on you then that's on the scout I got it Jeb I see something coming coming aware say it a bit to the right get up here will it will it still time just one I can't see yeah yeah one all right holy get quiet now duck back down don't say nothing at all well [Music] which alone [Music] [Music] look you just look at that I'd be grateful if you tell me one of your horses you didn't arrive all to here a foot my horse stumbled and broke a leg I shot him I'll pay you well for a good horse and for some shelter and if you would help me please I need to get my things off my horse well I should be glad to ma'am when we will no trouble at all I like the brown one the bass oh well that bears wills he does I mean ma'am I like that one the main thing is I believe will he does - I like the brown one I won't give you that black over there miss he's long for dead men so you don't have to pay for coal a fetch Leland's pull me out just a bride alone [Applause] what about coins will you lift still up Ellen I don't want to be stuck with him are you looking at me mister gasps shade are you come for that name I hear you're a bounty hunter mister gotta change our name myself as that no it was just a way of making wages one and now mining suits me judge well you look less than prosperous at it [Music] how much would you ask to take me across with the pco2 Kingsley I ain't asking I told you I'd pay you very well and I said I'm doing just fine look at me mr. gash aid without perishing from the tricks of my own mind how could I possibly get to Kingsley on my own like the only one knows away there but if you are nothing please think about it that's just what I'm doing real nice pony out here miss mr. me like you're running to death though good point like this hard to come by what you shoot him for luring a broker unsound bone in his body I'll give you 500 now and 500 when we get there how long would it take two weeks three how much gold could you dig out of this mined in three weeks sister gash aide three weeks let me figure all I'd say being it's a pretty dead hole why well it wouldn't be a hell of much would you say well he had done the best I could for a leaf by the time I got out my gun the help why he was already dead and what wills brother run off well it was only me to do the best I know how for all the ninja on isn't April what's that it's March [Music] Oh his good friend in March [Music] so you don't like me much I don't know sure holds that good wages Oh yep for a watch he don't say take her to Kingsley she say we'll see we're going I don't know what will well this coin you got even bad he went and harm someone or kill someone a man and a little person wondering why nobody's come out here looking at cream maybe it was a child ma'am I got that frogs well what then other things here I'm sorry what so I could find some type of snake sir no good take a Robin net water and this water oh yeah and people been known to swallow one or two legs and it'll hatch out and say I'm not there's no other - it's too late what do you mean too late what else suppose it was a poison snake and it hatch out hungry as they do well what's it going to eat but the nearest thing to it that's you not me because I didn't swallow any of it you're lucky then damn ass ma'am I've been considering and I got an offer to make say ma'am yeah I'll take you up to Kingsley like you asked but now Cooley here's gonna have to go along with me and that's why I'm asking $1,000 suppose I can pay him - there's that five you mentioned when I get you there that's it it's my offer [Applause] alright not fine but alright let's get started take it charlie no you take it mister - a I'm ready to go we'll go tomorrow now morning always makes a good start would you like to go with me now me well sure collie take up the bunny then slowly come on golly well factum you know mule I do not intend to be held back by a new lady doesn't hold you back like no vittles ma'am no you never mind crap straight now the way I how much 20 25 miles which way [Music] yes sir run out for now you walk on to the later Oh freight car [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] but I explained a planet spamming wind broke them troop Nick called stumbleth corn might have stuck me with take a Shawnee where was the sound as a nickel Hale you cried Hall no bingo pink ready why demo mule AHA no course it ain't gotta check the switch flies whoo no kid say no fun i Remus we start from a gift [Music] she sold again in fact a grub by those news Missy [Music] [Applause] you could try and be a little more pleasant Samael teller call a you sure have a pretty way I surely don't ask that you be fond of me damn you surely fond of me oh the top not even snake water could be more poisonous than this coffee well do you think that maybe I can call you by your name or something I mean of course miss this or that you know and respectful until you knew me better all right you just tell me what is your most favorite names well uh my most favorite name see my most favorite name is Rory sure is hard to think of a lady type name I see yeah well uh yeah there's my mama's name no that one but now I never did call her that though no just mama that's all right call me you just tell me what was it let's see yeah my daddy caller by or 10 SIA well don't ever call me that ma'am just could you tell me what though huh see Ben J pan you can't you sense I quit her before you get chopped off didn't you hear what you say will you should call me back Olie you see that's all right Coley boy ours is good friend and I don't know something's been scratched off looks to me like somebody settled with one of them yeah it look like you're gonna want to find out well they don't matter what about the other one will be anywhere well might be they're just trying to throw us off with this here grave yeah then I'm throw you mean wait foul on hello I got my duties satisfying variates we be come on let's get started where's the mill I told you to tell her the new I did will in there I did I don't hear see here's what a charm well somebody just went unattached will you please help me I wouldn't do that fast you ma'am Fraser's laid-back is here just likely let fly [Applause] [Music] is it blowin your is oh shut up you might tell me why we're going to cross street going to cross street huh what for will it Oh fresh horses aren't that's right I snorted dohno funeral march right into Arsenal as much storage as you pack on behind the three of them no meu Nome you only two ponies will I'm afraid each sound only two wait will thanks could have me a little that money for myself or for horseshoes nothing just so I could you know get me some do funnies hell something you just get that horses factor that get yourself a gun [Music] that day you just come from over there and seen this friend of mine did you see a woman well that's all right I'm traveling right along with what's her name I saw a yeah yeah hold on here now listen here you tell me who she is what she's doing over there I'll break you and hacks of you people what do you mean a paper writing yeah a letter do you read who give it to you there there there man you a bearded man that's all no name bear man where'd he go wha lost aa little not 11 a little easy enough we're sorry thank you are hey long piece of candy shorty is that shorty I will okay this is my was shorty all done with a real bad cracks with coin been here where's the ad you ask you ruin them traded them off man's gonna get rid of me says cuz he no use well what do you tell your coin yeah just nothin corn come here while back they just left a couple days ago man don't know where's either cuz I asked him all them kind of things so you don't know nothin about it you sold him a horse even poor shorty you will what's he running from well he wasn't running the man didn't say he was it will could you give me $50 I want this one change my saddle over to this one right off what do you want 54 on you know so he won't well sooner or later Kohli what $50 will so let him stand and eat till I get back you can want piece of candy rule while you begin to earn your pay Kingsley will see plan to shoot a bit what if I just up and pull out eat the money less I know right here and now what's your Raptor you're not the only one who knows the way [Music] looking for something in there day and a half near two days old [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] you sure are getting good at that ma'am so I do Kohli mean so with mr. gaerste we're making time time period whatever just lay here I'm going getting all the tests I'm a hard [Music] and the hospice job Travel for wrestling table a name I wouldn't know it what I know I don't see no point to it isn't any okay oh I'm your singing all right here you don't light down how's the trail pretty cold don't you pick it up woman [Music] that's why we're supposed to do a tit not if you're a gold miner mr. Dechaine [Applause] [Music] [Applause] oh they in turn the balls a killer so she shot him in the rope with a handle them with it so going out early yes sir Mikey so poker maybe so maybe so ECS do you think oh yeah [Music] what is it backspace is a bit [Music] trail brakes off here and hits that way too bad wait where are you going Kingsley well looks to me like listen is here it dead-ends to flee see oh that's bad enough we got a cross part of it to get Kingsley you won't get there that way at all why would someone wanna go that way to get theirselves lost is the only reason outside a nurse that I can give [Music] no I don't see nothing what are we following anyhow [Music] you think you know who lay down this trail better Angeles how do you know it's gonna show up what you after not just can see you you know all up and gol-dern pretty slut hold your horse [Music] what's this shooting all the time you trying to tell someone where we auntie that's all you're so stupid you gonna tell me what this is all about I hate you she just practicing will what's the matter with him ish you got something wrong she looked like sick wheel well that's me that's right her back there who is he he's a follower and after us why not find out well can't you see oh now I could you done miss she's walls let me help you down off hey stop groping at me are you slipping I'm not it's something excuse to touch me but you stop staring at me get back up on your report mr. gaerste you feelin that fabulous maybe you want to light down how much summers left an hour baby yeah keep it on the dark I guess [Applause] you know like her much will do you see ain't showing me nothing to like but you're going along with her then cuz she's pretty hell pretty ain't nothing it would pleasure you're nothing but the I why coral snake its ring pretty no rainbow but it's got a real mean way of painting is the fact well I'm glad handy ain't crazy after it no it's just feeling I got to see through just that the reason being cuz I am I wouldn't want us getting touchy over miss her he just tried forget about her Kohli because she's got other interests than you saying wonderful saying I pretty much play she means to kill someone [Music] would it be too much to expect that you might have fatigue gee I got tea see how about that ask him she want a cold Worcester in a spoon I see they've got a special teeth specialty tea look flailings cut black comfort teeth foresight alright sweet hmm what are you working on him for he's easier than you you don't see what I see maybe he's the more useful to me you think that he's gonna be able to lead you on this trail in his plea Co huh if you want maybe maybe nothing to miss he may go planting after you like a little doggie but he can't lead you nowhere [Applause] well he can't stop me either now leave me alone and let me sleep [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] what's the matter he wouldn't give the wrong signal for you this time [Applause] [Applause] which it mean huh I'm Anna stay off who's out there what is it no please don't put your hand anywhere near your gun he can see you oh that hell is out there Billy speared what's your travel nothing Billy it was a mistake a mistake [Music] [Applause] be that when we seen way back any what you want with him he did something see how she looked like him hell I don't see that he's about his unfriend like the thing has I ever seen no sir I don't like him well I hope you're gonna keep that to yourself colleague why should I want to work here for the reason being that there's a hired gun if ever I seen one I don't want you do nothing to put yourself in a way of it okay well if you say okay shoot feel strong in a pretty any way got himself up [Applause] [Music] [Applause] was that she got good or just a game he's supposed to get them a little buckshot and the fellers I see the same into his mouth real hard to do I ain't been able to yet this is Billy Speer he wasn't to join us until later but now it doesn't matter he's here he'll be going on with us dad fingers mr. gash aid but does that figure is now is three yours for well let me see whatever you brought him along for one thing it ain't is for fall inside or you would intend to shoot up half the countryside to get him here so forget that it way I ain't displaced and I'm still earning my pay well hey got him in everyone over how about that hey I got another one to go with a niggers face you want to try good then I hope we'll make an effort now to all try and get along so we'll get started say in three hours they done up I look miss there's one of their pretty little blue J birds make a wish shoe shine a good luck real sharp poor draw these are the last trees you're gonna see for a while so you're planning to shoot anything else up then yes sir [Applause] they appear to be as precious yesterday's miss and there ain't no hurry to like they don't think they've been followed and they don't care you shouldn't take us too much longer to catch up to you and should it you miss I say they when we've been falling got joined little ways back by another these tracks made by two horses hold on Miss leave me alone - a Nazi betrayal easily I don't even need you [Music] [Applause] haha [Music] hey you got no wife here you can use mine [Music] [Music] hold on you can't feel that can't you that horse going lame no no I think gonna make no difference to the horse it's gonna make a difference to you that's all bitch your grub your tossing off not mine you won't instruct everything even yourself quit with that I say something to you I don't give a curly hair yell up there double-dog damned if you did I'm gonna blow your face off [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] two up on old Frasier you're gonna be precast he for him you want to walk no but he'll why wouldn't she get on behind me if you don't shake your mind loose or her I got no respect in eugenics you don't remember her near shooting your head off [Music] well what I got in funny feeling I don't even know if to say or not well don't then just try shutting up dammit I don't want to lose this horse okay okay what I'm likely just spooking again anyhow triple lemon wages and trip them again I ain't going that far and you just move to me one more time about her and I'm gonna knock you down thought a word I wasn't talking about her well I get what and give up your horse seriously easy that makes me sick and here you are now burden to mine I'm sorry Willie well just shut up I can't take no more of you no sir we're all that dirty rotten gall and hate of a thing that old never bug the ground they called a woman no sir I'd lost it will you please go ahead now take home Kohli then write bad and change the damn tag no you take him you want to ride with me boy leave him you better be JP I ain't mr. gash aid it's not a bad idea we'll make better time and then we can come back for him you need this Pat : take it off well it's all right you ain't staying you see you see just this minute he's taking up time I have to insist that he stays come on get back up here Coley he'll ride you just fine you see the way other kulli you'll be all right here you just bite it easy I'll come back for you how long you think that'll be we'll bring me over the guns boy [Applause] not long they ain't got a leopard one sack of grub and no where no one had Ango lead him straight in there he'll move on goalie [Applause] Lancel shades [Applause] oh wait miss could I get my things out of there well I almost forgot Thank You Chloe sorry see y'all later I guess you want to ride with me boy okay and soon not get left behind here like this how'd you like the way I done leaving drunk like I say I'll blow it off the first word app go sit down over there [Applause] and think on this far as your voice going carry ain't too far for me to turn right round and hit you in the eye your brains gonna fry out here you know that [Music] you Oh it's easier to stay behind if I let you go - would you go do you hear what I'm saying I'm gonna left any time I'm talking about now I got my reasons for staying reason there ain't gonna be no kill the reason mr. gash aid for a hunt is the kill are you talking to me no Billy do you like you was it was just to myself I've heard a person's thoughts many times you never take those off do you are you talking to me not even with a woman why do you have to say he knows why you're here I wouldn't worry after your friend you know he's got a real relaxing time compared to us no that's right no worries he's where I want him back there clear and safe for you [Music] [Applause] [Music] look at that wait I'll go first now Billy's people back away [Music] who is he that's her [Music] you know him she paying you good for this good as you twice as much with value off yeah absolute like Lee do it for nothing nearly nothing what for but hurt what's he mean to you she liked me [Music] you know anything about her lately ask her what lies in that direction more the same no but beyond that Kingsley you're right Kingsley Gachet not he'll what about him you don't interest you no not now his legs broken who is he just a friend Brenda like in him yes like you and Billy where is his horse I don't see no horse you must have wandered away you thinking of Kohli yeah he could have used it means you're leaving that poor Jaya laying out there staring up at the Sun I left him some water late that's something why'd you just shoot him Billy did you ever leave behind a friend I never did have one how about you will it it's different he's better off where he's at [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] when this morning let's eat him no billing you don't want any it's candy it's all I gotta give I'm sorry don't mention it you know I'm real sorry to I can't help you not being us I got a kitchen as fast as I can yonder lis that way you see oh oh sure I'll be back for you me and will I hate to leave you layin you know what's a union if you take one of these two well which ones you like Dannan I'm surprised most people wouldn't it shows at him huh what I said it's all gone [Music] quit with that I don't like that what you're doing this heart is going saws head [Music] how long to catch up and depends who's gonna last him are you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] why did you do that she drawn me first he was gonna shoot ask him it's too bad but he should have stayed behind he didn't like me that's why he should have no did not draw on me what are you doing [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I know that feeling - eh I've carried the burden of it longer than you that would be your final foolishness you know you hate me too [Music] [Applause] [Music] get down [Music] ballin D fallen hmm can you Sam making for that ride [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] ever I got the water don't forget [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] : [Music] [Music] you