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Let' s start. (Phone ringing) Hi Arun ! Sorry, Did I disturb you ? No. Arun Tell me ! Thought of informing you in the office! I'm going on a vacation with a family I'll return on Wednesday Okay , Arun . Shruthi will be coming to office on Tuesday I gave a file to Admin , make sure it reaches her She is coming on Tuesday! Today the celebrations went well in the office You and Vaishnavi were too good! Why are you still waiting ? Ask her out immediately . Okay , Goodnight! (Thinking deeply) (Thinking deeply Why did he ask like that ? What did I do ? (Phone ringing) Vaishnavi, sorry.. Listen to me once Please ! What do you want to say ? You said " I want to kiss you " What else do you want to say ? Not like that.. You know the rain, AC made me say it Sorry .. Please What do you mean by Rain and AC ? Thanks ! Thankgod, you directly dint come and kiss me . No! No! Im not that kind of a guy. How can anyone behave like that ? Im not so cheap. What if I did ? I would break your bones. OH... Hmm..YES , BONES! BONES.. Hmm... I never expected you to ask something like this . Anyways, Im very sleepy . I never expected you to ask something like this . Anyways, Im very sleepy . What if everyone in Office know about us ? Harikaa.. Can you send yesterday's pictures to me ? okay.. Don ! Friendship should be like Iron Man and Captain America dude You know how much they trust each other ? That is TRUE FRIENDSHIP dude. Then why did they have a war in the CIVIL WAR movie ? Friendship is not always perfect man, sometimes friends fight too. Don't your SUPERMAN AND BATMAN also fight Don't your SUPERMAN AND BATMAN also fight ... But never a war like this.. You must have not seen it cause it so dark always Hmm..What a fight scene man! What a Friendship! They should have made a movie titled BATMAN vs IRONMAN It would've been a blockbuster! right? Both of them are humans and they know technology too. Theatres would have shaken. But what is the use? It will never happen! One is MARVEL and the other id DC. What is there buddy ? Narayana and Chaitanya came together and introduced a campus named NASA Similarly, D.C and MARVEL should come together and name DCMAR . Then, we will only hear WHISTLES in the theatre . (laughing) Manohar, Can you come and sit here? No If I Sit there Shannu will Harika! Can you come and sit here? Vaishnavi..don't separate lovers for such a small issue. I will sit there..dont worry.. Don, Why is Vaishnavi changing her place? Every time she turns to Shannu her neck might hurt Also, she will have a better view of from here and it will be so romantic You don't have neck pain ? Once upon a time I had but now....'re in Third stage of love.. your love is decreasing day by day.. where is Shannu ? He went to get Coffee..he will come.. ugh... unnecessarily I asked..Not understanding how to face Vaishnavi. Im getting scared to go there..WHY! Why am I scared!I I dint do anything ...just a small mistake.. hmm..they exchanged seats... Shannu mailed this already. Just check it once. you took too long to get coffee? The coffee was very hot , was figuring out to cool it down. Why are you thinking so much buddy give it a kiss and it will all be okay. Hey Don! What are you saying man I mean.. If you sip it slowly and have it will be fine. Vaishnavi, you said you will leave for your hometown this weekend.Why dint you go? No I dint go. Really ? Then what did you do over the weekend? Went to my Uncles house Ohh! Your Uncle also has Wine shops? No, he has a chit fund company Oh..risky business.. What if they take the money and don't give back ? Hmm..They will break bones! Bones man! Bones! hmm..Bones! Bones! Harika!Tell me ! How did Don propose you ? (blushing) Why now Vaishnavi? Tell Harika! Even I want to listen. Why you forgot how you proposed ? No,I dint ! It is so romantic to hear it from you GF..Hey Shannu, you ask man! She will tell What will I ask man..(blushng) Tell na.. That day was our college fest! Yeah.. Don, dropped me to my hostel When I was walking he called me then I turned back and saw him Don tensely started saying I..I..I.. I..I.. Then what happened? He said I LOVE YOU and left Oh..he just said ILOVEYOU what else can you say when you're proposing Not, "I want to kiss you" right ? You never know! Any on might just say " I want to kiss you" That will be shocking then Hmm..Yes...its shocking.. Are you done with the love stories? Don and Harika I need to speak to you privately. Hmm..lets go.. Manohar you too What about Vaishnavi? I'll speak to her later. Come. Why are they smiling? I think he told them Vaishnavi, come to the conference room. Once, Pleasee.. I'll sit here. Sorry Vaishnavi.. Seriously..I shouldn't have asked like mistake. You asked me cause your heart asked you to If you just move closely with a girl doesn't mean you can ask anything and everything! The situation was like that. What situation? It was raining outside and it was so cold inside the office You're wearing a saree I felt romantic and asked. Thats my feeling. What kind of feeling is that man? okay You wear also wearing a lungi , it was raining outside and there was AC in the car too. Did I feel romantic? Did I feel like kissing you ? NO, right. You wont tell even if you feel like it.. Why do boys always have these thoughts When a girls starts moving closely with them Okay. I felt romantic and I asked Why did you hold my hand ? I was feeling cold so I held your hand in a friendly manner. Whats wrong? Friendly ..hmm.. I watched in a movie. You know eskimos right? Yeah.. If they feel very cold they hug the dog next to them and sleep. Same way, I held your hand. Huh..I am a dog now.. What is this man? I really dint mean like that . But, its juts my felling, Thats it. Dog ah.. If a girl just wants to be your friend even you can be like that right? Why do you have to get these romance in-between? (background shouting) We were good till now right ? You get the romance in between and everything is spoilt. Wait a min, Vaishanavi How can you be so irresponsible! Is it a software office or a super market? Do you have any clue what is damaged! My phones ben ringing continuously! What the hell are you thinking Manohar? Do you have any sense? How did you send the code without approval! The management is killing me! Shannu I asked you to take care of the code right? Do you know what Manohar did! What did you dod Manohar? Harika..wait.. I completed the code Unti test too..they were no bugs.. So I..production.. I asked you send it to Q&A and you sent it to production? Instead of pressing the Q & a button I pressed the production one Do you know what you did! What do you know about bugs ? How will we know about all of it in the UNIT TEST? I said I will release it right? Why don't you have patience? If you don't know how to work please learn or just shut up and sit Don't put that extra burden on me If you're not interested to work just stay home guys Is he spineless? How can he yell infront of too many people ? I thought only with girls. He doesn't know how to behave with friends too. They're eating my brain man! its difficult for Manohar to survive! You know we are in a bad situation right ? Ask him to get ready for termination Okay Arvind. Lets talk about him later. whats the solution now ? What solution Shannu!The minute I knew about it I drove for 12 hours straight . The minute I knew about it I drove for 12 hours straight . okay Arvind. Think of it as my mistake. What issues are endusers facing This is the final stage of project and you know how banking software is How is it possible to draw 1000 and get 2000 Client asked me to rectify it in one hour He asked me to put the server down. What do you think Arvind? I think We shouldl revert Manohar changes and release the previous version How is that possible? We are working on the new update . And the client won't accept the old version. We will clear the bugs and release the new version. You think we have enough time ? According to Sprint, it is 2 weeks of development and 2 weeks of testing. you think they will be okay ? ill fix the bugs..test the units and release the code in staging. If they test in immediately we are good to go Arvind. I like the idea But the testing head is an headache man He will kill us now . Don't worry. I'll talk to them. Don't be tensed , Manohar! Be cool. You know about Shannu..right Avinash..there is a small problem in coding We saw...we received the mail Apparently, You sent the code to the production directly? why do you need testers then? Manohar..sent it by mistake to production What are you saying Arvind? Stop making it look simple. This is not a joke. You guys dressed up Danced and enjoyed yourselves. When the problem arrived now you need the Testers help Im saying sorry for my team mates mistake. Because of one guy the whole company is suffering For your mistake why should we help you! We will wait till SPRINT and see Everyone say Software office is like a Family. We are Family . When my Family is in a problem I'll Stand by them and help . If any of you want to stand by me and help its fine or you can leave. Okay long will you stand and work.. Open your Laptops Sir is being very emotional right now.. Arvind, What are the end user issues? Withdraw Problem. For Rs.1000 withdrawal they're getting Rs.2000 Wow! Super! Nicely done! In my village, there is a silly game like this. Manohar , must've played really well. hahaha. OKay okay.. I was just joking. Priya, run the manual code Manoj, start the automation okay. Priya, I released the code. Test it ! Okay, I'll check it . Shannu, the Jenkin Jobs is failing. Check it once. Arvind.. Lunch? Yeah, you can have it and come back. Okay, I'll eat and come back tomorrow. okay? (frustrated) What do you want me to order? 2 pizzas and one chocolate lava cake. Enough Priya? 1 PIzza and Thickshake are more than enough. Manoj? I got my lunchbox. You're the best employee man. Arvind.. Gpay me the pizza and milkshake amount. Best employee right? MANOHARRR! Manoj I released the built. test it . Okay. Shannu, All tests are passed. Okay. Shannu Withdraw is fine The balance is showing incorrect. ChECK IT ONCE. Okay Arvind. Avinash..How is the testing going? Null pointer (frustrated) You need to have minimum emotions right now. Check the code again Arvind, I recieved the Gpay amount. You said you got your lunch box right? For Rs.100 I gave it off. Ugh..I'll stay outside. Should we start the work again? Yeah.. Yeah.. we will.. Shannu, Both Withdraw and Balance are good to go. Once we release the new version, we are good to go. Phew..Okay..You want me to order something? No, later. Shannu.. I need to leave..My wife will be waiting for me..okay? Shannu.. Even, I need to leave. I cant manage anymore. Really? Im starting now. Shannu! Can you manage for sometime My daughter is not feeling well. No problem, Arvind. I'll takecare. Shannu, they are errors. Check once I'll take a power nap (Frustrated and Tired Shannu) Not understanding what is going wrong ? What are these errors? Ughhh Sir, do you want tea or coffee? No, its okay..Why are you tensed Sir? Nothing like know.. You won't understand anyway. Okay sir, Just because I am not educated Not like that..bro..We are working on Bank Software Sometimes it says Server down right? The server is down because of our mistakes. Sometimes when I go to the bank, they tell me server down. I always though it was there mistake. Today, I know that it is yours Haha, Yes its our mistake Our mistake.. Thanks bro.. I released the code. What bro? I released the code. check it All tests are cleared New version is updated. We can send it to production now. Avinash, make the report. Its almost done..I'll send it to you. Hi Guys, Good morning! Hi Arvind How's your daughter now ? She is smiling like how you are right now. Guys! Everything is sorted! The just called. Just mail me the reports. Shannu, check it now At least, from next time be careful We cant sit over night and work like this . Avinash.. Do you act in short films? Yes, once in a while Wow, crazy Wow, crazy man. You are managing both software and acting at a time? You're great man! You're shortfilm , " Lover is calling" Its too goo bro. The emotion for the hug scene Felt like I was hugging. right? Everyones talking about. First time I hugged girl, bro. Thats why it came out so well. My next short film is also coming out . Is it " Lover is gone" ? How do you know the title? Don't forget to share the link. Okay. Avinash, Thank you so much. This wouldn't have been possible with out you. We did our work. Dont be formal now.Its fine. Arvind, Im on leave today. okay. Shannu, Takecare man! Give him some food, Arvind. Avinash, is great . It is not easy to manage your goal and job . Arvind Manohar job? What will happen when you're there man? Are all the issues cleared? Yea, All cleared. Where is Manohar? All clear. Chill man. Shannu, I want to quit. I studied in a Telugu Govt. School Everyone were studying engineering thats why even I studied I don't know what college I went to and what I studied and what I studied . I don't know English I studied few courses I don't even know how to send a resume and You got me the job You'll do my work. I thought you guysl were bearing with me till now. But, then I realised today that You guys are suffering because of me Shannu Im unfit for this job. Okay, Answer me this question You like Marvel right? Which hero do you like the most ? IRON MAN What do you know about Iron man Manohar? Apart from him fighting with the villains with his suit. Iron Man is an update. A vision. In Iron Man-I, the suit is in the house but problem always do not occur at home , it can occur anywhere. Thats why he updates the suitcase to a brief case. Its in Iron Man- II You must've watched AVENGERS? HULK AND THOR fight. To fight with Hulk he creates the Hulk buster suit. Its in Age of Ultron. In Civil War you must've seen that Ant man fits in the Iron Man suit In Civil War you must've seen that Ant man fits in the Iron Man suit With Nano Technology he creates the suit . They are so many things he learns dealing with his problems. Manohar, just because problem arises once that doesn't mean we failed. If the same problem arises again and again then its a failure. If we like someone, and have a fight with them instead we should learn from them WORKHARD! We are all with you. Don't be stupid to say that I'll sit at home resign and do all this drama okay ? These things don't suit you at all. You're always funny and jovial. Be like that, Manohar . Manohar, I spoke so much right? what did you understand? That, You're a bigger Iron Man fan than me , man! catch him.. Hi Guys! I see, all of you're very seriously working.