The Story Of Don Fury Studio Chapter 07 Hilly Kristal the CBGB Hardcore Matinee

hey guys this is the story of Don Fury studio hope you like it [Music] [Applause] [Music] Hilly Kristal opened CBGB at the end of 1973 and i think he was expecting country bluegrass and blues bands to show up because that's what the name means CBGB I think hilly would have been surprised if you told him then that the first wave of New York punk bands and then later UK bands and then the no wave scene and then the hardcore scene and then the post hardcore scene would all end up headlining his club but hilly did like music scenes and he also liked music venues and any kind of new ideas he wasn't afraid to try a new idea if he liked it so he did CBGB records he did CBGB TV he did the CBGB gallery which was right next door to CBGB he did CBGB pizza he did CBGB boutique and then for awhile he opened the anderson theater as well which was a large theater on Second Avenue and I saw the Dead Boys there and they were like rats like as big as cats roaming around the place still so that didn't last too long maybe a year or two so he liked new ideas and he was willing to try them and that was a pretty good thing about Hilly Kristal hilly was an ornery fellow I guess you had to be to run a club like CBGB if you asked him anything if he said anything back to you at all it would usually be one or two words and he would just shoot you down with it that's it end of conversation so he was a hard guy to get to know but Carroll had gotten to know him when she was booking my band the splits in 1979 and Haley always had problems managing especially financially and his books were a mess and Carol had offered to help out with his books in the afternoon so she started doing that pretty early on and that evolved over the course of time to her helping with books to her helping manage to managing and then to booking the club also and cow was in the club for six years which was cool hilly was really good with our family I would occasionally go in and do some jobs for hilly like you know put new walls in the dressing room after they've been kicked down or repair the ladies room which was disgusting or I did some work on the tech room fixing the door the tech room was underneath the staircase going down to their restrooms so that was fun and our kids had run out of the club in the afternoons so they could run behind the bar and pour themselves soda and stick maraschino cherries and the in their cokes with ice and whatever so we all had a pretty good time you know with our relationship with CBGB and hayley crystal over the years carol and i had met a lot of the bands on the know wave scene through my studio roach studio and then again once we moved the studio to a teen Spring Street and Carol also noticed that Hilly Kristal never did anything with Saturdays and Sundays at CBGB so she had the idea to propose to hilly that she started booking no wave bands into a matinee on the weekend and hilly went for the idea and bands like the contortions or the bush tetras or red decade or white pants or elliott sharp would go in on matinees they didn't draw huge crowds but they did draw a lot of critical acclaim she did really well with these shows and hilly did well with these shows downtown paper's like literally downtown the Soho News were writing really good reviews of these shows and I think even the New York Times wrote it up plus I mean they were generating interest in the club and they were making money as well so hilly was liking all of that so a little later on after we had recorded United Blood at 18 Spring Street so in between 1983 and 1984 we had had a lot of punk hardcore bands coming into the studio to do live recording and I had been introduced to all these punk hardcore bands and they desperately needed a place to play not just a little place they needed a medium to big place to play so that they could you know expand as a as a scene wasn't a huge scene at the time so I suggested that we suggest to Haley that Hilley start a hardcore matinee on the weekend as well and Cal took it to him and he said no the first time and so we persisted and after two or three tries hilly said yes and the hardcore matinee was born when the hardcore matinee started out they were not big shows there was maybe 40 or 50 kids young kids okay they were all ages - they were CBS were smart about that and hilly was smart about that but a lot of little skinny kids you know and it didn't fill the club at all and I think for a while hilly thought the idea was kind of dubious and really wasn't gonna make it but it didn't take too long the by in 1984 our victim and pain was out and the matinee started to explode and before very long you know it was a tremendous show there the New York hardcore scene slowed down around 1986 but by 1987 who is back with vengeance and there were a lot of new bands on the scene along with the old-school bands playing the matte name and the matinee just got more and more huge there were lines around the black to get in and it was always fun walking up to the club and seeing that line and just feeling good about it you know always embarrassed about saying excuse me excuse me getting to the front door but after a while the shows got so big that Seabees added a second show so there'd be an afternoon show and an evening show I don't know if the evening show was all ages or not but the afternoon show was always all ages and it was insane how many kids were going you go into the club and it was like packed to the rafters everyone was it was like taking a bath with sweat bath we had like 400 other people everybody was standing on everybody else every railing every table every chair any place they could to get to you know to be able to see the band onstage they were phenomenal shows so hilly had a good relationship with the hardcore scene he had trouble from time to time with fights breaking out and violence and whatnot and that created some static but the overall course of events with the hardcore matinee was really great for the club and I think hilly really respected the scene and he and I had a great rapport over it and he knew all these bands were coming directly from my studio to his club and we were only about three or four blocks apart doctored a studio and CBGB so it was a really good match and I think both of us appreciated that match and had a good time with it there are hundreds of matinees you could talk about but there's one after mentioned a F and I had done United Blood and Cowell and I had gotten Hilly Kristal to start the hardcore matinee and early in 1984 agnostic front wanted to record victim in pain I said listen get enough money together for a 16 track tape machine and we'll do it at that free studio so I have booked a hardcore matinee as a benefit to get the money for the tape machine and then he says to me Don Fury we want your band to open up for agnostic front like what we were not a hardcore band we were a heavy band we were a no wave band with you know heavy you know heavy guitar and stuff like that and he was like yeah you got to do it I was like okay we're gonna do it so with the band's name was balls and we had balls because we went up there and we opened a hardcore matinee for agnostic front we're a nervous man cuz like we're like oh let's see what happens but by the time we got to the second song you know some kids were dancing some kids were fighting and we're like okay we're gonna make it through the hardcore matinee so as that for a confluence of events Carole Don agnostic front Hilly Kristal the hardcore matinee the studio oh my gosh it was a really fun moment in time the original flyer for the hardcore matinee that AF did to benefit victim and pain to run by Elio one of Rogers good friends when Vinnie and Roger told me that my band balls had to open up for them it really wasn't a question they basically just said that we had to open up for them so there we were with death before dishonor and skinhead youth open it up for agnostic front there's no photos of balls playing the matinee with agnostic front too bad but here's a photo by Lynn Garbowsky of us playing dance of Tyria in 1984 so around the same time we're on the second floor playing at about 4:30 at night - about five or six hundred people I'm gonna base Samoas on vocals and Dave Crocker's on drums this is a great and very rare photo of me and Hilly Kristal standing right outside CBGB photos by Tomica sato by the time this photo was taken the hardcore matinee was a massive part of CBGB history you