The Story Of Don Fury Studio Chapter 17 1994

hey guys this is the story of Don Fury studio hope you like it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] 1994 was another amazing year for the studio for the bands and for me we did a 12-inch EP for orange 9 millimeter and revelation records that's Chaka Malik's band with Chris Trainor Larry Gorman and David Gentilly this record is blazing it's got a really tough edge on it and it's just like barreling along for the whole record we also did a 12-inch EP for the post hardcore band shift for equal vision records pretty cool record and we did the security LP for the long island band mind-over-matter for wreckage records the security LP is still one of my favorites it's really got a great production and if you want to hear the essence of like Don fury studio in the early 90s the sound of the studio fire up the security LP you'll get a good dose we did an LP for downtown rockers the goups on blackout records and that was pretty cool because we got to mix it at platinum Island on a Neve console sick of it all came in and recorded borstal breakout and straight ahead for the step-down CD single release on east-west America we did a CD for taste of fear for Lost and Found that's darica Hands band after citizen's arrest we did an EP for terminal confusion for Mangala records we did a IEP for stand clear for new life records and we did two CDs one EP and a split for the always prolific gender Punk's God as my co-pilot I got to work with some bands from around the world in 1994 power of idea flew over from Japan and we did a CD for a tribal war Asia post-hardcore band understand came over from the UK and we did a record for east-west and German band radical development came over and we did a record for navigator and I got to travel to the north of Italy to work with the Italian hardcore band raw power and do a record for the label Godhead raw power was founded by the Brothers malreaux and Giuseppe Carta Lupe and I had a great time working with those guys by 1994 post-hardcore bands and some hardcore bands were getting signed to major labels quick Sanders signed to Polygram and then later Island into another was on Hollywood orange nine-millimeter and sick of it all were signed to east west america shift got signed to Columbia eventually helmet got signed to Interscope and around that time I got introduced to Sandy Robertson the founding manager of worlds and America worlds and America was the biggest producer management company on the planet at that time they were handling producers that worked with the Rolling Stones and u2 at that time I had only a few major label credits working with quicksand for Polydor working with warriors soul for the David Geffen company and working with sick of it all for east/west America but all the New York bands that were getting signed to the major labels were bands that had recorded their first records at Don fury studio I think sandy might have thought I was a diamond in the rough what he didn't realize is he wasn't going to get the diamond he was only gonna get the rough I was skeptical that sandy was gonna have any idea what to do with me and that turned out to be true but we did have a good rapport and we did work together on a handful of projects over the next few years and the very first one would be amazing quicksand had come in and done all the pre-production for manic compression it's on for your studio so when the label set them up in a different studio to start the record I was disappointed a couple months later I'm getting ready to fly over to Italy to record independent record with raw power and I'm pretty psyched about it and then I get a phone call from sandy robertson and he tells me quicksands not happy and they want to mix the record with you I'm like well sure that's a great idea except I'm headed to Italy and I can't stop it now so they're gonna have to wait until I get back so quick Sam waited until I got back and then we spent about a month in the studio working on mixing what they had already so everybody gets happy with the mixes and then like so many times before one afternoon I get a call from Walter he's like fury we want to come in and record five more songs for the record and that's exactly what we did you know by that time working with Walter was almost automatic you know we were working on delusional or thorn in my side we heard that talk to each other anymore and the stuff came out great and then to top it all off we used one of the pre-production tracks Brown gargantuan as well so I felt pretty good about that the following summer I was driving my kids out to the beach and my mom's little car and thorn in my side came on the radio it had made it's a heavy rotation on all the rock stations including Kay rock and so I was driving the car down the road like a go-kart it's a lot of fun at the end of 1994 I got another call from sandy orange nine-millimeter wanted me to do some remixes for them and they were gonna send me over to Electric Lady studios to do that job and so there I was in Studio C back at Electric Lady like it was another day at the job times have changed you