The Stunning 70YearOld Who Advocates Going SugarFree This Morning

have a look at this lady and guess hi all Cheers I'd say early 40s well you see that is a lady at called Caroline hearts and she believes you can have your cake and eat it that's what she practices she is 70 years of age look again just look again 17 78 years amazing what is the secret to her youthful looks well it couldn't be more simple let's go to Australia live to Perth and find out there she is 70 you're not kidding us Kylie you're telling fibs Carolyn no no I'm not telling you thieves I'd like to say that I had a few extra years up my sleeve but I died I'm 70 and I loved every minute of it you look amazing Carolyn you have to tell us your secrets thank you thank you well one of my secrets of course is that I stopped eating sugar I stopped eating sugar 29 years ago now because I was pre diagnosed with I'm sorry I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes too and I got a fright yeah was not sure what you had science to me yeah well you thought at that time you were fairly healthy you weren't overweight no I wasn't overweight I thought I was healthy I thought I was infallible as we all do at that age but I didn't know that I was an enormous sweet eater today we call ourselves sugar addicts and I was a sugar I was a sweet addict but then if you're on if you're an addict and a lot of people Caroline will identify with that whether it's cigarettes whether it's alcohol whether it's drugs when your case sugar and with a lot of people innocently with sugar does the addiction not override everything else so how do you prevent the addiction overriding everything else what could in the way for you for me well I didn't accept the consequences of my sugar addiction I didn't really know what the consequences would be until I was diagnosed and so when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes - I had always been fit and healthy and I did my research and I could see what the effects of diabetes - we're going to do to me so that frightened me and fear when you're frightened of something you should change and I did change and I didn't want to be unhealthy no and how difficult was that explain to say in a normal day how much sugar you would have eaten this kind of things you were eating and how you change that diet well let's see it was nothing for me to have a half a cheesecake for breakfast I would often have not a half a packet of chocolate biscuits but a whole packet of chocolate biscuits in the afternoon I would never have one cake I would have two or three I would never have one chocolate or two chocolate so I'd have the whole block or the whole packet and so this is what makes it easier for me to help other people because really they can't tell me anything that I haven't already done yeah I was a sugar addict and you know lots of people will relate to that and we all do we do relate to that and then what we tend to do is to find sugar substitutes and we think we're being very good with food or drinks that are termed as diet or light where do you stand on those no I don't stand at all on those I don't use artificial sweeteners I never have I don't drink anything light I don't think they're good for you I eat healthy I think it's better to eat healthy but I do believe that you don't go without once you say I'm not going to have a sweet a cake or whatever your treat is you're going to want it more I call it my deprivation center once I'm told I can't have it all yes please I need it and so when I discovered xylitol or perfect sweet or you call it total sweet in UK when I discovered that product my life changed so I was able to convert all these wonderful recipes that I used to have before I developed the pre-diabetes two healthy recipes that I could use and xylitol carolina's is xylitol is what a natural sweetener then is it yes it's a natural sugar-free sweetener and it either comes from the cob of the corn or birch trees it doesn't raise blood sugar levels it tastes like sugar and it looks like sugar and this is what I use in all my recipes in my sugar free baking yes and your and your sugar free baking book I'm just gonna show it here no hidden sugars no refined sugar gluten free you can't have your cake and eat it that is Carolyn's book there but Carolyn how do you get to that stage off you have to go through what's termed cold turkey don't you I did people are a little luckier these days because they can use a natural substitute that sugar free when I did it I didn't have those things and so I went cold turkey but there are things you can do to help yourself for example you have to eat breakfast breakfast you must have breakfast in the morning when you wake up I so I started having breakfast and that is not a half a cheesecake I started to have protein every meal I started to have eggs and salmon and protein in the morning I made sure that I had protein when I started I started out by having five small meals a day so that I could maintain my sugar levels because what happens when you have a half a cheesecake your sugar levels skyrocket and then they drop and it's when they drop that you crave and so if you try and monitor your blood sugar levels and I did this by having five small meals a day and having protein with every meal