The Sun Sets at Dawn 1950 FILM NOIR

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] honey that girl's whole life is wrapped up in the boy and that's all he is a boy child you might say he's all of the girls been living for it'll be just as if we execute both of them I'm sorry I don't mean to be meddlesome or presumptuous yes sir I know we're all bound by the law it's just that ever since the boys been in prison and the girls been working in town I've spent a lot of time with both of them my wife and I feel almost as if they were our own children yes I do understand my duty is warden sorry governor goodbye wouldn't do anything he says he's already issued two reprieves and no new evidence has been produced what did he tell a girl last night he refused to see her me let that child travel all the way to the capital and then wouldn't see her there was nothing he could do for her he said he honestly thinks the boy is guilty [Music] let me bring her in [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] let me get you some breakfast you'll feel better [Music] if you'll just sit at the table maybe I can get it to eat something at least some hot coffee child is sick [Music] mikono can I see him just once more only for a minute but you let me wait in your office you promised I could just learn oh I'm in there close to it you promised [Music] Bella come along [Music] [Music] the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he maketh me to lie down in green pastures he leadeth me beside the still waters he restoreth my soul he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake here though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me thy rod and thy staff they comfort me thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies thou anointest my head with oil my cup runneth over surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever would you say this one with me [Music] have mercy upon me O God according to thy loving-kindness he had mercy upon me O God according to thy loving-kindness according into the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions wash me thoroughly from my iniquity wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin for I acknowledge my transgressions and cleanse me from my sin for I acknowledge my transgressions did I don't Padre I don't acknowledge it [Music] would you rather just talk with me yes Patri all right what are you thinking about does anybody ever get what he really wants sometimes I never did all my life I've wanted to be somebody somebody important and all my life I've been nobody but it isn't for us to judge who somebody in who's nobody is it I'm six feet tall I'm strong I'm healthy but I couldn't even make a team in high school any team why is that lots of us have to sit in the grandstand but why why we can't all be star players no we can't all sit in the grandstand either some of us always have to sit in the bleachers I could never figure it out [Music] what will you tell him I'm here same old story what i listed in yard I thought that was my chance I'd be a hero with bands and medals and newspaper stories all about me how I charged up the hill who I captured a hundred prisoners all by myself she'd be proud of me she was she she had a lot to be proud of two years in the Army mounting a typewriter in Tennessee I never even got to be a carp No and what when I got this newspaper job on the globe Express cupboard porter they Coleman it chased me all over town to get items about ladies clubs and strawberry festivals whose sister was visiting whose and whatever reporter begins that way sure but I could tell as the way I'd end too that's why when I ran into Tim Harrah's mob and saw a chance to break it and be a big-shot reporter and then I just testing a chair good morning sir good morning Jim how are you coming along I've been having some trouble with a chair they were testing did the lights go down in here yes I shouldn't do that but they seem to have a ground on the circuit Jim would you get word to the boy that she's here in there with my wife yes sir I'll tell him tell him I kept my promise yes have you sent the bus after the newspaper ma'am not yet see this is one of those days nothing seems to work right the bus will be a little late you'd better phone pops place and let them know yes sir get me pops please pop speaking hello Jim yeah I'll tell him how's it go she look my pulley getting off the bus yeah I guess we all do bye not a message for your newspaper polls minute the prison bus should be a little late picking you up very far okay she's got a word from pops the prison bus will be late man it feels like we've been waiting here a hundred years who don't you know pops he's a character that runs this place I thought you'd been down here well it's on the state highway about a mile south of the prison got a bit of everything bus station gas pumps short out a restaurant post office yeah pops is the postmaster - he handles the prison mail and the town and then in the back he's got rooms but mostly for truckers coming down from the north that's right they all come right by here innit may convenient break after driving all night they usually stop for breakfast in a few hours sleep yeah yeah good I made a few notes here now I can't read my own writing oh yes uh you can work this line into the lead paragraph always on the grim gray dawn of an execution it seems as if instead of rising the Sun sets true that's good writing okay okay so sell me the Pulitzer Prize yeah they're all here all the same dumb faces I've been meeting for years except the Herald they sent some kid down to cover it I never saw him before he's not dry behind the ears yet he's scared to death who saw me oh sure sitting right here beside me now uh-huh looks like a little red hand setting an S getting all ready to hatch one of his heartbreaking sob story can you imagine a fat pictogram like that writing a sob column under a phony name like Barbara love heart beats by Barbara love how do do how did you get one of the gents from the competing wire services I locked in mortal combat trying to scoop each other a generally oh sure old repulsive is here too uh-huh kivett Singh the card game and breathing down their necks what an obnoxious character that in the gentlemen from the globe Express is as usual getting into everybody's hair what am I so happy about this and I'm not happy brother on a stick covering executions is what makes me hate this rotten racket just talking fast now to keep my teeth from chattering the jittery is our new kid from The Herald we all are I'll call him drag your half-wit wedding to go down you Shanaya to him put your hand down see he's stuck with 15 if I had a long sawtooth rusty bolo knife I'll play with him and I've got enough so if I buy my bad nerves yes sir I can see the two Tube characters have past your prime first sign of a reporter's crack-up there's bad nerves on a routine assignment can't take the pressure but hasn't the girl told you anything more can't you think of something something with you an interest about the boy some angle like he was brought up in an orphan asylum oh he killed him how because how I tried to attack his girl I told you it wasn't anything like that besides I don't know him too well that's a girl I know and she don't talk much she just works here for me serving table well what kind is she gone she ain't working today What's Wrong son scared yes mr. Furst yes do you ever get used to them uh-huh why did your paper send you out you're pretty young it's my father's idea he said an assignment like this would make me grow up fast father he's editor on my Herald Oh him but he didn't tell me important this was I thought it was just another gang killing the blood then why are you here and those others the three wire services that you're sending it to state papers and all those direct telephone lines to the editors set up with justice one story what makes it that important it's the dawn of a new enlightened era in this state the abolishment of the gallows the first electrocution why its history son and a field day for us reporters oh I kept thinking maybe this kid this murderer was somebody special no nobody special he splits the top billing with a new electric chair only the chair will stay and he make the headlines for one edition right by tomorrow he'll be pushed off the front page back through the paper into the obituary column and from there nobody knows who gets his story next they see when a person a person dies he gets a chance to meet his god is that true yes that's true and if he tells God he's innocent God will believe in if it's the truth if it's the truth [Music] would you believe now I believe the truth do you want to tell me yes popper it would be kind of a rehearsal take it easy son I can't even get my story started alright put this down you do shorthand don't you yes sir good start with the regular lead first paragraph the sovereign state of issues no state for the capital is exactly the extreme payment today for the murder of Tim Herron well-known political figure at 5:35 a.m. exactly 18 minutes after sunrise you'll have to check the clock when they pull the switch it may vary a couple of minutes one way or the other the condemned where he could just say murderer then put in his name always get the name in desert as you can walk the last mile to the recently constructed execution chamber and became the first to pay the penalty in the state's new electric chair hey jeggings innocence to the very last has he had done throughout the trial never walk with a smile and always good sure sure did he keep saying it all through the trial trial right he kept saying it all through both trials I'm innocent I didn't kill Tim Hara now Gettys see that if you hear just how the murder was committed here we go again boys this is Tim Harris room Hara is sitting in this chair God you sit here your help and you stand you know hand over further that's right now it is the murder the door is right here directly behind you the murder weapon murder weapon and we need two cops Frank you'll now be the cops no never mind I'll be both now I am cruising along are you shot see something finds the fastest he'll make what I stopped my car right upstairs and what do I find ours did was six lucky the murderer is standing right here I waited over further I tried he's standing right there with a hot gun in his Hall six chambers fired another soul of the room and the door closed and the laboratory proves that the bullets from this gun killed Tim Harris I had open-and-shut case but the boy never admits it Oh Majan that he cooks up a cock-and-bull story right out of Grimm's fairy tale I heard six shots behind me I saw Tim Harris slump I turned fast to see who had fired those shots I never did see someone hit me right here in the stomach punch must have knocked me out and I came to it couldn't have been more than a minute the police came I had this hot gun in my hand it wasn't mine I never had one but I was holding the gun that killed Kim hare how do you like that for a defense how is shot by a ghost that nobody saw not even the boy and he wasn't 3 feet from the door right back up nobody but a half foot would have dreamed that wound up he could have pleaded self-defense or insanity but not this cookie he stuck to the ghost story and nobody could make him change his own lawyer didn't believe how could he nobody believed him nobody believed nobody I didn't do it how could he [Music] he never heard anything in his whole life of course there was that girl that he was going to marry she stuck to him right ah puppy love II don't even make a story she hasn't got any more brains than he makes you an expert on brain boy don't are you worked on my Bimmer do you think you must have been the thing that fooled me was how he got tied in with Tamara that's fast company in any league and this kid was strictly a butcher a cub reporter used to do ladies club assignments charity picnics era took a liking to me when I came to wonder feeling once about some charity he was running kept asking me to come back to see him pretty soon I was running errands for him but he didn't want me to quit the paper he said a reporter could move about anyplace no one would get suspicious yeah that's one thing I could never figure out what Harris saw in the boy me neither the biggest politician in the state the biggest connection the biggest crook and the biggest mom that hijacking mafia has alone must have netted him a couple of million a year there was a truck on the road but he didn't get tipped off about they hijack everything truckload after truckload nylons woolen soaps liquor furs everything and his mom never got caught not once the cops never even made an arrest how come you never cracked it hotshot you're a local paper it was right under your nose we never even suspected herre he was too slick and he had perfect Patek must have been plenty high up what I wanted to find out was who was giving Herod his protection if I could find that out I could break the story in my paper and smash up the Harrow mob all by myself and I'd be somebody somebody important a star player like you said not just sitting in the bleachers all my life imagine the nerve of that peanut saying he was gonna smash the hair above all by himself he might have been on the level how can you tell what goes on inside a kid like that if he even on the level he too told me you're the boss I could have shown him how to crack that story maybe he didn't trust you that alone would Probie had brain that story is right out of horatio alger from cub to star reporter in one easy jump he must have wanted a byline he'll get it tonight in the obits collar well I I guess that's all [Music] do you believe me yes I believe you well neighbors milk train is pulling into the router we'll be on the air again as usual at midnight tonight to bring you your favorite recording this is your old milk train conductor say and the sunrise this is station kV AC signing off until our regular broadcast time today the plot come in again won't you well son you've got the whole story news color evidence and the personal opinions of all the experts on other people's lives you think you can write it I don't know but thanks I'll try I guess I'm a little confused who isn't they were all against that boy but somehow I get the feeling that you believed his story did you sound a benefice didn't if ever since I was younger than you are and I've learned only one thing from it when people sit in judgment of other people they're butting into his business I don't judge I just report Frank is getting awfully late what are you supposed to keeping that buzz I'll go back and see if topsis heard any more oh you heard any more about the bus no but they'll be along presently they won't but to show on our two fathers hey Frank come here man will you remember any of these they're all pretty ancient my candles pinkie Moscow ski Steve mobile pad Foucault yep they brought them all back alive except the parrot parrot Foucault how long's he been dead Oh about three years I guess they fished him out of the river in the cement block yeah I remember you know something Frank what if he were alive they'd been Tim Allen's murder on him way to them it had his trademark didn't it yeah six shots from a 38 revolver fire so fast they sounded like one the parrot was the only man who could shoot like that hey might be an angle yeah you follow up I can't talk to the NED too bad I've often wondered what they'd say hey pops huh did you ever need any other use waterfalls known as you know your collections out of date isn't it I guess so I've been meaning to clean it up I'll never get around to it oh if somebody keeps me from getting my work done well there's nothing like pictures of old fans of it you know I've been looking at them faces so long they do seem like old friends take that pirate paruko follow for instance the one with the Polly nose and the flappy ears sometimes I imagine you speaking to me say no you're really cooking cookin sure you've just given me my first story idea a postmaster who's been looking at the wanted poster so long it finally talks to him that's good good human interest that'll make me a swell or somebody feature fine fine now maybe you put bothering me with questions I'm a half hour behind with my mail hey pop who's that that is a trustee on the hill picks up the mail form he's been coming here every morning for years any story on him I couldn't say I don't keep asking questions like some how long's he in for but his age life why something to do with that same parrot felucca fella we've been talking about he noticed that poster of the parrot about three years ago when I first acted up he got some mad I thought he throw fit what'd he say he said he was doing this stretch because the parrot framed him a wall wall ago when the pirate was one of the biggest mobsters in this section and then never mention it again don't you know the details mine on John's Kim you're gonna knock four questions oh well you may leaned ready to go out yet I don't know where my head is this morning call yourself a mother coffee I'll call you when I'm ready [Music] morning pops month shan't here today yeah yeah we know you men don't go under little six o'clock do you that's right six o'clock it'll be over by then what will it be James George oh yeah hey you know what's funny I should run into you this way because I came all the way out here especially just to look you up directions then guard same as usual the feature editor kept telling me about you he said I should be sure to find you said you were one of the most colorful men he's ever talked to maybe you remember him Jim Reynolds cigar Reynolds wants me to do a piece on one of the toughest characters this country of isola he said you're the only man that ever had the courage to stand up to him and that you could give me plenty of dope I'm I'm talking about parrot protocol never heard you kid [Music] this is the kind of stuff you want to get into your story what this truck can those men guarding it pulling up here just before the execution truck how does that fit in crow freight lines Tim Harrah's mob hijack dozens of their trucks you guys do your sleeping fast I want that load delivered before tonight okay Blackie just a couple of uh no he was really burning the way he looked in time go get your shut-eye yeah be right whether you call us your eggs will be ready in a few minutes be right with you Blackie just bring me coffee black all right what time do you want me to wake you not later than 8:00 the boss wants to get moving yeah he's kind of jumpy today Bowie seems like this thing's took all of everybody the short calls huh [Music] I'll come you're waiting on table where's the girl you couldn't expect her to be working today why why the boys gone to the chair you know about that Mary the papers poor child I don't know how she's gonna keep living with him gone why what's he to her they growed up together since it was kid I was gonna get married didn't she tell you she never talked about herself no she ain't that kind she come to work here the same time they sent him to the death heart you remember the way she wanted to be close so she could see him every visiting day she had me fooled I didn't know she had trouble like that it's a good kid it's too bad Hashmi get no ID ready only got two hands it'll be a half hour yet yeah he's waiting everybody's jumping today won't know why you haven't come back with a man should've told him I resign I got a job I'm gonna like better breed of course if I were in yours as our spot any different from yours if you have two along for this bus come in coming in you won't even make your last additions well you won't get to a phone me faster than we will I don't have to worry I suppose you find your stories by television no I use the phone but I file this one last night while you were all sleeping genius this is one time we'll beat the radio the boss hates newscasters and you get your stories from a crystal ball no bums these things are all alike and if you know your business you can find them in your sleep I can and I had 35 the executioner pulls the switch if I have 36 we'll be on the streets and your hands will be waiting for the bus how much longer you're gonna be we ain't got all day take it eat all you've got to do is throw a switch I've got to make it work no matter make it worth my 5:35 you've been messing around with that take it easy I said it'll be ready on time are you getting along all right now I have to check through the hole feeder circuit but I'm sure we've got the voltage up to where we need it how much longer will you be all about five minutes just a couple of connections in the test there's no chance of a slip-up is it not anymore just those you understand both of you this is no time for gruesome mistakes I'll hold you personally responsible look deputy I've never had any failure so far I don't intend to start now it'll be ready on time all right then you check with me in my office in 10 minutes check the men from the loose Clippers are here sir Adam wait I'll come for them when we're ready yes sir you'll tell her all that won't you everything and tell her not to think about anything else because that's what I'll be thinking about I will [Music] and car I've always loved her and I always always isn't very long now is and I always will I just wanted to see how you were he's fine Jim fine I wish all men could be assured as he is is she here couldn't believe I forgot to tell you yeah she's in the warden's office with his wife will you wait here for a few minutes Jim I've got to talk to her Charlotte is all I know I'll be back you won't forget anything I told you Padre not one word [Music] [Applause] I can't tell you how sorry I am I should have come here when the warden told it's all right I know she'd be she sent you [Music] I have a message for you he told me to tell you not to cry and not to grieve if you do that you'll only make him very unhappy you wouldn't want to do that would you [Music] he doesn't want you to think about anything that's happening now or anything that's going to happen will you try he wants you to think only of all the beautiful wonderful times used to spend together because that's what he's talking about if you want to be together with him now that's what you must keep thinking about you remember that picnic at Schuster's Grove were you and he won the dancing Cup although he hardly know how to dance you did all the leading and he just kept stepping on your feet big wasn't that bad remember how you fool the judges every time I thought I'm looking at it I'd swing him around real fast that's right remember what the contest Joe just said it with a bit of step that out we was spinning on purpose and you won the Cup yeah and then he said we ought to celebrate and he went to the soda fountain and had them fill a cup full of bread but what happened that raspberry sundae I think he's spill it all over your new dress yeah we were so worried because we were afraid the stains wouldn't come out but I had the dress time the same car as the syrup and it turned out beautiful pretty isn't new why sure because that's the dress you wore when you won the beauty contest the highest go prom he was very proud of you I was proud of him too you've saved up for my first crush - real hardened after the problem remembered ho but kids went to Dreamland park does remind you of anything sure I've got mine too I wouldn't give it away for anything see we still laugh and we look at it because right after it was taken new wooden horse fell upon you put it on the floor and then you sneaked away from the other kid [Music] Ferris wheel hello right up on top and the wheel got stuck they didn't get a fix for hours he can't play now we do Calliope they thought we'd get scared up there all along if they stop the music you remember that music I'll never forget it we were right up almost in the sky we thought if we can just reach out we can touch the stars and that's what you promised each other that you'd always be together oh and after that you kept going back just to ride the ferris wheel hey you can't doping it with again you'll keep your promise to him won't you and you will not anything coming to your mind except just what we've been talking about you'd be very happy now I have another message that he wants you to keep remembering and remembering and saying it's say because that's what you say I've always loved you and I always will I've always loved you and I've always loved him I always will we love you promised [Music] you promised him I've always loved cue [Music] ready how is she just as you wanted to be she's wonderful everything well ready you're sure positive everything checked perfect the meter shows 1,800 volts all right we go ahead standby notify everybody on that list I gave you that we go ahead on schedule yes 5:35 I'll bring the newspaperman in now I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help my help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth when I consider thy heavens the work of thy fingers the moon the stars which thou hath ordained the Lord shall preserve me from all evil he shall preserve my soul lord preserveth my going out and my coming into this time the or developed of my soul remember O Lord thy tender mercies and thy loving-kindness for they have been ever of old turned the unto me and have mercy upon me for I am desolate and afflicted hear my cry O God attendant to my prayer from the end of the earth will I cry unto thee when my heart is overwhelmed thou has to given me the heritage of those that fear thy name show me thy ways o Lord teach me thy path lead me in thy truth and teach me for thou art the God of my salvation on thee do I wait all the day [Music] in the old Lord do I put my trust deliver me in thy righteousness into thine hand I commit my spirit thou hast redeemed me O Lord God [Music] that's it make sure I feel sick and tried yeah he was so young but don't see younger old were all living on borrowed time what about this girl what about her I think she might need some do what's he gonna do with him gone who know it seemed like he was all she was living for I wouldn't be surprised if she yeah tough Pop's yes can I see that gun of yours God what for I just want to look at it you know I can't let you handle that gun I just want to look at it oh you are the your mind yeah I guess so see that guy over the front table yeah that's parrot through coup rook what are you talking about what about him who's he he's wanted for five killings you heard about the guy that always gave him a balloon six lugs five days that's him let me see that Mike he don't look any more like this picture than we do besides this guy's been dead for years what do you think of this all of a sudden ain't all of us and I've been thinking about the wrong time White's wait until now to tell us you and him ain't never been in here - same time before I tell you it's the parent he's had his face fixed and they died that red area is entirely urban in so long I have a month now every morning his truck is stopped here but I ain't never let him see me the way he walks and talk to them eyes of his only shifting he can't fool me I'd knowed him too you're crazy if I am into Kennedy him he should be doing this rep extended me enough 26 I playing detective yeah go tell me a male get going with you [Applause] boy are you really going something d mister [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] drug me up on a hill nor the excuses then fall no not cancel just most home go back for going back in about 20 minutes they said they try again Jimmy you've got to get those papers back off the streets you've gotta you've got to stop deliveries they didn't execute him the chair broke down what well how can it be my fault I never touched the chair no statement they said I don't think they don't yet what happened I never saw anything I didn't it was a horrible night man when they threw the switch high voltage flashes cracked all over the room it was gruesome I thought it would all be killed no I never touched a boy in the chair there isn't a mark on it no all the flashes were shooting away from the chair seems as if they were trying not to touch the board how could I know I'm no fortune-teller yes they did call the governor he said try again no more refresh I took him back to herself no that boy was the only one who wasn't scared just kept smiling although he seemed to be thinking about something else but you've got to get those papers back off the streets this the worst boner we've ever pulled yes Jim yes Jim no Jim this was dance yes mr. Hansen no miss Jansen yes sir yes no sir yes sir okay crystal ball what do you see now scoop the radio tomorrow's news today his boss hates newscaster oh yes he loves him well sir well 46 kept trying to tell us that this Blackie was parrot Farouk oh he found an old wanted poster the parrot and kept waving it around it didn't add up to us because spikey don't look any more like parrot paruko than I do there wasn't he stopped an old 46 he had to like he'd gone out of his mind but yes sir they've got lucky in the bus now yes it will be right there you wanted to bring this Blackie up of the prisons they bait hole in there from State Police warden says it's okay to bring him in he's calling the State Police tell those newspaper boys we'll send a bus back [Music] okay sign on the execution now get this that's 30 on the execution but here's another item no they didn't go if they're murder here it might be big some trucker John only are lacking the old convict was called for nice technical event I've got a solution it's another story yeah kofi times something about third for Rico remember him to check the files that's right the Big Shot funeral aren't Farook oh yes about three years ago they pitched Imelda River in the cement block no I don't know anymore but this is murder yes what's wrong crystal balls the boss love you anymore I bet you told the boss last night that old Khan was going to be murdered he says he isn't interested in anybody being murdered unless it's me take that cord off his wrist give me the identification office Walters I want a set of prints made here in my office check them against parent Farook oh remember him he served a term here of a felony we released him in 44 or 45 check the files right you men come with me I want your statement Silas you [Music] is that the girl yeah [Music] Oh Oh guys must be crazy dwell look like parrot Farooq oh I'll let you know in a few minutes [Music] I agree when you pray for me isn't God listening he is what big idiot [Music] Peter second what the groundin is shorted out that's why it through fire and sparks all around the outlet where their wires come through the conduit to the chair you've got it fixed yes we're ready there's no chance of a slip-up now did you make your test yes test perfect look I'm too tired to tell you what I think now but if anything happens this I tell you it's perfect I'm going to make test of that chair myself if I have to do it with you in it when I tell you enough and they'll happen it works perfect all right stand by get me Sanderson hello Sanderson why does it always take you so long to answer this intercom I put aloud a buzzer on ER to get a hearing aid if those reporters gotten there yet okay take them into the chamber I'll bring the boy in myself [Music] [Music] here are those prints you want a definite [Music] [Music] no-no-no [Music] [Music] we can't delay it any longer Jim hiya parent play that's quite a job they did on your face only the dist but they didn't do so well on your fingerprints the kid have everything tell me that cement block they fished up from the river yeah they identified the body as yours how did you do it his tricks in every trade five previous murders and one this morning six shots each time you must be partial to sixth yeah it's my lucky number this time I shot a seven what do you mean you didn't count in herre mm harren yeah the girl is right the boy didn't do it [Music] did you know we couldn't the current failed all over the prison there's no electricity by the chaplains taking him back to his cell I can't understand what head surround him I want you to listen to this why did you kill Tim Hara he was hijacking my trucks what about the boy he had nothing to do with it he was telling the truth supper are you telling the truth he had nothing to lose six killings or seven you only go once why did you wait till now to say this you didn't have care for Rico until now I'm no sucker and you'd let an innocent boy go to the chair and that girl there's cinema a warden you'll sign a confession why not get a stenographer take it easy let's put a piece of paper in the typewriter [Music] give me the governor [Music] he always you [Music]