The TRUTH about 5G and WiFi Barrie Trower Conference

[Music] okay good evening everybody thank you very much for coming I organized this event today because I'm very concerned not the broad Allen 5g technology now my name is John Kitson I'm running person for an independent as candidate for the upcoming election in it's honest constituency and part of my plan is that I will keep 5g out it's honest I believe that healthy is fundamental also I will give back my entire salary if I get elected to environmental groups in the constituency and I want people to write into the totnes times their local paper asked which basically announced which cause which charity which environmental cause you would like to support and I will then publish in the paper each month which requirements of course I will be supporting I think 5g with so many different things but I'm really standing for the environment and for the health of our community and this is why I set out my website 5g awareness calm and my youtube 5 to you awareness I have a few thousand people following the unis on my youtube channel and I'm here fundamentally because they care and I care about all living things not just people the environment works in says it's an analyst and I think we need to really create a more healthier world and we need to learn about what this technology is doing to us so thank you tonight and tonight we've got two emergency exits here so on the front and at the back just in case of fire and we've also got toilets downstairs so that's at the back to the exit that I'm pointing towards at the back left we will have an interval after about one hour and then you can go for a toilet break ten-minute interval you can also look at some of the information that we've got on the back table is also at donations blue bucket there on that table this is a free event but we really want to get any donations that anybody can offer with stickers so yeah we're going to also circulated lists so that people can write down their contact information if they want to stay updated about 5g and stay in touch because we really want to create a local meetup group that meets regularly to discuss how to move forward regarding this topic and I'll be circulating those after the talk commences so we're very fortunate to have Barry travel here today who's come over 5g and yeah we're very lucky to have him I met Barry a year ago as has Jason Lea status is joining us today who did an interview with him and I'd like you to give a big round of applause without our [Applause] I'll just like to say this that I work for free and any money you put in the pocket doesn't come and I'll just explain myself very very briefly I started studying microwaves in 1959 for the military my military training in microwave alter my first degree I studies specialized in new electronic physics and I concentrated my dissertation was on absorption of the far end of one of the way by second degree I started thinking processes environmental influences on thinking processes including somewhat revised effective right I also have a teaching diploma in human physiology a little boy I live just down the road from our seniors neighbors I used to live down the road at Darlington for many many years and I'm talking to all the key thoughts a level physics and maths and some physiology during the Cold War I spent 11 years talking to captured spies who trained in microwave warfare when microwave was benefit is now being used for Spartan I'm the author of the confidential reports on tetra airwave for the Police Federation of England and Wales I also wrote a fire confidential reports for the senior officers and since I think that snow is that though I travel the world I talk to boil two governments I want to run through not just reply please explain why we are in this mess my problems were known to cause illness to all living things and Johnson officer talked about an hour then we'll have a break anyone who has to leave and then microwaves were known intercourse for me and what document its way back in 1932 by the 1940s 1950s it was apparent that a lot of harm could be caused from low-level microwave radiation and the first organization to really document this because then the military were involved in all of the research in 1971 the Naval Medical Research Institute which is the United States Research Institute they referenced 2300 the documents listing that microwaves could harm any living thing including humans so by 1971 everything was known that we needed to know about microwaves since 1971 it has been a government system I think this is one of the most shameful documents ever to be published in our 40,000 generation human history following this the year following this there was a meeting with the world health organization designed to represent us and keep us safe the document here for the World Health Organization this did a hundred and seven very serious illnesses a hundred and seven different types of illness that we can contract from long term lower level lower than you have in your cell phones and Wi-Fi lower than any of that we're not talking one over here another in strength of radar strength this is what they called below the thermal when he wouldn't even notice it so the year after all of these were notice towers a top-secret meeting it was in Poland they listed a hundred and seven major illnesses or major things that can go wrong right through the body from the brain the spins of the heart it was I don't know who authorized this somebody who has power over the world they ordered this to be kept top secret and I have my own copy it's still sent if it stands for the bigger rate of secret and even today they will know that music exists even today later so the World Health Organization who the world trusts to the carpet are actually sitting on the top-secret documents explaining that micronized always for all systems can cause major damage to everybody I think that document is only superseded by this one following this talk and I was around during all of this going on following this talk the United States Defense Intelligence Agency since a letter to all Western governments a top-secret letter to all Western governments in by Western governments I'm talking Europe the United Kingdom Australia New Zealand Canada and basically this letter explains why we are in this problem today and it says if the more advanced nations of the West are straight in the enforcement of exposure standards there could be unfavorable effects on industrial military function in other words what they're asking governments to do is set a safety level that can never be challenged in court right and what they are saying is that the only reason for this is to protect industrial documents or if we put it in one word profits and they also want to be kept from the military because the military and the police are very heavy users of microwave transmitters with their communication systems and it is known and published that particularly military personnel I have known eight and we had one here in our world Marines fairly recently got a life sentence for murder in the filter on the news and it is published that if you use these a lot it can cause severe neurological home and make you not think straight but you're trying to make a decision when sergeant Blackmon was being court-martialed I sent all of the evidence to his defense counsel I spoke to them on the day of his trial versus Fort Marshall and the words I got back from his defense counsel who are of course governments because it supported it's a military court the world I got back from his defense counsel is or was we will not use that in his defense it could have been proven he could have been found not guilty they would not introduce the enemies know this appear asking Western governments to set a safety level basically that could not be challenged the government's went back to an engineer or sworn in 1953 who calculated that from radiation entering your body you should not be exposed to it for more than one hour and it is a thermal calculation only in other words it is how warm the radiation will eat you in one hour he said [Music] that is the one that stands today it has never been updated changed anything he ignored as government's are today they normal the effects of the electromagnetic a part of the electromagnetic wave how they interact how they interact the cellular processes and the cellular processes in the brain all of that signals what the government have today in this country your safety level than mine and in the other countries for 42% of the planets the safety level is if you do not feel warm to in six minutes everything is deemed safe for a lifetime exposure whether you're pregnant or not six minutes the clever part of that is they know and I know that with respect you probably don't microwaves warm from the inside Alex and your heat sensors are not on the inside of your body there are bodies on your skin so by following the United States guidance here what we have done is we have set a safety level for every single person in the United Kingdom it is only five or six minutes when they when they put a pylon up with all the transmitters on it's still a recycle system but what they're saying is within six minutes it would be impossible for you to go to court because you don't have the biological processes to detect it so there are no win-win situation and this is in this document then after they advised the Western governments not to be strict with the safety level they say if you are exposed to microwave radiation below thermal letters that is it all communications cellphone towers whitefly everything smart meters they are all classified as a low thermal level so all the communications industry after those up on them and then they list all of the illnesses and they start off I won't look in the rear okay they start off with headache fatigue aspiring dizziness menstrual disorders irritability vegetation tending and drowsiness sleeplessness depression anxiety forgetfulness lack of concentration and then they go right through down the body to neurotoxins crossing the blood-brain barrier developing severe neurological symptoms dying or becoming seriously impaired that is what at the same time again these are all obviously classified top secret but I still have my friends in the spy world I get the copies this again is classified world health organisation again it's something they will not share with you at this time 80% 80% of their data to do with microwaves shows cancer and neurological damage 80% and it is all big cats and everybody our governments when they make a decision they rely on the minister to stand up in Parliament and brief Parliament's the minister goes to public health England what was that keep changing them public health England public health England go to what is the International Commission in normalizing radiation protection they are the key body I happen to know that's the emeritus professor who advises this International Commission several years ago I was talking to a government I exposed him as a person who's being played by the communications industry and represents us organization Michael Robert Toby now I think he is professor at University of and those of you here who have spoken to governments you all know and you will confirm that when you when you talk to a governance you sign to say that you have freedom of speech like MPs in our Parliament you have freedom of speech but if you lie they will take you straight to their child and they start talking years not weeks and I took advantage of this freedom of speech and I said I believe the gentleman was professor of opportunity I said I believe the gentleman following me is a paid consultant for the communications industry an ins an advisor the chief adviser for the World Health Organization and I believe that that is a conflict of interest thank you very much when they burst in and you have to admit that he was it was taken to court he lost his job the World Health Organization but the damage was done and it is still his work today the International Commission that's our government scientists rely on and it's 42 percent of the planets the advice they give to our government is it's not secret it's in the document but I have been to many many places in the UK up into many many countries that waive the International certificate in my place and say we follow these guidelines and I think good thank you very much and I say this to any council and if I can talk to Exeter Devon them know it is the first question I ask and I'll say you follow the international guidelines on it yes sir good have you read the document you are quoting at me and you are making your decision and that is a good question to ask them if you are placing a counselor or a decision-maker they all abide by this and a good question is have you read it and today's not in doing this 25 years which we've been doing this 25 years old and today so I've never met a single decision maker who has read the documents that they are quoting and they are setting and I have and I'm going to read just a couple of sentences because if they did read it we wouldn't be in this mess first of all it says that it is the International Commission it is a general guideline it is not law it is a general guideline to measure heat only then they say for example children the elderly chronically ill people might might have a low tolerance for one or more forms of non ionizing radiation those are microwaves they may have a low tolerance and the rest of the population it also says that there are particular members of the population who are sensitive so there are knowledgeable that certain members of the population may suffer and decision-makers are advised to it says deploying these general procedures they differ across the non ionizing radiation spectrum these procedures this is for decision making these procedures require scientific judgments that is reviewing scientific literature and determining appropriate reduction factors if you are a decision-maker and you have people who can be made sick you are requirement if you are following this family you are required to find out who is sick you are required to read scientific literature and you are required to set a standard that is below the level that people cannot be made from that requires evidence if you say to me Mary you are giving us a talk well I want to see the evidence of where you get your information from I was a murder when John came out last week and said to me will I do a talk I said yes and in my living room at the moment I have 1,700 research papers spread out in groups you're welcome to come and pick up any one of 17 papers we're trying producers of this and I will happily answer questions on all of them now if you're a school principal or a governor or an employer or counselor and you are making a decision you must be able to validate your decision you cannot just say well that's going out and not know the safety guidelines and not know who's going to be affected it requires research I want to move on to fight you and once we want to fight P and I'm not to specify here I really don't know thing about long I'm going to read long this is a legal document from a European legal firm of lawyers to notice 5g they looked into fly sheet and I'll just want to read a part of their conclusion which is just for business it says and this is stated this year I think it was June this latest international firm it is the conclusion of this legal opinion that establishing and activating and 5g network as it is currently described would be in contravention of current human and environmental laws enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child EU regulations and the owner and conventions now 5g isn't new there are to my knowledge seventeen research papers showing five key causes or seventeen plus one this is the one I brought along this again is a top-secret document in your Gallagher this is a top-secret documents in 1977 the Soviets experimented on the flightkey frequencies the ones that we are now putting out and they experimented on large animals 97 humans and a series of I'd like to read you the results of 5g this is going to upset some of you the Soviets they used a level of 50 radiation I'm looking into units I'm just going to give a number the Soviets used the level of sixty two units of 5g radiation now you can legally today be exposed to a hundred and forty hundred and forty units the Soviets you over 262 and used sixty two units you can have a level of 140 whether you like more than twice the Soviets in the sixty two units of energy the Soviets exposed the species I mentioned for fifteen minutes a day for 60 days so in other words of 15 15 minutes 60 days 15 hours they found demonization of the nervous system in other words the ability to then develop motor neuron disease I don't know how to write - no idea but depolarization of the nervous system which is in generating the filter $1 ultra sensitivity through writes noise hi skin liver problems brain problems adrenals is blood and are specifically eyes those of you protesting against 5g - very eminent professors in Europe emeritus professor from Finland and then Adele who is a professor of oncology in Sweden they wrote a brilliant letter which I have here they wrote a brilliant mathematician open letter you can is it is addressed to mr. secretary-general and as the Nordic Prime Minister's there are both medical doctors and they also went in and - that's from their deduction of research fetuses children stem cells the children human sperm the honey they were also suffer it's it's known the honey bee there was an experiment carried out recently the honey bee is totally saturated by twenty four gigahertz which isn't going to be a very very common 5g frequency it will wipe out the bees it totally saturates every fluid in that way along with all the other news but particularly by the the open that's upon the two professors they go into again European Wars and it is a particularly good letter which you can photocopy then take to anybody that you want to stop 5g one thing that really upsets me about 5g [Music] it is known throughout the world I started getting phone calls from all over this country and all over the world with people saying why are they cutting down our trees and I looked into this and it has been discovered that trees inhibits or stop 5g and I won't go through all of the countries in the world places now but councils and governments are now felling trees to make way for 5g I had a call from mortar there's the the reasons are very from what country you are in Walter a lady Arachne lady counselor by noon another she rang me to say the government's are pulling all the trees down so that the motorists can have a better view of our congested roads Sydney have just put a straightforward application in as they would in Australia and say we're going to cut all the trees down because they want 5g something that worries me here in our advertiser a local advertiser not last quite either one before that agree this order from the language we are to come 70 million trees throughout the UK one of the reasons given is to stop the spread of dying back Tim bridge have announced they're going to cut down ninety thousand trees I'm not for that for the same reason Devon in this in the same paper ever Council and I'd like to talk to them Devon Council are going to cut down four hundred and forty thousand trees along the roads along the road I'm not sure why but with five keeping 55t is going to be put on the and mainly along the roads because it's a very short range microwave but five can be stopped by treats and if you want five please you have to cut the trees down and I think I would like the council if I can talk to them to get I would like a second opinion on how many trees weather is really 70 million needed coloring just to prevent a to think this is the decision of one person who is signing a contract for five g's I think we need to look into who's cutting all the trees down honest answer another thing that concerns me and a gentleman here mentioned a friend of security and lowers trees or conservative trees are not just trees people people don't realize the importance of tree around three quarters of every fish is true and when you when you study the biological webs food world's food chains trees spread their leaves the leaves go into the streams they decay micro organisms feed on this decay and it spreads down into the the lakes the Seas and the microorganisms you have this whole ecology where you have too much more business and thus more efficient in the river fish but when you analyze a fishing this is published when you analyze a fish around 70 percent of a fish comes from a tree and within this process you have one per organisms which are called Coco with applause and Coco did the most simple with the micro organism in a very bright on the chamber but they are vitally important to us because in the little cycle of what they do they produce a molecule called dimethyl some lights and they release dimethyl sulfide it goes into the atmosphere and drifts into the sky and at this point in time dimethyl sulfide is the only molecule the only chemical that is known to be used in cloud formation so when we are cutting down our 70 million trees and everything else when you start interfering with the trees you interfere the microorganisms in the lakes and by that you interfere with the cloud interplay interfere with cloud formation when you interfere with that is the biologists for though you interfere with the water cycle the carbon cycle the rocks like knock all of the other side they're always interleaved if we're going to cut down trees for 5g we are going to start changing the weather with less clouds we get less rain and ecology so it's not just a question of let's cut down 70 million trees in just in this country we are going to change the biological cycles the other great portrait and to university biology professors specializing this scentless we are going to affect the insects we know five T or what not the base but the other insects will also suffer they have a very large surface area to volume ratio in other words if they're a bit like a sail on a yacht insects and trees are designs for a large surface area they have big wings insects they don't pick up the radiation if you go over the Amazon forest and look at the canopy of the leaves it is an enormous surface area and the moment you start putting up your two and a quarter million satellites and things trees cannot stand 5g it kills them there have been experiments on asking trees and other plants we are going to destroy the trees with 5g calm down we're gonna destroy them but what an assassin myself altogether there are I won't read the list altogether there are a hundred and sixty-eight countries trying to stop Frankie it's not just me there are a hundred and sixty-eight countries trying to stop for achievement that is published in this country in fact the editor of a science journal son and the best one meet us last night and said are you reading a list of people are stopping black tea very often yeah he said will you add through walls and glass them great about this done that way I do know that Bristol Liverpool areas of lots of people trying to stop it or successfully stopping it it is happening and I have a list here of 24 countries that are having enough you know NC 5 degree SS 24 countries here on the 25th of January there's coming January they're going to her they stop 5g so it is gaining momentum worldwide I want to just run through what I have read about the law so this agenda has only needs to be you won't have heard about this in this country we've actually had a legal will success in this country you don't care about the circuit the BBC or the other broadcasting companies because they are owns or are in business with the main Community Relations industries but we've had a teacher in this country have full sickness li and full compensation and early retirements because he taught in a classroom with Wi-Fi and it made a meal when support anyone which we actually have a precedent in this country but there are several countries where people have gone to court in one country Italy they have five like more judgments against the industry for people there are seven countries altogether where people have gone to the court and war against industry no legal or the three P's adults and I don't know what I'm talking about I'm going to read them anyway there is the UN Convention 1989 United Nations each state has a legal responsibility to protect children and ensure maximum developments articles 19 and six Children's Act 1989 of three section 17 places and legal obligation on local authorities to protect children against harm or risk upon expands apart from any other law because you can win with just a likelihood or a perceived risk that is all that is necessary it does not need proof I think when a virus that was in my house he said that is actually designed for children in care so it means it refers to children are the doctor or foster locks under counsel care but in any school there's always one child under care somewhere the Nuremberg code UN 1950 article 7 prohibits any experiment without consent these are all experiments the Tetra airway of the police are using that is actually designed as an experiment I wrote the safety report condemning it the Tetra everybody they are still walking around with is designed as an experiment an epidemiological experiment to see how many people will get cancer it is an experiment under EU law a strategic environmental assessment should be carried out at 5g under EU law a strategic environmental assessment should be carried out before 5g a legitimate this is the general talking about this I can understand one saying this is a treatise of civil governments Second Treatise chapter to a legitimate government must preserve the rights to life liberty and health of its citizens and you have a health and safety directive first of July in this country 1st of July 2016 employers in number five inmates employers must protect those are higher susceptibility in their appointment monitor health for electromagnetic radiation both thermal and non-thermal atoms look for harm or symptoms of auditory sensory disturbance changing brain function and anything else and if you complain the employer is under law to do something about it I just want to finish please because people make sense in the okay Barry where is the proof where is the evidence I just have just a list of 17 things here and they are lots of questions if people have them on smart meters and Wi-Fi smart meters and anything else I just want to finish off please with a list of 70 new things to let me know that not only is or was predicted back in 1971 but it is actually happening there are cases now from around the world of children dying from Wi-Fi in class a GP doctor some of you have heard of dr. Erica Mallory deployed she runs a medical doctors organisation in the UK for medical doctors to stop all of this and has a list of a hundred and thirty six studies where children have been harmed in school from low-level radiation there are some 148 Studies on child suicide one of the first symptoms of microwave sickness is and you can ask about the brain processes later one of the first items is suicidal tendencies a pediatrician in Israel went into shortages of primary source or velocity evidence for primary school I think this is the same case a pediatrician and a neurologist went into a scholar they found 31 children with physical and neurological damage they eliminated every other possible cause and determined that 31 children adjusted once more were found he gave evidence this is a doctor fellow he gave evidence in the High Court being Israel for this and it's not surprising I wrote a paper several years ago where a suite was done across France and Spain and just a springboard sweet ripe response in Spain and they found 200 schools that had Wi-Fi and transmitters in the school grounds they found 200 schools clusters with star and children 200 schools act at one time and publish them and there were eight different types of cancer okay pregnant women there is a 20-fold higher danger in the world which of course is fluid a twenty four fire level danger in the group because it absorbs more radiation nature publications probably the world's leading scientific journal has said nonviolent radiation as with cellphones will cause by a miscarriage the World Health Organization published that these levels you can't expect a 47.7% miscarriage or genetically damaged the trial rate 47.7% now if you mathematically look at this and when I talk to governments I say don't think of that as a number think of that forty seven percent is roughly half your exposed population of pregnant women in twenty years you're going to lose a heart of your healthy children a further 20 years if you do nothing you are down to a quarter and a further 20 years you are down to one eighth in 60 years you will only have one in eight of your children being born healthy that is the World Health Organization not me saying this and very recently last year year before the European Academy for environmental medicine not a bunch of idiots by any means very very talented and clever doctors and professors they decided to test this and they say they said it's not 47.7% we make it 48 percent so they come out random of the certificate very very funny you won't have seen this on the news again along this same line Michael Deborah Turner who is the editor another scientific journal he has published this for animals and he has said that quite a few species could be extinct in five generations with humans on slanging it's three you signed on the motors five but that's the way it is done as an example of this and they can this isn't published because they don't really want you to know about this but there is a science of special scientific interest in Australia it is a mountain range and forests with beautiful countryside Nature Reserve it's called Nadi and knotty pine there are now a hundred and fifty-three papers to my knowledge on this because the communication industry said what a beautiful place let's set up our transmitters and a result ensemble and within a few years ever that could leave has left everything that could not need has died the trees have died and the last paper I read the scientists said even the micro organisms that keep the soil of life have died the entire sites of scientific interest Site of Special Scientific Interest not anything in Australia they're trying to keep it secret but if you if you go to it on the internet you will find a motel organisation scientists has children can have long-term and DNA damage from this there is a global increase now attributed to microwaves thirteen percent increase in childhood cancers there are 26 studies separate studies showing Wi-Fi in a small classroom can cause cancer a gentleman longneck L AM BCH 2014 years ago published a paper on all of the Harlan you can expect problem smart meters there is a huge frontal temporal lobe of your hotel sovereign's a huge increase in total lung cancer a Swiss study found from 700 children using cell phones that they were suffering from memory loss and multiple emeritus professor Martin Hall washington state university admitting knowing well he has made a list if you want positive proof put into somebody research papers that have been independently funded independently peer-reviewed by top science magazines independently published published there are 18 showing fertility damage 21 showing DNA damage cancer 13 showing that the pulses the modulations will cause it's up to 700 different types of illness 25 psychiatric illnesses and 35 on cancer preventive cancer finally insects are down now the realms of 70% from microwaves 24 Giga Hertz our one of the frequencies we are using is known to decimate bees and this year when they were charged in Parliament the Minister stood up after being having everything thrown a minister from MPs made miss 2090 there is no evidence of harm from electromagnetic frequencies therefore this house must consider that everything is safe now that was this year one thing that frightens me motion is a personal thing we're having a quarter of a million plus satellites going up or nine and companies putting satellites up a PVC are involved in some of those other communications but one thing I think that worries me most personal thing is that Google are taking charge of 5g the whole of the Amazon forest [Applause] we're going to thank you very so much for coming today and for all the information that you've provided on all of the expertise we're going to commence with a 10-minute break at the back of the hall as I said you know restore the donation buses bucket to cover expenses we've got some stickers we've got some fliers and yeah we have Q&A after the break time and I just want to just ask in the hall here or any of the other candidates here today because they've all been invited the other candidates that are running as MPs in this election you put your hands up with me here if you're a candidate opposition see okay [Music] and there were attempts to prevent me from participating in the hustings by the hosts and also the organizer and I actually filmed them on my youtube channel actually felt what actually took place during a time when they were trying to prevent me and my youtube channel Society awareness so please have a look at that there is another political party that's really addressing 5g it's saying look we're gonna have a whole top five to you that this is the reason why running as an independent and another thing that you know people get confused by that Chapman berries you know you see antennas going up in your town in the street nights you know one of the technical parameters of my views densification so if you see 4040 antennas go up on street nights that's by June densification technical parameter of 5g electric cars will be part of 5g the LED streetlights this is all part of the five key infrastructure five TVs and other things and we're getting you know if we allow this to happen will be covered with this mesh of wireless radiation and a lot of the metals such as coal cobalt lithium all of the mining is very very toxic to the land for ruggedness metal symmetry environment to produce these electric cars solar panels so just you know do your own research on this that's all I recommend we've got a couple of people who want to mention something Charlie who's an activist and exit so these be a real help with me to organize five key events and also Justin who supported me at the hustings and who really helped it wasn't for Justin I wouldn't really get up on stage it was amazing to have such a great team of people thank you John I just want altitude she's doing a great job in stopping and also some of our friends here who've been campaigning every month at Denton comes home so stop life if you like to raise your hands so people can see you talk to you every month 2,000 pounds parcel and as a consequence of that one of the things they are doing and that's why I'm briefly speaking is they've not got a questionnaire on their website and the questionnaire is on tai chi whether or not we do one 5g if she yes yeah yes been extended at the end of the month which is amazing so asking you to police all fill in the questionnaire on whether the definite answer console website ask all your friends family everyone who knows fill it in and tell them we do not give constants to the roller of 5g you from all your reasons all the websites where they can read up where we done won 5g and it's on your chest you'll find these little leaflets and on the back of the leaflet is believed to the questionnaire so you just go retargeting and fill it in with as name as we all have just tell everybody we want thousands of people in increasing after one week there were 400 so we're still going strong for the end of the month need help and Devon as a County is the first County of the UK it's taking five to two [Applause] [Music] well that's excellent City Council but also going to scrutiny - yeah well good evening thank you very much my name is Justin Justin walcker I'm telling the ecology party back in 1978 what I saw was one of the original originals but I'm certainly one of the few at the beginning and from that I work on party council I organize conferences nobody else I have now moved what we moved into the British constitutional group that's working with the new charters movement and constitutional come on to death in a moment the first akawally the first ecology party in the world is in New Zealand it was called the valorous party and I can safely say that for the first eight or nine years in the ecology party we really did stand the banners and we stood the principles something has happened in the Green Party because six weeks ago I was thrown out of the Green Party conference in new what was my prime I not only press office dogs and I went in as a pet Caroline and please bear in mind I was on party council when we agreed to take Caroline so he doesn't know me in fact since David might though as if Caroline lovely to see you while you're resisting party why isn't the Green Party leadership getting behind the campaigners who were actually protesting outside the conference wanting to know why the Green Party leadership were not actually campaign to stop 5g and she just looked at me so there would not be a lullaby that tax- came along and I was frog marched out of the conference I think we've got to ask a few questions about what tap transition town Rob Hopkins now i % m 5g it's a notes take this ethnicity so I'm calling him out tonight I want some public to base with Rob Hopkins and transition towns will have very friendly with after my way of doing we go to small point representation of the people that I like being in that room let me come on to the second point now Barry mentioned legislation the UN European Munich yes let's use their legislation but there was a difference between legislation and law legislation some rules of society and not more than one thing sellers the only law is natural law common law now how many of you here have ever heard of a thing called annulment by Curie right quite seemingly and the judges are one frayed don't inform the jurors of this hour a jury can Danao any legislation if somebody is charged and the particular legislation a statute passed by self-serving politicians and gender driven politicians if that jury decides unanimously that that person is not guilty even though he's breached whatever legislation that automatically and knows that legislation of the statute works how many people knew that we are a common law country now Sara Wollaston at the last general election in the public meeting I asked a simple question are we a common law country you mean so I've been informed that that is the level of ignorance impoundment I'm afraid when I saw the candidates on Saturday night I don't think that I think the levels of ignorance are going to remain roughly was set so it is right for the fact that the government who created so money based on the world formulation we did in 1914 stop a run on the banks but they already hashed that out I'm not here to discuss money what I'm saying is there are some really big issues that are not being discussed by the parties and by the politicians and this is how they control us the deep state I think I've talked to know but please we the people are actually in charge it's just our ignorance of stopping it from happening next year that's all going to change or organize you know I'm gonna ask one question to bury myself just to kick things off and I'd like to ask Barry what's been your engagement so far up until now with any MPs in the Thomas constituency another where than it's been a while since you've come to give it to look here have any enemies reached out to you mean up until now you're not terrible as though he would lighten us a little bit more about that there was a lady running mate she may need to be here and asked if I would come in a talking top nurse I said yes I'll happily come and give a talking top not far away but on one condition that's the envy attendants because at the end of the day I can talk to several hundred people and it gets diluted and diluted let me go to the MP and the NP is the only person that can take it to Parliament and cause trouble and they need the mother of two she went to the he said when I asked the MP refused to talk about anything to do with electromagnetic wave refused to turn up iPads I think over the last four years three or four people follow me to say would I come and speak and talk this and I said yes I will come any time of the day or night any time and any day I will clear my diary but your enemy must be there because what really doesn't translate secondhand and the MP for whatever reasons has not turned up and I'm not media I think this is my fourth talk in 20 years but I stopped coming when the MP would not tell ya thanks buddy thanks very much for coming we love your work very very much appreciated a couple of quick things firstly the nerdy Australian experiment that killed everything that couldn't run I wanted ask you is that going to be the same thing that's going to be ubiquitous everywhere if we are allow 5g to come right and the second thing I want to ask you please is can it all be done by fiber optic I just wanted you to clarify that instead of Phi G the same thing could be done with the same power frequency to help everybody get faster speeds [Music] sorry the first question was is the Nadi inside of Special Scientific Interest a forerunner of the rest of the planets I don't think it's possible to kill everything everywhere on the planet there are always things that will survive I think it is the way you are going if we are closing down the trees anyway to make way for 5g and we are destroying the insects with all the energies and it's not just that farming the farm animals even your household pets any anyone on the list there any scientist here will know that when you come down to anything living we all have a same to network for bases inside our nucleus of ourselves we don't have the strength for bases and whether you are an x-ray or a gamma ray then you go straight through the cell and you destroy the DNA directly or with microwaves it works the other way around you destroy the cell from the outside anyone who wants to know I talk you through the whole thing but you just for the cell from the outside and then the rot creeps through that that would work but still gets to the DNA any living thing will be slowly destroyed by microwaves so only three things I think that are impervious to microwaves bacterium thrive on microwaves which when you are killing trees with microwaves and they become weaker and you are also strengthening the bacterial infections that they're having the trees on a no-win situation the same something else I think scorpions are impervious to microwaves and there's an animal microorganism called a tardigrade the NASA just cannot kill on any they even send them into space and then come back quite happy but I mean for any living thing like we are if nothing is done we will go to the point where there isn't enough of a species left to maintain that species you broken everything but it will be doing as far as we know that's the first question the second question was is fiber-optic the answer yes for instance and this is a national security problem as well when I talk to governments people the answer to all of this everybody can have everything you can all have everything to your heart's desire all cell phones all the everything if it is all connected by fiber-optic cable from the transmitter to source it's not difficult in your house to plug in your phone took like what check table it's it's not difficult if you go into a cafe and just plug in to fiber-optic cable and countries which are working on it and doing this and I've already done with their meters [Music] countries that are now refusing wireless and especially smart meters and always what leaders have to be fiber-optic cable we are looking at China Italy Austria Germany New England Victoria Australia Fairfax British Columbia the Oh Suze Oh s oh boy oh yes the Oh Suze Indians and 14 United 14 US states all of these are going as fast as they plan to get five most of Canada and you have Wi-Fi the air if everybody has fiber-optic cable you can have everything you've always wanted it's faster encourage more information is better and we just leave the airwaves for the emergency services in emergencies then the risk would be so minimal we wouldn't be more brilliant question sir yeah we can have a fiber optic cable it's the only problem is that I work on to you so the only problem is that the industry which the Wi-Fi industry have as a investigative reports a semi white house year ago making another documentary he said the industry has now made thirteen trillion dollars and they're still making enormous amounts of money and they're making this was the 5g and all the other cables are coming out they they are two emplacements making money to allow just just to stop if they just stopped and concentrated everything all the fiber-optic cable then we wouldn't have this problem there'll be no problem but it's just a question of greed they want to make as much as quickly was failure and then within a few years or everything will be fiber optic cable probably and the threat of that it's just a question of greed and it's not the first time look at leading petrol snogging yes look at everything it's only do we protect you you're testing me working I know [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what I'm trying to do we are getting somewhere 58% of the planet is trying to stop the five new satellites going up apart from the 5g there are security applications when the Americans are putting up those notice satellites or trying to reassure 58 percent of the planet I tried to stop it and we're not doing a bad job at the moment and but 5g will need to be new wireless at all absolutely no wireless it goes straight from the transmitter into the fiber-optic cable without being transmitted through the air right up the source we get rid of all microwaves does that make sense we take all the microwaves out there and it comes through a pipe like gas and water and you plug in and it goes in straight in there is no wireless this is already existing any X more than dark on place at this we have a was he close is that they use troops wireless models which transmitted through the airwaves hence your issue roughly correct in that respect and then they leave a muted FTT be fiber to the premises so they go to people's homes in fiber but in back in nature they are still wireless mouse that's irritating nature I mean my understanding is is that in order to avoid that we would need to be able to connect in rural areas through fiber and that's a problem the rural areas because it just doesn't exist I mean I take my stuff down and copper lines and I'm finally but I can't get the ten like what's it's that little supposed to have I don't care about that but I mean I think he just need to clarify that is in rural areas are still can be really following the wireless transitions and that's I think one issue you have the clergy the problem is everything is coming out too quick that is the problem China have already developed the 16 they have 37 universities now producing 60 and before five years even though they will have 6g cut now the problem is the technology is going too far there's not a single say 50 tests being done or anything now if you wanted to run an experiment or than anything it takes a good technique scientists here or tell you that if you want to run an experiment of anything it will take about 10 years because it's generally six years for the experiment and then another few years to write it up another couple of years reading to get a peer reviews and everything now the industry are too much of a hurry making too much money to wait ten years if we said we want fiber-optic cable than all the rural areas and everybody made like capable of everybody lay Alex which which is not impossible to get fiber-optic cable to rural areas it could be done but it cannot be done at the speed and that is the problem because they are making too much money too quickly and before you even hear of it 6g is going to be out and then they're already thinking 76 G is in the 37 universities in China and it's just too quickly not a single safety test is done not a single environmental test is done but if we could stop everybody and say let's get the let's get the infrastructure in that will carry it safely to the rural areas there will be a problem but whilst they're building this and saying is quicker and cheaper we'll just put a satellite up and Phoenix right up here or we'll put it on princess feet each lamppost here when they put five children each level post has as many as of thousands different transmitters in for varying frequencies possibly Qin sees our oceans as many as a thousand and they're going to hundred hundred fifty metres apart and the one youthful form there's no need [Music] I'm sorry [Music] [Music] [Music] well there's two things I was asked to say one that already be dealt with quite Mopar to people about the Devon County Council questionnaire I just want to like quickly on there that I soaked my sign loads and loads of questionnaires he smokes is very long and complicated this is a really easy one you can say why you don't want it and I you could do it in five minutes on the on the line the other thing which is a bit more complex it's about the current voting thing at the moment what we're doing tomorrow the voting I just wanted to say that last year the total number of people for the totnes and Beasties was about over 42,000 people of which the lady in the Conservatives which was serve understand got 27,000 now talking about the the fiber-optic labor Alexei said they want to without fiber-optic for everybody and as a group chance it might be a hard partner with labour and the post pipe might well work with them and what we don't want to do is to break out the vote we didn't get rid of the Conservatives in this party this great movement this meetings happened and John's doing brilliant work 45g and it gets good publicity for but we don't want to break up the vote because the truth of it is that John what he won't reap that's what she said we've got Detroit beat I'm fully potent so the best one I just like to say that the difference Leyva and the Conservatives have it in the manifesto of living a regular life Jason lunisolar disappointed please read the manifesto is in there that leg of Jeremy Hammond is notes that he wants roll-up 5g you know we just have some Q&A here I promise to give it to the child okay so just a couple of the document I have from the United States talks about China as the documents are upon the United States has said China has 37 universities working on 6g not one classics but is definitely 16 [Music] now chat we talk to that lady mr. Snaith it looks like we came just to make that point yeah there was a very interesting icing on that idea for today on all of the lines and it's about mental health what they said was really interesting they said that circular shapes are low frequency and they tend to calm people down and the other shows a high frequency and it turns that affect people causes some problems and the mental health now that was really significant with these satellites 5g and shutting things of nature if you apply that to nature and not just lost then it has profound implications I just wanted to point that out because I feel very important information they've only just discovered it and I think he has a very profound implication for things like insects and why the insects are getting so destructive insects is is not just the mm it's a tube of light pollution as well that causes some problems but if you think about the satellite sending down 20,000 kilometers and there's a lot of them already it's all done on angles it's not just done in circles or you know nice one unit so that's just important information okay thank you bye our reviewer only one of the videos I watched at the end you spoke about scientists at the end of World War two that were harmed for the experimentations that took part in the war the war crimes are happening with 5g are worse than what they were harmful and I wonder if he could say is a bit more about that yes sir I was talking about it was the year before at the end of World War two where people who experimented on people and of course that's a lot of suffering and death they were hanged but here we have no experiments Tetra airwave is an exponent it's an epidemiological study it has been known since 1949 right the level microwaves can and will kill us a lot of people the World Health Organization has published that women who are exposed to a level lower what you would experience can suffer 47.7% missguided right now to me that is murder things are there naturally that is murder you have electrosensitive people who will commit suicide and one of the problems we have came into today is an immensely complex problem is the the modulation is put in two of the carrier waves [Music] it was alone and a lot of my job Turner called Warner spoke to the spies and this was used at both bring in common and in the Catholics in Northern Ireland whether they spoke to me they're despised by member this or probably 25 or 30 different pulse frequencies that would go into the body with the microwave or modulations they tend to be called twenty or thirty that could cause probably forty to fifty neurological and physiological there is a pulse frequency that that is known to disrupt the orientation of the brain there are whole frequencies that can collapse the bellmen collapse the lung the heart while I had about 14 60 that were used as an experiment on people operation of Pandora operation Pandora started in 1962 run up until 1967 funded by the CIA experimented on pulse frequencies web by way of them applause frequencies to induce various new neurological States various physical space by 1967 it was published but all news and emotions can be induced all news and emotions Avengers a gentleman by the name of Terrell PDF by DL in 1997 said that's from his experiments he now has a lists of positives or modulations that go up to 600 that can induce various parts of the brain various possible body to no function so great - 600 but the phenomenon itself is not new it goes back to do good luck to the year 64 be seen in the Mississippi won't be serious scientists of colonies of the P who's a greek living in egypt firms that if he built us fall in wheel and drilled holes around the wheel if he had a form of radiation the Sun or something glowing hot or if he spun around at different lengths then it could in juice it was a lotta game he could induce a soporific effect in the brain or he could induce epileptic fits and his paper from 64 BC is still used today while some people are welcome to a promise but it is known as a professor familiar and you know I think this from Kingston University he published a paper very recently saying that when the pulses go into the brain from the cellphones for white flight he showed that they penetrated right through the brain and it's not just a micro place it is the MOT relations also that's they change or can affect the earth Mustafa chronic resonance frequency in the body and as the circadian resonant frequencies that helps in the body which are owned by the government so it is a double whammy in the body from the post we consist and the microwaves and that is the basis quite a nasty book in fact in 1919 Ronald Reagan really produced it with it was called Operation Sleeping Beauty he really reduced microwaves as stealth weapons to cause specific physiological and neurological problem and you can in fact drive people to suicide it is it's been known since the Cold War and uses so yes and I think anyone who does this coming back to the lady's question and to me if you cause a person to commit suicide by feeling a particular frequency that they are susceptible to and this has been shown by exponent then is no different I just think the experiment or everybody deliver that would use the Taylor's work they've done a question about Wi-Fi in schools and we've spoken about it two times in the past but the transmitters in the classrooms and a dual frequency so in 2.45 youth are they measuring any way from firstly what would you consider the safe level in a classroom if any secondly is there anything you do for the children to help protect them from the harm of reasoning or supplementation will be protective clothing and thirdly if you have channel school in this day and age what would would you take the train ooh accent determinism from the classrooms just looking forwards [Music] but arms give a coach there was the only this is from a pediatric neurologist box this is from a pediatric neurologist and she has written pregnant women concerning white white pregnant women and children can have an impact on the developing protein we have an alarming increase in children with neurological over the past decade the Stanford Institute of Science in California Stanford Institute of society in California they publish the two most lethal frequencies for the right they are the white light frequencies the American government also published the two most lethal frequencies concerning Wireless they are both the white light frequencies the probably with no disrespect to anybody here the I think that was a person on the planet who knows this professor Yura goring of chair of the Russian Federation for nuclear and atomic Sciences came over here and said whatever you do do not put Wi-Fi in schools it's interrupts the it's the ca1 see a three pyramid cells in the hippocampus its causes memory loss autist spatial orientation loss it triggers the autoimmune system of the brain to attack itself which i think is Graves disease but he came over here specifically to say to our government do not put Wi-Fi in schools he wrote an enormous article which I have a poem it was published and he basically said that not only are these two frequencies the most dangerous that could ever go into the brain but when you consider that children absorb more radiation than adults because they one smaller they are nearer the size of the area they have more moisture in their bodies there are electrical conductivity is different they have organs which are the resonance size of white wine he said the worst thing you can do Wi-Fi in schools his article was published and nobody took a blind bit of notice and they are still Stanford University the American government Sophia had a nuclear atomic science that they've all said do not expose children to white wine and women have children in school with 30 worthless but as I said a teacher went to court who was in the Falcon all day and has won his case that is documented I hate to think what we're doing to the children of white eyebrows I can't see any reason why you can't just fix a cable from the root up down into where they are looking like I can see the problem that not them the biggest danger and when I wrote a paper on this I wrote a paper on this got published in 2013 the biggest problem is with the girls because the girls in the classrooms are sitting with all of their eggs in the ovaries and the eggs in the old Elizabeth well made it bearable crop and they stopped having children he actually ovaries do not at that time have the full immune system about the trophy though per their immune system up and running properly anyway the immune system is about me running until they are relatively team the only ones are not fully developed until they're twenty seven ish so the immune system in the trial is not up and running but the eggs in the ovaries do not have what is known as protein 53 and the nuclear pore complex we have them and this is why some of us can fight radiation another people can't when your body is exposed to low-level radiation and fall have published smoked pork neck Henry Eli and military that contributed rusty four professors have published that a very long term low dose can be as dangerous or even more dangerous than a short play dose and you have children sitting in school for eight hours a day which is quite a long low dose and the problem with this is when you have a lonely lower dose even for people and this is why you start getting your cancer clusters and there are countries now taking down transmitters because of the death rate and the misfiring rates when you have the transmitters on the way you have this longer though dose but the radiation is still coming in it is still doing its damage very very slowly but it is below the medical threshold to trigger the nuclear pore complex which are certain proteins in a string and the protein 53 which obviously means that the long low doses below the activation level and so the body does not recognize the home until it is too late I liken it to in going about the Middle Ages if a wife wanted to get rid of our husband she would put a few grains of arsenic in his food every day and it built up to the point where then it was fatal this is rather similar you have the radiation coming in it works yourself the damage starts but the body is not activated and before professor several papers on this and this is one of the problems yes Wi-Fi in class it should be fiber-optic cable right after the computer then you have no problem but the problem with the girls is their ovaries contain all of their eggs which will become babies and this is one of the reasons why the we all start to getting you know that's the girls grow up we'll have children we are now getting the miscarry rate and the genetic damage [Music] if we consider that we make a change we make a change happen if in the case of vested interest is just passed amounts of money to be made in the in laying out quite clear example as it is then we could you know then argue you know how would be best we have the situation of multinational countries making really support got all the centers in all all our governments in their pockets anyway my question is is there a possibility that it is all absolutely deliberate and that our Damis our health our Darfur is in fact what lies at the basis of everything that is not healthy to us as a human race if there is a deliberate what can I call it intention behind it it doesn't have to be because it knows pretty well it is not just motivated by money but by power and that it is the mark of a whole program - let's say reducing human population or it reduces the level that we can't in fact result in very good question we do understand some of my notes here some countries are actually taking action against the transmitters 20 minutes I just have a couple of those here too the good news Taiwan has just learned 1700 towers from the heavily populated area due to miscarriages cancers neurological damage depression suicide a 10-year study from Brazil which they attributed 7,000 deaths to cellphone towers or no suffer because was repeated and they had the same results in the u.s. Austria Germany Israel countries are actually doing the same thing of dark days because you can only kill a certain amount of people before people start fighting back and these countries are fighting back when we have a minister as I read out just six months ago and said there is absolutely no harm whatsoever therefore everything I know is deemed so what we've got to do is we've got to get to whoever is telling the minister what to say is it deliverance I don't know I really don't know I do know that when you travel the world if I do it I loose I call the way to Australia we like twice the densest parts of any country have the most transmitters and they suffer the most cancers that was miscarriages through suicides it's always the most densest densest possible of the countries whether that is deliberate or because they are users very very strong really teaching children for the last 25 years electronics and one of the things that I wanted to ask about micro miniature computers that we use for educational purposes for example you can never buy on eBay you can buy a miniature computers you speak with Wi-Fi student v5g for 187 and that's not its own a computer built on order and same Wi-Fi translator it'll probably be half IG on it so this means that there will be many millions of little transmitters all over the place from I also do hydrogen conversions of the vehicles and so I'm talking about interactive things and with vehicles for example the other day I was asked if I would design a system that would transmit as the circuit of buses that us they are driving along you would they would transmit how much fuel it was using minute by minute in terms of its hydrogen so look at the back at the office they could take all the statistics and I said no I said that when you when you drive in it you can plug it USB in it'll download the days worth sure but I'm just giving these as examples as to the problem is a lot bigger than what I think it is and so for example for things like a blast three poly some people heard about education for children or hard to be though both of themselves are okay but quite often you have Wi-Fi built in they're assumed to be fried G so one of the questions that they ask value equals less interactive things but also military application of the 5g in civilian populations am I right in saying that these are for microwave radar for the identification of where people are I've heard of this so that's a possibility I just love them lasting don't forget you're an interdimensional spiritual being with infinite capability I suggest you ask the universal consciousness affirmative action there was a very interesting study published in the lawsuits virtually stayed the paper for two days and they subjected children to just two minutes of ordinary macro-evolution two minutes and at the end of two minutes the children were given the pan EEG and they found that after just two minutes of ordinary cellphone radiation of two minutes their brain showed entrainment in other words their brain waves were not acting as they should and then an experiment was carried on and they found that it took two hours before the brain was normal and this was published in The Lancet so just two minutes of exposure for the teacher for two minutes of exposure to Wi-Fi or anything the children were not having normal crying for two hours now they didn't carry the experiment on because at comments on the children but I suspect it's not some linear stuff about three minutes will be three hours and four minutes are before us but if you think of a child in school now they go into the playground salt they're usually bringing up we're talking to somebody with their someone's I don't if they keep their core just two minutes but even if they did if they kept their core communication just a two minutes it means that when they go in from playtime for the next two hours until the next break their brains will not be functioning normally and then you get the repeats at lunchtime and so on and so what we have got now is a situation and you can anyone can prove this if they want to we are not now a situation where you will never ever have a trial its Bryton settled down to its normal place and that's very scary that is very scary and it is compounded because their skulls are thinner they don't have the same density of illness don't soften up they are moist their planes are still developing so what you are doing is you are looking the waveforms of a brain for two hours after just two minutes use I dunno if you work it out that's if you just think of the physicists here talking about entropy second law of thermodynamics if you think about it the output of the brain is about ten minutes that is the output of the grain of ten months think of a hundred watt light bulb tell you what is coming out of the ground it is usually plus through as a form of peace because the brain cannot expand us the brain is in a star and cannot expire then if it does you are in trouble so the output of the brain is 10 watts you can have a cell phone and I wouldn't believe what you read in the book because a lot of them actually was a bit more a cell phone can be two wars yeah some of them OH - what's a luckily for you I've seen the testing I'm saying they can be to offer for your if you want to go with one watch account let's just go with two watts which is the ones that like but the data for a cell phone can be two words now you have 10 watts coming out two months going in in five seconds you have no matched what the brain is putting elements you opportunity after five seconds you have now 10 volts plus going me if the gentleman is a studies one walk various participants doesn't matter so you have 10 watts going in and 10 watts to commence you are now changing the entropy of the brain ten seconds or pleasure hands ten seconds in service so you have 10 watts in 10 watts tried to come out you now change the entropy of the brain and the brain will start warming up maybe neurologists here I'd like to know the effect on the brain when it warms up but expansion there has to be one of the things and the clinical processes must change so it's a scary result and if the tenderness is it's one what then it's 20 seconds but there are children who will sit in the home phone for minutes and minutes and minutes but if they're in love they're teenagers talking to somebody you are changing the entropy of the brain and that has been documented it has been proven I'm sorry sir I've read the scientific papers and it has shown that it has shown that there is a digression in the cellular processes in the brain neutral thickness of the grain of white matter we hate hearing that artificial intelligence the Internet of Things transhumanist agenda including a possible machinery relies on providers or 5g but do you think on this Odisha understand yeah I like to also say to people recommended a presentation by a lady japanese lady called the girl who is on fire - surveillance AI also Jason Leo satis from outside the box will be interviewing her tomorrow evening the question the Internet of Things it is eventually it will all be mesh into one mesh the plan as I is that everywhere would just be one big microwave it's as simple as that really Oh it definitely won't where you can talk men to the royal family from the [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] that's not enough you should do your own conference yet I could organize it you I got a cup on the car come and ask questions each other you may be over reference to my military use have you had any experience with people who identify as targeting three individuals and do you believe that there's something what I say all that targeted individuals without a doubt it's been authorized by CIA the American governments there is a book a captain captain in the Canadian intelligence what were the CIA wrote a book hidden dangers [Music] and he has listed all of the all the people used in experiments yes it has been it has been done it certainly has been done and the proper gonna have is when people bring me out and say I think I'm being targeted and this is a brilliant question actually people bring up and say I think are being targeted by micro base for experiments but they're ringing me on the cellphone and the cell phone can cause the same symptoms now it will surprise people here we're not saying that it is possible using microwaves to be a microwave that's you and to help you hear a physical sound in your ear and you thought that if they can make you hear voice sounds and it is used by department stores particularly in the United States and it was originally designed to prevent shoplifters if they thought somebody was shoplifting you can be of a microwave to the person's head it interacts with the cochlear the electrical processes of the air and you physically hear a voice or a sound and they would say put that back we are watching you and look around but it didn't take a person with more than two brain cells to think I'll hang on if we can send a message saying of that we can also set a subliminal message saying toilet or your wife would really love that big diamond something like that and the department stores not only business but made massive profits doing us until it came Amex and the department store was taken to court and I hope the court actually all the legal numbers but the department store was found not guilty because they couldn't determine that the person was harmed and the department store was found not guilty and then it spread like wildfire and it's even losing fast-food restaurants but it is possible to send a message while microwave frequencies to your ear and to make you you can believe what you're hearing it is used in the military it is used in the military to brain I won't go into the processes but I will say that in the military the ordinary person can be broken down and brainwashed in 30 hours I could do it I could bring most a program impossible in 30 hours but yes it can happen but generally it is not people being targeted generally it is either incidental stuff or you could be harming yourself a cell phone which cannot the same thing but it is done can we ask maybe both of these probably all different yeah just two two in one maybe marks quickly it's going on it just I'm just curious to the link with nanotech and find you if there is any you know anything about particular dollars and he put him in the favored meaning its is it develops and possible yes is it but yes they're using nanotechnology transmitters should we take an experiment which is talking about that multi-generational and ultra victim and target individual myself I would be curious why do you believe that it's a marginal population we've facts they are being targeted I agree with you I've remembered the technology night it's there's a change in the Canadian Secret Service electronic division Jerry flavin his name and his book is hidden intelligence he's in Canada you can't walk into the shops and buy it you have to believe it is being modernized I think it is harder to detect because people are doing themselves a lot of harm they're holding cell phones off and then it is difficult to distinguish because it's the same typewriter I don't believe it's being marginalized but I think it is certainly more difficult to detect because you've got to try and separate cell phone and all the other enemy of my program from those aliens are why is it being done there there is a community who believed that and this is the basis behind heart and a the big microwave transmitter in Alaska there are in fact 16 clubs around the planets they can using geometry since microwaves in where they are to any part of the world around 30 years ago it was proven that you can use heart for biological warfare where Dorman's bacterium can be activated by a particular microwave frequency they were using that and it is possible to cause mood changes by any country and it has been done by the women in Greenham common I love the document it was done to the Capitol in Northern Ireland so microwaves are an up-and-coming stuffs weapon and finish reviews across our country and there are countries when you talk to people around the world who believe that any future conflict will not involve spending hundreds and thousands of tanks and airplanes and bombs it can be done with microwaves and microwave warfare whereby you can block the power to countries and you can microwave the people and it has been effective so none who wrote the book on the heart it is possible to change the health of a nation and its crops and its animals by beaming certain frequencies which is why they are testing grievances on people and it's my house I came from the US with virtually all of these documents even the donor mine that was actually standing up against me I quite like that please any of you I work for free I will turn up and represent any of you any meeting it doesn't matter this with one person committees I will come and represent you free of charge you but if you want documents I'm in your phone book you've only got to look up my number bring me and say can I pop out Barry I want to pop you there's a copy of this book copy of this and I'll say yes can you get him to appear in here I'm only in the other side of you know that come out there and you can document photograph all the documents you want [Applause] [Applause]