The Ten Gladiators 1963 Action Adventure Comedy

no one has seen us put out the torches this is the moment our men have already arrived the Praetorian mercenaries there's someone out there who are you what do you want oh you come home wait sir come on that's a Passover enough I said where is Niro where is he - I don't know I swear perhaps he did at tapri you're lying please have pity I have told you the truth I swear in the name of my god I believe what he said we'd better get out of here hurry this way what shall we do about it we're not far from crap West but the Sun will be coming up soon there wouldn't be time to have manlius have you lost your senses we'll stay in the forest at sunset we can start the neuro Zilla I'm using to think that enroll they consider my caught life exciting pleasurable even by strict I was a ball what a depressing for and they would never believe it would they did you leave all that you can hear from this garden is the sounds of the sea giant waves that crash against the rock all let's drink forget my friend I find my spirits always liked by a goblet of good wine Hail Caesar Janina what is it once again there's trouble with a masked riders they've attacked your villa on the Appian Way huh and you tell me like this first it was the Christians and now there are these masked riders bandits who are without faces you let them rob us right under your very noses they've killed my soldiers given my goal to the people yeah robbing for me for the sake of my people what does it mean how far will they go huge what do you think about it it is no emperor is without enemies but we can crush them like moths that bother us it's only that they can so easily fly through your fingers you're quite clever a brilliant did you Lina's you don't want to lose your command select the best men from oh my god take the Praetorians all the soldiers you want but bring me those masked bandits back I want to see what they look like this is where we saw this we better wait for the reinforcements from cowboy there might be an amp we can't possibly wait into the woods men the reinforcements only a few minutes away three nothing but trees perfect place for an ambush my friend listen more soldiers are coming from over there III get my beanie one day I'll have revenge we'll never get to the Emperor now we can no longer count on surprising him you men returned to Rome and I'll pay a visit to Nero's villa quickly friend Livia if we don't get back to our friend soon they'll be talking about it Oh a beautiful life you stay here hey you why don't you show your face you'll see Who I am soon enough ah you're a violent character my friend on your guard gust of wind must've hit Olivia look out behind you leave him to me let's see if you can defend yourself against my sword if you really want to play rough watch I will teach you why why my friend and you why don't you follow your little brother here's another birdie layer and what may I do for you my friend are you looking for some fun to destroy yourself a rush is a dangerous game who is this hero you're a courageous lad cheer up you'll live to fight another day hey you I feel like playing to stop leave us alone with you I don't need a whip you've an honest face but I want to prove to you that I'm not joking either the only people I know who wear bracelets on their wrists are at Spencer's who are looking for husband - what we argued all the guys release him men without honour who sneaked up on you without warning like traitors behind your back you're all right my friend you've earned my respect with men like you and Servius Galvan the throne Rome will regain her glory who knows we may meet again someday how will I know you I can't recognize you by your face it's not that I recognize yours mount up men goodbye for now - you and your companion various that he mentioned God worthy he the Roman general everyone says he's just in balance it's time to go we've been away so long they'll be thinking terrible things about them think what they want even about us what about us Livia your uncle will be angry if we're way too low much I can't run any fathers go down oh come on jump up I'll carry you no no that isn't the way I taught you you mean oh we're not only mute but also very stupid you forget that if you pull your head back too slowly you'll find yourself without huh how would you like that you have to be quick like me watch oh how did he touch you alright let's get back to work you were delicious I'm God what uh you fight those sluggishly they'll laugh at you Methodius you'll see and you'll brave one let me see - you're bleeding already you'll lose all this blood practicing you may not live to see the arena come over here red theaters trained and coached every one of you for the arena's but if you want to avoid misfortune during the games you must learn the primary regulation of a gladiator to keep oneself informed and what is the primary necessity for giving oneself inform have three meals a day here we're lucky to get to smart isn't help Latonia shame on you Franco don't go very 20 indeed a rest yes you know it seems almost an eternity since we've seen your beautiful niece in that beast of a Rocha well are you really anxious for them or are you jealous ha ha ha ha ha ha ha all of the men are jealous radius who wouldn't be overjoyed to be in the company of Livia even meaner he's unable to tell you who he's mute ha ha ha don't know they're the ones I want them alive I'll fight them Betty Empress Victorian we're on it's been Centurion you are making a great mistake that's what you say you're on land belong to Caesar I'll bring you to the magistrate and there you'll be judged seize them stop don't try to use for those are the best gladiators that any arena has ever seen you wouldn't stand a chance against it you dare to challenge Rome we're not challenging Rome or anyone else but we can defend ourselves don't believe a few Gelinas they're the ones we've been searching for all right then if you are honest men don't try to resist us your men will follow us for table and there you can prove your identity I doubt if my men are willing to place themselves at your disposition well said I wouldn't trust that officer refuge Oh take the girl okay daddy but here's the proof they're the ones who attempted to kill Peter move back everyone well back Troy your toy over here gone Oh Oh don't matter if they don't surrender I'll kill the girl wait breakfast you decide Livi is one of us will have to stand trial at the magistrate but as I told you we are in it you'll find out popayan Capra I'll wager another Mira's parties Luther here one of her muscular consoles from Rome is arrived your divine both of you I'll just move the purple dice in front unreasonable she who paid those couplers for trying to assassinate me but why should I want to kill you crowd is narrow you went alone everyone knows what love and devotion I have for you it wasn't really my intention to offend Julia the audacity of those bandits of masked writers is just preposterous the noble Glaucus Valerius Hail Caesar welcome to you my friend they told me in the danger um dear Caesar and I shed all my tears at the thought Oh Pierre you're my one true friend it days when a man can't trust it Here I am between Apollo and the Venus between a genius and the beauty well then enjoy it such extraordinary good fortune doesn't come too often hepatitis you taste this and if it's poisoned I'm not afraid to die for you Hail Caesar I bring you happy tidings you mean to say you captured them and brought everyone back here alive Oh glorious occasion for Nero this is haha if you found the men who've caused us all this trouble I'll give you a province of your beloved TV Nina what would the Emperor do without you a province or reward like that anyone would find the men he is looking for a just observation breakfast I found this hood in the possession of one of these men have they confessed to all their crimes I'll force them into confessing with these ugly brutal faces one beautiful girl who oil where'd you come from these men are Thracian gladiators and says enough to Gelinas they have the right to defend themselves you have told us you operation gladiators continue we come from Herculaneum where we performed in the arena now we were on our way to Rome but what are you accusing us of the prefect of games in Rome knows us of course that's right we could easily get proof of that it isn't necessary better the innocent are eliminated than the criminals left alive the sentence is decapitation and their heads will be hung outside the Roman wall don't you donk ha have you all gone crazy take them away and lock them up in the underground dungeon oh all right all of you what a magnificent man he is what a pity to cut off the head let's listen to Gulf Coast Valerius please tell us why you should wish to save their head during their lives isn't necessary I say that in the same way they earn their living let them earn again in your private arena they could fight each other to the last and you could compose an old tomorrow yes I like your idea will you come to prepare if Nero does for me with his verses how come did you hear that the affections of a woman as you know are as changeable as the colors of a clothing but your subjects love you Nero three ourselves fortunate right spread every day but not below gets to explain it y'all get in there to lose my patience with you friend you know what I'll do I'll really win the Shred I'm afraid we'll stay here a long time I don't see why I shouldn't sit down and be comfortable you're very confident how is it you're not worth I'm sure something will happen to save us because I don't want to lose this I'll tell you why he's not worried the emperor side when she saw him and said magnificent man isn't he and he having heard stories of the infamous Affairs hoping nothing I never thought of that you're right what would happen if I stole the Emperor's wife there's a rabbit the brush is pleasing stop there go on she'll be disillusioned when she discovers that her sweet courier had eyes only for Livia I hadn't noticed her eyes are only for her favorite uncle and you when you're speaking oblivia smiled your lips and your eyes hahaha wrong man you're not very amusing it's not your business and finally we've a bit of relaxation what have we here who are you hey sir have you lost your tongue careful monkey well can you explain how you're able to come in here huh let call me that table bring it over here I'm a midget but I'm tall enough to see how beautiful you are oh you're as tall as ice you're the same height as brought a real judge I want to call you mama gross midget is not a phone for gladiator you want to tell us who sent you yo who's the master and protector of all human life he doesn't want you to lose your head what are you saying my master has convinced the Emperor to allow you to fight in the arena and your master who TV a man who was on the side of truth and justice he wants to help honest men like you maybe his conscience is bothering him we're going to die anyway you won't die absolutely not know if you're willing to follow his advice you will be placed one against together and your faces will be covered with black masks you must pretend that you don't recognize defendants made for you oh how I hate buyers when it doesn't come from me I call the attention all of you the v10 gladiator Hail Caesar in the name of the ten gladiators defend yourself imagine the feeling of the victim he realizes you've murdered all of his friends it was a magnificent idea welcomed it should prove entity who think real hard so with Libya Oh Oh fahriye folks strangle me so hard no believe it without your exactly no not quite yet our Piper take care for watch it even if my Trident is friendly remember to keep your legs hi here it comes dressed for the price Oh God painful Oh watch it but how the weave such blades what's out when I strike you want to stay on your feet jump to your left how are you right there being that method to be something all right now the blade of the sword resisted the impact continued I drove out here and make it more convincing push Rexy a spider I'm ready to die for the sake of our game Felicio hail Jesus now they'll stick you full of holes like the name of the dog meeting budget on the program you are an imbecile everyone keeps together I was alone no Caesar your threats on strike this will fight our way to freedom turn around get out of my way hurry see what you do are you alright Berta Here I am fuck you behind you Raja I'm on your side remember I think whoever is imprisoned over there that finally I'm sure they were keeping her in the entire passive ways for with Travis we'll lift it up together okay try it man imal do it touching it Fred all together right for the kindness I showed has made fools out of you and all your manna County of Nero is no fool but he was misled we capture those gladiators dead or alive I'll sweep your cabeza Claudius Nero control is the virtue of great rulers just a moment there was a woman with them we can torture her until she talks but are you sure you have her in hand or could see of a scale with the other you common rat of the slums did you lead us do not forget what I told you if you fail to obey these orders you'll pay the death penalty this evening we'll leave for the Palestine I'll see you there grauffis devine prepare I bid farewell to the most beautiful woman in the Empire you'll pay for that insult show me as an insolent coward can use this I've never used this before as you've never used good manners you think you're pretty shrewd don't you mm handsome and muscles too I'll demonstrate just how useful they are very interesting now let me see if they told you to defend yourself in your fancy villas you spineless weakling of a courtesan dog oh stop don't take him too advantage of see mm I caused your mouth don't cry out okay no one can hear you anyway oh no teaching me must know you're hurting me I can't take any more it seems to me you're overdoing it up on your feet pop I hope you don't intend just pour my greek profile after i finished with you you'll be lucky if you can recognize yourself no I got some so run away your cow that's how it is a I'll cut you in half no more well now you know a courtier can fight as well lossless Valerius I think that tea Gelinas have discovered your real identity you're right the fact that Nero is suspicious doesn't justify the decision for recourse to force and violence violence brings bloodshed I should kill him then we'll certainly have the pleasure of honoring our new emperor with the name of teacher leaders no you must trust the my training will continue with our original plan Servius Galba is the man we want Poirot the only man his numerous pictures have earned in the love and respect of the people but Serbia scholars in Spain unaware of our plans Taleb is closer than you think he indiscreet have left the port of Cartagena and three legions of his men are marching toward Rollo so he wrote to my heart don't get too excited calibre requests a triumphal entry into Rome that's the reason is coming here so we must take advantage of the occasion preparing for his eventual railing I will go to role and plant in the Senators seat against Nero but you're mad they're sure to kill you what's the value of one life against the salvation of row freezing friends or if you prefer enemies he said everything he decide will have to kill him right I said stop it that's a good idea better for you all what brought you here my instinct all my friends are waiting outside I wanted to thank you for saving my life and those of the others you wore the same bracelet when I saw you that day at the Emperor's villa but I could say nothing so now we're friends yes leave it alone Arius Lucas you have to keep silent until I come back from Rome rest assured I know what I have to do did you hear everything don't worry we'll discuss it another time we're leaving copy where soon as possible well said Roger as soon as possible but not before we find out where they're keeping my niece Libya a very impressive display of strength the 10 gladiators from 3 get in my home I've waited a long time for all of them I want to give you a surprise my friend a beautiful surprise clay Lea leah has been looking after Libya I thought of bringing her here before to Gelinas could get to her oh hey TRO a pepper indict isn't her freezing Marvel having to hide myself in the palace alone safe as only I would be in a prison and more I will always stay nearing season you you're not capable of offending me from the assault of a little girl and my Praetorians he who commands the highest of the guard fancies the Emperor's wife and she's my bitterest enemy your first wife remember and your own mother paid with their lives for having conspired against you that's right she won't live a day long I'll test the loyalty of her admirer to his Emperor this that's the palace yes during the festivities Venus is the only one among all my friends who is deserving deceased observing you is sufficient reward and to be by your side and if it hadn't been for you and my Alea my heart would have been only a piece of stone prepare Gao coastal areas he my very best friend and patrol is the man whose presence fills the whole room I'm feeling so low so cool it's just a model I want to speak ill of coastal areas that day the cemetery he's fast at using a witness that he is in delivering punches how do I know you're telling the truth my only proof is a test of loyalty there in your devotion and that applause a peppered Isis I have a little gift of a pair and you to Julius will deliver Selena / babe divine 1/2 Gelinas was arriving to failure busy did you mean I love you digital I know my love you hesitate come to your beloved these are wishes have been fulfilled and prepare this evening was found brutally cruelly assassinated silence silence in consideration of the evidence and the facts I request an immediate action noble senators in judging the man who shakes Rome's destiny then continue please Lucius verus we listened to your accusation the pair was murdered ideas first white the same as his mother Agra Pina every house in Rome was infected with his violence and lunacy I asked you all but just how long will we tolerate the madness and the follies of Nero noble senator Lucius you seem to forgotten papayas Falls she was frivolous and selfish and more than once ignore the Lords of wedlock and Agra Pina the mother whose lack of scruples allowed her to threaten and attempted a life of her own Sana's the real truth is what you said senator Claudius and we agree with whatever you decide I was right to defend himself and did what he was born to do you produce the standards of the Senate's laws of a marketplace the conspiracies of his victims weren't serious enough to earn their cold-blooded murders what would you say Lucius verus they were executed not murdered the emperor has the supreme for aggressive to carry out justice as he sees fit it's too late he's already dead it it grieves me to realize the once illustrious Roman Senate has offered self-esteem the Senate is adjourned and postpones any decisions until its next session I was proud to hear you speak for Roma don't be imprudent elias you'll have to come an italian heiress the prefect of rome wants to speak with you you'd better go to your house serious later he's wanted to freeze from the stain of original sin and even if we have to suffer and die as martyrs then we must gladly accept the rest of our Lord a bunch of sickly imbeciles who adore some fool thief who died on a cross less than all of you I brought a couple of your friends to see you didja lynard maybe you've forgotten my status but don't confuse my religion I'm a pagan as far as I'm concerned my Praetorian guards found you in the catacombs and you were carrying this crucifix filthy coward no Anna Ellis you idiot you closed the only mouth I could have talked Eliot Axley dear friend speak to me earliest Alva Servius Galba not only is he searching for honors it's the Empire he's after he won't live a very long life unless you wish it neither he nor any of his friends what do you mean to say explain Elias Atticus the young Christian who was killed in the catacombs was the best friend of Lucius verus both of them friends of Glaucus Valerius our oldest hostility all these enemies oh how I hate this city and I hate everyone in it I who was born to live for music for love of nature for bountiful wine and you what makes you laugh Hail Caesar the noble glaucous Valerius hey Lindsay you're just in time maybe you could lighten my set hmm I miss dear Papa I had their self to great loneliness in my heart but let's speak about other things servus Galba wants to kill you don't seem to believe me Glaucus but I have proof Servius Galvez in spade yes but I have my ways to find out those were my friends and those who are in it it looks as though your best friends have iron nerves he doesn't like you the slums will always be his surroundings even though he lives in the palace at times I think I should get rid of him but among the disloyal perhaps he is the most loyal but a scallop I can't get out of my head Lucius verus tomorrow dies in the arena with the crystal how wise of you and you will come to the arena glasses I swear to you by all the gods I'll be there Caesar 10 Romans aren't with one of us listen you the Romans aren't so easily beaten as you may think at the most we can consider one to a hundred watch let him talk in these clothes I know I don't look much like a fighting man but this is what decided it I know but in my society we're taught to fight and my friend retzius trains our muscles to make money for us like this what are you two doing there all right Rocco what must I do to convince you that I'm worthy of your trust you tore the most quality little boy that I know be good dear it isn't a serious quarrel maybe they'll clear it up anyone well Roger how about saving the life of Lucius verus but you and your friends will have to keep out of our way I can break the backs of the Praetorian that's easy I prove it to you hey friends look over here a minute what are you going to do Rock I'm going to break your arm come on I'll crush you to a pulp Rock Roger you had your fun out shopping did you hear me that's enough he fights like a bear so do I just wanted to find out if he was in court here or a man thank you little brother you don't have to thank me it's all right we're friends now Roger it's all over Glaucus wants to save his friend and I'm going to help him Oh Roger I alone will help focus save his friend we'll manage somehow and it's not your affair oh is that so hey did everybody hear him it's not our affair I guess what we have a chance to perform in eros arena he says to refuse it did I understand him correctly yes even now that I've discovered where your weakness is all right have it your way gracious guests if you will kind of go to your places supper oh yeah let me help you up if I catch you poor thing come on the same thing we better eat a good supper we'll need the energy well aren't you coming I could eat a raw Praetorian Roger come close no the gladiator has to be like an actor sometimes he has to know when it's time to make an exit he's a fine man he's perfect for a friend he understands everything what what's there to understand me Libya it started the day I met you but I wouldn't want to hurt anyone I betrayed Raja and all my friends because I you'll go at once to my villa in Alabama after this is all over I'll come for you no I won't leave you ah in that horrible arena what kind of a chance have you and the other no blockers No you'll do as I say because because I love you hey you didn't you go to the house of glaucous Valerius my men are there now but I'll be burned by gods if they found anyone there it's not possible it's true we saw no one except one or two slaves you brought follow me you have your whole life ahead but you must hurry the card is already on its way did you know the beautiful friend of the gladiator Oh my very first instinct told me to look here what do I find the prey that's most important to it and I've caught her get out of here I said get away bathroom soldier that's an order all the streets Berrian out block let me pass tomorrow I won't be able to see the roadblock we can't pass oh yes we can brush it's an animal car there only lion Hey hey driver Wow and I have a right with you sorry you can I can't go home Rocka wait Roger he mustn't do it alone Roger four little lion huh come on now we can go to the arena like the lion quickly everyone inside I'll ride the way stop fooling this little line of yours wouldn't even be able to frighten a clucking old hand the whole ten instead of a roaring lion puck like an old hen then you can keep up on morale we all idea that the clucking had our own Nino it aful day is no are you I've never seen you here before oh I was working as a marine guard delivering lions I'm paid a good deal more than in two guards so you see ah you said la gentle lion back in here is your shirt well are you coming or not what are you waiting for what's that I'm down to my last birthday what do you want to play for my Thor at the post you have to win sooner or later what are you grumbling about Thor again I've lost again one of these days you'll be luckier than the rest of us put together hey man don't let him get away all right hey Murray get the Praetorians off the street everyone inside it one someone comes everyone hi don't forget your sword hey where's my give me that you know you won't need it anymore the tunic might put them off the track singing hip Avalos Vinnie Ray had me suffer the little children to come unto me the children were a consolation for and for the love of the little ones he would have done anything at all his innocence his purity his sympathy and understanding he passed on to all of us don't believe that we were created by mother nature for no purpose merely to die your faith your faith and your trust in God and in the sign of the Cross in nomine Patris et filii et spiritus sancti army beside you impoverished weakling we've had enough your dribble on your feet all of you don't waste my time blending into the finish so now it's your turn to entertain besides wild animals are hungry Rome the brave little by please be strong while we get this open the grading is fuck that side of course no you will have to go back listen to that crowd up there we'll never make it in time they're putting the Christians to death they're feeding them to the lion limit limit now ray that's it Oh this way have a feeling it's going to be a good shot only one lion stopped their agony will last longer that won't do a bit of good he braved Arlo Libre oh my cute your side of the cross Oh Christian God I beg you to see the hot hahaha you there what happened wake up and speak to me and to me there were a lot of minutes they might have been glad to this it's full of soldiers up there nor coming to the tunnel we have to find a way out or Oakland or dilute just won't be needing it anymore people are protesting digiti the spectacle has become rather dull for me or shall I give the signal Peter what is it better prepare your bows and arrows at the next sound of the trumpet will enter the arena when t Gelinas hit the gong we'll shoot the Christian alone ready oh there I've seen enough today give the signal Oh Oh Lucius verus my dear friends I want to tell you the Christians you must help the Christians because their God is the true God pass the word to close all the gates of Rome let's go back through the tunnel T and hence of the gardener I'll show you the way I know a passage to the cat at home the cat across but these men are just searching for you at the moment you don't have any other choice let's go with it finally convinced that guavas Valerius is your enemy help either very important id3 gallops of Serbia's Gobbo invite you today just off the coast of Ostia huh also beautifully possibly contrived muchas Paris and then the betrayal of Dao coastal area Servius Galba who'd like to sit on my throne role is mine she's neither Lowe's Gulbis triumphal entry might be concluded with a funeral go to James at Ostia he'll receive all his to honors and meanwhile Nero will prepare a funeral oration worthy August the humidity in the catacombs wasn't exactly good for I help that the air will help us get rid of our pale in the sea air and the sight of service Galvez whole fleet look the trireme you can stop now Jerry oh the wind will bring missed the rest of the way we received an often like this is extraordinary role walking you with a crown of Laura the crowd feet the general though he were an emperor Bellini years will soon Florida's killer not forfeited we looked at your face to guess what is 2/3 holy is Nero fanpage and rekey and inform you that it was he who interceded for you in the Senate and he who decreed your great crime yes general Shiva's wishes you become the general most honored in Rome but be like a shadow will protect him at all costs and he'll stay with blended residents has been prepared for your stay in Rome you must be exhausted after fatiguing voyage we're Framus don't be afraid look glucose malaria but what are you doing locusts Nero's Praetorians will find me on your triclinium hahaha now do you understand yes hahahaha why you swindlers you're plotting against me that was my place come on I owe you my life thanks to you all the garden is full of jackals waiting for your corpse I'll join you and your friend I think I'll be needing this come on rezian you're not going to leave us like this are you let me see him Oh a guard a hidden nose when he stabs as the wounds are mortal a man such as you can't possibly die like this it's your heart that must carry on the battle and your love for Rome galbart you must say roll Oh come out come out and show your faces you're afraid to take chances fight like men show yourselves by he was a great man our master is gone forever douse him what can the rest of us he's not come he'll always be at our time even now here look at the horizon look part of the tie is red and the thunders brighten that part either drove right up in that direction Brum beautiful roll McBurney but that's madness clocker the slum areas are built out of wood maybe that's what's great master master poppy dia at last what news do you bring me I was afraid I wouldn't find you master tell me what is it Livia what have they done what's happened to Lydia please Alena took up this libya's imprisoned in Rome where could they have taken her do you know to the mammoth in prison get the horses we're going for Libya Galba you know what's best for the salvation of all I know that I must reorganize my Legion Ted Phillips will alert the fleet offshore we march on Rome the first moment possible may the gods assist you you warned your comrade you motherfucker Romy's man right we are at your orders Caesar very funny specialist alas the fleet offshore at Ostia the troops are to be ready for my signal are we join the legions marching cross-country and my realm is back we'll never get to the prison from here maybe we should turn back begins to pour rain we might have a time we do through here we're grateful to your kindness and mercy Lord and goddesses are yeahwe get away everyone the girls around fire to over clap hey you a girl named Lydia was in prison here where is she gone the girl you're talking about was staying away this morning bye see you later what but where where is she I don't know I don't know well search until we find her let's go the responsibility of the fire falls on the Christians crucify those who are guilty left of people bear witness to the real traitors and enemies of Rome leave me alone I invite you to enjoy some friendly entertainment and if you persist in keeping silent you too will try a little boiling oil must be in love if clunkers Valerius loves you as you love him he'd surely come to your help and would be taught in our trap and as base for Valerius you'll be exactly what I need which muscles to it we still have a lot more to go why don't you quit grumbling do some work yourself you should be delighted can't you push any harder first we don't have all day to get it up there the cross would be like a monster from the base on top of it you're the bait Vivienne's over there I think they're going to crucify er what are we waiting for we have to be patient when they discover those are my men dresses Praetorians they'll be in for the surprise of their lives Oh reinforcements Angelina that bought the Woodstock we want your life my friend Roger you to hurry she must escape I men are attacking now Victorian tour gallery Paolo's graders Oh now you're in our track let me through you miserable Oh my last good soul fucus good red wine for everybody guttural galvez at the gates of roles but if nobody's attacking gold chariot Zelda renovation watch watch it be to me maybe Jupiter's heard of me I wants to see me fine I love you like a brother Raj as if you were my very own brother you're my little sister in a way you mustn't cry for me I must go now little sister Livia come on it wasn't a fire that I wanted I had only intended to rebuild a new Rome even bigger grander than before you must be ready to go Caesar we can escape it's possible if we hurry the people love me I'm safe Hey look you gala boy I'll stay on the throne and continue to rule the Romans Nero is the Emperor only he don't leave me you mustn't leave me she wasn't leave me films treatise thieving cowards long live Serbia Scarborough started General of the Empire Nero's was dead Friday what appear to finding himself in a moment bunch of this listen to that this is how much they're cheering but Cowboys not the victorious one it's the Christian to the riches and Christians so ha0 is all alone the Emperor was the most beloved has no one but you but Rome can't force me into surrendering epaphroditus I didn't want to die like this the oppressor last year no escape Jelena go on kill me I said tell me not i but the sword of Roger will kill you Rome is indifferent you know it's Rome that owes you everything I'm from