The Three Stooges Best of 1945

well we got a patent we want to sell before I catch it how does it work oh it's simple that's enough you see a fly being a nosy animal he crawls into this little hole sees the steps and starts climbing the kitchens on the top floor so he goes up to see what's cooking what no elevator ridiculous how do you make this dope that's enough I'll tell this I'm gonna fly gets to the top still being busy and nosy he looks down sees himself in the mirror thinking it's another fly gets burned up he thinks this flies cutting in on his territory get it so he jumps down lands on a stomach and knocks his brains out it's a beautiful sight and simple isn't it I'm just a poor little orphan no get you some food you mean you haven't had anything to eat no this morning I went to the cupboard to get my poor self a bone but when I got there the cupboard was bare not even a bottle was there won't you sit down I'm gonna [Music] handle it good either hmm another one oh so you have that's it you hit the bottom stand aside I wonder where that lunkhead is I don't know and I don't care all I want to do is get out there's nothing to be afraid of in here everything is dead I think I see something over there come on follow me Larry are you behind me if you ain't don't answer me open the door open the door [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey Harry James oh I'm not that how about some catfish yes [Applause] [Music] Hey look scouting fish let that be a lesson to him pardon me my what a beautiful head of bone you have but you tell olive oil my what a uniform does cover-up [Music] basically no I'll fix it now come down here and fix that hole yeah hey let's try the motor yeah [Applause] [Music] [Applause] come on guys shut up are you talking to me now I'm talking to the fish don't call me a fish what's the matter with you go on fish mr. mole you're accused of assaulting your two roommates with intent to commit mayhem yeah they tried to kill us too what your honor if you let me tell my side of the story you mean you have something to say in extenuation oh not that no no not that your honor you see I had a good reason were you ever indicted not since I was a baby your honor quiet quiet quit stomping around scat well my nerves oh I must have 100 in six and seven-eighths [Music] shut up mm what'd you say how do you like the eggs sunny side down and don't turn them over where's that fresh honey oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy if there's anything I like better than honey and ketchup it's Bologna and whipped cream and we haven't got any what most say when he sees it you forget mo is no longer with us the bear ate him up Gort mo oh woe is mo oh woe is you whoa that was the Masters laboratory laboratory yes he was a chemist made his experiments in there this room gives me the creeps poor mr. link he was murdered in this room on the very spot on which you're standing then the Masters body disappeared do you have to keep reminding me sorry good nun gentlemen I hope you'll have a nice long sleep thanks Dracula hey what's the idea hitting me on the head I didn't hit you on the head yet [Music] he's right it's a ghost it's right there oh you too hey I have trouble with you well let me give you a little advice what Oh now go on go to sleep before I murder you oh come on fellas don't lean on me now I'm all excited and tired Nike I see I'll have to take action I may have that wrench let me have it you're wimba CIL's phony and a phony at the mic Oh quiet numbskulls I'm broadcasting use grit Oh radio friends the suck that gives your hands that dishpan luck how will the old man know you've been working if your hands don't have that dishpan look hmm put a box of gritter in a glass of water then listen to it is dopes remember grit Oh spell sideways is Africa dagger hmm and our griddles own story of Sandra's and pile and here's mud in your eye ah seniorita I am I'm gonna tickle myself you know sex death from Lucy know it I wrote it [Music] my goodness what happened the senior readers lost a voice what is it laryngitis Oh fallen arches certainly is my average could sing like that [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]