The Three Stooges Best of 1951

kasatonov au revoir Oh Oh nothing like time out for a good cup of coffee well cheers Cheers I'm sorry mo please forgive me okay first up let's get this loaded the genie of the lamp the genius of the lamp did you come out of here I'm here to grant your wishes command and I obey my wishes you mean anything yes master what if I got to lose okay big boy you can stop me out with a new suit something shop oh hi what do you wish master command and I obey don't rush me big boy don't rush me I suppose you think I'm scared what I tell you the genius came through what a lamb just what I've been wishing for you're my type baby a woman take this bottle into bed you go no squad Oh a good thing you didn't bust that dollar and a busted your skull how do you do we're the babysitters I hope that's the baby Sam baby what are you squawking about I'm the guy that got it give me baby I give it to you Oh you bit me look at that and I just happen to have a nipple with me see so you can have it now now not every kid can get this now there it is now take it easy in there now hold it hey take it easy you'll drown yourself hey fellas I think I got something a little brat quiet oh never mind he's gonna sit he'll keep me quiet he likes any mouse consomme treated soup that's it yes sir let's say no oh yes Sagi that's it a little saggy now on care ninny that should be good but like what nope it's a nap all right and what's this move start like that some gloves little plugs bacon pork guru toe powder powdered bacon what do we take her next champ peek under that door Larry come on oh wise guy ain't why I'm doing with you kid looks you quickly hey night okay let's go good morning what is your name please Schumpeter Howard well married or single married this is my husband the rat cut it out I'm very well walk this way you must excuse my place we just moved in what is your name please Wyckoff a little irritation in the throat as I said before your name please why cough because he don't brush his teeth lady your name please Wyckoff excuse him ladies got a frog in his throat from eating toadstools [Laughter] give me your recipients and quit clown oh I got an uncle who can make things disappear is he a magician no he's a kleptomaniac [Laughter] Oh or just tell me you forgive me I forgive you dear how about giving daddy a little kiss come on how do you give me a little kiss ouch darling you rough you hurt little me yeah well you see it she's got eyes like stars a shape like Venus and teeth like coils my Nora yeah nor am i beautiful sunflower 8c a dream [Laughter] now I've really seen the dream walking dream she's a nightmare hey you know I think she's uglier than you are yeah well she's got what Oh Oh Nora beautiful light of my life will you marry me Gwen Oh soon angel soon very soon and we'll honeymoon on the Isle of Stromboli goodbye my beautiful goodbye old chair goodbye old macaroon goodbye old fireplace oh come in come in doctor gesundheit the patient is right over there what seems to be the trouble you're the doctor you want to know why oh well then I'll have to give him our hypodermic relax no hypodermics now go on practice like the teacher showed you and if you're a good boy we're gonna give you some CA and dy oh you know I don't smoke oh go on practice Oh Mary Mary stumpy I know it come on Larry make your call with my nickel you women so look at broke my eggs hey be careful up there what's not there [Music] [Applause] [Music] those guys just stupid idiot you ruined my cake don't you yell at me [Applause] [Music] today I'll marry Mauro cause I'm so in love with No [Music] that's hot I'd better have another drink I can still see your face quiet what's vagrancy boy are you stupid you take a flower and it smells real nice that's vagrancy ha we can beat that rap you chowderhead vagrancy is when you're a hobo or a tramp oh we can't beat that one there's only one thing left to do yes we gotta pull up stakes yes get out of town yes and go to work no oh you set a nasty word Oh [Applause] [Music] why don't you get yourself a book and read it improve your mind or skip it Oh what happened we just got fired we did hey I don't like that guy's attitude all I did was pick up one little box and it had ten other boxes full of dishes right on top of it this is your inspector miss Bea Bea hi in this buckshot and it it beautiful hmm it's alive yep crazy it can't be alive go on pick it up I don't want to go on pick it up what's going on here you made that monster now pick it up but Moana pick it up oh I think with it yeah hey t look Hey well well sneak up on them together one of you guys has flat did I knock that thing off and did I knock it up I'll say yeah you knock it off like that yeah we are easy now so I just put it around him up please oh how there's the patient oh he's got a fillings up here open your mouth wider as the mouth oh yeah he's got that poem about the dread mouth with the bicuspid canif ran oh save that for later pal you'll need a doctor is your drill well locks yeah yeah there oh yeah are you comfortable oh no who asked you all right we're gonna wait Hey [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] ha that didn't hurt a bit oh this won't hide either [Music] [Music] [Applause] well that's got it drill let's see what's naitch 50 what do you know after your drill a tooth you're supposed to fill it haitians your doctor yes sir oh please [Music] [Applause] see it says the next step is the sandpaper the chest wait a minute let me see that the next step is the same pic of the chest must be something knowing dentistry okay doc sandpaper hey be careful of his tattoo he had a tattoo hey fellas listen to this it says then your varnish the lid varnish lid varnish fine it take one nail and put it through the 1x2 drive it in and then make sure it's a finishing nail so you can put putty on the head of it then you take a hash and you'll pardon me what's the name of this book you've written you know the amateur gardener wait a minute Alden all it hey Brett shoes yeah these girls have their Ron delays mixed up with their pirouettes and they got the fortissimo tangled up with the Allegretto z-- yeah I know but what's wrong with their dancing not around the feet okay go ahead Shawna penny for here today head how do you like that what's the matter I'm dancing from a trombone pot put back the music oh you what nothing Oh get that box what's the matter wiki something Oh get the box wait a minute take off your hat why lady oh pardon me man what do I do now what's the matter kid you nervous just a pinkie look you know I think this time we really ought to get rid of those nice and I got the sure way to do it what a beautiful place someday I'm gonna own a joint like this myself hey try this cheese oh thanks my favorite fruit you see spots and follow your eyes nah I used to see triangles I knew it I should have put more rat poison in there why you stupid stood you want to get us thrown out of here before we get our money oh why you oh one of these days I'll chew your head off are barking dog never bites yeah get away dear young man dude tell me about yourself well you see it hobby well that is uh you'll pardon me if you don't tell me all about this metamorphosis I shall always feel that I've missed something lady if you don't leave right now you're not gonna miss anything i wronged you act as though the sword of Damocles is hanging over your head lady you must be psychic wonder what's wrong with that young man you featherbrain imbecile you trying to ruin his - you know you're a little bit too bossy I'm too bossy huh wise guy so that you know wait let's call you started this your drink madam pardon me met this minute you disgraceful vagabonds [Music] no you're going to knock my mind somebody's gonna get this pie right now [Music] [Laughter] [Music]