The Three Stooges Best of 1953

[Music] breakfast good morning okay Daisy wasy I'll go right to the barbershop and I'll also have my hair dyed black so I'll look young and handsome you time I can still slap you you can't take that from him give it back I'm sorry moe I'll turn around don't tell me pop wears clothes like these why are you Oh Monica hey ma be tickled when she finds out that they married champey instead of pas yeah old boss she was supposed to be his wife and now she's gonna be his daughter put back your silver movements well I ain't got no mug what I'm back thank you sir by the power vested in me I now pronounce you man and wife till death do you part [Music] [Music] [Music] joyridin again eh why don't you try to choke thanks I will hey how do you spelled your odds with a goj with a jeah idiot ga Raj fine speller you turned out to be GA Raj don't you notice an e on the end of it you just made that up well our old man used to open safes with nitroglycerin II you remember that faced a deal like that I got to do the white whale he does the hippy hoarders either why should I believe me when I let me tell you something you're always home do this do that you never do nothing to yourself all the time you tell them all shut up and get over there all right orders orders nothing but orders that's all I ever get is oh oh oh I'm sorry I'm sorry that's dynamite you with it you want to blow us all up hold that oh oh it's a good thing I got a sawed-off 10 what would happen if it exploded it would just go poof how do you like that now you pay attention to what I tell you're out push that I right through the other side ahead hey hey mo match that steel so the drill wound slipping wheel driller okay and here hold this night dog listen and put in the safe place if you don't want to bloom the hamburger all right [Music] [Applause] why don't you look where I'm drilling why don't you - shut up Oh give me that drill Marty you jam it in your face boys you better step back we're gonna step back a little late move Larry I blew my leg off moe I blew my leg off oh poor kid this is terrible we better get into a hospital can we get your new leg you'll be dancing in six months that's good I never could dance before just a minute I forgot my hat okay boys let's go oh oh oh my keys okay yeah come along quietly you'll get ten years for this oh my heart what's the matter with him every time he gets excited his heart goes nice white ball [Applause] [Music] what's the idea stop tickling my foot I didn't touch your foot get that - come on up here and sleep with us they take the puris otter no speaking yes Collins you say you don't know what to do about a woman being annoyed by a man with a wooden leg by the name of Smith well find out the name of his other life I have to do everything around here you know my sister was engaged with gobbler wouldn't lay yeah what happened she broke it off the engagement a delay Oh Oh dare you look like somebody I hate Oh what's the name jig first name flick Oh slick chick do you like sugar in your coffee I don't drink coffee well here's a lumpy a coke oh wait a minute mole they want to think I can't think will you loosen my Scout I'm getting it well I got a thought back my head okay I'm not gonna front you're nothing I li but I'll get it oh I'm gonna think quiet everybody genius at work hiya babe wait a minute stay here hey babe you forgot something that's what you forgot take it easy take it easy here all dry know there when they put in it oh oh I'll better put oil on that thing oh yeah boy is this not tight there it's loose that cockeyed monkey I'll flatten and believe me [Music] what's the name please George be buffer or be bappa dignitary z-buffer name cool man real George give me some skin give me some skin no give me a block and I ain't going oh now what did you say I said it would work perfectly what are we waiting for nothing come on oh yeah we better take another look at a picture so we'll recognize that girl has a beautiful pair of eyes matter with you this joy gives me the spooks it looks like it's haunted oh don't be ridiculous haunted houses have bats yeah that's right there's no bats here what a hideous monstrous face Oh I got my eyes glued on that door and if he comes back here I'll split his skull with this matter of fact I think I'll go out after him I'll break him and climb yourself be like me come have a cigarette everybody laughter it's not a worry about ya [Music] happy 10th anniversary boy what a beautiful cake yummy yummy yummy yummy rosettes and yellow icing if it only had ketchup on it yeah I can hardly wait to sink my teeth in it here baby give me a kiss huh oh say tell me do you like asparagus lovin oh well here's a couple of tips for you oh so you want some cake in the worst way that's exactly how you're gonna get it oh no no no no no the light must be off because it ain't I I'll check the connection call your yacht sorry Ken pardon my backfire [Music] ow ouch [Music] [Music] [Music] let me see that hmm now so does Ted get that torching well the mudguard hold still no I'll pull it out to this wetback knives are quiet no no put down a totes never don't mister remember your mother and my mother are both mothers [Applause] I'll get you this time now I'm mad why you I'll fix you [Music] oh you still have my warning smoke where'd he go where's Momo go hold it kid up get them in that holy hell oh yeah we're waiting for the television set you're bringing it right over Thanks hey moe Jim always stolen yes for that you don't go in there Swiss cheese look watch it into the wall how you're gonna explain that the bell woodpeckers here's a better one yeah what happens now this now go on get those ports up there I'll have this television set together in no time [Applause] [Music] [Applause] where [Applause] come on hurry up you imbecile leave that alone to come down here I'm coming how do you like that guy I [Applause] fall down you