The Three Stooges Best of 1954

hey no how are you gonna find slipping a big t8o like this will search the whole building we'll start with the dressing rooms and if we find them I found they went thattaway I think slipped up through getting the weights why you boy we really flattened him that's all I throw them in there here little fat man with the porcupine hair through this be a fucking winner fries go ahead babe up here eagle-eye you just hold this wait a minute now take straight a now take straight aim knock the Apple off the gentleman's head and we're free riding around bullseye in Reverse well that was a bum shot what's the old master he'll throw pass at the face of the master will throw the old ten throat now watch this take some more is that all you're gonna take Oh take your time I got the whole jaw cleaned holds like a Swiss cheese and timers have iron in his blood [Music] hey you know what's funny how people love to chip on their income tax that's of course it's such a cinch they never can catch smart guys like that help me with this will you how much you like the duck for charity anything take $3,000 no that's very good yeah but you got to put down who got the money I got it oh you'll never get away with that why not charity begins at home you're a smart imbecile yeah twenty-five hundred dollars for one operation no for three here I'll show you my scar there what do you know a zipper and hemstitch yeah why the zipper that's in case I need another operation now go on do your work always can doing that everything all right he's one of those wise guys hey chef how much you're gonna deduct for dependents $4,400 that's 11 dependents who are they my ex-wife and 10 bartenders why don't you quit kidding who's kidding oh I'm sorry kid I apologize well I don't accept your apology and don't do it again alright kid I won't but I will do this why don't you quit me remind me to kill you later and no backtalk mation look what you did to my hand oh there's about you alright get it off I can't that instant goo is stuck remind me to kill you later Oh a drop of mustard it's always good on a hot dog yes a little drop of it and I know you like that oh boy pack this two slices and a my stop murder you ahh now I will proceed to make my wonderful dressing pardon me do you mind sit just a few seconds I'll be ready to serve this is a beautiful bird I'll be ready to serve in a few seconds I'm gonna get this phone out so I can get this hey Larry that's quite a carving job you're doing on the turkey he made booboo I don't think we'll be able to eat the salad today oh that's odd I don't like mini minis anyway you know this gumbo is sure tough ooh oh boy potatoes ah oh that's a 1 a 2 3 oh and gravy I loves gravy oh boy wha oh I did loves gravy thank you very much I'd like that so I'll get it how do you like that now look here what is wrong with you idiots oh all he we to come to war maidens fair we bring the flowers a while away hours but get she not in their hair oh now fair damsels disco ting we come tis cardi we need what would be my wife and marry a life take that crazy talk what a swell joint it thou art a matzo head oh oh see if this doc Barker is a no-good crook he stole the Red Dog saloon from me and my sisters and he's locked them up now they'll bail what happened what's the idea pull me off the horse ah we are troubadours one two three why did my lady send four we poor princess in mind is brokenhearted you must you're her up fear not we'll have a split in the sides indeed East Side west side front side and back again [Music] hey Ricci and procede huh Oh fair princess wherefore art thou fair princess here are your thoughts what wilt thou with me my beautiful flower boy are you ugly clan oh yes for thy father has promised me thy hand of marriage unhand my last you brazen ass begone you Scrabble head she has promised to me down a Whitley / understand this routine kill them and cook among it yeah where can we find Cedric this village blacksmith under the spreading chestnut tree around the corner by the pawn shop at Pittsfield in town Sylvania Oh fear not you will be in his arms our morning mayu iron head oh hey kiddo are you awake yes I will never let you go my pretty sweet fuck for your mind love to hold my joy and pride and I hope and trust I'll never ever meet one who will try to take from my love's inside your the flame within my heart that keeps a burning my hands everyone total now repeat after me with this ring I do thee Wed with this ring I do thee Wed with this ring I do thee Wed with this ring I do thee Wed Oh with this ring oh pardon me [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] ready kid right right right range across the street elevation six feet weight 180 pound where the player track fast they're all good one I fixed you alright ready aim now this time right between the eyes [Music] or your mind loved to hold my pride and my hope and trust I'll never ever meet one why you did it again you're the flame within my heart it keeps a burnin but when duty-bound I'll answer to the call so don't stray way because for you I'm yearning I'm just asking you to stick around that's all give me a kiss baby [Laughter] hello [Music] oh boy scotch I love it you take a tool thin glass you put the ISIS why it makes nothing quiet yourself you know you tell me be quiet but I'll make a noise around here oh oh oh ghosts quiet look at the size of a Shack [Music] [Applause] uh-huh you need bicarbonate cuckoo cuckoo what's the matter with you you crazy or something why don't you mind your own business I just said that I caught you stealing red-handed I'm gonna call the police you won't live - operator get me the police [Music] I'm sorry mo we didn't mean it youdo head say oh oh that's what you've been doing Lorna [Music]