The Three Stooges Best of 1955

hey that smells good you got next to cigar sure fellas have a cigar thanks to rich fear blood sit down are you coming with the choppers training swell chief Hill might a gorilla Watson and two rounds yeah if I blunt you him oh say come on have a cigar broken fingers good now you can't poke this in the eye my big mouth yeah it's better we lose our dog not alive Oh what I like to get a look at Big Mike's face when he finds out about this oh you would would you I certainly would why don't you mind your own business how do you like a guy Buttonwood anew oh the gentlemen can't move - let us away heimo I just got one of them he was standing right here where you are was he a short fat fella yeah dark hair yeah do you hit him with that yeah that was me oh right say let me give you a tip pal off right eggs are out of this world could be but I want creamed chipped beef on toast anything you say but you're crazy if you don't order the fried eggs I want creamed chipped beef on toast all right the customer's always right ordering two fried eggs over-easy ooh ice pick up fresh soup coming out [Music] hey wait that away no he went that away oh he went that away and there we go I tell ya he drove up to that deserted house they say that house I don't like this etude houses why not maybe we'll get the same funny boy boy am I glad you came did you see that big guy outside oh boy the money we've got it we've got the crooks we're in the clear [Laughter] what kind of stuff is this mmm nice and fresh when did you join the woman haters Club oh that's a long story I'll have to tell you a little later all right right now we're busy with this is he home brother hey you are yes how I know how [Music] too much salsa you're right they do make that salsa strong every time I look at the seven-day clock it stops I can't be that ugly well can I mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all you see without it what can I do for you this didn't you make a mistake yeah I hit the wrong hey what the hey who is this spotted raccoon oh he tried to get engaged to me with that miserable little 2 carat ring just a minute that was two and a half carats you gold digger why don't you watch your manners how dare you call my tomato a gold digger I guess I told him a tour thing took care of that guy I'll tell you thinks he's smart but he's not smart enough for me I'll Oh baby speak to me yes Oh get your yeah get me out of this I'm still living forever me back my ring it's the wrong ring so sue me meanwhile make yourself at home thanks a lot oh I'm sorry boy oh boy oh boy what a night that was gone let's wet our whistles first here's looking at you [Music] in Georgia had such charm and Mama's so sweet cooks good things to eat [Music] oh-oh-oh a tiger I'll find him he must be amongst these claws no I told you there was nobody here liar no I tell you there's nobody here now relax and sit down listen oh no more baby lie down and relax you're getting all upset for nothing well maybe you're right what certainly you're being silly you know I wouldn't have another man in this apartment [Applause] our brains [Music] [Music] he's got galloping hoof to the heart my goodness open heart disease that means he's nearing the finish line they're going around the first turn shepherds in the Levi's come on he's dying you're telling jokes I'm gonna kick no I'm going boys now you behave if you don't I'll come back and haunt you he sunk he's gone to the dogs [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] what am i doing beat it you Devils go to blazes say there seems to be some more in here wait a minute oh what a dream you know fellas I just dreamt we invented a fountain pen that writes on the whipped-cream Underwood there's your whipped cream and there's a fountain pen write yourself a letter yeah uncle Mortimer I board of directors and I are convinced that somewhere on this earth there is still in existence persons of the primitive Stone Age to verify our theory will require the services of explorers who are indeed intrepid that's us we're decrepit shut up chipmunk well we're your men mr. Bopper we've explored the South Pole in the North Pole and even a telegraph pole shut up tadpole now right here right here is the last-known whereabouts of the dinosaur go on she's on television I always watch dinosaur you do yeah how was that pretty good what happened to you that's there dust off your brain what you need is a windshield wiper what you'll need is a nice shade oh I can't see I can't see much matter I got my eyes closed get over there we are prepared to spend $50,000 for the project and if you bring back photographic and documentary evidence we will pay you an additional 25,000 it's a day [Music] hey I think I got a little inked on your tongue I see I see a dense forest the trees are as thin as hares breaks cut there's a big bat in the forest climbing amongst the trees he's as big as an elephant well I hope you don't fly over here oh boy what's the idea in case it rains hey fellas hey fellas look D that stands for dapper that's my cigarette case just a minute oh yeah oh boy evidence let's weigh it let's smoke quiet that's a police car half the time it's a home in our office the three of us work together we're cops I'm Halliday I'm Tara day I'm st. Patrick's Day he first started out and ever thought we'd be three fingers on the arm of the law I'm the first finger I'm the second thing I'm the hangnail holiday I'm Tara day I'm Groundhog Day here's a transfer that's in case I want to transfer to another class tech mouse what in the world are you doing I told you we were natural-born detectives we caught this crook robbing yes you fool he's my father the Dean of this College don't you two imbeciles know a gentleman when you see one Oh see that oh oh oh oh you guys prepare for 81 C oh I'm holiday I'm Tara day I'm New Year's Day Hancock all right [Music] I'm holiday I'm Tara day I'm Christmas Day jingle bells jingle bells jingle bells oh I'll tell Santa Claus on you let's examine this cigar ship what does it say la st last I n n ka dor a fedora last in kid aura let me see that now now your nitwit it's lost think adora I'm a ledee I'm Terra day I'm Independence Day what we'll you didn't I fool me - oh come on come on wherever you are no le shall we take a sunbath no no Larry here let us take a scream over not me I wanna linger with the rest of the girl you do you mrs. Kaur I know it yes darling I've been expecting you you're just in time for your appointment now sit right down here and we'll get the mud pack right on I love your bangs Thank You dong [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh boy a safety belt Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] well Latia was slippery we didn't get him but we got the gate by the way I'm Halliday I'm Tara days I'm labor day and with us now every day is Labor Day okay then let's labor [Music] [Applause] [Music]