The Three Stooges Best of 1956

I'll never forget you boy if it wasn't for you we'd have never married your lovely sisters so I'm a Cuban anyway better you should support him than I well not enough to kiss what's the idea that's just to show you who's gonna be boss around lately right Syd muffins muffins these spoons of flour 1 2 3 add one egg now add some milk a pinch of baking flour no spoon of baking powder oh I'll make it rich now mix well see you later fella you see in order to brown a turkey you painted with salad oil salad oil let's see here boy well rub them down kid oh that burden will be out of this world yeah it's too good for those elephants we married hey do something good white kid delicious turkey nice and I made it myself oh that's a cheap modern oh boy if that's married life I don't want any part of it I'll never get married this character she's the bride but you tied me down now be good little boys and go right to sleep not till you tell us a bedtime story that was about brave knights uncle ball no Knights tell us a scary one about ghosts no nights and no ghosts tell us one with a lot of killings and a lot of word is it is so we can sleep real good I want Knights no Knights Oh killer - I want all right we'll tell you one with Knights ghosts and murder once upon a time your daddies and I were in the trucking and moving business well one night we were sent to a spooky old castle to pick up some antiques it was raining cats and dogs and the wind was howling Oh [Music] and that's thing really tore his head off that's not a good story we want a better one yeah we want a better one we're on the story of put us to sleep [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] hey hey hey break it up you guys we gotta go that way Mary's waitin for breakfast we gotta shave and you guys are playing games shut up like you don't tell me they're liable I will not even sit it don't get excited miss there you are touched good as new well you eat it come on Mary causing trouble say maybe a cyclone did it yeah maybe it just blew shut like this yeah what's it like that yeah hey Bo so get dressed say did you guys slam that door yeah what I bothered nothing you can slam it anytime you like oh I hear bells jingle bells cowbells let's try for jingle bells Oh still cowbells I'll fix that I hear I hear him jingle bells jingle [Music] chant get me that Smith toupee Smith toupee yeah sure hold this [Music] gee thanks Bo sorry kid really likes it down I can't the tube isn't go on Oh what's the idea show me oh well gratefully come on oh what's the idea taking so long where's the toupee where did you file it well I oh I remember now my files mr. pay on the deed what's the idea of filing it under D it had dandruff whoa are you imbecile oh oh I told you leave below T you wait a minute we got work to do kill him later remind me to kill you later I won't have time later then I'll kill you now oh oh why you I'll mash you why oh no look I told you that thing had dandruff leapin dandruff come in oh no news boy girl a baby you can peddle your papers here any day and how she's beautiful gosh fellas thanks a lot hello hello is this the miracle detective agency yes the homilies bid we didn't have time to rehearse no wait a minute we have to establish the time first look at your watch okay but you have to wait let go to the pawn shop hey what does your watch say don't say anything you got to look at it mmm see that here we are we're in a tough spot men yeah it's gonna take brains and get us out of here that's why I said we're in a tough spot this is no time for singing [Music] [Music] [Applause] hello its me it's Larry Moe no Larry Larry is that you Larry say some nitwit where are you hey Moe way you're gone you gotta wait me I didn't eat that thing the Goudas coming hey what'd he say boys we just gotta find a way to get the money for our sweethearts I got I gotta like dad if he's got it tell us kid what do you got that terrific headache I'll cure that hey mo li mu smoke stole that rootin tootin diamond yeah and we're gonna get it back from him return it to its rightful owner get a big reward and then pay the taxes for our sweetheart yeah but the emos the cuts vote suppose he cuts my throat so you look like I have two mouths I look like I now pay attention come here no here's the plan [Laughter] [Music] oh hey listen we gotta get out of here return the diamond and pay our girls taxes come on go on boys we got to be careful to make sure nobody follow us right yeah that Dame looks suspicious you better follow it right all quick kidding touch you know you love it give me another kiss oh what a kisser Oh glad you appreciate it yes let me see your hand sadly oh nice hey that was mean come on be nice give me another kiss sure why not you poot and I'll pucker ready oh oh you're breaking my heart Larry Larry help me help Larry help me help me oh it's out oh wait a minute I can't lay carpets why not I'm not that rugged get it cop it's rugged [Laughter] [Music] now listen you we gotta find Shep and get over the professor's needs number seven seven look boys we got to get the keys to the cell below from this guy and release the professor now look we'll spray the whole thing out right chimp guard the door okay okay I'll tell him who was that that was smelly smelly oh I know him I'm gonna spelling Chester tree the village Smitty stands that's him coming out you flat head that was Smitty one of the reporters he says a foreign agent got the missing documents hey wait a minute this is a school this is our big chance to become reporters and we can find that foreign agent we're in or your cuts up [Music]