The Three Stooges Best of 1957


Mark Blair


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yes they imagine he was a chicken oh we can't do that why not oh that's a hammer thank you very much oh you found them I found them that's nice now I could see nothing okay we'll see in the morning yeah but I don't seem you so good something must occur good night good night you know dummy it start out here did you get mr. Tatum's feel no okay Larry did you find it no you're all sprung [Music] a frustrated short-order cook musta come from outer space because my musical cardiac Oh Joe you're too fat look at your head oh that has nothing to do with wait a minute hold on this is a man's job where will we find one quiet come on you dirty crook to me Chinese ring or I'll let you have it I haven't got it oh yes you have oh why that dirty crook let me at him go get him see that was a great fight ma but I lost oh boy we're engaged and the happiest man in the world [Music] you don't lock your right sleeve come on maybe we'll get a tattoo yeah I put a battleship on mine no that's for your chest oh I'm gonna have darling sweetheart I love you forevermore my boys take these pills anything for you cutie oh you're not gonna do that to me what's the matter you afraid yes Oh chicken approaching Judith wait until you see Zune oh it's the most beautiful in my life I have this is the mooska I wonder what it looks like they probably got a good look at your kisser well that's fine time to joke [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the wood where we gonna find an axe to chop it with use your head there's got to be an axe around here somewhere hey somebody left a gold nugget on the floor where let me see yeah I'll be just perfect to start the fire with navel Bailey I'm nuts about you you're a beautiful face and that cute little button nose your smooth smooth skin I'll do it baby just being able you send me I'll send you Oh have an apple thank you are you watching peace and juicy okay LM f f PQ hey see that you dirty double-crosser you're a triple cross you stole my girl she was my girl I will fight for her I put up your hands because you see when I was in a ring never one good defeat so these are yes sir nice men eenie meenie miney moe I'm Moe you're for me oh yeah don't hey you're beautiful hello I brought a gift for you our favorite theater nuisance popcorn unpacked do I get a kiss find them hey wait a minute we can't go in that room the goon is in there [Music] yes now don't go away Oh mom I'm so sorry oh thank nothing up stout fellow [Music] [Applause] [Music]