The True Story Of The Haunted Silent Movie Theater • 360 Video

Los Angeles 1997 the historic silent movie theater on Fairfax Avenue was enjoying a renaissance led by owner and operator Lawrence Austin mr. Austin aged 74 had been deeded the theater in 1990 from previous owners and film enthusiast John and Dorothy Hampton who had amassed a large collection of silent films throughout the years for six years mr. Austin operated the theater one of the last silent movie theaters left in the country and film fans loved it then on January 17 1997 something sinister happened a man who was watching a movie in the theater walked into the lobby and asked for the manager the woman working at the concession stand directed him to mr. Austin who was standing in the lobby suddenly the man pulled out a gun pointed it at mr. Austin and asked for all the money in the cash register he then proceeded to shoot mr. Austin once in the face and then in the stomach after he had fallen to the ground the mysterious man then turned and fired two shots into the chest of the woman working behind the counter leaving no witnesses in the room and left remarkably the woman behind the counter managed to survive but mr. Austin passed away authorities later confirmed the identity of the mysterious gunman as 19 year old Christian Rodriguez Rodriguez turned out to be a hitman for hire who agreed to kill mr. Austin for $25,000 plus a five thousand dollar bonus for the woman's selling concessions the person behind the contract 34 year-old projectionist James Van Sickle sickle was mr. Austin's lover and the sole beneficiary of his estimated 1 million dollar estate heavily in debt and impatient to wait for his boyfriend died of natural causes sickle paid the hit man Rodriguez to speed up the date of his inheritance after the death of mr. Austin the theater was closed however two years later Charlie lustin purchased and reopened the theater to the public many believe the location known to be haunted one movie goers said he felt a chilling presence and a ghostly hand brush cast his neck during the screening others report seeing a mysterious pool of blood appear in the carpet of the lobby whatever you believe the fact remains that the silent movie theater is one of Los Angeles's most interesting places