The Truth About Miranda Sings

hello everybody welcome to interviews with Miranda I know you guys have all been wondering where this one big celebrity has been what has she been up to what has she been doing but what's taking her so long to come back to the Internet well today we're gonna find out because I have figured out how to get an interview with the top celebrity of the whole world come on this is gonna be the most real the most raw uncut unedited interview you ever seen of a celebrity we're gonna find out the ins and outs of this famous person Miranda sings and we'll find out exactly where she's been all these days so come with me as we have the most intense the most insane the most incredible interview that's ever been on the Internet as we find out what happened to Miranda sings there you go you heard it here first Randa is doing pretty good so you can expect more videos pretty soon of all the assigning Adventures of Marina scenes don't forget to get tickets don't forget to get tickets just might or where anything's don't call get my lipstick my anything's listing don't call and don't forget to subscribe to my channel Mike and I can't push the comment write a comment thanks for watching everybody seen its time was out ten minutes no asked me ten minutes cuz if it's ten minutes I can put more ads in it I can make more money it's not 10 minutes in no well just I need to be 10 minutes so I just keep coming game time thanks for watching interviews with Miranda you've been ten minutes No 20 minutes [Music] and underneath pink she Tallyho in two minutes the ink I mean on your Christmas James come true Merry Christmas Shawn can't two minutes the Hank wall supposed to do ten minutes is 15 for everyone feels like it's been a loss hmm blondes do have more fun my mary-kate or Ashley no one I'm out Vicky I'm gonna need to get into college I've been to many tent longest time of my life I don't have much more stuff let me get to me needs they'd be shocked and anything but I don't wanna get copyrights on I don't shock up do anything it is wet on shark I don't need any why don't charge I do you need I don't shine one man Sharky do anything dear woman shark 20 minutes nothing even did you literally I did everything you can even do as a human and then it's not even been 10 minutes yet I think one might post a even do it's not feel YouTube is being really racist about it they only give more ads to people with 10 minutes but getting 10 minutes is impossible I'll H Elwin literally nothing to do so this is the worst thing in my life pretty much I'm just trying to make more money because I like money I'm trying to make my video to mini there's nothing even to do when he are I'm freaking bored out of my freaking minds and now there's nothing you interview so cost stupid Kane's can always count on him oh do you see the clone top it's getting fuzzies do you see the fuzzies so that means good news Pross place one next year and then this is my puppet so you can stick your hand right in home right into the long song make it talk hmm reminder scenes and I've been trying to get more money from YouTube so this is how I'm gonna do it today hope you enjoyed mmm good do you rent thank you yes I just want to thank ain't ain't ain't ain't ain't ain't ain't ain't danced the drama it's been 10 minutes I think [Music]