The Truth Behind CM Punks Wrestling Return

[Applause] CM Punk is back in wrestling is a sentence that I always envisioned that would one day have to say on this channel but when I didn't visit it it was a little bit more like this hi guys what culture wrestling's Adam Cleary here and today's news is that CM Punk has returned to professional wrestling [Applause] but it's not that is it it's just CM Punk is back in wrestling we think last weekend maybe in some other weekends before perhaps I guess yeah he's just catching up on this story now CM Punk the voice of the voiceless the best in the world the whatever else he calls himself made a shocking return to wrestling over the weekend at an MKE event in Milwaukee he was in disguise and he ran into the ring he hit the GTS threw somebody on to somebody else that was the end of the match and then he just made his escape it was very good just wanna do a quick shout-out by the way to both a steel and Derek st. Holmes because it was there much that all of this happened in but nobody really seems to be mentioning their names in an either report so hey go boys Cleary's got you anyway after this happened rumors began to circulate that this was none other than former WWE Champion CM Punk and the Internet's did that thing didn't it where does you know it everybody loses their loses their mind super internet mode let's call it that everybody did that with no official confirmation immediately forthcoming from either Punk the promotion or any of the rest is or anybody like that we all put our super internet mode super internet detective hats on and deduce that yes in fact it was CM Punk because you took this photo earlier in the day and that is the same hoodie he was wearing at the show you see it's the same that proof verse everybody went completely crazy over the story and I mean well fair enough right this is the most speculated upon talked about and downright desired return in professional wrestling finally having a return to professional wrestling so surely it's okay to get really carried away by all that surely this is part of something bigger right well no actually wrong because once it transpired at sea Punk had been making secret returns to professional wrestling disguised at low-key indie events it also also transpired that CM Punk had been making secret returns to professional wrestling disguised at low-key indie events for several years already in an article by fight fools Shawn Ross and hello there fight fools Shawn Ross he says that CM Punk has definitely done this before specifically December the 4th 2015 at a freelance wrestling show in Chicago Illinois the punk this time under a hood and simply being referred to as nameless menthol was assigned to manage Couture Oh in a match against Darren Corbin and Ellie always say Baron Corbin there and dick justice now didn't get involved in the match this time but he was throwing salt all over the place and just generally doing a bit of a manage ross claims this was all part of a project with Colt Cabana it was gonna end up in his wrestling road diaries three but of course those two did fall out harder than potatoes through a wet bag to the footage has never ever seen the light of day me being a good journalist though did check on that and Cabana was actually on that show tugging with Grado so yeah that checks out just as an aside great or may if you are watching this please please drop me a message because I want to talk about this show naturally since that stories come out though everybody has been speculating about all the other time CM Punk could have donned a disguise and got back into a wrestling ring thus every single master secret perform at an Indy Show is now apparently CM Punk he'll he's probably been in lucha house party for the last three months and we just haven't noticed that's her best of all sore saw somebody on reddit say that he couldn't even have been the mickey mouse at that WC PW show that time which is yeah that's that's a great great suggestion except it was me and I literally took the head off thanks so what does this all mean right I mean that's why here that's why watching the video what conclusions can we realistically draw from the fact that a retired professional wrestler who was maintained for years he will never ever get back into a pro wrestling ring has been getting back into a pro wrestling ring can we realistically draw the conclusion that a full-time return is on the cards well alright here's the first thing I can almost guarantee you that CM Punk will never ever work for WWE ever again it was my job here at what culture wrestling to go through all the court notes for the trial with doctor a man and it amongst all the other Tippit's and takeaways was the fact that working for that company was taking a huge toll on him both mentally and physically life on the road Wrestling yes all that was bad but the company itself was the worst thing so if we ruled those guys out and that leaves you with Ring of Honor which and no disrespect to Ring of Honor or maybe a little bit below Punk's paygrade these days or New Japan Pro Wrestling who Punk has himself said doesn't really interest him as a place to work all that much or then you've got the other guys and conveniently enough there has been more news more revelations about punk potentially going to aw over the weekend because let's face it all elite can definitely definitely definitely afford him but speaking on the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter a big ban at Dave Meltzer has stuck a pin in that nice balloony dream and said straight up it is something that is not going to happen because it is not something that interests Punk and this is all based on his Intel that CM Punk was their number one pick when they launched the company ahead of Chris Jericho ahead of Kenny Omega punk was the man the Tony Khan wanted to get in as his big marquee signing offers were made and nothing happened so they threw really good money at him apparently and given the fact that Chris Jericho has said publicly every single time he's asked about the company that he is making the best money of his entire career there it's a fairly safe bet the punk was offered something similar something life-changing the kind of money you don't say no to unless you really really want to say no so that coupled with his loathing of WWE pretty much says he will never ever wrestle again full-time but even if he wanted to and this is the one story that doesn't seem to be getting anywhere near enough traction this weekend even if he really really wanted to go back to pro wrestling he actually can't right now you remember UFC right that place where punk has been beaten up quite badly twice already he is still contracted to them he's still training to work for them yes despite the losses despite the bad publicity despite the fact that UFC reportedly not even planning to ever use him again they not releasing him from his contract he continues to be a part of that roster and is hopeful in his own head of once again getting back into the octagon even said interview with for one while mania last year that he thinks he'll get another shot sometime this year he's hopeful of doing that again so even if he wants to wrestle he's not a wrestler and yes as nice as it would be to get carried away by these warm up appearances under a mask which we are 99% sure was him we've had no official confirmation from the man himself it should be pointed out it's just you can't do both they will probably let him get away with doing something like that yes but not being a full-time wrestler like Rhonda hat leave to go do that Brock's never successfully juggled them aside from that one-off thing that was this huge publicity stunt you don't get that kind of duality and I understand that's really frustrating to hear you're probably sitting there pulling your hair out wondering why on earth would he do those appearances knowing what it would do to the fan base if he's actually got no intention of ever wrestling again and the answer to that is incredibly simple because he has already told us ESPN radio three years ago punk is on there promoting his fight with Mickey gall he gets asked directly if we will ever see him wrestle again and he says this it's one of those Never Say Never things but it's not going to be anything televised it's gonna be me in a ninja outfit wrestling one of my buddies and nobody's ever going to know now I wouldn't go so far as calling that a ninja outfit but he told us he was gonna do that and he did it so where does this where does this leave us all then as CM Punk fans the man leaves WWE under a big cloud then goes through lengthy and traumatic court proceedings that's our Imam with the industry on the company forever then he moves into MMA tries to make a go of that but gets beaten up badly twice all the while making these secret little indie performances with a view to producing some kind of video then gets offered the deal of his life under favorable circumstances where the company probably would quite like to work with and some of his friends but turns it down all the same and all the while his name is still getting chanted in wrestling arenas across the world five years after he left what does that mean what does it mean what is the truth between CM Punk and wrestling well likely the only person who knows the answer to that is CM Punk he is doing his own thing he was doing it when you left the company he was doing it when he went to MMA he was doing it when he did all these little indie shows and he was doing it last weekend when he donned that mask and gave somebody a G t s he's doing his own thing and he always will because that's CM Punk so there you go I wish I had better answers for you but we'd likely never will because the man is an enigma and that's probably why fascinates us all so much but let us know what you make of this whole thing in the comments below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe but in the meantime though thank you so much for watching I of course without and clearly the voice of the moistness or something I don't know I'll see you soon hi guys I'm Adam well born from what culture and if you're a fan of what you've just seen then make sure you subscribe to what cult wrestling on either iTunes Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts for daily wrestling podcasts where we not only review Monday Night Raw and Smackdown live we also discuss the events before and after of pay-per-views we have roundtable discussions discussing burning wrestling issues interviews and a roundup of the week completes with a bloody good quiz of course on wrestle culture thanks for watching I've been Adam from what culture and I'll see you soon