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[Music] [Music] [Music] in the year 50 BC all Gaul now known as France was covered with impenetrable forests where calm peace and quiet reigned supreme only the birds hey wait a minute oh wait ma'am I said in the year 50 BC right thank you in the year 50 BC all Gaul was covered with impenetrable forests where calm peace and quiet reigned supreme Julius Caesar after much fierce fighting had at last succeeded in conquering goal intending to set the seal of Roman civilization on this his latest greatest conquest [Music] [Applause] [Music] yes all goal now known as France was occupied by the Romans well no not quite for somewhere in America a little village was still holding out against the invaders a little village surrounded by Roman legions the brave people of this village but do I really need to introduce them hands up anyone in the house who hasn't met them yet oh I see all right I'll make the introductions this big Hut is the home of the undisputed chief of the village the formidable vital statistics please darling it's me or to be up on that shield I'm the chief after all I've got to go out shopping sales that later and meanwhile you can tell you the place up a bit it's getting more like a one boss die come on you two and this is cacophonic the village Bard people don't always appreciate his talents sometimes express their feelings in a tactful delicate way [Music] ah here comes dogmatix the village mascot a great friend of Obelix the men here delivering a fancy dogmatix don't with dicks doggy voce I'm teaching him to retrieve many as asterix' he could be a big LT might work you know Alex it isn't that I don't think that dogs very intelligent but I do sometimes wonder Lee isn't rather small to carry many years the voice of reason you have just heard belongs to the renowned Asterix the best warrior in the village the famous aesthetics whose adventures on sale in all the best book shops have been translated into every language salud de what we taught on each our love j-rok Oh darvany [Music] but you may well ask how did this little village with its handful of warriors manage to keep holding out against the all-powerful Roman invaders well that was thanks to the magic potion brewed up by the druid getafix which gave superhuman strength to those who are lucky enough to get no beliefs no the potion has had a permanent effect on you you know you'll fell into the cauldron when you were a baby failing that I call them when you were a baby Centurion what's the good of having another go you know what those goals will do to us that note they simply note human baby but those are Caesar's orders who knows perhaps it will be different this time what [Music] [Applause] join the army they said it's a real man's life they said it didn't turn out so different from usual a Centurion no not very I know rather a good joke post equit em set it at truck una that's right these calls will make Latin a dead language if Julius Caesar will insist on fighting them those goals simply are humans and Julian they're just not human you're right they're not human ordinary wattles couldn't resist a match of the Roman army told you so it must be God's we haven't hope of defeating of gods I'm going to Rome to tell Caesar the gods are against us their God you'll see these crazy Cornish villagers are gods we do have to admit that these ghoulish villagers can keep your armies at bay in my opinion the time has come for us to adopt your realistic approach to the situation if the gods are against us we're done for while seeking you to follow a constructive line I hope for the less to be quite objective and I have therefore come to the following conclusion it's no good trying to fight gods let us suppose to look on the bright side that we've only got to deal with demigods well even so it's an extremely unpleasant predicament to take an example Hercules anyone willing to confront Hercules Hercules gods or demigods i Caesar I will show you you cowardly old councilors that those half-wits are only mortal very much Oh Brutus stop playing about with that knife you'll end up hurting somebody but how are you going to show us that those goals aren't really gods after all Oh Caesar well first he'll visit them myself and I shall put them to certain tests which only the gods could perform and if they really are gods then I shall give in I think they are just men ordinary human beings they'll have to face the and Elefsina and by Jupiter I can tell you they'll finish up inside the Lions in the soccer is not ready at the guy of the Bell darling will you go and see who's there Julius Caesar's outside wants to see you Julius Caesar hey Julius Caesar himself fight at all for me feet switch me shoes let everyone know Asterix Parra though she bear is coming [Applause] village chieftain what are you doing here I have come to make a suggestion your defiance of me is bad for my reputation in Rome they're beginning to laugh at me they're saying a handful of half-wits call the Roman army and bring what you I'm sure by to George's some people say you must be God's Oh scotch I thought yes gods and if that is so then I will admit defeat but if you are only men then you will have to give in to my power and accept our laws just how a mere my friends supposed to prove whether or not really gods I wonder if you've heard of Hercules Oh Hercules The Grocer no no the God hack eelis he performed 12 difficult tasks which got him admitted to Olympus since the guard saw that he must be one of them he's 12 to us what were they to the Nemean lion kill the learning Hydra caught the erymanthian boar alive hunted understand with breeze and feet sharp the Stymphalian birds with his bow and arrows tamed the bull on the island of Crete King Diomedes conquered the Amazons cleanse the audience tables in a day kill Jiraiya knees stole the golden apples of the Hesperides and set Theseus free from Hades and you wanted to do all these tough things just to show whether or not we're guns no or not exactly that's all a bit out of date now with my counselors hope I've thought up a new set of tasks for you only God's could hope to perform all these new tasks if you succeed I bolon myself fairly b-but if you fail in even one then you will have to give in it's a deer you bet your life it's a deal your tasks will take it around Caius telnet Pierce titless will act as your guide all the way and we'll see that the tasks are fairly before he's a most trustworthy man and very honest so if you should succeed Rome will surrender if you fail in a single task then you will all become slaves of Rome ok we understand oh you poor fools you really think Caesar would surrender and that you become masters of Rome come to think of it perhaps we got a bit carried away your magic potion will help us out Oh George sure we'll have lots of fun right your dances lots of fun well Asterix is the cleverest man among us and Obelix is the strongest so you two must be only ones likely to succeed may to tourists hear you there is a good full of magic potion Asterix mine you use it well you're going to need it oh yes you're going to need it well then oh we off well [Music] honey I wonder well bar doesn't show enough to sing as a farewell song right now for the first task follow me we do please this is ice bestest just back from Marathon he was champion runner at the Olympic Games he can run faster than a horse faster than the Stormwind when it house through the trees one of you will have to beat him in a race you do realize two weeks you're a lot faster than me you're faster than the horse wind howling through the trees all right we'll be waiting for you the other side of the forest at the finishing line get on your marks and start when all the sand has run out of the outlaws that's very interesting you know we have athletics in the village too but obviously as we all get some of the magic potion it's not very exciting yeah are you listening to me right I was saying it's not very interesting because we all get there at once and we have to draw lots with the winner you'll notice that I don't need to drink any magic potion before a race because I've always been a very fast runner I say you're not very chatty are you hey wait for me hmm I think I better take a little magic potion after all the villages future is at stake [Music] they're bad start off at a door prize [Music] I got held up a bit back there in the phones because I stopped to pick some mushrooms see I like picking flowers do [Music] [Music] hey if you like apples I know a place over there where there's a good tree [Music] [Music] funny the racism proves his profile what seems to me the first of your tasks performed quite successfully and so now for the next one well seize the passion the most amazing javelin throughout of the world has ever seen is javelin will cross the Seas and oceans this is your second task throw the javelin further than fair scene [Music] [Music] this mean wow now this time mister ricks let me all right poet well as far as you can just you watch [Music] secular house performed and now for the next one you're going to face cylinder the German no wrestler or gladiator is ever yet beaten him cylindric the German will come in that way you must wait for him here look at the size of those gates he must be big still Invicta German I like em strong [Music] that's him cylindric the German why he isn't big at all oh I like a big Hey suppose we gave him some magic potion what day Mitchell usual gentlemen is first Oh both of you at once maybe yeah I'll go first and finish it off at once and then we go on to the next task all right but watch out there must be a catch he's got some funny clothes on the road just make the druid so the fetch implement first yeah I heard not fast [Music] I say what a splendid way to fight I've never seen anything like it oh yeah I had learning on my creminis no long travels family you like yeah yeah yes sorry it's easy you have only to use cements own strengths to get them down just Maggie is the better for you [Music] easy easy you just say that because you're strong 99 third of una try yourself here take my hand with the foot right here on the stalk since you forgive that once yeah yeah good yeah it's like this yeah yeah guns who was I really good there but still a little soft line hoot the next thing when you have caught me on the ground you take advantage that I am TD and you jump on me yeah like that good sure you take hold my arm like this and then you put you Tyson just then scooped I know those are excellent and what do you think comes next [Music] and so you can see no buy you have you have you have beaten me my nerve [Music] they've got through the first few tasks all right not bad but it proves nothing Romy's - garnish yet they've not had much to cope with so far now ever the next task they will have to face the FBI [Laughter] I never knew there was a lake here well there isn't you have to get across it that's your next task I shall go and wait on the other side yeah of course it's inconceivable you should succeed there's a boat over there on fire [Music] I call this test a piece of cake we'll reach the other side in no time we better be careful though you never can tell the lakes calm this boat doesn't seem to leak [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] facing vigilant cacophony welcome to the Isle of pleasure we were expecting you this way [Music] nice little place you've got but who are you miss never mind who we are old worried give yourself up to pleasure this way we're going to show you all over our Islands [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] and now you've seen our island the Isle you will never leave again your lightest wish shall be our command for ever and ever what would you like boudoir eeeh some food some food why not I'm starved chasing about in young food makes me hungry you're here on the Isle of pleasure the chief priest as herself asks you what you would like and who asked for food of course eating is a great pleasure this is the Isle of pleasure isn't it all right we can provide nectar and ambrosia nectar no fair no fair oh no none of that boring old stuff I want a nice fireball fireballs very tasty you call nectar and ambrosia boring but that is a food of the gods themselves well are you gods or an - I suppose we may be gods but we eat wild boar but but there aren't any wild boars on this island watch there aren't any boars and you expect me to stay with you for good you must be off your head get lost fatty do you really think I'd lower myself as a dog person get out you bet your life I'll get out don't watch wild boar and they dare to call this the isla pleasure pleasure [Music] never mind him we will give you pleasure such as the gods enjoy on a limb purse bold warrior Asterix and the next task will take place in that temple what do we have to do in there you will be required to look deep into the dreaded eyes of iris the great Egyptian magician [Music] by Osiris and by APIs look at me look into my eyes you have turned into a cat by Osiris and by APIs a cat sad right by Osiris and by APIs there's a da good pussycat there hmm nice little food up you go good pussycat next please by Osiris and by APIs look into my eyes you have turned into a bird yes a bird by Osiris and by APIs a bird yes he was flying No we'll have rain next what's all this about oh yes I remember now and which of you is about to undergo my special treatment bearing in mind my appointment book is that it fool oh all right seat yourself just there are cookies [Music] ready then I'll begin by Osiris and by APIs look at me look how did you do all that with your eyes silence concentrate please by Osiris and by APIs look at me look in my eyes by Osiris and by APIs you have turned into a what I wonder a wild boar you goals are very fond of wild boar let's start again by Osiris and by APIs look in my eyes you have turned into a wild boar yes a wild boar like one of them up at a time hannes and country where was I a wise boy you are a wild boar a wild boar do you hear oh they must be very useful for reading I've said again you are the wine bar by a supercilious at my service and passing by your bother you repeat after me I am a wild boar a wild or you are a wild boar you are a wild boar that's right I am a while bobo [Music] he'd make me hungry going on about wild for what's more it's lunchtime well that's lucky because your next task will be to eat every morsel of the meal prepared for you by mannequin fix the great chef of the Titans no mortal man has ever got through one of his enormous meals but you will have to eat it all down to the last crumb burn a 13 an interesting kind of task at last it's my turn now right hey no doubt about that ah Monsieur I'll a c-collar with bringing the banquet right away I've invented myself he said blood wood chips petroi ground I have not yet found this this is good because see nice block of buttons beep asean-korea [Music] - eek Oh Malay a dozen a the old school of Jesse - what is nice to it well you take him he will make him how the cow is maybe less trusty but is much more delicate she will because two separate families that would not derive simultaneous lungs it coming she will like and it has a good stuffing - egg before one starts on the next course with olives did he ate everything [Music] did anyone see which way the chef's went he walked out with an only had miss Chargers why don't ask all this what's up with you by belanov stressing in that extremely silly way I don't think it's silly I'm gonna get ready to be ruler of Rome I'm not ruling of Rome eh well honestly you see when the lads have performed all that dust successfully which law is setting up for Rome for Rome you really think Rome will ever be Gaulish I think you're counting your wild boar piglets before they're hatched you think so yes yes why don't you all go home I tried run along will you leave a shadow you don't think they'll win seas are his mighty he has made a pact with the powers of darkness known Li the gods know what dreadful dangers Asterix and Obelix may still have to face and now you must go inside the cave of the Beast the cave of the Beast and what does this beast like I've no idea no one has ever come out alive well nice to have known you humming ah bollocks why not the place looks quite exists [Music] Oh many then [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hey Asterix yes I know we shall have rain when the birds fly low no 30 matches we can keep nice and dry inside this cave [Music] [Music] empty no excuse me peace are we right for the Beast look you might at least answer when I asked a question people have no manners at all these days beastly okay if they think they can frighten us they rot because everyone knows that we fear only one thing which is disguise holding on our heads [Music] what might that be I have no idea but I'm really getting rather fed up we seem to have been in this cave quite some time let's come to think of it what is the time it's about twelve Lou don't say your holy again already why shouldn't I be hungry I'm always hungry at 12 noon I could eat anything at all you hear me absolutely anything the Beast [Music] I hope you'll forgive my curiosity but the Beast what was it like actually very tasty later like a drink people seem very odd bodies they've all been to the place that send you man the place that sends you married yes and you won't have to go in there as well that's your next task what do we have to do in this place that send your mad oh nothing much you have to obtain a certain permit which will then allow you to go on to the next task I see nothing but a simple administrative formality that's right a formality a simple formality you merely have to ask for permit number a 38 all right publics [Music] what is it we want a copy of permit number a 38 once a Mississippi galley no they sent it to the wrong place you need to ask if I have a masters obvious down at the port what no we don't want to register a galley we want a copy of permit number a 38 then port you'll find it at the other end of town it's down by the seaside we don't want to go to the port we want to copy or Thermage number a 38 a permit number a 38 yeah there's no need to shout what manners where do you think you are by Jupiter a plant window number one left hand corridor last door on the right got it just on the right last door on the right there is no door on the right yeah he must have got it wrong let's try the door opposite [Music] and who gave you permission to come into my office oh we're looking for window one consult the floor plan on the sixth floor and close the door impertinence no well well we miss Annika these stairs are pretty steep carry on [Music] this one no this is the fourth floor we want the sixth this is the plan can't make it out at all no here it is window number one is on the ground floor first corridor on the right [Music] what is your business we just want a copy of permit number a 38 you have been mr. naked you have to apply to window number two next door to this one no that one if we'd have eight I can't remember where they put number two after the desk [Music] well when I've already told you once the party's down by the seaside when I don't work the port will come down some of us are trying to work and what is the problem may I ask no I dear mr. briefing sir they keep jabbering a lot of nonsense we looking for window to window - where exactly did they put that one in last time anyone saw it it was somewhere on the third floor corridor B door six mr. prefecture well then there you are gentlemen there was nothing to get so worked up about we seem to be getting somewhere now I'm not all that confident so then she bought some material from a Phoenician trader to redecorate her cubiculum oh well you know her the kind has always got to show up but mind you she can't even afford to keep a slave Oh sir moon sold off her Iberian claiming that she's prefer to to our house work herself but I know that her husband's financial situation situation oh yes poor old Claudius you know he worked up a nice-looking business building violence well death and now excuse me people are these days much permit a 38 have you filled in the blue four blue four no in how do you think you're going to get permit 838 we're gonna get hold of his blue form we do I've been there crash it's nothing left but some ruins still they look picturesque in the country she's at lunch but you could apply the windows 35 ask them down at the desk [Music] fill in this form and then you'll be able to get the pink for what pink form the one you need in order to get permit a 38 window 12 the second floor staircase be carried or jet you need the yellow form windows 7 on the fifth floor second skate corridor w clean form window 14 on the first floor staircase F kodachi get moon for window 56 on the sixth draw staircase P harder get the pilot [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] we shall never get out of here Asterix the magic potion won't be any help to us here we'll go mad and we'll be Julius Caesar slaves not if I know it yeah no it's true the magic potions not any good in here but I know what we should have to fight them with their own weapons you watch this is this where I get permit number a 39 don't you mean a 38 no for permutation only what I want is permit number a 39 as stipulated in the new circular b65 in the new circular b65 wait here yeah it had upset you to be 65 Oh circular be 65 the one about permit a 39 not me we should have to find out from their defining systems of material not yet coordinated is your the 5th floor staircase yet corridor FINA hmm his officers moved to the second floor staircase H corridor M shall we go yes come on circular b65 about per me day 39 no the message is a new provisional material Center must have forgotten to let us know they're on ground floor staircase to corridor you [Music] what a new circular and I haven't even been told now see the assistant head of non transmitted material ways he will go and ask down at the desk [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well crowd-pleaser I'm very busy just now what are you after permit number a 38 all right I gotta leave some people here to try to work [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] yes Caesar they've performed them all even that last task Hercules himself would have failed there I must admit that remarkable but they haven't yet got to Rome I have several special treats in store for them there's no need to worry I'm mercury we shan't be seeing a little girlish village become the capital of the Roman world we can proceed with the rehearsal now whoa okay so Caesar the Rose who was just about over [Music] [Music] let's see what's next on the list oh yes you'll have to cross this canyon walking across that invisible thread which you do not see there walk along that invisible thread why don't we cross down below I can see a small river the water looks calm yes but in fact that little River is full of crocodiles lots of very sacred crocodiles they were a present given to Caesar by the Egyptian head of state queen Cleopatra they're very savage creatures and very rapacious yeah I don't like crocodiles I tried them once they were stringy come on Asterix [Music] oh alright I suppose we shall have to you coming [Music] [Music] da-da-da-da-dah your next task is to make the ascent of this mountain at the top you must look for the old man of the mountains at least it'll make a change from canyons and what do we have to do with this old man of the mountains the old man of the mountains will ask a difficult riddle you will have to answer correctly if you get it wrong the results will be quite fatal I mean as far as you're concerned of course why can't this old man come down here to ask his widow come on don't be a lazybones here goes [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what [Music] [Applause] [Music] there must be a marvelous view from up here hey I've run out of mountains I I expect that's because we've got to the top this old man can't be far away [Music] would you be the old man of the mountains old man hey I am the old man of the mountain have you miserable mortals come to ask for the reduce oh well I'm glad we haven't been climbing the wrong mountain come on ask a little old man of the mountains it's not very warm up here but it touches one moment oh you know foolish men that if you fail to give me the right answer who will be punished instantly into the infernal depths of hell after climbing all this way not likely I've got better things to do come on that riddle so be it you want to take a trip to the seaside do you good [Music] [Applause] Oh Oh with this one oh yes all right we go here yeah there's goldish labs are pretty good you must admit it's true Olympus really does wash whiter and leaves your hands so ever so sir okay we get the idea you're military men sarbs Padre but listen Oh Jupiter do these goals who are doing so well get a place up here - where are the shoulder spaces it is quiet we don't let all and sundry in like a pod and to be honest I'm getting fed up with them getting fed up [Music] Browns over there not far away but before you're allowed inside you have to spend the night on this plane when the night on this plane oh good idea I feel a bit tired after those tasks no need a sleep yes but I ought to warn you that all who are dared to spend the night on this plane before you have died of fear 80s called the plane of departed spirits well good night that's the right expression what do you suppose happens on this plane I don't care we must be fitting well tomorrow to enter Rome to tackle our last task let's go to sleep now [Music] there's no need to go further we should be all right here yeah sure good night Alex good night Asterix [Music] [Music] good some Romans all those Romans just for me don't make so much noise preacher going to wake up histories [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] please don't be angry Asterix they're only trying to keep their spirits up because they all got partied by some which is a madman know you've gone I got it all wrong I'll explain listen actually we're departed spirits I couldn't care less who you are do you know what the time is yes No look do please listen no you can just listen to me we've run a big race we've been throwing the javelin we've been wrestling we've been having to face priestesses and magicians big musn't be still there's no mess we need a good night's sleep you can keep your spirits up but kindly don't keep us up please sir you must only goes [Music] get up you are expected [Music] but where are we you are in Rome outside Julius Caesar's Palace Caesar is expecting you either there's something funny going on around here or the Romans have learned to build very fast what does it matter come on then soldier take us to your leader so here you are in Rome at last yes here we are Julius Caius Titlis has told me all about your journey yes Caesar they have managed to perform all the tasks overcome all problems and succeeded every time it cannot be denied goals the gods have fevered you all along this is where your luck runs out since it is unthinkable for you to become masters of Rome the last task of all will be the circus where you will be massacred along with all the other goals from your village [Music] knowledge is Rome frankly I'm disappointed and think the time has come to give you a little music [Music] geriatrics Ave Caesar the goals request audience it's just they've all come [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] all to be slaughtered for the amusement of my people and then nothing at all nothing will cast a shadow on my triumph gods with gladiators that was for the ones we've niche right okay next perfecto through God what she's doing there that light for the lawyers let's meet you I'll be happy to lend you a head [Music] [Music] Ceaser's just arrived what a great big cow roll up everyone it's ready he has the magic potion but I can't have a new I hope everything is ready yes Caesar just for starters these unhappy goals we'll have to face the fiercest of our gladiators and then if there are any survivors of our cities when it out the wild beast we've got lions and tigers and Panthers and bears and even elephants a wonderful program the audience will love it alright you can bring on the gladiators [Music] [Music] I think we should all get ready it'll soon be our turn good I'm going in first and you all follow me and keep in line please and they're going to be people they're watching us or let's show some dignity and why should you go first I'm your chief let's watch it going first but we've been doing all the work every way Asterix so what it's not terribly fun now right some people always get the luck for you let me buy a watch it looks stupid every lunch done back you see my face right here we go through all the trouble and then you stupid stupid yourself fatty Oh Astrid he called me fatty you can track the goals are now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Oh throw that five come on now why Beast bring on the wild beast [Music] berserkers baking children love [Music] you goals you've performed all 12 tasks I set you you've succeeded in every one of the difficult tests which I thought up for you so you must be God's and it's no good trying to fight against gods you have indeed masterís I leave my fate and that of Rome entirely in your hands [Music] with great magnanimity the goals allowed Julius Caesar to retire to a little country villa to live there in peace and quiet far from the responsibilities of power [Music] what a really wonderful cook you are Cleopatra dear as for our friend kaya still he was allowed to choose his own reward for his good and faithful service [Music] and at last back in gold in a little village which was now the center of the known world our friend is reunited celebrated their return with a banquet under the stars have we really become the Masters of Rome let's face it this is only a cartoon film yeah and anything goes anything goes [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]