The Ultimate Football Drinking Game Challenge

what's up everybody I invited a couple of my co-workers to come by and play a little drinking game involving NFL trivia if they get an answer wrong they're gonna have to drink and what is more football than Gatorade let's go I love football yes but I'm more specifically love the Patriots I went to UCLA and I have season tickets Super Ball I'm a Trojan so got a little friendly rivalry I'm a big fan of football I actually never played though great okay I'm hoping I don't lose now where is the extra point kick from 10 yards 15 yards 20 years 25 yards I'm gonna go with be the 15-yard line I agree 15-yard line I think he is correct to the 25-yard line that's also my answer go boom who won the Super Bowl in 2014 Denver Broncos Seattle Seahawks New York Giants or Philadelphia Eagles without they of the Seahawks won what's your answer I'm going to Elsie hunts yes that was the Seattle Seahawks it is the Seattle Seahawks who became the NFL's all-time touchdown leader in 1994 a Marcus Allen v Emmett Smith see Jerry Rice or D Chris Carter it had to be Emmitt Smith so I'm gonna go with him I think i'ma changed me I said Emmitt Smith Jerry Rice I'm going to hurry rice and I'm gonna go with Jerry Rice Jerry Rice I actually have a jersey who was the first player to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a season Larry Csonka OJ Simpson Walt garrison or Jim Brown I have no idea but let's say Jim Brown I'm gonna go with OJ Larry I'm goin OJ Simpson I'm gonna say Jim Brown I'm gonna say OJ Simpson just cuz not a great Trojan but a Trojan nevertheless Wow after I just watched that documentary - that's the only time I'm celebrating OJ's name I'll tell you that when did the Boston Patriots changed their name to the New England Patriots 1965 1980 1971 or 1983 let's go ahead and say 1980 I'm just gonna stand by my conviction and go with 1980 as well I'm saying 1983 19 1971 I'm gonna stop in 1971 Patriots make you drink that's what they do I thought it was better than what I was I need to buff up on my sports trivia he did a great job for attention I just want to thank my teammates when I coach and Zack was a great opponent yeah that was fun I liked it I want more NFL trivia