The Vocal Coach of Screaming


Great Big Story


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(guttural vocalizing) - [Melissa Cross] The most powerful thing about being a metal singer, (guttural vocalizing) (guttural vocalizing) (guttural vocalizing) (guttural vocalizing) (guttural vocalizing) is the complete release (loud screaming) of passion. (guttural vocalizing) (loud metal rock music) I teach people how to scream effectively without damage, but I'm also a singing teacher. (vocalizing harmonically) My background is Shakespeare and opera. (gentle vocalizing) I got known for being a scream teacher because I figured this out, and I'm glad I did, because everyone was trashing themselves. Instead of going reh-ahh, I want (guttural vocalizing) (guttural vocalizing) Most metal kids, before they get trained, they think that the only way that you can get that sound is to feel that way, and that's dangerous because if you feel that way when you make that sound, it hurts. (guttural vocalizing) Three, four, five, and release everything. I teach them the least amount of effort to do it, and then they don't trash their vocal chords. (guttural harmonizing) I want it seamless. (guttural harmonizing) Metal is, like, has a certain behavior, and it's about loyalty. It's real. (subdued metal rock music)