The Weeknd Reveals How Selena Gomez Ruined Him




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hello and welcome to our new video today we'll be taking a look at the weekend or abel machining test faye and his opinion on his past relationship with his ex-girlfriend selena gomez if you're new to the channel don't forget to hit that red subscribe button and that bell icon so you don't miss out on any of our videos so the history the canadian singer abel had previously dated bella hadid some magazines claimed that she knew him very well both as an artist and a person the article argued that this would become very hard for him to find as his career progressed however after almost two years of dating the two broke up two weeks after the breakup he started dating selena gomez the sweet couple charmed many fans however some said they were doomed as they both were plagued with different and similar problems such as drug abuse or relationship struggles however they continued dating for 10 months billboard reported that the couple was on good terms all 10 months and that they were very supportive of each other their romance ended rather abruptly when selena was spotted going to church with justin bieber and then justin was spotted leaving her house in the morning that same day the couple revealed that they had broken up however two months after the breakup abel started dating bella again her warning because he thought bella was just being jealous but in hindsight it looks like the weeknd should have listened to his abel and selena's relationship progressed quickly and selena followed her boyfriend on tour across 10 different countries selena was also spotted sporting the weekend's murder so some previous hints keep in mind all this happened during 2017. he told a squire quote the reason why it was so short is like i think i just had nothing else to say on this whatever it was just like this cathartic piece of art and yet it was short because that's all i had to say on this situation end quote the same reporters asked him if it made him feel better he said yeah of course i mean that would have sucked if he didn't he politely refused to answer when he was asked who the songs were specifically referring to these songs were those in the weekend's ep my dear melancholy which elle reported had references to bella hadid justin bieber and selena gomez the references of selena gomez and justin bieber on the album are and you'll have to bear with me as there are a lot in the song call out my name quote we found each other i helped you out of a broken place you gave me comfort but falling for you was my mistake i put you on top i put you on top i claimed you so proud and openly and when times were rough when times were off i made sure i held you close to me girl call out my name and i'll be on my way i'll be on mine i said i didn't feel nothing baby but i lied i almost cut a piece of myself for your life guess i was just another pit stop till you made up your mind you just wasted my time the bella hadid references are as l reported in the song wasted times quote wasted times i spent with someone else she wasn't even half of you reminiscing how you felt reminiscing how you felt and even though you put my life through hell i can't seem to forget about you i want you to myself and now i'm asking who do you belong to now who you give that love to now who you pulling up on who you getting sprung for and what they got that i ain't got because i got a lot don't make me run up on them get them blowing up on their spot we suggest that you look the art club as it goes a lot into detail regarding abel's exact intentions with each word just a month after selena shared a photo of her romantic date night with the weekend on instagram she was spotted having breakfast in la with former flame justin bieber and the spark that reignited the fire this was during 2017 through 2018 but it's 2021 right now so why then is this topic coming back up isn't it more than three years old well yes but it would seem like as fans pointed out abel isn't yet over selena in the video for his recent release save your tears you can see abel with an eerily realistic prosthetic face that was modeled to look like it had been the product of extensive plastic surgery many fans pointed out that this could be a call on bella which another big group claims has had multiple plastic surgeries however the attention of the video shifts when you see a model actress that looks like selena gomez sitting in the audience in the video plastic surgery the weeknd grabs her hand to dance with her on stage fans constantly point out that they could hear the word selena and that this song was clearly about selena gomez's relationship with abel however fans also pointed out his face looks scary previously abel had gone on stage using bandages around his face during the american music awards and that's all for today folks i hope you liked the video if you did make sure to hit that like button and subscribe to the channel so you never miss another amazing video from us