The World of One Night For One Drop Special Edition Throwback from 2018


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hey youtubers its Matthew Rodriguez guess what this is a special episode of the world of one night for one drop is an annual charity event that raises money for the one drops foundation one drop provides safe water access to people all over the world we're doing an interview tell us a little bit about your role within the one-drop family so I am a communications manager for one job but the biggest part of my job is really one night for montrose which is this fantastic event where all the circus Olay shows here in Las Vegas closed and they all come together to volunteer participate and get together for one great cause which is wartime we set up an amazing show this year we're very very lucky to have singer/songwriter jewel the story is inspired by her show by her life and she is actually in the show as well singing in the show all right thanks so much thanks hi I'm Jules I mean very excited to be working with Cirque de Soleil they're incredible cast the incredible performers that will be coming from all over the world to lend their talents to tell a very special story a story based on the events of my life a story about love loss betrayal abandonment but ultimately about the ability to forgive welcome to one night for one drop we are live on the red carpet and look who it is clown bear he's right talk a little bit about one drop and why this night is so important to Cirque performers like you because what people don't know is that all of the SIRT performers come to perform this show for one night to raise money for the one-drop foundation and they're all volunteering you're not getting paid and why are you here what does one drop about oh well I think you know for a performer and anybody who's in a position like me as an entertainer were pretty much the luckiest people in the world so I have this amazing job I get to do art and play and do acrobatics it's fun and that's my so when I hear that I could do something like that and contribute to a cause that I think what they're doing is so amazing because why does something so fundamental it's like for me it's so hard to actually imagine what it must be like to not be able to just turn on a tap and have clean safe water it's just so far from my experience so yeah when I heard about this this night that they do I thought wow what an amazing thing I'd like to be part of that awesome I am behind the scenes from one night for one drop I am working out really hard you better pick up the pace dude we got jewel in the show tonight you think she's gonna want those flabby abs come on explain a little bit about how one night for one drop works because this is all of cirque coming together to support one drop a very important foundation so this is my fifth one drop and it's a it's always great to see how it comes together and it always is such a big process and you sit down in November and you look and you go okay we want to have that we want to add that we want to do these new elements and then the watch how fast it comes together and we typically get the theater space the week before and then it's the technicians work overnight they load everything in and we just start hitting the ground and doing run throughs and adding new stuff it's that Spider Man saying with great power comes great responsibility all of us here are in the spotlight and we volunteer a little bit of time for something that really matters around the world and we're so lucky here in the US that any city we go to we can drink the water [Music] [Applause] [Music] so chase how did you get involved in the show with someone a fan of your YouTube channel how did that work out Nikki and Leticia found me on YouTube I think last year and considered having one of my renditions of the song to be part of last year's when I for one drop they kept me in mind and had just installed and reached out to me this year about being in it with my version of a what a wonderful world here's a sneak peek of one of the acts we're gonna explain a little bit about what you do in the show so I'm one of the dancers in the show but I'm also one of the choreographers is that a huge responsibility because there's not a lot of time you guys are throwing this together very quickly oh yeah there's not a lot of time everyone's volunteering their time so people are coming to rehearsals when they can so you're catching other dancers up Cory there's a lot of there's two big group dance numbers and a lot of dancing and some of the automatic acts so to create all those dance numbers takes a lot of time and we do it really quick it's so important because we're raising money and awareness creating funds to help people from all over the world gain access to clean and safe water and so it's a great cause I love doing this every single year and I encourage other people not only to help but to donate but to participate in the show in any way that you can thank you so much it's great work we are so appreciative of you doing this so we can help people all around the world have access to great clean water which we take for granted right yeah well go get some water are you guys excited you're dying I mean I just see it overcome with emotion [Applause] remember this all things our life springs forth the desert which disappears our thirst theme is finished [Music] this is nice disowning the line remembering the truth we are in love thank you so much for watching youtube don't forget to Like subscribe and share to watch more videos click right over here and then there are all kinds of playlists and fun things in the description below be sure to check that out I'm Matthew Rodriguez remembers who subscribe to Cirque du Soleil to flip your everyday reality the circle a where everyone everyday is extraordinary