The best tips for innovation by Jack Ma

I was sitting there listening and I forgot I'm gonna speak I getting so excited when we talk about innovation it's something that in the past 20 years people say Jack what I doing I call myself innovating but most people say you're crazy you're doing something never exist and I am I'm very very honored to be invited here today I think I want to say great congratulation for this great Innovation Center the opening I met Simon Paris I think 10 years ago in Davos I listened to his speech his determination for innovation leadership courage in spite of me I would say many of the things that Alibaba doing that needs courage needs determination these leadership's so I think he is with us all the time and I think this Innovation Center is also a gift for the 70 anniversary of Israel four months ago I came to Israel is my first trip to Israel I came with 737 Alibaba senior executives why we came here we got a lot of invitations but the reason we came here because we had a huge debate among ourselves because of the competition because of the pressure because of all the things that around us the anxiety and I say let's go to Israel when you are there you know what competition means when you're there you know when the people surrounding you how you can survive and after after four days visited government companies venture capitalists and a lot of entrepreneurs will learn two things first is innovation second is who'sa the courage to challenge and we find in Israel innovation is everywhere and just like it's just like water it's just like a food it's so natural and I think to not discuss about innovation is the innovation in Israel people here all talk about this in the past 70 years for my experience before what we learn that Israel people pollute one thing even you have nothing Evan anything you don't have anything but if you have bring if your heart you can make everything possible for my understanding bring is the place where you hold the knowledge education training the heart is the place where you hold the wisdom and IQ is the brain and EQ is the heart if you have a strong EQ you may be easy to be successful but people like you you have a valley you have a friendship you have trust but if you have great IQ it's very difficult for you to fail quickly a lot of people easy to get a success but losing very quickly that because they don't have enough IQ when IQ and EQ connected that means when brain and heart connected that is the knowledge and wisdom connected that is called innovation and I believe that if you want to be successful you should have the good EQ if you don't want to fail quickly should have IQ but if you want to be respected you should have L Q the Q of love and Israel has all these things Ezra has the best education systems I had a wonderful discussion with the Minister of Education I learn a lot and I think this is the treasure Israel is the country they know the most precious resource in the world is not oil it's not gas it's the human brings you make the human brains great and Israel also have the great live experience that very few countries in this world have you combine these things together and that is the secret source of magic of is your success I'm a very happy to hear that today the innovation is for better life and this is Israel innovate not only for himself not only for Israel Israel innovate for humans for the world and this is the exact LP we need today I come here to discuss by innovation where the idea come from and people say Jack after 19 years and you know being an ally but I found and to see you what what what you've got people say you got rich yeah I think the wealth of God is that I've known and seen met so many great people in the world I remember one story after Second World War a grandson asked grandfather grandfather you joined the war so are you a hero in the world the grandfather said no I'm not the hero but I have the honor to work with and fight together with all the heroes I'm lucky enough in the past in nineteen years I have the honor to meet so many great leaders and make so many great entrepreneurs innovators I think from Dan I have the owner this is my wealth and I want to share with you most of innovations not because they want to because they will foster to Israel there's no water no oil no resources and most people innovate for success and I found Israel people innovate for survive you don't have diamond but you have the biggest diamond exchange in the world and you don't have you don't make cars but you have the best car technology in the world you'd have water and I heard I was first time four months I heard that you are one of the biggest export of vets to put the fruits to the Europe and you'd have water that's amazing and the other thing is that Alibaba you know people say Jack you are amazing how could you make such a huge investment in nine years ago to develop develop cloud computing and you know nothing but technology that is true I know nothing but technology I'm scared of technology so I was the first to the product tester of my company because I said if I can use it 80% of people can use it if I can I use it it represent a lot to use it so nine years ago I know if we do not develop technology on cloud computing Alibaba will bankrupt because we cannot afford the cost of IBM and Oracle the cost of using this IT so too expensive for us so we have to innovate we have to design a technology that is simple enough if we can using that technology simple and cost effective effective not only for Alibaba is also going to support millions of the small business that was we will force and the other thing is that you know we have a 1111 November 11 is the largest shopping day of China last year for the first minute minute of November 11 we had 18 million people came in for the worm sack first a second was that good technology our company will bankrupt immediately we sold more than 24 billion dollars last year for one day this year we don't know how much we were sell for one night it's the technology behind it so we were forced to do that and today a lot of people say our young people have no opportunities I think that that thing I've heard for 40 years when I was young I hate Bill Gates because I think Microsoft take all the opportunity IVM Oracle they take all the opportunity but later I found when people start to complain that is the opportunity most people keep on complaining if you can solve the complaining if you've solved the problems and that is the opportunity innovation is the way to solve anxiety worries intercessor innovation is for happier life so we believe through the innovation you can grasp the opportunity of the grasp the opportunity for success the first the technology revolution release the physical power of human beings the second technology revolution released the distance and this is the third technology revolution release the human brings human beings like Prime Minister said yes last night we never satisfied with today and the way to make yourself to change to change yourself to embrace this challenge is called innovation and I would like to say who are those kind of innovation innovated the people who are these kind of people I would have say those innovators they look like crazy stupid lazy and even Liars when we started Alibaba I tell the story about I went to Silicon Valley raising fund I talked to over 30 venture capitalists they say a crazy I'll leave of a stupid crazy name and e-commerce in China won't work because China has no internet janitor censorship no credit card no deliver nothing else so the thing is impossible to make I think a jack you are coming here to tell a lie but we believe China has the future we believe Internet is going to change the China and at that time ecommerce in America style is only supported big companies we believe small business and people say small business they don't make money how could you make money from them they're right we say if small business in America ecommerce for big companies helping big company to cut the cost we think helping small companies not to teach them how to cut the cost because they know better than you do you should help them how to make the money and wash machine a lot of one of things of design for lazy people where people don't want to wash never washing machine people don't want to climb they have the elevators even the iPhone came a lot of experts of telephone said how could this stupid thing there's no even press buttons when Bell start to sell his telephones a new famous newspaper in America's tell the policeman please arrest that guy because he's cheating the people so innovation innovated people a believers most people seeing is believing people like us we believe and we seal it innovation innovators they are not one person they are group of people so when you invest in money in somebody you should see to this guy does this guy have followers if you have a group of people who are crazy like him that would be great I remember early 2000 aware the United States to talk about and make my speech about Internet in the future in China I believe internet population in China will be bigger than the USA people say that it's not true and my reason was very simple China have one point four billion people u.s. they have only 300 million people make everybody online and all 300 million right so China has a huge potential for that but one of the guys said Jack what you're talking about Internet companies should have values and mission that is crazy and I say sir please come to my company so I came to Hangzhou my company's spent one week and the day he left is a jab I know you're crazy but I found 100 people your companies they're all crazy crazy people don't think they're crazy they take people outside they're crazy so and most of the innovators are not very success people because successful people very difficult to change I never tried to convince successful people they will tell you how they succeed they will continue to do this those people who don't succeed they always want to success so one of the reasons why Alibaba succeed twenty years ago we never try to convince those people who are successful we try to spend time on the people who are 18 years ago 20 years old they are not successful so 20 years later they become successful we become successful that is how we did it now most of the people who buy online there for 35 to 40 1020 years ago they only spent $2 now they spent $3,000 that is the difference it innervations nothing to do with the technology technology is just a way to the where we talk about innovation everybody there are high technology it's not about that technology vation everybody can do it right those people who do not know anything like technology like me we can find those people rely on these people try those people who have the technology in our side Alibaba side there's a one guy selling shoes 48 inches only and I say how can this guy sell shoes for 48 inches and we find out he is very innovative because people with 48 inches of feet difficult for him to buy shoes in the shops there's only one other on the online and there are lot of innovative ways those guys design lazy guys you know they watch TV lying on the sofa so they designed a specific glass that you can lie on the on the sofa watch the year oz TV this cell perfectly and there are also some guys helping people to write letters to say goodbye to boyfriends and girlfriends and writing resigned letters to bosses they're not of Cree Cree the interesting ideas they are all wonderful sellers and most of the innovations today only talk innovation they think is an idea entrepreneurs make the innovation reality so we have to share a real entrepreneur have to believe in the future have to suffer have to rip be ready for the terrible lives in the future so we think I believe everybody has the ability of innovation but you just don't spend a time to discover that and the lastly very important is the government now we are entering into a new world this world is going to be very complex very disrupted and every technology revolution cost world problem the first the technology revolution caused World War 1 the second technology Revolution caused World War 2 now we are in the third technology revolution we don't we should not have a third world war but if there is a third world war should be the war against the poverty disease and environment these are the things that human beings should fight together and work together our government should delete not together the government should empower and protect the innovation not control the innovation and I think the best investment for tomorrow is education in the past 20 years we make thank you in the past 20 years we make people like a machines next 20 years we will make machine like a people you like I don't like it we have to change ourselves this thing is coming how what we should do to change our education systems to teach our kids they can do the things the Machine cannot do this is the thing it's concerned to every family and every government should pay attention to that and I think government should also encourage entrepreneurship I really appreciate Prime Minister yesterday talk about reproduce it's the entropy of ships that make ideas reality innovation is always going to destroy of yesterday a lot of people who successful yesterday will not like it so governor should know what not to do let me tell you one story in nineteen in eighteen sixties when UK had a first two cars the cars came in automobile Connie they destroy a lot of jobs of this Horseman host men at that time are the main jobs of the society these are white collar people they went to the government push the government say you should have stopped this cars because they're gonna kill people on the road it's going to destroy the jobs so the government passed a law called red flag bill they do not allow any car drive faster than seven miles seven miles per hour and they should always follow behind the closest that stopping protect the people for some groups people's interest but destroy the whole ink industry and the other thing innovating is interesting and it's also going to stop by law people you don't like it I went to the museum a basketball you know basketball used to have a basket people threw the ball inside and with a ladder to take the ball out this thing has been last for eighteen years and there's one guy said why not cut the bottom and it could be easier it's a great idea much possible become more competitive but people hate it it's the people who hated the most or the guy who wished the ladder he said I'm losing my job so this is what I want to say people start to worry artificial intelligence robots jobs but don't worry about it human beings are much smarter machines machine can never control because machine only have chips human beings have the hearts I remember 1995 when I study a Lippo study internet in China there is a big meeting there is a small medium twenty-four people in Beijing in the evening for discussing for three hours there lot of experts start to discuss about Internet the thing Internet is going to destroy this destroy that a lot of worries they think government should control it almost two twenty two years past those things we worried never come up those things we do not worry or came up and I want to say don't worry about the future young people don't worry of the future and don't worry about the the the size of the Machine I think small business don't worry about because small business believe small is powerful small is beautiful using innovation small business can compete anybody in the world and this is just like Israel the small is beautiful and small is powerful so right now is a relying on the young people rely on the small business believe the future be optimistic the world is beautiful today is just the beginning but anything remember this is my philosophy of life the past 20 years today is difficult tomorrow is much more difficult but bay of tomorrow is beautiful most people die tomorrow evening thank you very much [Applause]