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so ladies and gentlemen today we shall discuss something very interesting it's the secret of planets in the tenth house not of your lagna chart only any house any divisional chart okay d9 10th house d10 10th house d1 d 30 the d hundred d thousand any number of these okay so it's very crucial when you are judging a divisional chart you take into consideration of course every house is important there's no doubt about it but now the tenth house is specifically crucial when it comes to uh that divisional chart because you have to understand what the tenth house is many times people think that or tenth house is where the sun gets directional state it's the house of name fame power position authority dominance strength influence and anything which a materialistic person could want you know including finances money gains eleven thousand presents gains of any kind not only external monetary gains mean of anything but what people don't know or even if they know they ignore is that the tenth house is the house of determination it's the house of resolutions it's the house of patina taking vows like vishma had taken wow not to marry so you know now it doesn't have to be a law of serious it can be any environments like how to follow certain principles in life okay now you may think that's the ninth house so therefore you have to understand the topmost of the yoga in astrology the best the most powerful the most brilliant the most crucial yoga that you can have in a horoscope is asparasi parasite dharma karma and so many personalities they were born with this yoga so if you see what happens in this yoga this year occurs when the ninth lord and the tenth lord are somehow linked they are in mutual exchange orders uh conjunct or they are expecting each other right why in the universe does persona says that ninth house be linked to the tenth house prasad does not say dhamma kamadi paty yoga occurs when the ninth lord is related to the lord it's very weird right i mean even if the lord is not in god the tenth lord is involved and also this yoga occurs why because the ninth house gives you inclination the ninth house gives you the divine knowledge from the guru fifth house is what you have learnt and you are accumulated by your own practice okay and ninth house is the enlightenment the empowerment which comes from the guru shishya parampara therefore opposite to the ninth house is the third house of diksa guru pradesh when you get initiated right so therefore the tenth house is very crucial because when the ninth house joins with the tenth house then what happens is you are not only having ideals it's very easy to have big ideas and big you know principles that you want to follow although my question is are you following them so the 10th house will tell you to what extent things manifest practically in your life literal manifestation that is what is the tenth house every other house especially the clients can give you a fancy desire you know i want to be good i want to be nice i want to be spiritual i want to read gita i want to read bible i want to recall i want to go to vendor i want to go to any other place but the question is are you having that discipline which is required to practice these principles that will be decided by the 10th house the planets in it the lagna lords linked with the 10th house of the 10th lord or the link between sun and moon which is there or you know even sun as the karaka for the tenth house or in general as a significator of atma also and as a planet which gets the very bad is also important so therefore the tenth house of every divisional chart so imagine every divisional chart so for example detention okay so the detail chart is seen for your overall growth in your career not the literal career which we think okay i have a job and i become a ceo one day and i retire or i become a vice president editor or i become a president of a country or chief miss or her state narrator that's not what career is career can be anything which you are doing like as a contribution to the society so the detail chart will tell you how much are you contributing to uh towards the positive change in a society because sometimes people i see people who have very bad carriers and a very good d10 so what does this mean it means that the person may not have finances or reputation name same power position authority but they are making a significant contribution and on the other hand you might have people with a lot of money and a terrible detail so your detail chart will not necessarily always tell about your finances okay so therefore any charge you take no d9 d9 is seen for inner trades your hobbies your inclinations your nature and to some extent your marriage okay and um d9 is seen for your uh how much do you have to work how much bugger do you have how much is destined how much fuel is that all these things are seen from the detail and d7 uh the saptam sha is seen for children and interaction with your spouse exclusively okay and d9 is also seen for dharma and so many other things that's why it is known as d9 okay the ninth house actually so um and then d7 could be seen for so many other things and then you have the 60 60 amp size there and then d16 is there when d24 d30 so so many digital charts are there so for every divisional chart the tenth house will tell you the planet sitting in the tenth house or the planets aspecting the tenth or even if you do not have friends the lord of the tenth house the dignity of the tenth lord of that divisional chart will tell you to what extent are you ready to make those necessary changes in your life after which you might see the physical money what extent are you going to pay the price to what extent are you willing to uh put in the hard work that's required so therefore if a person has a great d1 chart then the person may speak uh big big things sometimes i have seen if a person has a very strong tenth house or very strong seventh house the person is saying oh marriage is very important you know career is very important money is very important for me it's important to be famous but then i go to the d9 or the d10 chart and i see the situation of the tenth house there and that is in a precarious state so then what happens this person lacks the necessary discipline in that particular area of life okay so therefore it's very crucial that you judge the tenth house of every divisional chart and if you have uh dharma karma dipati yoga in these divisional charts it it's a very big blessing so ramadi pati yoga in the divisional charts okay so it means if in your navamsha the 9th cloud and the 10th flood are somehow connected so then it means you are specially empowered by the grace of the gods and the gurus that you will make all those necessary changes in your life to achieve the ultimate purpose of that is that horoscope on that divisional chart and that could be true for anything so so for example if you are a very strong 10th house or very well placed 10th lord of your navaam sacha and you have a very good uh seventh house or venus or seventh lord in your d1 chart and the nasa are also good then it's like saying you have a good marriage and you are maintaining it very properly okay but if suppose the d1 is good and the 10th house of the d9 is not very good then it would happen you take your spouse very cheaply lightly you don't value your spouse or you know you're carefree basically or if there are difficulties then your marriage collapses so when you've seen couples you know they have so many so many challenges you know they are incompatible or they have so much struggles you know they they cannot tolerate each other but still they are able to stay together sometimes with lot of understanding maturity and you know spiritual practices uplifting themselves how that is because that divisional chart has a strong tenth house because then it means when it comes to that area of life they are ready to make all the necessary changes they are ready to do whatever it takes to sustain that household because the tenth house dominates the chart so a planet in the tenth of any divisional chart will dominate that divisional chart okay so what that planet is and which houses that plant is loading make a note of it or even if you have a divisional chart where your 10th house is empty but your 10th law will be sitting somewhere what are the planets that are sitting with this so-called tenth lord of these divisional charts okay it's very crucial that you identify and anytime you are feeling that you lack motivation in a particular area of life or you are very unstable in that area of life so suppose for marriage uh if you are if you are just talking of uh marriage then it could mean the saftam sacha but if you are talking about marriage at a higher level you know like uh progressing spiritually going towards gria so the d7 will tell you about griha media maybe means two people are staying like uh animals they're just you know having physical pleasure or they're having kids and you know they're just watching tv and they're just wasting their human life that's what is the subtimes of chart but deena in charge chart will tell you about grihastas means when two people a man and a woman they stay together and they uh have physical enjoyment uh as per the sanction of the scriptures and then they progress spiritually together so ninety percent ninety nine percent of the people in kali yuga they are not at the level of d9 they are at the level of d7 because most of the people in kaliva they are very animalistic and they have no spiritual goals that is why they are suffering 99 of the people in kali yuga they are suffering i'll tell you right people are suffering single people are also suffering all right so it depends what you are doing within the marriage that will decide should we check your d9 or we should we check your d7 okay so many times people think oh marriage that's it go to b9 but are you in d9 or are you in d7 that is the question that you have to ask yourself right so if you are if you think you are at the level of d7 you are just living like two nice animals then you must do spiritual practices together by which you can uplift yourself and elevate yourself to a level where you can behave like humans and what does what is the special characteristic of humans that is the vedanta sutra says so reading the bhagavad-gita every day without fail chanting mantras or doing spiritual practices fasting at least once in a week and visiting uh spiritual communities in the weekends and visiting the holidays once in a month or once and three months once in six months at least by doing this and maintaining association of great personalities sadhus and mahajans mahatmas that is the way you uh become civilized as a human being so then your dna works you see just if you're getting married your d9 doesn't work all right so you have to check all these divisional charts so check the tenth house and check what is the dignity okay and let me know and yeah and as i said if you feel that you lack commitment in that area of life go to that chat and then check and decide for yourself the planet sitting there can help you being more committed okay now what that planet is there are unlimited possibilities and which house of the planet lords and all this so that will vary for all the seven million people all right so but this is a very important thing which you should know when you are studying astrology because sometimes people will tell you oh i am lacking focus in this area of life so what should i do then you see the d1 and then things are great there but then where's the problem coming from you will see that divisional chart can have problems with the tenth house okay and when i say good or bad good things or problems it is from all the angles of astrology okay like lordships and weakness the sign the house the conjunctions natural friends enemies all these things have to be considered so don't just say oh i have saturn rahu ketu in the tenth house of d10 my life is doing no what if you are taurus lagna and saturn is your ninth lord and tenth lord and is sitting there wow fantastic right so therefore don't just make blind judgments that if you have a military in the tenth in a divisional chart that horoscope or that area of life is ruined okay so not do not make these mistakes so judge collectively holistically and once you judge the divisional charts do not forget to come and check the d1 and the bashars okay if you don't do that it is like a royal blunder colossal blunder why because the d1 and the basaj will tell you when these things manifest okay and the mahadasha lords also you should check in these divisional charts how is the tenth house associated how is the tenth lord associated okay with these mahabharats okay what's going on are they helping each other are they pulling each other down because you will see a person has a planet in 10th house eleventh house let's take example sometimes somebody has venus in eleventh and their antagonist person may get a promotion but what if this venus is in the eighth house of the prasa chart so then what happens the person will waste this opportunity opportunity will come and the person may take it but the person won't be able to maintain because that level of dedication and determination is not there okay so therefore do not forget the d1 and the sas do not forget that all right so i'm curious to know which planet do you have in your tenth house of at least one or two divisional charts you can maintain uh mention uh it to me in the comments and you can tell me how has your determination been and what are those things which you do in your life when you fall off from your determination okay so for example if you feel demotivated in your marriage what is that which you do which brings your focus back or if you feel demotivated towards your children or career or parents you know rather samsha d12 what do you do that brings your focus and commitment back okay so i'm curious to know it right and if you have if you know your friends family members what they have then just write it okay that will be all from my side thank you for your patience and if you are new to the channel then please subscribe to it below and my consultations are also through my website down below god is there with you all the time just look to him and you will find him irrespective of what is there in your divisional charts 10th house alright