The most underappreciated man in MMA


Chael Sonnen


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I came across a piece of news Jeff Novitzky was nominated for a world MMA award and I'll tell you the award that divinsky would win hand down hands down it was the most underappreciated guy in MMA of all of 2018 you guys remember how 2018 ended that was when John Jones was gonna fight Gustafson in Nevada it gets moved on a week notice boom they go out to California so Nowitzki has to come out and try to explain to people exactly what happened of which he was a hundred percent correct he got a hundred percent abused for coming out with this information and then about two weeks later other administrators had their administrative bodies other athletes other experts all started to come to the table with a little bit more time to take a deep breath a little bit more time to analyze and form opinions and they all came to the same opinion that Jeff had come to originally in two weeks earlier but I never saw any of those stories correcting themselves I never saw them come out and go okay now that we don't have a knee-jerk reaction now that we've really let sophisticated people dig into this we all come to the same opinion that he came to two weeks ago but we're not going to apologize for the way that we treated him anyway so good luck with Jeff winning his way you know I'll tell you something else about Nowitzki not only is he very good at what he does which is a very unique feel I mean it's a very very unique language that he's submersed and innovated himself is he also happens to be nice that's not a job requirement him answering his phone him returning emails him getting good information into people's hands that's his job he doesn't have to be nice he just happens that he is nice I think it's about time somebody said something nice about him in return I'll tell you though there's really a couple of schools of thought for people that are using performance enhancers and the one is that they're dirty rotten scumbags and they're trying to get out get away with something and the other school of thought is hey there's so many rules here and there so sensitive and the rules are changing and the procedures are becoming even more enhanced that we want to make sure that we can get information to people instead of deciding if you are in violation of one of these many many rules we're just going to throw you out instead of doing that we're gonna do the other which is we're gonna make sure that you have the information because this whole a selling me tainted supplement oh I didn't know oh is that on the band as annoying as that is guys it's also a very real thing you're seeing some guys that are looking around going that's band since when fair question things aren't banned and tell their band they aren't on the list until they're put on the list so when you have somebody like Nowitzki that will answer those calls and I can tell you not for nothing he helps guys in other organizations - I know guys that are not with the UFC that have questions can get a hold of him and boob he handles it he takes her call I've heard things like all he's a UFC shill he's paid for by the UFC yeah guess what he's got a job yes he has a job somewhere somewhere somebody pays him that's true but it's also true when he comes out and tells you that he has a good faith approach to help in the entire industry that's also accurate and I feel like that's something that that he doesn't get credit for and I hope he does well I hope he does well I hope he hope he gets a lot of your votes let's see if he can win the award